TP-Link TL-SX105 | 5 Port 10G/Multi-Gig Unmanaged Ethernet Switch | Desktop/Wall-Mount | Plug & Play | Fanless | Sturdy Metal

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Brand TP-Link
Number of Ports 5
Included Components Installation Guide, Power Cord, Rubber Feet, TL-SX105
Switch Type Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.9 x 5.2 x 0.98 inches

  • 【Five 10Gbps Ports for Lightning-Fast Connections】5× 10-Gigabit ports unlock the highest performance with 10G/multi-gig bandwidth and provide up to 100 Gbps of switching capacity.
  • 【Auto-Negotiation】Auto-negotiation intelligently senses the link speeds and adjusts between 5-speeds (100Mb/1G/2.5G/5G/10G) for compatibility and optimal performance for all your devices, including 2.5G/5G/10G WiFi 6 AP, 10G NAS, 10G PCIe Adapter/NIC, 10G Server, gaming computer, 8K video, and more.
  • 【Reliable and Quiet】IEEE 802.3X flow control provides reliable data transfer and a fanless design ensures quiet operation.
  • 【Plug and Play】Easy setup with no software installation or configuration needed.
  • 【Sturdy Metal Case】Durable metal casing and desktop/wall-mounting design are well-suited for different environments.


5-Port 10G Multi-Gigabit Desktop Switch

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Fanless/Metal Design

Our revolutionary fanless design ensures whisper quiet operation. Durable metal casing provides maximum heat dissipation for versatility.


Flexible Deployment

Whether on a desktop or mounted on the wall, you have the flexibility to place the 10G switch where you need.



Additional information

Weight 2.07 kg
Dimensions 8.9 × 5.2 × 0.98 cm
Product Dimensions

8.9 x 5.2 x 0.98 inches

Item Weight

2.07 pounds





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Date First Available

August 25 2021

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9 reviews for TP-Link TL-SX105 | 5 Port 10G/Multi-Gig Unmanaged Ethernet Switch | Desktop/Wall-Mount | Plug & Play | Fanless | Sturdy Metal

