Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

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  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is the World’s Most Advanced Controller
  • Get pro level precision, an arsenal of swappable components, Hair trigger locks, and limitless customization with an easy to use app
  • Achieve greater control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip
  • This product includes: An Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, a carrying case, a set of 4 paddles, a set of 6 thumbsticks, a set of 2 D pads: faceted and standard, a USB cable, AA batteries and a quick set up guide and product manual
  • Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S. Compatible with Windows 10 via USB or the Xbox Wireless Adapter sold separately
  • Customize your experience further with an easy to use app on the Xbox One Console


Product Description

Get pro-level precision with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, featuring an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization with an easy-to-use app. Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed.

Batteries: 2 AA (included). Compatible with Xbox One Play & Charge Kit (sold separately).

Haptic feedback: Features Impulse Triggers and rumble motors. Motor control can be adjusted in the app.

Manufacturer Contact Information

For assistance kindly reach to Xbox support team at or they may call (800) 4MY-XBOX for live help.

From the manufacturer

Improved performance and fit

The Xbox Elite controller adapts to your hand size and play style with configurations that can improve accuracy, speed, and reach with thumbsticks of different shapes and sizes.

Interchangeable paddles

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has four slots for interchangeable paddles that you can attach or remove without any tools.

Hair trigger locks

With the flip of the Hair Trigger Locks, you can fire faster and save valuable time with each trigger pull. Hair Trigger Locks stop the trigger movement after the shot and get you ready for the next one.

Limitless customization in the app

Customize your experience even further with an easy-to-use app.* Adjust trigger min/max values, thumbstick sensitivities, button assignments, and more.

Designed for performance

Every surface and detail is designed to meet the rigorous demands of competitive gamers: low-friction, reinforced rings around each thumbstick minimize wear and provide buttery-smooth action.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 7.6 × 3.6 × 7.6 cm


