TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope 1200x, 10.1 inch IPS HDMI Microscope with Screen,Bottom Transmitted Light, 24MP LCD

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Light Source Type Triple LED Illumination System( 8 Pcs Upper LED + 2 Side Lights + Bottom Transmitted Light)
Model Name DM402 Pro
Material 10.1 inch Monitor + Longer 10 inch Stand + Triple LED Light System
Magnification Maximum 1200 x
Compatible Devices HD Television, Laptop(Windows/macOS), Personal Computer(Windows/macOS), HDMI Projector, HDMI Monitor
Power Source AC Adaptor (No Battery Included)

  • 🏆 The First 2K Digital Microscope from Tomlov – Utilizes an UHD sensor,Tomlov DM402 Pro LCD digital microscope boasts more incredibly 2K ultra clear video and captures 24MP vibrant color still images than the 1080P/12MP on the market.With 2K resolution,you can observe and savor clearly details and various subtle movements amazing micro world
  • 🏆 The First HDMI Digital Microscope with 10.1 inch IPS Premium Screen – Tomlov digital microscope adopts an IPS screen, allowing you to enjoy vivid and saturated colors. A full 178° visual angle realizes quality viewing when you share the screen with your family or friends . Even with a long-time experience,the 10.1 inch digital microscope ensures no ghosting ,stuttering or tearing ,which effectively protects your eyes.
  • 🏆 The First LCD Digital Microscope with Transmitted LED Light Stage – Except for the LED built-in the camera and 2 side lights, Tomlov DM402 Pro microscope camera utilized the professional bottom LED light,which provides cool, dimmable transmitted light from below the stage for transparent slide specimens. 5 Pcs prepared slides included too , which allows the little scientists to begin exploring the world at once
  • ✅ Dual HDMI& USB Output for Larger View – Equipped with a USB and mini HDMI port , DM402 Pro lab handheld digital microscope can get connected with any HD monitor and computer. Plug and play, simply hooking up to your laptops /computers / TV / HD monitor / projector, your vision will be extended both on digital microscope screen and TV or computer,refresing your experience of work and study. No driver needed with the computer with the camera App already installed on Windows 10 / Photo Booth for iMac / MacBook
  • ✅ Taller 10 inch Stand,See Entire Coins Easily- Updated from the Tomlov DM401 microscope, this new microscope with hdmi output comes with a longer 10” stand post ,So the max distance between lens and base is extended up to 6.3 inch (double distance comparing with other models).Without installing any extension tube,the entire coin(dime,penny,nickel,quarter,dollar,even the large silver dollar) can be captured in the microscope easily .The thoughtful design also helps get larger working space when soldering PCB boards
  • ✅ Wide 2-1200X Zoom – Allows you to zoom in and see the tiniest details at magnification range from 2X to 1200X in a full lighted view It’s quite easy to zoom in and focus, just raise or lower the holder and rotate the knob of the digital microscope with screen
  • ✅ Save Images and Videos with Included 32GB Card–More than a microscope, this Tomlov microscope is capable of recording 2K video and capturing up to 24MP photos with installed 32GB Micro-SD card.Perfect for those who want to record beautiful moments
  • ✅ Ergonomic Design,Boost productivity by 50% – With an advanced ergonomic design featuring height adjust, swivel and tilt, you can easily adjust the 10.1 inch coin microscope with lights to get just the right viewing angle. Get more done with less strain,offer greater user comfort during long periods of use
  • ✅ Convenient Remote Control – Not only the remote control take photos or videos,but also can zoom in,zoom out, adjust image brightness,contrast ,set cross line and rotate image quickly. No need to touch the display of the soldering microscope,perfectly avoids the screen shaking .It is also very suitable for presentations with multiple people
  • ✅ Suitable for Various Microscopy Requirements – Tomlov Microscopes can be widely used in circuit board inspection, coins, jewelry, gems, trichomes, rocks and stamps, clocks/clock repairs, skin inspections, children’s education inspections, textiles Industrial, QC inspection , and can also be used for children’s learning exploration, observing flowers, coins, etc. This wonderful gift opens the door to the micro world and satisfies children’s curiosity



Product Description

The First 2K 10.1 inch IPS Digital Microscope with Bottom Transmitted Light from Tomlov

digital microscope

Why choose TOMLOV DM401 Pro Digital Microscope ?—–4 upgraded points for the newest model :

Tomlov DM402 Pro

Tomlov DM402 Pro

DM402PRO 1

Tomlov DM402 Pro

1. Larger 10.1″ IPS Screen

IPS screen better than LCD:

  • Anti-blur and ensure ultra-clear picture;
  • 170° Ultra wide-angle;
  • Upgrade color flipping and brightness conversion to see a high-quality image with vivid colors, enhancing display effect

2. Bottom Lights Stage & Slides

  • Tomlov DM402 Pro microscope camera utilized the unique bottom tranmitted light directed through the sample from below,used for transparent or thinly cut samples.
  • 5 Pcs of prepared slides included too , which allows the little scientists to begin exploring the world at once.

