ZVOX AccuVoice 24″ Wood TV Speaker with 12 Levels of Voice Boost, AV357 Soundbar TV Speaker, Built-in Hearing Aid Technology

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Brand ZVOX
Model Name AccuVoice AV357
Speaker Type Soundbar
Connectivity Technology optical
Special Feature Real Wood Veneer

  • PREMIUM SOUND AND AUDIO OUTPUT: We use patented technology to separate voices from other sounds, manipulating the signal so that dialogue is easier to understand. This soundbar for TV features three (3) high-performance speakers, including a center speaker for improved voice reproduction. We also used neodymium drivers for greater sensitivity, lower distortion, and more output/volume.
  • WOOD CABINET: The AV357 TV sound bar dimensions are: 23 3/4 “W x 4 3/16 “D x 2 3/4 “H, and it weighs 4.2 lbs. (with included power supply). It’s made of elegant wood veneer-wrapped MDF cabinet. The speaker bar’s slim profile suits any modern or minimalist home theater audio and video setup.
  • EFFORTLESS CONNECTIVITY: This sound bar for TV has a digital or analog input. It will work with virtually any TV. You can program the sound system to work with your current remote control. Designed as TV speakers for Smart TV, this soundbar comes with a new “Alexa-ready” feature that allows you to connect Amazon Echo products to the AV357 for super-clear voices.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FEATURES: TV speakers with voice-boosting systems can make voices clearer. However, that’s not always enough. The AV357 sound bar comes with 12 levels of voice boost: six AccuVoice modes and six SuperVoice modes. You can adjust the TV speakers’ sound bar based on the dialogue clarity you want. This speaker also has an output leveling feature that tames loud commercials instantly.
  • EASY SETUP: The AV357 sound bar for the TV includes digital and analog connecting cables. The large, easy-to-read display makes setup and controls simple. The sound system has a remote control but can also be programmed to work with your current remote control.


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Product Description

zvox accuvoice speaker

12 Levels of Dialogue Boost Let You Tailor the Sound to Your Needs

The AV357 uses 12 levels of dialogue boost – 6 stages of AccuVoice boost plus 6 stages of our new SuperVoice technology. SuperVoice takes dialogue clarity to a new level by dramatically reducing non-vocal background sounds. This new technology sets a new standard for the audio industry. The results are simply amazing. No other product offers so much flexibility and voice clarity enhancement.

zvox accuvoice exclusive hearing aid technology

It’s Not About Loudness. It’s About Clarity

If you can’t understand voices on TV, what do you do? Turn it up! The problem is that when you turn it up, you turn EVERYTHING up— not just the voices. So background sounds, music and sound effects all get louder, and prevent you from understanding dialogue. But the AV357 uses proprietary digital algorithms that separate the voices from the rest of the soundtrack— and then manipulate them much like a hearing aid does. The result is uncanny. Voices simply “jump out” of the soundtrack so you can hear them clearly.

  • AccuVoice hearing aid technology with 12 levels of voice boost
  • SuperVoice technology reduces distracting background sounds

  • Three high-performance speakers – including a center speaker for improved voice reproduction
  • Elegant wood veneer-wrapped MDF cabinet
  • “Alexa-ready” feature allows you to connect Amazon Echo products
  • PhaseCue virtual surround delivers room-filling 3D sound from one small cabinet

zvox accuvoice av357 home theater speaker with easy one connection installation

Easy to Install. One-Page Owner’s Manual

The AV357 (24″ wide) you can put it just about anywhere. Hookup is simple- just one connecting wire to your TV. Then plug it in the wall, turn down the sound on your TV speakers, and you get high quality sound and clear voices on every program. It’s so easy to use it has a one-page owner’s manual.

zvox output leveling control for consistent volume

Taming Loud Commercials

If you’ve ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial, you’ll love our Output Leveling (OL) feature. It’s incorporated in the Accuvoice Modes OR you can turn it on by using the “Other Settings” button. A sophisticated processor takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on. This system also helps by boosting the audio levels from a DVD or Blu Ray player that are not loud enough.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 23.75 × 4.02 × 2.75 cm
Product Dimensions

23.75 x 4.02 x 2.75 inches

Item Weight

5 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

May 17 2021


ZVOX Audio

10 reviews for ZVOX AccuVoice 24″ Wood TV Speaker with 12 Levels of Voice Boost, AV357 Soundbar TV Speaker, Built-in Hearing Aid Technology

  1. Will MacDonald (same person)

    UNBELIEVABLY EASY SETUP!I have spent so many hours setting up other technology devices, often so disappointed in the equipment and especially the ambiguous directions.Not so with this soundbar!I plugged it in, connected the optical cord, turned it on and instantly had SOUND!Great sound by the way.I continued, following the easy-to-understand instructions whose graphics exactly matched what I was seeing on the unit’s display!And the AccuVoice and SuperVoice functionality is fantastic – spoken word (or dialogue) is pulled from the overall sound and makes it so much easier to hear (I’m hard-of-hearing) the words being spoken!I could NOT be more satisfied with this product!!By the way, this is the first review I’ve ever posted on Amazon (and could be the last).FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!

