VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K + 1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam, 5GHz WiFi GPS Built-in, Ultra HD Dual Dashcam for Car, Sony 8MP Sensor,

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Special Feature →4K resolution →5GHz Wi-Fi for Video downloading →Dual Recording 4K+1080P →Built-in GPS for tacking the route See more
Video Capture Resolution 4K + FHD, 2K 60fps + FHD
Included Components Front Camera x 1, Rear Camera x1, Rear Camera Cable (6M) x1, Car charger x1, Mini USB Cable x1, GPS Module (Base) x1, Card Reader Adapter x1, Edge Removal Tool x1, 3M Sticker x 4 , Static Stickers x1 See more
Mounting Type Adhesive installation
Color Black
Control Method App
Product Dimensions 1.62″D x 2″W x 3.25″H
Item Weight 1.65 Pounds
Screen Size 2

  • 【Ultra HD Real 4K Dual Channel】 Dash cam A129 Pro Duo adopt top quality Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor on front camera and rear camera with Sony IMX 291 sensor , this dual dash cam captures super clear view at Ultra HD 4K 3840 * 2160 @30fps /2K 1440 * 1080P @60fps at the same time. 4K resolution offer amazing video quality, four time higher than a regular FHD. Help you read most details from street signs, license plate etc. Give you peace of mind when you’re driving
  • 【Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR】8MP sensor, combine with upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lens and WDR technology, provide a much clearer image than most dash cameras at night, maintain sharp image and automatically balance the lighting at over bright and over dark area. A car recorder that can be used with peace of mind from day to night
  • 【Advanced Parking Mode】Car camera A129 Pro Duo will record and lock 15 seconds video before the event and 30 seconds after an impact / motion, This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording(using VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable kit, sold separately, asin: B07JQ1JYPJ)
  • 【Wireless Wi-Fi & GPS】 5GHz & 2.4GHz dual-band Wi-Fi could transmit in two different standard frequency ranges to avoid wireless interference. More stable signal and faster speed. With GPS logger, dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, Timestamp information can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.
  • 【Premium Functions】 4K resolution, loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection, time lapse, parking mode, wifi gps function and so on. All your daily driving needs will be satisfied by this one dash cam.
  • 【Bluetooth Remote Control】Notice: SD card is not included. Optional Bluetooth remote is helpful for you to save and lock important videos without being distracted or taking your eyes off the road. All you need to do is to place it in a suitable position and simply press on the remote. (please buy separately ASIN: B07GF9CF2X)


From the brand

Product Description



  1. GPS module is already mounted on the back of the front camera body.
  2. Please use the original cable we provided in the package, A129 Duo car charger adapter cannot be used on A129 PRO.
  3. We would continually improve product performance through firmware & APP upgrade, you can download them from VIOFO official website.
  4. SD card is not included, please format SD card as FAT32 before using. We recommend using VIOFO brand or other High/Max endurance SD card.
  5. The dash cam comes standard with a 6-meter long rear cable. If your car is a larger model such as an SUV, truck, etc., you may need to consider an 8-meter rear cable. Asin: B07NJ64DZV







GPS Logger

With the GPS Logger, you can record your speed and route data in your video footage files. The GPS will also synchronize the A129 Pro Duo’s clock with the GPS time so that your video files can be correctly time-stamped.You can check the GPS route in VIOFO APP.

Sony STARIVS Image Sensors

The A 129 Pro Duo is equipped with Sony Sensor for dual channel to record much brighter and clearer images with rich details even in a dark environment. It brings a super clear night version that other cameras might miss.


Use high-quality supercapacitor to ensure a more stable power and longer lifetime. This supercapacitor ensures the excellent performance of the dash cam from 5℉ to 149℉ in extreme hot summer and cold winter.



What’s in the Box?

  • Front Camera x 1
  • Rear Camera x1
  • Rear Camera Cable (6M) x1
  • Car charger x1
  • Mini USB Cable x1
  • GPS Module (Base) x1
  • Card Reader Adapter x1
  • Edge Removal Tool x1
  • 3M Sticker x 4
  • Static Stickers x1
  • Please turn off the WiFi if you don’t need it or when the camera enters parking mode to avoid power consumption.

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

Real 4K for recording

Built with 8MP Sony Sensor IMX317, A129 Pro Duo supports real 4K(3840 * 2160)30fps/2K 1440P 60fps front+1080P full HD rear video recording. High speed 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection allows easy setting changes, live view, download & share. Meanwhile, the GPS function helps track your speed, time and location info into the videos.