3. 2K Video & 24MP Photo

  • A state-of-art image sensor, premium optical lens and new generation image technogy combined with blur reduction to record any fascinating photos and videos,Tomlov DM402 Pro 2K digital microscope allows you to enjoy the wonderful micro world.

4. Larger Base & Longer 10.1″ Stand

  • Measuring 7 “x 7.8 ”, PCB soldering or electronic repairing is accepted on the base as it is sturdy, stable and large enough.
  • Matte black prevents reflections while watching shiny objects.

A Set for the Whole Family —–Multiple Application Scenarios

Tomlov DM402 Pro

For Coin Collectors —Great for looking at coins both in great detail and entirety.

As an absolute “must” for any coin collector, Tomlov DM402 Pro is perfect for examining coins for quality and errors.

Tomlov DM402 Pro

For Adults — Good for very close up inspection work,Works well for SMD soldering work

No longer have to hunch over desk in order to see through the eyepiece, ,the microscope for adults is good for doing circuit board soldering repairs/testing/fault finding,it is and excellent microscope for SMD soldering and micro-electronic repair.

Tomlov DM402 Pro

For Kids — a great gift to a child who may be interested in sciences.

Designed for Kid, Students and Hobbyists to understand science and nature,

allowing them to peek into the microscopic world to inspire curiosity, encourage discovery, empower imagination, and allow for creativity.

How you can benifit from TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope ?

Tomlov DM402 Pro


Warm Tips :

For user’s safety, there is no battery for DM401/DM401 Pro/DM402 Pro,it need to be connected power supply to work .

Screen size : 10.1 inch

Screen resolution : 1024×800 IPS

Image resolution : 24M(5600×4200) 20M(5200×3900) 16M(4640×3480) 12M(4032×3024) 10M(3648×2736) 8M(3264×2448)

Video resolution : 2880x2160P 24pfs (2.5K ); 2560x1440P 30pfs (2K) ; 1920x1080P 60pfs ; 1920x1080P 30pfs ; 1280x720P 120pfs ; 1280x720P 60pfs ; 1280x720P 30pfs


Image control : Sharpness, White balance, ISO, Exposure,Contrast adjustable

Grid : 8 groups, position, color, thickness adjustable

Language : English,French,Deutsch,Spanish,Italian,Russian,Japanese

Triple LED Light Illumination :

(1) 8 white-light LEDs integrated in the lens ;

(2) twin flexible gooseneck LEDs built into the stand ;

(3) bottom transmitted light ;

Micro Card slot : 32GB micro SD card included (Supports max 64G )

DM401 Pro

Set up with ease-No more searching for outlets and no professional installation required – everything you need to get started is in the box.

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 4.62 kg
Dimensions 11.77 × 10.51 × 5.83 cm
Package Dimensions

11.77 x 10.51 x 5.83 inches

Item Weight

4.62 pounds





Item model number

DM402 Pro

Date First Available

May 30 2022

Country of Origin




10 reviews for TOMLOV DM402 Pro 2K Digital Microscope 1200x, 10.1 inch IPS HDMI Microscope with Screen,Bottom Transmitted Light, 24MP LCD

  1. frankmylls

    Overall, a great, affordable option for electronics repairThe only real complaint I have is the video format in which recordings are saved as. Instead of the more common MP4 format, it uses the much older AVI format. Quality isn’t as good. Don’t get me wrong, you can make out the details, but I feel MP4 would have been a better option. You can connect it to a computer and use video capture software to get a different format however. Not as convenient, but it’s an option. This is for all intents and purposes, just a webcam on a custom stand.

  2. Giselle M

    The images are good but..The images are good but when I try to zoom in the images looks distorted, can’t see the details of the coin well, and the zoom is poor too, but I like the photos of the entire coin with the light on, it take very good photos.