Release date

October 27 2015


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Product Dimensions

7.6 x 3.6 x 7.6 inches; 0.01 Ounces


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Item model number


Item Weight

0.01 ounces




2 AA batteries required. included

Date First Available

May 31 2015



10 reviews for Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

  1. Renz

    After 1 year review. First person shooter gamer opinion.The first question you’re probably asking, Is this controller worth it? depends on what you’re gonna use it for, Racing? fighting? Shooting? or something else? This review is based on the FPS shooters perspective and serves as an opinion to help those who are on the fence of buying. I’m also going to assume you already know what’s in the package along with the controller.For the TLTR version scroll down to the bottom.Right off the bat, controller feels 10x better than the standard Xbox one controller. Rubber grip feels great in hands and drastically reduces slippage if you have sweaty hands like me (yes I know, gross). From the ergonomics alone, it certainly feels like the hefty $150.00 price tag was well worth the quality. Then comes all the little gadgets you can add onto your controller to “optimize” your gaming performance. My opinion? a waste of materials I paid for that hardly ever sees usage. I’ve tried all the different attachments, from the 4 paddle to the 3 different sized extended analog sticks, none of them made me feel like I had in edge when playing Battlefield, Battlefront or other FPS shooters. In the end I just ditched the paddles since they got in the way of my grip and went with the standard sized analog sticks. They ONLY thing I switched was the D-Pad from the circular to the + D-Pad since I felt it gave a more positive click.Hair Triggers; are they any good? Most certainly. I must say if there was one thing I could keep from this controller it’s the hair trigger feature. I already have fast trigger fingers as it is so giving me a hair trigger would simply squeeze out that last 8% of performance; that’s just to putting it into perspective how effective these hair triggers are. These hair triggers aren’t there to make you a pro gamer, but to aid you in quicker follow up shots, much like aim assist aids in your target acquisition. Of course if you’re constantly playing games with full auto weapons then this feature is pointless. Hair triggers mostly apply to semi auto firing modes, much like many of the weapon in the current Battlefield 1 game.Another important factor of this $150.00 controller… Does it hold up? Not as well as I expected but still usable without any major problems. After 1 year of usage, all buttons, triggers, bumpers and analog sticks held up good and feel just as crisp as when I used them day 1. However the controller has started to fail in certain places such as the rubber grips which appear they have lost some adhesion on the underside, as a result have begun to peel off. A quick spot of superglue should fix this problem but why should I have to on my $150 controller? Another thing, the seams of the controller are now more pronounced compared to how I first received it. Not a big deal but I felt it was worth mentioning.THE VERDICTSo again, is it worth it for the $150.00 price tag? (now lower) as an FPS shooter and a person who is an avid gamer that probably puts more than 500 hours in games every year…..YES! but would I buy it again? Probably not, unless they lower it down around $80 to $100.00. I bought this controller with the same mentality you have when you’re buying a couch or chair. How long are you going to be sitting on it and see usage? Might as well make an investment if it’s something you constantly use. You know what they say buy once cry once. In the end you will be more comfortable with this controller that includes many features than you are with a standard controller.Is it needed? No, and I am a testament to that answer. I can perform just as well with a standard Xbox One controller, so anyone going out buying this thinking they’re now gonna own newbs on Call of Booty are delusional and in for a big surprise. 100% of the attachments are preference and do not make any gamer “better”. The Controller is simply a tool, it’s the gamer that is behind it that matters.‘TLTR’: Based on the first person shooter experience. Best feeling controller out on the market. Good for sweaty hands, held up decently after 1 year of heavy usage. Rubber grips are starting to peel off. Attachments like the paddles get in the way of grip, and the extended analog sticks don’t make much sense for FPS. Classic + D Pad is much more positive than circular version. Hair triggers are a plus if you use semi auto weapons in FPS. Is it worth $150.00? Make the decision as if you’re buying a chair for gaming. Are you going to be using it a lot (500hrs to 1000hrs a year)? If your answer is yes then it’s definitely worth it. If you’re buying the controller to improve your gaming performance you’re going to be disappointed. So will you buy the stool or the gamer chair? Both do the same thing, allow you to sit. What matters is how comfortable you want to be, and that’s exactly what this controller is about.If it matters to anyone, because of all the reasons I mentioned, my rating is a 3.5 but lean more towards a 4 star. Far from perfect but definitely an improvement on the original Xbox One controller.

  2. IAmSpartachris

    Quality and customization add up to a worthy purchase.So let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way: Yes, it’s expensive, and yes, it’s worth every penny.Starting with the very first impressions, the Elite Controller comes packaged in a black box that just looks beautiful, and the sturdy construction and heavy duty materials immediately give you a feel for the quality of the product. Inside you’ll find the nylon mesh carrying case, which also benefits from high quality construction and materials. Zip it open, and the controller is revealed in all it’s glory. A soft-touch matte black finish with steel-grey colored accents, it’s easily the best looking of all of Microsoft’s custom controllers yet. Straight away, you’ll notice the circular D-pad which only serves to make the Elite look that much cooler. Packaged below the controller itself, in a nice hard foam with snug cut-outs, are the additional thumb sticks – a standard height set with rounded Playstation like tops, and a taller set with the traditional depressed tops. The standard height/standard top set is already configured on the controller by default. Along with the sticks, you’ll find two sets of paddles, a small set and a larger set, and a traditional cross-shaped D-pad.The next thing you’ll notice as you remove the controller from the case, is it’s weight. This thing has some heft to it, but it’s really the perfect amount of heft. You’re once again immediately reminded of the high quality materials in use here. The soft-touch matte finish feels great in hand, and the rubberized areas on the bottom of the controller add a nice additional amount of grip. From here, you can customize your controller. The accessories are all magnetic, and snap into place on the controller with a strong, solid connection, staying perfectly in place. A quick jiggle of the thumbsticks, and you’ll notice they snap back into place with a satisfying thunk. Everything about the controller just feels more responsive. This is where the controller truly becomes yours. swapping out accessories until you find the set-up that works best for you. My favorite set-up at the moment is the high sticks, the circular D-pad, and the smaller top paddles. I find that most button-mapping I like to do can be achieved with that set-up. I also find that the higher thumb sticks really afford me much finer control in nearly every setting, Sitting above the paddles on the back of the controller are the hair trigger locks. A quick flip of these, and you shorten the distance on your trigger pulls, significantly improving shooting response time. If you are a fan of multi-player first-person shooters you will really find this feature useful.Microsoft hasn’t just provided you with hardware customizations, though. They’ve also provided the Xbox Accessories app, which allows you a much deeper level of customization. With it, you can re-map your controller buttons to configure specifically to whatever game you are playing. You can adjust response time, vibration, and sensitivity. You can even name your controller, and decide just how bright you want the Xbox button on it to be. Once done with all that, you can save two custom profiles which you can then switch between with a simple flick of a button below the Xbox button on the front of the controller. The app also comes pre-loaded with custom configurations for some of the most popular Microsoft titles, such as Halo and Forza among others.Also packaged with the controller is a very nice braided charging cable of considerable length. As with everything else Elite, the quality is obvious. Additionally, there are two AA batteries packed with the unit as well. Yes, I agree with you: for this price, Microsoft should have included a play and charge kit, but the Xbox One controllers are still the best controllers on the market in terms of battery life, and this is no exception, though it does seem to drain a little faster. I have an additional play and charge kit that I am using in the Elite, and find the battery life on a full charge to be nearly identical to what it was with a standard controller. I did go ahead and order a set of Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries with a charger, as I’ve heard they extend the battery life significantly. They can be found here: 

