Western Digital 14TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD – 7200 RPM, SATA 6 GB/s, CMR, 512 MB Cache, 3.5″ – WD140EFGX

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Digital Storage Capacity 14 TB
Hard Disk Interface Serial ATA-600
Connectivity Technology SATA
Brand Western Digital
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Hard Disk Description Mechanical Hard Disk
Compatible Devices Designed with CMR technology for small or medium-sized businesses in RAID-optimized NAS systems with up to 8 bays. Perfect for handling increased workloads, including expanded OS compatibility and ZFS. See more
Color Red
Hard Disk Size 14 TB
Hard Disk Rotational Speed 7200 RPM

  • Available in capacities ranging from 1-14TB with support for up to 8 bays
  • Supports up to 180 TB/yr workload rate | Workload Rate is defined as the amount of user data transferred to or from the hard drive. Workload Rate is annualized (TB transferred ✕ (8760 / recorded power-on hours)). Workload Rate will vary depending on your hardware and software components and configurations.
  • NASware firmware for compatibility
  • Small or medium business NAS systems in a 24×7 environment



Packed with power to handle the small- to medium-sized business NAS environments and increased workloads for SOHO customers, WD Red™ Plus is ideal for archiving and sharing, as well as RAID array rebuilding on systems using ZFS and other file systems. Built and tested for up to 8-bay NAS systems, these drives give you the flexibility, versatility, and confidence in storing and sharing your precious home and work files.

From the manufacturer



Designed for small or medium-sized businesses ideal for archiving and sharing with up to 14TB and built for up to 8-bays.

Tackle Intensity with WD Red Plus

Packed with power to handle the small- to medium-sized business NAS environments and increased workloads for SOHO customers, WD Red Plus is ideal for archiving and sharing, as well as RAID array rebuilding on systems using ZFS and other file systems.

For Small or Medium Businesses

Stream, backup, share, and organize your digital content with a NAS and WD Red Plus drives designed to effortlessly share content with the devices at your home or business. NASware 3.0 technology increases your drives’ compatibility with your existing network and devices. For larger businesses with up to 24-bays, count on WD Red Pro drives to deliver exceptional performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.52 kg
Dimensions 5.79 × 4 × 1.52 cm
Hard Drive

14 TB Mechanical Hard Disk

Number of USB 2.0 Ports



Western Digital


WD Red Plus

Item model number


Hardware Platform

PC Mac

Item Weight

1.52 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.79 x 4 x 1.52 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

5.79 x 4 x 1.52 inches



Flash Memory Size

14000 GB

Hard Drive Interface

Serial ATA-600

Hard Drive Rotational Speed

7200 RPM


1 A batteries required.





Date First Available

January 15 2021




Western Digital

10 reviews for Western Digital 14TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD – 7200 RPM, SATA 6 GB/s, CMR, 512 MB Cache, 3.5″ – WD140EFGX

  1. David J

    No, just no….Avoid, Please read before buying.Long time WD user, long enough that I know when something stinks…. partly due to the fact I usually buy directly from WD and know what the product looks like.I got this (1TB RED) in and the first thing I look at is the date, yes, all drives have a built on date. Received this drive on 3/28/19, but drive has a 13 Oct 2014 date on it…. first warring sign.Still not 100% against the drive, who knows… could be new- old stock. Quick look at the spindle motor (pictured side by side with a WD black purchased direct from WD) shows my next worry…. refurbished?Third strike was a quick warranty check on WD’s web site (Not sure if amazon allows links here, so ask and I’ll link you too it). WD shows this as an OEM product without warranty from them.Now, given the OEM status, build date and poor “glue” job on the motor connectors, I’ve got a pretty good picture of what I received.Now, I’ve use WD’s products for years, what’s going on with THIS drive, well…. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from the facts I’ve given.

  2. G. Venkatesh

    An update to the more common EFRX with double the cacheThe drive was shipped properly ESD covered and floating between end caps snug-fitted inside a cardboard box and enclosed in a large bubble wrap envelope. Done right. This is the biggest unknown buying drives online.Manufactured in Jan 2021, this seems to be an update to the more common and popular EFRX CMR drive relabeled Red Plus. It has 128mb cache double that of the EFRX. Not sure the performance gainin practice. This model is too new to have published benchmarks.An overnight write and read of every block before use surfaced no bad blocks/sectors. So far so good.