Other Specification:

  • Viewing Angle: Front: 130°; Rear: 140°
  • Storage: Support 256GB SD card max
  • Dimension: Front: 3.25x2x1.62 in ; Rear: 1.95×2.05×1.24 in
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL): Used to reduce lens reflections.(Asin:B07HVRTW7X)
  • Bluetooth Remote: Easiest way to lock important videos to prevent them from being overwritten later.(Asin:B07GF9CF2X)

Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5.4 × 3.5 cm
Product Dimensions

8 x 5.4 x 3.5 inches

Item Weight

1.65 pounds





Item model number

A129 Pro Duo


1 Unknown batteries required.

Special Features

4K resolution 5GHz Wi-Fi for Video downloading Dual Recording 4K+1080P Built-in GPS for tacking the route

Other display features




Included Components

Front Camera x 1 Rear Camera x1 Rear Camera Cable 6M x1 Car charger x1 Mini USB Cable x1 GPS Module Base x1 Card Reader Adapter x1 Edge Removal Tool x1 3M Sticker x 4 Static Stickers x1

Date First Available

May 21 2019



9 reviews for VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K + 1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam, 5GHz WiFi GPS Built-in, Ultra HD Dual Dashcam for Car, Sony 8MP Sensor,

  1. Bart

    The A129 Pro Duo 4K is well worth the difference in price (over HD).I bought three of Viofo’s HD dash cams (NOT 4K) about nine months ago, and have been pretty happy with them. They work, they’ve captured some interesting incidents, and our family feels much better having them in place for daily commutes.We needed another camera for an additional vehicle, recently, so I decided to try this 4K version. The extra resolution seemed like it would be very helpful, as I had tried to see license plate numbers in videos from our HD cameras, and found them somewhat difficult to read.As soon as the 4K version arrived, I mounted it on my windshield next to the HD version for some direct side-by-side comparisons. The difference was incredible.This is one of those situations where you think you have decent picture quality, already, but the improved version just blows it away. See the attached frame captures and you’ll see what I mean.License plates that were fuzzy in HD are very crisp in 4K.License plates in the distance, that are unreadable in HD (can’t even count the number of digits!), are fuzzy in 4K – but READABLE. Check out the photo with the side-by-side comparison of the red truck. This is the key. It’s the difference between readable vs. non-readable.This is all subject to your personal preference, and your budget, but for me, 4K is well worth the difference in price. When I think about the possibility of one of my family members being in a situation where they desperately need a plate number, HD won’t cut it. 4K is going to save the day.

  2. jairo

    ****Buyer Beware******BUYER BEWARE***Don’t get this dash cam… lots of issues and there is no direct number for there customer support…if something happens you can only contact them with an email and when they do respond it will be 4 days later….if something happens in my case viofo will just tell you to call the 3rd party who sold you product…viofo doesn’t back there products I see why now…as a person who purchased the product i had it only work for a good 3 months…i have encountered so many issues….please save yourself the headache and get a different dash cam…like some of us we ignore the reviews but in this case should have listened..especially being a pricey dash cam…

  3. Mr Yee

    Stealth 4K dash camera withI had A129 Duo IR, and it worked very good in my car, it helped me catch 2 accidents. With videos footage, insurance company made decision in less than few minutes. I bought A129 Pro Duo to replace my almost brand new A129 Duo IR, which power cord got tiny damaged during last accident. (The other insurance company AAA decided to reimburse whole dash camera price plus installation fee, even though I did it by myself)For installation and user interface setup, both A129 Pro Duo and A129 Duo IR are very similar. I still feel the rear-to-front camera cable is a little stiff, but I had no problem with installation. Camera setup is easy, I keep default setup, just turn off G-Sensor.Here is what I like about A129 Pro Duo:Discreet design- After installation, the camera itself is hiding behind rear view mirror. It is pretty hard to see the dash camera if you don’t pay attention to the car. This is very important to me, because I have to park my car on street overnight.Stunning video quality- A129 Pro Duo front camera deliveries very sharp and clear 4K pictures with a lot of detail, at daytime. For a 4K camera, you defiantly could read a license plate further away than 1080P (will update how better it is than regular 1080P dash cam). The rear-view camera has decent 1080p video quality, and the night vision is a little better than front 4K camera, even at absolute dark parking garage, I still see everything in front of it.GPS Module- If order dash camera, I highly recommend it. I used to believe GPS module is used less. Until recently, I had accidents twice. Both time insurance company asked me: where did accident happen? And it took me sometime to figure it out. With a GPS module, right now I could easily locate where I was.BE AWARE:A129 Duo Pro 4K camera NEEDS U3 micro SD card. Currently, I am testing the dash cam with U1-32GB card, and temporary the camera is working fine, without any issue. As a new U3-128gb card is coming, I will continually use U1 card.You have to get a big or bigger SD card, either 128GB or 256GB. The A129 Pro Duo deliveries very clear picture, and it also generates very big file (about 300MB/Min). That means for a 32GB SD card, it barely holds a little more than 1 hour footage.

