UNIFI Protect G4-PRO Camera

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Brand Ubiquiti Networks
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature HD Resolution
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor

  • Ubiquiti UVC-NVR-2TB UniFi Plug & Play NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. Essentially, the Ubiquiti Networks UVC-NVR is a plug-and-play recording appliance with low power consumption and offers UniFi Video’s powerful IP surveillance software for a modern, easy approach to home, school, or work surveillance.
  • This recorder manages the UniFi Video Cameras that are set up with it – in this case, the UniFi Protect Camera G4 PRO – and records video according to rules set up in the software. The UniFi Video software is pre-installed for quick and easy deployment wherever and whenever you need it. Best of all, therefore no additional software is required. You can do everything through a highly functional Ubiquiti surveillance bundle!
  • Setup is a breeze – simply plug the recorder into the network, go through the handy configuration wizard, and the installation is done. It’s easy to manage storage of the video footage, as you can designate what space to use for recording, and there’s easy date based features for when footage is deleted – say after a number of days. You can also send content to external USB or network storage drives. The recorder can connect up to 50 UniFi Video Cameras and support cameras at multiple locations.
  • What’s in the Box: One (1) UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera with tightening tool, 2 screw anchors, 2 self-tapping screws, 2 machine screws and pole mount bracket; One UVC-NVR-2TB recorder with a vertical support stand, power adapter (19V, 3.42A), power cord, four feet magnetic rubber, and quick start guide. The recorder comes equipped with the Intel D2550 processor.


Versatile 4 MP (1440p) indoor/outdoor bullet camera with 24 FPS video for day or night surveillance with infrared LEDs.

The UniFi Video Camera G4 Bullet delivers clear 4MP, 24 fps video over Gigabit Ethernet. The ball joint mount design allows indoor or outdoor installation and offers flexible 3-axis adjustment. The camera has infrared LEDs with an automatic IR cut filter for day and night surveillance. It features a built-in microphone and supports 802.3af PoE for power.

  • 4MP, 24 FPS Video
  • Day or Night with Infrared LEDs
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Managed by UniFi Protect Software

The UniFi Protect Camera, model UVC-G4-PRO, represents the next generation of cameras designed for use with the UniFi Protect surveillance management system. This camera offers 4K Ultra HD resolution for day or night use and integrates with the UniFi Protect software for powerful and flexible IP video management.

The UVC-G4-PRO is easy to set up, operate, and manage using the UniFi Protect software, which comes pre-installed the UCK-G2-PLUS, the latest generation Cloud Key controller.

Additional information

Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 22.44 × 12.6 × 10.63 cm
Product Dimensions

22.44 x 12.6 x 10.63 inches

Item Weight

1.54 pounds




46171610 Security cameras

Item model number


Date First Available

May 13 2019


Observation Equipment – Network Cameras


Ubiquiti Networks Commercial

10 reviews for UNIFI Protect G4-PRO Camera

  1. Reg

    Condensation in lens2020/03/21 Update: I ordered a second G4 Pro and plugged it into my PoE switch in my office. It fogged up worse than the first camera did, however I left it plugged in and the fog dried up within about 36 hours (the first camera cleared up in about 12). Both cameras are now fog free day and night. I am changing my rating to 4/5. The image quality and FoV of these are leagues better than the G3s I was previously using. This lens condensation issue is annoying, however it did clear up on its own within 48 hours like Ubiquiti said it would.I recommend anyone who buys this camera plug it in indoors and let it run for a few days before installing it in its intended place. However the humidity is getting trapped inside the cameras lenses, these cameras generate a lot of heat and after running for a while that heat should dry out the inside of the lens and prevent the fog issue from persisting.2020/03/18 Update: After fogging the first night of installation, the fog went away and did not come back on the second night. I will continue to monitor and make sure the fogging doesn’t come back but I am leaving my rating at 2/5 stars because it has been well documented that for many users the fogging ever went away. There is clearly a manufacturing defect at work here. The image quality and quality of materials used for this camera is amazing but are spoiled by this manufacturing defect.Original Review: My house is fully of Unifi networking equipment and 7 unifi g3 cameras that I’ve been running with no problem for over a year. Replaced the g3 in my driveway with the g4 pro and it started condensation come nightfall. A quick Google search revealed this is not at all an isolated incident. Should have done more research before buying but I’ve had such a good experience with the g3 and their routers, switches, and AP that I didn’t think twice about the upgrade.UBNT employees stated in forum that for most people it goes away within 48 hours. Browsing forums, this proved true for some but not all. Guess I’ll wait and find out, I’m going to be bummed if it doesn’t resolve itself because the quality of this camera is such a step up from the g3.