  3. Megan & John

    Warranty Worthless – WD Will Not Honor ItThe three year warranty on the listing means nothing; WD will not honor it.I purchased a WD Red NAS drive May 2019 from Amazon. October 2019, the drive has unreadable sectors during copy operations. The drive has a factory manufacture date stamp of November 10th, 2018. The listing for this product on Amazon shows a three year warranty. I attempted to register the drive on the WD website and RMA the drive, but they are claiming it is an OEM unit and/or a third-party vendor issue and that the warranty has been voided.

  4. ndfan77

    Nice Drives (so far) But Advertised Size is Very Inaccurate!Over the last 10 to 15 years I’ve had far better reliability from WD drives than that other brand that starts with an “S”, and these drives seem very nice so far (albeit they’re only a week old). Be AWARE though, that on the 12 TB model THE ACTUAL CAPACITY IS ONLY 10.91 TB — which surprised me! (yeah I know hard drive manufacturers often take some rounding liberties with advertised capacity — but rounding up to the next nearest even whole number is a new rounding method for me!).

  5. John B.

    Works fine as a TiVo upgradeUsed this drive to increase the storage on a TiVo Roamio from 1TB to 2TB. I’ve had flawless performance from WD hard drives in all the TiVos I have owned. The previous drive was also a WD Red Plus. This drive has a larger cache but I doubt that makes any difference.It came well-packaged and I was able to copy the old drive’s contents to it using a USB3.0 dual dock and the MFSTools software. Everything worked and the drive was correctly expanded to 2TB.One note is that the drive label does not look like the one in the picture. WD apparently has changed the label but it’s the correct drive that I ordered.

  6. K. S. Jackson

    Shady Sales Practices, Shoddy Quality and SupportI ordered two of these drives, new. One was defective, Amazon replaced it. But their replacement also turned out to be defective. Amazon then forced me to instead go through the Manufacturer’s RMA process for the 2nd replacement.However, WD’s records showed this drive was previously purchased by another customer months ago. Meaning Amazon sent me a refurb without disclosing this, even though I PAID FOR NEW at their full New Item price. This bad faith practice is NOT disclosed in Amazon’s written Returns policy, and amounts to absolute fraud. I won’t ever again buy another piece of critical tech direct from Amazon.WD Support has not been much help either. I shipped them the dead drive over a month ago, and I’m still waiting on a replacement. I bought these drives to upgrade from two smaller WD drives that served my NAS with zero issues for 4 years. But the brand loyalty earned there has now been wasted by WD’s lack of responsiveness.Bottom line, it’s been nearly two months since I paid for 2 brand-new drives, and I still have yet to get my hands on a 2nd working drive. Both these companies should be ashamed of themselves.Amazon buyers beware, and refund don’t replace.EDIT: FINALLY received a replacement from WD, after nearly a full month. It too was a refurb, but at least WD discloses that possibility in their RMA docs. Still, paid for 2 new drives, never got 2 new drives.

  7. MCG

    Fast, reliable drives – but they lie about the storage capacity.When is a terabyte not a terabyte? When hard drive manufacturers label their products with base 10 instead of base 2 storage numbers. When WD says their drive is 10TB, it’s not 10 terabytes but 10,000 gigabytes. 10 terabytes would actually be 10,240 GB. 1,000 GB is NOT a terabyte, it’s 24 GB shy of a terabyte. This doesn’t matter much when you’re buying smaller 1-2 terabyte drives, but when you’re buying two 10 terabyte drives for a NAS, you’re finding yourself 500 GB short of what you thought you bought, and that adds up. 1,000 GB is not a terabyte, it’s 100 billion bytes short of a terabyte and they should not be allowed to call it that.Anyway, buyer beware and automatically subtract about 10% of the storage capacity you think you’re buying. Otherwise the drives seem reliable and fast.