    Panasonic Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger with eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries (White, Pack of 4)

    All in all, this controller is a thing of beauty and of the highest quality. Every button feels more responsive, and the extra weight of it feels balanced and satisfying in hand. The Xbox One controller was already the best controller out there in terms of ergonomics, battery life, and layout. I would have been hard pressed to believe it could have been improved upon. I was wrong.Sure, it’s pricey, but when gaming with it, there’s no doubt that the extra cost is worth it.

  3. DB

    Nice while it lasted.This review is a bit lengthy and wordy but I wished to accurately represent my feelings toward and experience with my purchase of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. My apologies for the long review. Anyhow, my description is below.I held off on writing a review shortly after receiving the elite controller to get a better idea of how well it would stand up to use. I would also like to note that I am extremely gentle with this controller. I’m the type of person that will treat my items with care but even more so in regard to this controller, due to cost. I never dropped or stressed the controller and always placed it in the supplied case. Basically, I treated this elite controller with the utmost care. In addition, I didn’t use this controller regularly. In the interest of making the controller last as long as possible, I would only use it during special occasions such as playing multiplayer with friends. This controller did not see a day of playing zombies, grinding through campaign levels, or any of the such.Okay, now that I have set the stage, I would like to say that I have had this controller since October 25, 2015 (exactly one year and one month, to the day) and I am experiencing stick drift with the left joystick. I started noticing the drift issue about 3 weeks ago so my controller barely lasted a year, without issues, under extremely limited use.When I begin to play a multiplayer match of Titanfall 2, my player automatically takes off, moving forward. Also, when I’m pushing the left stick up or down to scroll through options, sometimes it will jump forward two or three places, like the movement has been momentarily extended. There is an option available in the settings of Titanfall 2 that allows you to adjust sensitivity (if you have stick drift) but the highest setting doesn’t even solve the issue I am experiencing. I still get undesired movement plus the sluggishness of having the play adjustment setting turned on.I am sorely disappointed to see such an expensive controller fall victim to the same issues that I would expect to see with a heavily used standard controller. Actually, my standard controller is much older and has received much more use than my elite controller yet it shows no sign of the symptoms that my elite controller is displaying. I’m baffled by how little I used this controller before it started having issues.I was one of the earlier adopters of this piece when reviews didn’t really exist but now that it has been over a year and I have read of the experiences of others, plus my own experience, I must urge you to avoid purchasing this item, unless changes are made. The warranty is only 3 months and the price is $149. Something has to change to make this a worthy buy. If the warranty is extended and/or the price is lowered, I would consider purchasing this controller again but until then, I would recommend staying far away, unless you have extra money to burn. If I hadn’t treated my elite controller so gently or used it more, I highly doubt it would have made it beyond the 6 month mark. Myself, I cannot afford to drop $150 on a controller bi-yearly, no matter how nice it feels or the additional functionality provided.On the positive side, this controller feels premium and is substantial. The extra weight, premium feeling outer layer, and the additional bits make this controller a joy to use. It actually feels quite amazing but I’m afraid the intervals are no better than a standard controller. Lots of features are offered with this controller but I didn’t really take full advantage of all of them. Since I generally play multiplayer FPS with it, I only used the short, concave sticks, one or two paddles on the back, and the cross shaped D-pad cover.In summary, this controller looks and feels nice but will not last. Too many people are reporting problems with their elite controllers for the internals to be “premium”, as the overall controller is described in the sales ad. Also, the general consensus regarding warranty work is non existent because, apparently, Microsoft does not repair these items. If you read the reviews scattered throughout the web, you see that the general response from Microsoft is that, if your controller has a problem and the three month warranty has passed, it is basically a paperweight, unless you take it upon yourself to repair it, if possible. The elite controllers are considered accessories and therefore, disposable. I can see a standard controller ($60) being considered disposable but cannot say the same for a $149 elite controller. Like I said before, if you want to have a premium feeling controller and have some cash to burn, this controller will fit the bill but I warn you that this controller will not last long under normal usage before something breaks or messes up. I’m going to try to open my controller and repair it with new sticks but I am not extremely hopeful. It’s either that or toss it in the trash, as it is nearly unusable in its current condition.The elite controller is surely a pretty face but doesn’t posess the internal durability to match, unfortunately.