  2. Alex

    Best Unifi Protect Camera Option – Crystal Clear Image in a Heavy Duty HousingIt’s the best Unifi Protect camera you can currently get your hands on (as of May 2020)Image is amazing, optical zoom really helps to keep the video clear when the focus is at a greater distance. Camera is SOLID – it’s fairly heavy so make sure you’ve mounted it properly.A lot of reviews here are complaining about the price and the Protect software… I bought this camera in Oct 2019 after a few weeks of mulling it over. I found it here on Amazon and to my surprise, the now “Most Helpful” review on here, was posted before it was even in stock… the guy is complaining about the price of the product having only seen the spec list and – as far as I can tell – didn’t even buy the thing. This camera is expensive, don’t get me wrong, but you’re paying for the weatherproof housing (which I haven’t had any issues with yet) and the ease of setup – you just plug it in to a PoE switch, adopt in the Unifi controller, and you’re done. I will admit it would be nice to use other cameras with Protect but it doesn’t surprise me at all that you cant… the only network devices that have ever worked with the Unifi SDN are… Unifi devices. Why would one expect Protect to be any different? You can output Protect camera feeds into a separate NVR via RTSP if you’re inclined to do so (with other 3P cameras if you’ve got them). The app was a bit buggy at times when I first got the camera, but it works great now… there’s even an Apple TV app where you can view camera feeds from your couch.4 stars for Unifi Protect until they allow installation of the software on your own machine (record time is limited to a single 3.5″ drive in the UDM Pro or a single 2.5″ drive in the UCK-G2-PLUS – currently the only devices that support Protect apart from the UNVR-4-BETA which is in Early Access and sold out…), but the review is for the CAMERA which I would give a solid 5 – it’s a great product. Just understand that it needs to be used in the Unifi Protect ecosystem.

  3. Big Bad Rob

    Best camera Ubiquiti makes, but you pay for itFirst thing first, is the camera WORTH $450? Not yet, but I think in 6 months it will be. I know what you’re thinking, how can this be? Well just like Apple and Tesla, Ubiquiti is in the software game and can roll out new features after shipping the hardware.. read on.I have 5 of these, yes you can do the math, I am now poor. But my Trump bucks bought most of them. I have 11 other Ubituiti cameras and YES these are the best picture quality day OR NIGHT. Night vision is down right amazing. With the optical zoom, variable intensity LEDs and the software from UI.Digging around in the firmware of the camera, we can see that UI is working on Image detection (car, dog, human, etc) so once that goes live with the motion alerts, we should see some pretty sophisticated software improvements.The fact that all of this data stays ON PREMISE is amazing.No more data breaches, privacy concerns!UI also makes a doorbell to compete with Ring and everyone else. Combine everything together and you get a VERY nice system. I will be slowly upgrading my other G3flex cameras to G4 Pros. They image quality is that much better.

  4. Growingupny

    Crystal Clear and ReliableThe media could not be loaded.

     I’ve had this camera installed going on 6 months as of this post. I live on an island, where we have constant moisture and humidity. I have not once experienced ANY condensation build-up. I honestly believe those that have complained about this problem, do not understand how to avoid condensation forming when going from two different climates (cold ac indoors, to normal temps outdoors).I installed this camera in 90 degree heat and made sure to mount them properly, directly to a flat surface. I have multiple cameras, all of them with various exposures to the elements(some under a covered soffit, some directly exposed on a pillar and all of them without any condensation issues.I have all of them running PoE and aside from some Ubiquiti software downtime(only happened once so far, during an approaching hurricane) I have nothing to complain about. The motion alert algorithm catches damn near everything.I plan on upgrading/adding more of these in the future.