  1. Austin Powered

    Finally, An Easy Way to Get More Than 1 GigabitUpgraded my home Internet to 2 gigabit fiber, and home fileserver with SSD storage, so I bought the TP-Link 8-port TL-SG108-M2 and 5-port TL-SG105-M2 to upgrade my home network to multi-gigabit speed. It was easy to swap my old gigabit switches with these TP-Link 2.5 giggers, using my existing ethernet cables.Per-port lights made it obvious which ports run at 2.5 gigabit, 1 gigabit, and 100 megabit. I loved the fan-less design – zero noise coming from these TP-Link switches. I will never buy a fan-based switch again – they collect dust, and eventually die unless kept clean.Speed:Tested throughput extensively using iperf3 on the local network, and for Internet speed.LAN (local network) bandwidth tests reliably 2.3 gigabit average between two computers. Same speed when 2 computers are on the same switch, and when they are connected switch-to-switch. This was a HUGE improvement over a gigabit network which maxed out at about 0.95 gigabits.Was worried whether my investment would actually get close to 2.5 gigabit, especially switch-to-switch, but they did! Two TP-Link switches are linked with a 40-foot in-wall Cat-6 cable, and computers can get 2.3 gigabit between the two switches.Internet speed tested at 2.0 gigabit download and 910 megabit upload with Google Fiber 2 Gig!The TP-Links were fully backward compatible with 1 gigabit and 100 megabit devices and switches. Connected various slower devices including a gigabit switch (1gig), a Ubiquiti AC Lite AP (1gig), a printer (100meg), and voice-over-IP box (100meg).Heat: These TP-Link switches get slightly warm but never hot.Ethernet Adapters: Using Sabrent 2.5 Gigabit NT-S25G USB 3.0 adapters on all my computers, since none of my computers came with 2.5 gigabit as of mid-2021. I had some auto-negotiation issues on bootup, where the adapter would sync at 100 mbit or 1 gbit (not 2.5gig) when the adapter powered on. After boot, I would manually adjust the driver’s speed setting from auto-negotiate to 2.5 gigabit, or 2.5 gigabit to auto-negotiate, which would re-sync at 2.5-gig with the switch. Contacted Sabrent support who also believed the issue was with the latest Realtek driver, a fix may be coming soon.Another reviewer here believed the TP-Links are responsible for auto-negotiate issues, it may be a TP-Link issue but I’m not sure. When I connected my TP-Link 2.5 gig switches to each other, they always synced at 2.5 gig. Same with the Google Fiber router’s 1/2.5/5/10 port which always auto-negotiated at 2.5 gig. Only my Realtek-chip adapters would sync at lower speed on initial power-on. I figured out that by plugging my 2.5gig adapters into always-on USB 3.0 ports via USB 3.0 hub, kept the adapters locked at 2.5 gigabit even after the PC rebooted.When my adapters did sync at lower speed, a quick re-sync of the driver would fix it. On Windows, Network Connections (Control Panel), double-click the adapter, Configure, Advanced tab, Speed & Duplex, switch it to “2.5 gig full” or “auto-negotiate”, either will trigger the adapter to re-try its link to the TP-Link. On Linux, after boot, run: ethtool -s enx002341234567 autoneg on advertise 0x80000000002f (replacing the enx002… with your device name)Ethernet Cables: My rooms have Jadaol flat Cat-6 cables that range in length from 1-foot to 25-feet, all worked with 2.5 gigabit. My home had professionally-installed Cat-6 in-wall cabling, with some cable lengths up to 40 feet long, all worked with 2.5 gigabit.Is this worth the price:If your Internet speed is more than 1 gigabit, then yes! If you transfer files between computers that have SSDs capable of more than 125 megabytes per second, then yes! Otherwise, no. One gigabit is plenty fast for nearly everyone’s needs. If you do buy one, you can keep your existing 1 gig switch for your gigabit devices, and plug your multi-gigabit devices into one of these TP-Link 2.5 giggers.

  2. stareagle

    Returned – not needed but tech support was outstandingIt turns out that this item would not work for what I wanted (not technically possible, had nothing to do with the product).In the process of figuring this out, I contacted tech support several times. I got prompt and detailed answers to my questions. I normally would not write a review for a product not used, but support was so outstanding, I made an exception.For some other tech vendors, I have had to wait days, weeks, and even months for an answer to a question and most of the time the answers are vague or not quite related to my question (make the stock answer fit the question?).TP-Link has gone up several notches in my estimation and I will consider them very strongly for any future networking purchases. When you need support, you need a quality response, and that is what I got.

  3. Kyle

    Auto-Negotiation doesn’t always work.For the most part it worked great, no issues with speeds or use of the device. The price is great.However, I have a few hosts that sit on it with 2.5gbe USB NICs. When I reboot those hosts, more times than not, they would come up auto-negotiated as 100 or 1000m. The only fix was unplugging the ethernet from the switch and plugging back in.I thought this might just be a USB NIC issue, but I decided to get a Trendnet switch and give it a try and so far I have not seen this issue yet.