  4. Ben

    Good controller awful service READ BEFORE BUYING.Okay So I thought people should know this story because I think it is important to know how a company you support helps it’s customers.On March 1st I noticed that one of the grips on the back of my Elite controller was starting to peel up. So I contacted support about the issue. I was told at this time that my controller came with a 90 day warranty and that that warranty had expired. At this time I am also told that it sounds like my issue is “normal wear and tear”. I was directed to ether go to a Microsoft store or look for a after market part online.The next day I took a look online for a replacement and found nothing that I felt was on par with what was on the controller to begin with. I contacted support again for a recommendation. I was then told that in fact my controller was covered and would be replaced. I simply needed to wait for a email from Microsoft.I didn’t get a email so I contacted support again that same day. I was told that it takes 24 to 48 hours to get the email. So I wait.Three days later March 5th I still had not gotten a email from anyone so I contact support again. Was told it takes 24 to 48 hours with a max of 72 hours… So not 24 to 48 hours 24 to 72 hours. Anyway the agent I talked to on that day wound up telling me something was going on that was going to require him to contact the hardware department himself and that he would continue to update me via email on the status of my repair. He gives me a few “still working on it” emails until March 9th. When I finally got a service order email.That email only contains shipping instructions for shipping a Xbox One console and no shipping label. I contact support again. After going over everything and being put directly in contact with a supervisor. I am told that the shipping label is sent in another email and you guessed it that email takes 24 to 48 hours to send. So I wait.March 11th 10 days after first contact with support I have still yet to get my shipping label. I contact support again. I am told by this agent that in fact Microsoft policy is that any accessory needing a repair or replacement the shipping cost is shouldered by the customer. Having been told just days earlier by a supervisor that the shipping label was coming I was understandably very upset. At this point I felt chat support had reached its limits and I did not feel like arguing my point via text chat so I get my case number and call.I am then forced to walk the agent on the phone through every step starting from the beginning of the month. He checks his notes along the way. When I am done he makes a call over to the hardware guys who confirm that they in fact do not send shipping labels for controllers. This is when I loose it. I tell the guy that pay for the shipping or not pay for it I no longer care. What I care about now is that I have the Microsoft support team on record lying to me. I tell him that I demand that his supervisor pull up the support chat log from the 9th read the end of it then explain to me why a agent and there supervisor lied to me and with that explanation better come a reason why I should continue to buy Microsoft products in the future. I was on hold for a long time after that. When the guy gets back to me he tells me I was right. I was told a shipping label would be given to me. He and his supervisor where going to get on the line with the hardware people and get me a shipping label. He was kind enough to understand my frustrations where not with him but with the issue and stayed on the phone with me until I got the email.While I have still yet to see the end of this issue. I thought it would be important for other costumers to know. I find that the entire experience from the start was very unprofessional and I experienced behavior that I would consider unacceptable from a small local company let alone a company as big as Microsoft. I would like to remind anyone reading this that I am talking about the most expensive controller product that Microsoft offers, that I owned it for less then a year, and that Microsoft considers this to be normal wear and tear. These are things you should keep in mind when thinking about buying one. You should know that Microsoft finds it is okay for your 150 US dollar controller to break down from wear and tear after less then a year and thinks you should pay to ship it to them to have it fixed. I love this controller but I don’t know on what planet this is considered to be acceptable service.