  4. The VMs

    Broke within 2 months and Viofo did NOT honor warrantyBought on Black Friday, installed in mid December. This is my fifth dashcam installation (all hardwired, three different styles) in a personal vehicle, so I’m fairly experienced. The installation itself was fairly easy, though the rear camera needed to be installed upside down (there is a way to adjust the image after). The sentry mode was inconsistent at best and not a feature I’d choose again as I normally park in a driveway. It would record constantly, not with motion detection, and no setting adjustments would change that. When the camera worked, the video was fine. But not much better than my old A118c this unit replaced. However, in late January (less than 2 months after installation), the unit would let out a random double beep. This worsened over the next month and after the double beep, the unit would turn off. I would have to turn it back on by pressing the power button. I contacted Viofo who recommended all sorts of things (updating firmware, using different memory cards, etc). Nothing worked and the unit would double-beep-of-death constantly and I would have to restart it by hard resetting it (unplug/plug). NOT ideal when driving. Finally, it failed to turn on at all. Viofo finally admitted the unit was crap and told me to ship it TO CHINA (at my expense) and IF it was unfixable, then would send me another. This was five month after purchase and after months of back and forth emails. So much for 12-18m of a full warranty, huh? No idea how this item has so many five star reviews. After hearing what happened, Amazon kindly took it back and refunded my money. I went back to my old A118c that still functions beautifully. So, buy this unit at your own risk, because Viofo will NOT honor their warranty.

  5. Quinton L.

    The best 4K dashcam in the marketI have been using my GoPro Hero 8 as my dashcam for many years, however, it gets too hot and turn itself off many times during the summer. Then I decided to get a solid and reasonable price dashcam instead. I have reviewed several dashcams online, and finally decided to get VIOFO 4k Duo from Amazon. First, it’s under my budget of $300 (honestly I don’t think $800 BV is worth it) Secondly, it’s 4K and the quality is one of the best after few reviews over the years. Third the App is easy to use and there are lots of tutorial video online about this one, it’s easy to learn and easy to operate. However, I quoted a price for dashcam installation in my Ford Ranger, the bodyshop I used to visit, asks for $300 for the whole process. After viewing several DIY videos on YouTube, I decided to do it myself. The good thing about Ford Ranger, it has a USB slot right behind the rear mirror, I could connect the dashcam using a short power cable, which is the same type of GoPro Hero 4. It only took about one-hour and I saved $300 easily! I tested it several times, the video quality is really good, especially under 4K, I could save the video directly from my iPhone and edit the video on the phone. I would say it’s a really good deal if you are thinking about the protect your valuable car and win the claim after the accident. I would recommend it to others.Please note, don’t hide your cable near the airbags as I shown in one of the pictures. I accident did it first and one mechanic told me that it would create more damage to the driver when the airbag pops out. So always hide the cable through the bottom section of the door frame.

  6. Kian af

    Way to experienceNot worth the money as it says easy install but if you want to use all the features must purchase another cable and after that need to buy a other twin fuse cable .Why not provide in 1 package.

  7. Mathias Kurt Schede

    2021 it is still one of the bestI must admit that I had to watch a few YouTube videos to understand the different settings in the menu. But once it is adjusted, it works very well. Practical is the 5G connection to the cell phone which allows quick browsing of the stored files. Don’t forget to order a separate SD card. I have 128GB, which seems sufficient. Generally an item rather like a safety belt – one hopes one doesn’t need it. This version records both front and rear simultaneously in different files.

  8. Alan

    Great value 4k duel dashcamOverall this is the best value 4k dashcam on the market. If you’re not interested in cloud functions, then this is a must buy over the more expensive brands.Pros- Value for money- Day camera quality matches the more expensive brands- App is easy to use for setup and to access files on phoneCons- Field of vision on front camera could be bigger- Night camera quality not as good as more expensive brands

  9. Dave

    Great camera but rear does struggle with privacy glassCamera was easy to set up and configure. The only drawback is the rear camera struggles through the standard privacy glass of a Mazda 3.

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