  4. B. Thorne

    Complete piece of crapUPDATE: Wow, this has been a terrible experience. So, in order to claim any warranty support, you have to either send the unit back, at your cost, to TP-LINK, then they will send you a replacement, or you can pay to have them send you a replacement and a shipping label, and once you receive the replacement, you send the defective one back. Well, I paid the $14.99 to get the replacement sent first, then sent back the defective one. When I got back from vacation, I opened the replacement unit TP-LINK sent me, someone appears to have abused the device heavily. There were huge scratches on one side of the bottom, someone had stuck the rubber feet to the bottom, and on the other side where you can hang it from the wall, you can feel the inside is loose and moving around, and the device wouldn’t even initially turn on, in this condition I don’t even feel safe using it in my house. Calling tech support, they didn’t believe me so I had to send pictures, which they then had to send to higher tech support to determine what to do. I’m starting to feel a little litigious about this experience….Original review:After reading the mixed reviews for tp-link and having good luck with the tp-link Kasa smart plugs, I took a chance and purchased this unit in October, 2021. What a mistake.At first it seemed okay, not great, not bad, but it did what a switch should do. It’s plugged in, with the rest of my audio/video devices to a Cyberpower UPS with Sine-wave blah blah blah. So, no power surges.Then, after only a couple of months, I started to get messages from my TV that the network was not connected. I don’t really use the Smart TV options and no other devices gave me a warning, so I ignored it. Then, after another two months, my TiVo suddenly warned me if I didn’t reconnect to the network, it would no longer record. So, I unplugged the switch, plugged it back in, and only ports 1 – 3 would come back on. I lifted the switch and almost burned my hand, it was hot hot on the bottom. I can imagine the insides are probably melted.Now, I am trying to get customer service, and the web interface for chat is a joke. There is also a message not to use phone support because of Covid. So, at the moment I have a dead tp-link device and no support. Wish me luck.As for buying any more tp-link products, never again!

  5. Ricky Walrond

    Stay away, this company seems like they’re scammers!I purchased the product as soon as it was released and it worked find for a few months, but then I had some ports stop working. I contacting Tech Support, after some simple test, they created an RMA and asked me to ship the product (at my cost) back to them. This was 2 months ago! They received my defective product in Dec. 2020, I have spoken to a few reps and sent countless emails. I have no idea if I will ever get a replacement or my money back. Not a single person can tell me what the heck is going on. I have since had to go out and buy a different product to replace this switch so my home network can continue to function.Each person I talk to seems outraged that I have not gotten any info on my RMA, but then they quickly disappear for weeks until I call again and some else becomes outraged.TLD: Stay away from this product1. Because it didn’t last 6 months before it broke!2. Customer service is absolutely horrible!Now I have to reach out to Amazon and my Credit card company to perhaps get my money back.

  6. Tos

    Cheapest 8-Port 10G, MultiGB (TL-SX1008)It’s one of the cheapest 10G switch. And it’s not just 10G but it does 2.5 & 5G, as well.I put 4 star only because it’s a bit too noisy for my taste.The fan change the speed, to lower the fan noise.But the speed changes a bit too often that it’s probably more annoying.I may try to put larger fan with a duct to suck air instead of the small fan spinning up&down all the time.I also prefer managed switch, but I shouldn’t expect more with the price range.I tested with iperf using 10G & 2.5G NICs and it seems to be doing the job, so far.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Cheap unmanaged Multi-GB switch. Dont buy this for your office!I’ve been using 2x SG-1024D’s for about 8 years now. Generally loved the balance TPlink had for their products between feature set and value.I just bought this bad boy for my 10Gbe home lab redesign. It works great so far but I’ve only had limited testing via iperf3.The fan curve on this box is enough for me to want to throw it out of the window and its been.. a few hours? My office is kept at 24 degrees Celsius and this little 40-60mm fan is ramping up and down wildly every 8-10 seconds? This occurs even if nothing is plugged into it so likely not a load issue spiking the curve.. Its distinctly audible in my 42U rack and I have Dell Poweredge R710’s with some old fans that are much louder. This seems worse due to how aggressive the climb is.


    This is speed that I has no idea I was missing!Still yet to fully saturate the network, which is GREAT.I am now hitting non stop hardware limitations that are not the network speed and capacity.Who cares about the noise the fans make when you already have three servers in a 42U server cabinet yelling at you. Noise from this Switch is 100% non issue <— YUP, NON ISSUEThis worked right out of the box for 2 Ryzen 5900X servers connected to a Supermicro 36 Bay dual Xeon NAS machine running TrueNas. (FreeBSD)The only negative that I can think of is cost, I just do not understand why this tech is actually so old but still so costly.Performance is great.Would buy again!

  9. Vern

    10GB, noisy fansGood switch, does 10GB and has been very reliable with my x540-t2 cards. Only complaint is the fans, they throttle up and down constantly and are pretty noisy even at their quietest (its louder idle than my tower server). Would not recommend this for actual desktop use.

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