  3. Amy Goebel Padgett

    Tardigrades, yes!I just got into microscopy and had been using a traditional compound microscope to try to find tardigrades. I read some blogs that said you couldn’t use an observation microscope to find them so I hesitated about buying this one but in the end, my eyes got so tired with the traditional microscope that I went ahead and bought this LCD digital microscope. I’m so glad I did! The evening I got the microscope, I set it all up and I found what I had been searching for: a Tardigrade! So it’s not true that you can’t find microscopic critters with a digital microscope, you can and I did! And not only a Tardigrade, but rotifers, nematodes, and lots of other creatures that I can’t identify at the moment.This digital microscope has several features which make it so much easier to find things like Tardigrades. There are dual lights that I can angle on either side of my slide or petri dish to provide light either from the top or coming from the side. There is a dial so I can lower the lens as closely as I want and then focus it on the target. The LCD screen is so much easier to look at than trying to always look through the smaller eyepiece of my compound microscope.The microscope comes with a micro SD card that slips into the side of the LCD screen. I took several pictures and videos of the rotifers and the Tardigrade, although the Tardigrade wasn’t as clear as I want it to be. But it was my first attempt and first view of one so I’m going to work with it more to see if I can’t get sharper images.Sure, the display of the critters moving around wasn’t crystal clear and certainly not as sharp as what I see through my compound microscope, but it is pretty clear and certainly clear enough to recognize/identify the critters and I can cover a greater area more quickly with this digital microscope than I can with my compound microscope. And it’s a lot easier on the eyes. And the videos and photos I get are at least equal to what I was able to get using my cell phone with my compound microscope, so I feel really encouraged by that.Overall, this digital microscope is well made and more than exceeded my expectations. I’m still working on my technique and skills observing the microscopic world, but I have to say, I think I might have given up had I not gotten this. It makes everything so much easier and a lot more fun with a lot less eye strain. So I’m off to look for more Tardigrades!


    super awesome performance at an excellent price pointThis is a very easy to use microscope. It has a very high quality screen and it allows for extremely good pictures to be taken of what you’re looking at

  5. Rhonda

    My husband is very pleased!So simple to set up and we love the quality! My husband has already found errors on coins he had a hard time seeing using a traditional jeweler loupe.

  6. Isiah

    Very useful for device repair and up-close objects. Questioning the 12MP claim thoughI use this most to inspect damage on phones, more specifically water damage or knocked off components and it works very well for that. The screen is also helpful when soldering to small pads without getting super close to the soldering iron.My only complaint is about the advertised pic quality, on here it says 12MP and on the microscope itself it says the max is 5MP. I have a strong feeling that a 1.3MP or 1280×960 sensor is being used and the other options are only upscaling it to 5MP resolution, with no change in quality. You might be able to see the upscaling artifacts from some of the pics I’ve included, to me it doesn’t bother me much as 1.3MP is good enough for what I use this microscope for.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Updated reviewUpdate: manufacturer reached out and assisted. When troubleshooting did not work they quickly sent a new one. This one works very well and the customer service was excellent. Old review. Very disappointed. The picture has wavy lines and now it flashes on and off and has nothing to do with the battery I do not recommend. Unable to receive service or help from the manufacturer.

  8. Georgette

    Detail is excellentAlthough I returned this one for the larger size, this microscope is excellent.

  9. Mac_Cat

    Great microscope and viewerPretty good microscope – better than many I have tried in the past. The major difference is that the image is sharp and clear, rather than the wide-angle “Fisheye” image I have seen on other digital microscopes.The instructions were poorly translated into English words that make little sense. There are not assembly or wiring directions, but it’s pretty hard to mess up. The side of the box shows how the microscope sits in the upright, which is screwed into the base. What they don’t show you is that a white silicone band was provided to make the microscope fit more snugly.Because of the missing instructions, I went to YouTube to look for a video. I found several, but none was particularly helpful on the assembly and wiring. So, the first wire is obviously for the remote control and it’s a round plug that only has one place it can go. The other is a mini-USB connector, which is probably to use with a cellphone or to connect to a computer. The second cable was a standard USB-B to USB-mini, which allows you to charge the viewer with any USB charger (not included).This kit did include a USB memory stick with a driver to use on Windows computers. It also has a 32 GB mini card for storage. Mine had no calibration overlay as I have seen on other videos, but it’s not needed.The on-screen setup is intuitive enough. The remote duplicates the keys already under the viewer. “M” is the Mode button. The OK button chooses an option in the menu, the “M” (mode) button goes back a step. There is an up and down arrow for the menu and not very many options, anyway (resolution, ISO, date and time, etc.).The main thing is it’s a stable platform and the microscope has it’s own array of leds. The two platform lights are on flexible extensions, but you have to use the USB cable to power the base stand lights. They have their own dimmer in the back of the stand.Great little microscope. You can take pictures directly from the viewer or download them to your computer. The field of view is about 1 cm at max distance, less if you are closer to the lens. Notice that the stand can be lowered to get closer and the focus ring is around the microscope lens itself.Pretty clever and a good value for what it is. Coins and hallmarks are particularly easy to make out.

  10. Kirk Harney

    Nice machine.Met all my needs. Great machine.

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