  8. Anne A.

    Western Digital WD Red Plus WD40EFZX ohne HerstellergarantieGeliefert wurde eine Bulk-Version in neutraler Verpackung. Die Überprüfung des Garantiestatus auf der Western Digital Website ergibt: “Out of region”. Somit gibt es keine Herstellergarantie von Western Digital für diese Festplatte. Sie wurde nicht für den europäischen Markt gefertigt . Die Prokuktbilder versprechen aber “3-Year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty”!

  9. Bobuaits

    Attenzione agli scambi, fotografate o riprendete qualunque azione sul pacco arrivatoI dischi sono arrivati ma non hanno funzionato sin dal primo momento in cui ho avuto modo di provarli. Il BIOS mi dava entrambi i dischi come 0G di capacità. Il motore non girava. Ho segnalato la cosa immediatamente al venditore e dopo una settimana circa ho ricevuto la risposta di rivolgermi ad un centro WD per la riparazione. Ma come? I dischi sono guasti sin dall’inizio e mi “rimandi” ad un centro assistenza? Eh no! Faccio presente la cosa e tergiversano ancora. A quel punto decido di rimandare indietro il prodotto in quanto guasto. La spedizione avviene a mie spese, scopro durante la spedizione, anche se in teoria e per legge, le spese sarebbero a carico loro. Qualche giorno dopo arriva la notizia sconcertante: i dischi restituiti non erano quelli, a loro dire, da loro inizialmente spediti. Come prova portano una foto con la fattura ed i due dischi (a loro dire) spediti con in evidenza i seriali (dicono per cattive esperienze passate). Peccato che la sostituzione sarà evidentemente avvenuta durante l’imballo perchè io di certo non li ho scambiati e presumo il corriere neppure. Soprattutto, vista le loro esperienze negative ed a garanzia dell’acquirente, perchè non mi hanno messo in evidenza a chiare lettere i seriali sulla bolla con la richiesta di CONTROLLARE i seriali PRIMA di aprire la borsa antistatica? Ovviamente il venditore sosteneva la sua tesi con prova fallace ed io purtroppo non ho pensato di fare la foto PRIMA di aprire i sacchetti. In sostanza il venditore si è rifiutato di restituirmi i soldi. Ho chiesto l’intervento di AMAZON (garanzia dall’A alla Z) e mi ha rifondato di tutta la spesa. Alla fine mi ha evitato di dover andare davanti al giudice di pace perchè è là che li avrei trascinati. Ad ogni buon conto, FOTOGRAFATE PRIMA qualunque cosa, il top sarebbe avere una telecamera che riprende tutto dall’inizio alla fine mentre sballate il pacco. Se poi non servirà, buttate via, altrimenti… io ne avrei avuto veramente bisogno questa volta. Non si finisce mai d’imparare. Lesson learned.

  10. Alexander Schönfeld

    Echte WD40ERZX Festplatte mit CMR-TechnologyHabe zwei davon fur RAID 1 gekauft.Verpackung könnte viel besser werden!!! Meine Meinung nach – unsichere Verpackung.Zu der Festplatten.Das sind echte ERZX Festplatten also mit CMR und nicht mit neuer SMR Technologie. Dazu der Buffer ist X2 größer als bei guten EFRX Festplatten und beträgt schon 128 MB. Somit ist auch die Schreib- und Lesegeschwindigkeit bis 175 MB/s gestiegen statt 150 MB/s mit EFRX.Habe die beiden Festplatten bei WD registriert und keine 3 Jahre Hesteller-Garantie bekommen – “Out of region”.UPDATE: Habe eine Antwort vom WD Support bekommen:”Sehr geehrter Herr XXXXXXXX,Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich an den Kundendienst und Support von Western Digital gewandt haben. Ich heiße XXXXXXXXXX.Bitte beachten Sie, dass Ihr Laufwerk #WX32XXXXXXX eine dreijährige begrenzte Garantie hat und das bedeutet, dass wir das Laufwerk in der deutschen Region ersetzen können, obwohl wir den Status außerhalb der Region haben.Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Laufwerk eine Herstellergarantie von 3 Jahren hat.Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld.”Also doch 3 Jahre!!! Aber 1 Stern Abzug.Im Betrieb sind beide Festplatten kaum hörbar.Ich hoffe sie halten mind. so lang wie die EFRX früher.

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