  5. Nate Oakes

    Designed Well and DurableI had to wait a while for this controller to become available, everyone seemed to be selling out of them as soon as they got them. I’ve played on standard XBox 360 controllers, a SCUF 360 controller, and the standard XBox One controller, and I was excited to see how this controller stood up. I was lucky to get to try the Elite controller out at a Comic-Con event last year before they became available, and I really liked it.The Elite controller feels more durable in the hand than a standard XBox One controller – there’s a bit of added heft, and playing around with it in your hands, it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of void space behind the plastic like a standard controller has. The Elite controller has a matte non-slip finish, with a textured finish on the backside where your fingers curl around. My hands get a little bit sweaty every now and then, and this has made a noticeable difference.The “play” in the buttons, including the A-B-X-Y buttons, the bumpers, the D-pad and the triggers all feel more solid than a standard XBox One controller, and after a month of heavy use they still feel like new. I was a little nervous about the added paddles on the back – how they would hold up, if the trigger action was good, how they would be placed on the controller for my hands. After playing with them a bit to see what’s comfortable and most useful, I ended up using two out of the four paddles (one on each side). I was very pleased with the way they snap into place magnetically, it’s very easy to remove/install them and they feel solid once they’re in place. I haven’t had any issues with them popping out or anything. The same is true for the customizable/removable sticks and D-pad.I like that the sticks have a metal shaft, I know the plastic shafts on the standard controllers do wear over time and sometimes break, or even flake off plastic dust after using them for a while. Though the tops of the sticks are plenty grippy, I stuck with the Kontrol Freeks that I’d been using previously, because I like the convex top and the textures they have on them.Though I haven’t tested it side-by-side, the battery life in the Elite controller is noticeably better than the standard XBox One controller. The case that the Elite controller came in is pretty nice, it fits everything inside in a tidy fashion and was designed well. It’s fabric over a somewhat hard plastic – it would be nice if it were a true hard case, but that doesn’t matter much to me since I don’t travel with it or anything.I really like the customization options for the trigger action and especially the sticks! I didn’t know about this before the controller arrived, but I discovered it when going through the options in the customization app. The preset curves are really slick, and you can customize the presets further. This has made a big difference in playing FPS games like Call of Duty.My only complaint is that some of the customization options in the app are a little unintuitive. The app overall is really slick and is pretty useful, but there are a few things that need improvement. I usually hit the wrong sequence of buttons the first time I try to edit one of my saved presets from the initial menu. Also, the adjustments to the trigger sensitivity seem to make no difference past the first 20% or so. I don’t know if that’s because I’m using the trigger locks or what, but it would be nice if that were clarified in the app.I was a bit hesitant about the price…. $150 is a lot for a controller, even one that I’d played around with and liked as a demo. When compared to prices for similar non-Microsoft controllers like SCUF, it seems reasonable, especially since they’ve gone further with on-the-fly hardware and software customization options. But with it being a brand-new product, I wasn’t sure how it would hold up over time, and if the retail models would compare favorably to the demo I tried. However, it was designed well and it’s durable. After using it heavily for a month, it still feels like good value at retail price, and the best indication of all: I’m still a little excited every time I pull the Elite controller out to play.