  5. Hugo

    Ubiquiti camera service not readyI have been a ubiquiti network user for many years now. I have always used another camera application and cameras. Ubiquiti released cameras years ago so I decided to try them. At first I had the night vision sensor break on 2 cameras and RMA both times. The early editions also did not work with their POE+ switches. You had to change to 24V passive. Eventually they sorted that out and released new cameras like this one. I thought okay maybe now is the time to try to switch to ubiquiti cameras and the Unifi Protect application to record and view the cameras. But unfortunately I do not believe this is ready for mainstream.The cameras are good. I have no issues with the cameras. They are solid and mount easy and provide clear picture as well as audio.The issue is the Unifi protect software and the support.The software fails to keep a good connection and this is on LAN not even remote. If you would like to view the cameras constantly then do not go the route of Unifi protect. Constant disconnects and reconnects. Streams failing to load. Recent update causes memory leaks in browser and system slows down to a crawl until you close and reopen browser. Its a complete mess. I used a different software before and never had these issues. Currently I am running my old software using the RTSP streams to view my cameras remotely or locally JUST so I don’t have to deal with the Unifi protect software. This is in addition to the unifi protect software. I still use it to record for now. But the frustration of having to use another companies software JUST so I can have a clean viewing session is mounting.And then there is the support. They really try, I give them credit there. But I think the problem is they are growing fast and they cant keep up with the support needed. So they just push issues aside and keep the support moving without any real resolution.Summary: Cameras solid build, good video and audio. Software is a complete mess still. If you are thinking of switching over and require a solid viewing connection then do not make the switch yet. Wait until they have really worked out the software issues.

  6. MuffinMan

    Nice Camera but Quality Control ProblemsHooked this camera up to my ubiquiti switch to adopt/test before mounting outside. Glad I did because after About 45 minutes – 1 hr, there was significant condensation build upinside the camera on the lens (see photos). This camera is supposed to be IP67 weather resistant (basically completely weather proof/submersible) so this is pretty disappointing quality control for a camera that cost 3x the G3 base model. Amazon used to have very customer friendly return policies but I’ve learned the hard way that is definitely no longer the case so I thankfully did this before the return window got slammed shut.New camera is up and running and the picture quality/functionality is good. Biggest complaint is the motion detection is very laggy. The optical zoom is a little cumbersome so I would only plan to use this feature as a set up sort of feature and less as something you will use dynamically and often. If you’re on the ubiquiti platform and looking for a wide angle 4K camera this is the only choice. It’s a good camera, just very overpriced.

  7. me!

    Great cameraI wish it had more of a viewing angle. The price was higher than msrp but I needed it soon. Worked fine.

  8. Anthony F.

    G4 pros . = awesome.So, having used alarm companies brands of cameras. Nest hd’s and others I decided to try these out. I have a ton of ubiquity products and wanted to test them out.I was a bit nervous, as I read a ton of reviews about moisture developing inside the lens. I have 3 of these g4 pros and I did not have one issue with that.These had a manufacture daye of September 2019 . So that issue may have been prior to these, but if you were worried about similar issues, as long as it made around it after that date you will be fine.Quality is great, I can actually read license plates now from a good distance.They are a bit costly. But, they miney you save for subscription based cameras with the same features will have it paying for itself.

  9. Timothy G. Blum

    So far great cameraSo far great camera, using it indoors at a business right now and only have a g3 flex to compare it to but the different in image quality is huge with the 4k camera. Night vision is much clearer. Overall very impressed. Just trying to figure out how to justify paying this much for a bunch more g4 cameras. Unifi Protect on the UDM-PRO is fast and responsive. I don’t get any stream issues unless I leave computer and go back the next day, then I have to reload the live-view. I think I set the login for 1 week. Much better than Unifi DVR running the old camera software-which I have at home-and have to reload the live view page quite often.

  10. johnny

    Great camera bad tech supportThe cameras are very nice. The only down side is the zoom is not as clear as wanted. ESP having the physical zoom not just digital. The software is easy to set up as long as you don’t have to contact support they are very useless to people that are network engineers they only want to point you to their forums. THAT IS NOT TECH SUPPORT THATS A SAD ATEMPT.

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