  2. Douglas W Barnes

    Great for dialogI replaced a very good quality sound bar that performed well but my wife & I had to use CC all the time.Using the AC357 ZVOX I no longer need CC. The dialog is remarkable. I have not heard the spoken wordthis well in 30 years. Thanks for a remarkable product and I like the wooden cabinet as well.

  3. T. F.P

    No more constant volume changesI have been using a Sonos system for years that had very good surround sound however there was always an issues with true effects and soundtrack drowning out the dialogue. This sound bar is perfect. It separates the dialogue from the effects perfectly.

  4. Charlie Whyte

    GREAT sound bar for all those hard-to-hear movies!This is my second one. This model is a bit fancier than the one it replaced. This model is a little larger and has a nice wooden enclosure, but the electronics and sound quality are probably identical to the less expensive AV257. That said, this sound bar (set up as a center speaker in a 7.1 system) is totally customizable for music and movie dialogue… So it’s perfect for music or movies or TV. Do not let the small size and low price deceive you! It sounds VERY GOOD with my Polk surround sound system. Now my wife, (with a mild hearing loss) enjoys all the movies without difficulty. And I can adjust it quickly to make my music sound perfect. Ahh, but this means yet another remote control. At least it is a straight-up design and easy to use. I sold my first ZVOX to neighbors that complained about hard to hear movies, and they LOVE it! It has both analog and digital inputs. It is an active (powered) speaker so it requires line-level (not speaker) outputs from your TV or HiFi system. Lots of options and nifty features built in.

  5. D. H.

    Just what I needWorks great! I had one at another house but the x kept one. LOL

  6. Chance

    Output Leveling is restricted to Surround ModesExcellent product in every way except one: The “Output Leveling” mode is restricted to the Surround Sound Modes (1-2-3). When you select Accuvoice, though this function does what it says (to bring the voices out of the sound), the entire soundtrack is back to normal, meaning- no Output Leveling; no matter how deaf you are, when the normal background level plays in Accuvoice mode you are guaranteed to wake everyone in your (and your neighbor’s) house!

  7. Dennis K Hicks

    Good for those with hearing lossI was skeptical that this would help but it actually did it tune the voice sound so I could hear them more clearly also I like the Compact size

  8. thinkingreader

    Excellent productThis speaker has great sound and clarity, an obvious winner! I wear hearing aids and had a very good mid-priced bar speaker but still had problems understanding some voices, especially strongly-accented (to me) such as British shows, so decided to replace it with this AV357 speaker. The options provided and sound level choices have taken care of the problem; just its normal setting is so clear, but on shows such as sporting events or anything with strong background noise, I can choose advanced settings and the voice becomes more dominant and the background noise is reduced.The remote is a bit “picky”…it has to be directly pointed at the sound bar for connection, I’d like to see it a little more ‘generalized’, but it is very accurate and when I got used to its functionality…a very short “learning curve” such as that it will start out at last setting or will return to the basic setting when trying different sound levels…just need to look at what you’re doing – the sound bar’s visual setting is extremely clear even in daylight in my very light-filled living room.Overall, a very good product that I highly recommend. It’s worth every penny especially if you have challenging hearing issues. I no longer have to make sure I have my hearing aids in to clearly hear the programs and voices.

  9. vankill

    I Can hear and Understand Dialog again!The speaker arrived and was very easy to hook up with the Digital Optical Cable. I had my doubts whether the voice clarification would work as advertised; Guess what (?), IT DID!. I went from not understading the dialog on TV and streamed Movies, to understanding every word.I was so impressed that I have re-ordered ordered another speaker for our RV. I wear hearing aids normally, and with this ZVOX speaker, I can opt to not wear them, or wear them. The remote control is simple. This speaker is magical. You will not regret purchasing it.How this speaker works, I do not understand, but it really does what it is advertised to do. Clarifies speech.

  10. Jo

    Sounds GreatI have severe hearing loss and is difficult for me to hear voices when music is playing in background or noisy background. Not any longer this sound bar is AWESOME! It lowers the background sounds so the voices can be heard much clearer. It was expensive but worth every penny

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