  6. Mike G

    I have used this controller for 2 YEARSI have been using this controller for almost 3 years now from 2016 of February around the time they have come out. I have loved this controller. Yes, I prefer this controller have all other controllers including comparing it to both of the Razor Xbox One controllers they make and considering I have also used the two Scuf Gaming Controller they made I way prefer the Xbox One Elite controller.Why did I give it a 3 star? Well of lately I have been having issues the last few months of my right stick slowing going up if I am not touching it which was fine and even more recently I have at the issue of it going up consently while playing games. This is no big deal unless you play FPS games really. Which I play a lot of FPS games like PUBG, R6, GTA 5, Call of Duty, Battlefield mostly to name my favorites. I have searched for people having this issue and I know its sorta common with controllers I suppose from my on 360 controllers, but those are $40 controllers that I would replace yearly and I would throw them and break them from anger or rage. Not with this $150 controller would I throw it around as lightly. Now I replaced my controllers yearly. Now its been almost 3 years so I have gotten my amounts of money worth sorta right? $40 x 2 = $120 so a loss of $30 ish dollars. Honestly would have given this five stars if you could have made it to 4 years or 3 and a half years. Will I buy another controller? Yes. Will I buy a 2-year warranty this time? Yes. You see any issues then have it replaced cause I have seen people have issued after 1 year normally. Maybe I was lucky or just took super good care of my controller.This controller is Better than:The regular Xbox One ControllerThe Razor Xbox One Controller’s (Yes Both)The Scuf Gaming Xbox One Controller’s (Yes Both)Yes, I am buying another. This controller can last the 3-year mark like my current one almost did then I will gladly change my review to 5 stars. This is a great controller and has served me very well.Note I use these 3 items with my controller:1. Kontrol freaks I use 1 on the right thumbstick (This has given me the idea of this causing my issue of the controller slightly going up with my right stick.) I have been using Kontrol freaks since Black Ops 1 came out when I was in 7th Grade and I LOVE THEM.2. I have this white silicon skin to cover the controller. I do it cause it is more comfortable on the hands. I did use another controller skin that was sorta bump with small black little prickles and I highly suggest not buying that. Get a soft smoothed controller skin, please. Trust the other cause after doing a “Leveling Race” on WW2 Call of Duty first week I got 6th Prestige on my own and at 5th Prestige the controller skin little prickles made me finger start bleeding from the pressure on it for so long. I grip my controller really hard. Needed I can link both of them for someone) Also this leads me to the other part for having a controller cover/skin is I have seen people say because the Xbox One Controller grips are kinda rubber that the glue on them from playing with hand sweat getting to it can cause the grips to fall off or get a bad smell from sweat getting in the grips over so long. So a controller cover for $10 is a must. Mine is white. Like I said I can link it and under it I took a knife or scissors and made little cuts for the paddles.3. I use rechargeable batteries which has saved me hundries of dollars on double A batteries over the years. From 5th to 7th GradeI probably spent over $100 a year on batteries and for 6 years now I have had the same battery pack which has saved me I guess more than $600 or more now.These three items and this controller are amazing to have. Need links or have questions messeage me on here. My Twitter (TheBirdManHQ)

  7. Drew Lankford

    It’s 2022 and mine from 2015 is still perfectly workingI bought mine in Dec of 2015 and despite seeing people having problems with theirs, mine has continued to offer flawless support after thousands of hours of gaming on both PC and Xbox one X and Series X.I’m looking at buying a second gen controller because this 1st gen controller can’t seamlessly switch from PC to console (you have to re-pair it to the console if you connect it to PC) but that’s a minor complaint that I believe the new one solves.

  8. Mishkin37

    If you’re sick of inflexible controller layouts…Full Disclosure: This is my first Amazon review. I felt like I owed it to the Elite to share my feelings about its greatness.I bought the Elite, because I was sick of having only 4 layout choices in Rainbow 6 Siege. I wanted to use the right stick click as a crouch button. Unfortunately, Rainbow 6 does not allow this, and mapped crouch to the B button. The right stick click was mapped as my melee, and to be completely honest, I RARELY ever use the melee button in FPS games. Something had to be done, and so I sprung for the Elite.PROS:- It has so many options for mapping the controller. Every single button, bumper, trigger, D-pad direction and click can be mapped wherever you want it.- You can adjust the sensitivity and tracking speed on the thumb sticks. This is pretty cool; I have the right stick, for example, set to “Smooth” for FPS games, which means that the it moves steadily at first, slower in the middle of the arc, and then steadily again the further I move on the axis. It’s great for slight aiming adjustments that you have to make in shooters. There are 5 total presets for the thumb sticks currently.- You can make up to 250 different controller configurations, name them, and save them in your settings. It reminds me of the games on the Super Nintendo that let you map all of the buttons…why did they ever stop letting you do that?- The controller is solid; it feels like something that should cost $150.- The thumb sticks and additional paddles on the back are magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear when connecting and removing them constantly. It’s genius!- The paddles are really cool and easy to customize and move around. You can add as many or as few as you want. I currently use 1 on the left side and 2 on the right.- The carrying case is solid and super functional. All the extra thumb sticks and thumb pads fit perfectly.- It comes with 3 different sets of thumb sticks: convex long, convex short and concave medium. I use one set of thumbsticks for shooters and a second set for Diablo 3.- It’s compatible with Kontrol Freaks. I have a set of them that I use on top of the concave short thumb sticks.- The braided USB cable looks cool and is sturdy, too.- The rubberized grip is nice.- The trigger stops (I’m not sure what they’re called exactly) allow the triggers to have a shorter arc; therefore, you don’t have to push them all the way in to get input. This feature is awesome for FPS games!- It’s compatible with the Play & Charge battery.- Everything else about it.CONS:- I want to be objective, but I’m not sure. It’s $150, which is 3X the price of a standard controller.- You can only have 2 presets active at once. They are toggled on the face of the controller between slots 1 and 2. I guess if you were playing 3 different games in quick succession, and each had its own configuration, you’d have to go into the settings and swap one out when you played the third game. This would take approximately 30 seconds from your life. I’m not an expert on this topic, as I typically do not play 3 games at the same time.- If you don’t intend to remap the buttons or utilize the paddles, you could probably save your $ and buy a standard controller.SUMMARY:If you are sick of games with rigid layouts and limited options for their layouts, you should check this out. I’m excited to know that I can configure all of my FPS games with the same layout: Battlefront, Rainbow 6, Tomb Raider, Fallout, Battlefield, etc. You can remap every button. If you want to map Up on the D-pad to a trigger, do it. If you want to have 3 different buttons mapped to the right trigger, do it. The Elite is awesome.

  9. Nick T

    After 3 years, I only like it, not love it.I don’t understand how people’s elite controllers are breaking and “just stopped working”. If you’re smashing the controller due to rage, then there is your answer. And no, the warranty does not cover that. This is my second Elite controller and I really like them. I have used an elite controller for 3 years now. I gave this a 4-star review as opposed to a 5 because I do not love it. Here is my review. (QUICK NOTE: I mainly play CoD and Fortnite)What I like about it:-The build quality. It does not feel like cheap plastic. It does not feel like it will break if you drop it. It’s VERY well made and high quality. The metal feels real (I think it is but not too sure), the buttons feel great, and the analog sticks are smooth yet sturdy.-The customizability. You can map the buttons to your preference. You can also change how the triggers react when you squeeze them. This is great for FPS games such as CoD. My triggers aim and shoot as soon as I move them even a millimeter.-The overall feel of the controller. It feels great in your hands while playing games. Even if your hands get sweaty, which mine does, the controller still sits in your hand comfortably.-You know when you were a kid and you were at the store looking at new shoes and your mom told you to run around the store with the shoes on. Then after your quick run up and down the isles, you came back to your mom and told her, “I feel like these shoes make me run faster!” Yeah, that’s what the controller kind of feels like. I feel like I actually can play better (which you obviously can’t) and I like that feeling.What I do not like:-THE PRICE! Holy moly. The price of this thing is ridiculous. Regular controllers are $60 and this controller is $150. For $90 more you are paying for button mapping, interchangeable analog sticks, a weird d-pad, trigger locks, interchangeable paddles on the back, and a superior build quality. If that sounds like $90 to you then, by all means, buy this controller. For me, that sounds more like a $40 upgrade, even though I bought one.-The weight. This thing feels pretty hefty. It doesn’t bother me that much but I would like to see it a bit lighter.Overall opinion:Again, I do not love this controller. I only like it. I have used the new Xbox Controller my Xbox One X came with and I also really like that! I also like the regular controllers $60 price tag a lot more. If you are a serious gamer, a gamer that enjoys customizability, or a gamer looking for paddles, then this controller is for you. The only reason I can see someone really spending the ridiculous $150 on this controller would be if you’re one of those gamers. Let’s be real, the elite controller does not make you a better player, it does not change how you play, and it is not necessary to have a great gaming experience. I actually used my Xbox One X standard controller for a few months and just put my elite controller in a box. Once again, please do not spend $150 just for a modestly better gaming experience. Only buy this if you’re really into gaming!

  10. DK

    Its about time Microsoft made their own advanced controller!For years I have tried third-party controllers and they would fail at the end, mostly due to ghosting issues. Finally Microsoft are made their own advanced controller that will give you a competitive edge.First, YOU WILL NEED “Xbox Accessories” app that you will have to look for in either Windows 8 or 10. Once installed, you will need to connect it to your computer using the provided cable. From there, you will be able to customize your controller.Re-map your buttons: I always had a situation where I would play a first-person shooter for a while and then switch over to a new one, only to find out that I need to re-learn the new controls–NO MORE! If your beloved shooter uses Y to jump and your new shooter has B to jump, simply create a new profile for a new shooter where you simply re-assign the functions of what each button does.Rumble Control: For some reason the classic XBOX ONE controller had no ability to turn off the rumble, unless the game you are playing has a feature to turn it ON/OFF. With this controller, no only can you turn off the rumble, but you can also control the intensity and which side of the control you’d like to have rumble on.Trigger Locks: Absolutely a must for anyone with an itchy trigger finger! Let’s take most shooters for example where LT is to AIM and RT is to SHOOT. You can now control how hard you must press the triggers in order for them to react. I set them on the highest sensitivity and it was incredible that a light touch of the LT and I was already zoomed in fully and light touch of RT already had me shooting faster than ever and of course as we all know, sometimes every millisecond counts only.Optional Paddles: Personally, not for me, but no problem, I removed them for now(more on that shortly.) Four paddles at the other side of the controller can be assigned to any button you wish. You must have a high dexterity if you can have all four paddles assigned to something and remember which paddles does what or you will press a wrong paddle at the wrong time.Interchangeable/removable buttons: Each button, paddle and d-pad are magnetized–So simple and yet so effective! Each component is easy to exchange but not easy to accidentally remove during gaming. You will get three different thumbsticks and two different d-pads for you to play around with. Want to have left thumbstick higher than the right one? Hey, its your controller–who says you can’t? NOW YOU CAN!Finally you can also adjust the glow of your XBOX Guide button. No biggie, but I don’t mind dimming mine all the way down to conserve the batteries(you get 2 Duracells to start.) You also get a nice, semi-hard carrying/storage case. Since this is your secret gaming weapon, you must keep it away holstered from other jealous gamers. Just like with any new controller, it will take you an hour or so to get adjusted to it, but once you do, the learning curce will be worth it, just in time for a new Call of Duty season!

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