Telescopes for Adults, 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope for Kids and Beginners –

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Optical Tube Length 700 Millimeters
Eye Piece Lens Description Barlow
Objective Lens Diameter 70 Millimeters
Telescope Mount Description Equatorial Mount
Focus Type Manual Focus
Power Source Adapter
Finderscope Reflex
Item Weight 7.7 Kilograms
Number of Batteries Unknown batteries required.

  • Telescope for Kids and Adults – This telescope provides erect image optics, for terrestrial and astronomical use. The fully multi-coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings creates stunning images and protect your eyes.
  • Optical Quality – 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length telescope has 10mm and 20mm Plossl eyepieces, the magnification is 70X and 35X. Plossl eyepiece have better optical performance than K and H eyepieces. Effectively reduce chromatic aberration and halo.
  • Equatorial Mount Type – The mount comes with two slow motion control cables that allow you make fine pointing adjustments to the telescope in both R.A. and Declination.
  • Quick and Easy No-Tool Setup – We provide professional astronomical telescopes. In order to save your time, our telescope can be installed without any additional tools, and truly realize no-tool-set telescope.
  • Phone Adapter and Tripod – Full size stainless steel adjustable tripod meet any height and angle, it brings you stable, safe and durable. Smartphone adapter with 1.5X Barlow Lens which provide 70x magnification, capture and share the images and videos.


Product Description


Good Partner Telescope 70EQ Refractor Telescope to View Observe the Mysteries of the Universe

This telescope is a great telescope with bright image quality and high magnification power that suitable for kids and beginners.This telescope can observe the moon, planets, nebula and explore the mysteries of the universe, you can also watch mountains, rivers, birds, animals and enjoy the natural scenery.Use cell phone adapter to take photos and share happiness and beauty with family and friends.


NEVER aim your telescope at the sun or even close to the sun! Use the focus wheel to adjust the focus to make the observed image clear. When using telescopes to observe an outdoor target, please open the window to avoid distortion of the image due to the reflection of the window glass. It is better to use the telescope in an environment where the product temperature is the same as the outdoor temperature.

70700 telescope

telescope list


1 X Telescope

1 X EQ Mount

1 X Tripod

1 X 90 Degree Zenith Mirror

1 X Finder Scope

1 X PLOSSL 10mm Eyepiece

1 X PLOSSL 20mm Eyepiece

1X 1.25” Smartphone Adapter with 1.5X Barlow Lens


Size: 70700EQ

Optical Design: Refractor

Aperture: 70mm (2.76″)

Focal Length: 700mm (28″)

Focal Ratio: f/10

Eyepiece: PLOSSL 10mm; PLOSSL 20mm

Magnification: 70X and 35X

Finder Scope: 5 X 24

Tripod: Stainless Steel Tripod

Assembled Weight: 7.7KG (17.1 lbs)

telescope use

The refractory telescope with a size of 700 x 70 mm is ideal for beginners to explore the wide sky such as moons, planets and clusters and enjoy distant landscapes such as mountains, flowers, birds and wild animals. This telescope is supplied with replaceable two-part oculars (PL10mm, PL20mm), which offer a different magnification of 35X-70X and increase the range of visible objects. High-quality multi-coated glass optics, including a 70-mm high-permeability refractor lens, are perfect for bird watching during the day, nature studies and landscape photography, as well as for night star observation and moon observation. It is easy and portable to set up and use intuitively, offers sharp views and requires virtually no maintenance. Come and have fun with your family!


telescope tripod

eyepiece shade

Provide Magnification 35X and 70X

Stainless Steel Tripod

PLOSSL Eyepieces – Brighter and True

telescope for use

Additional information

Weight 16.94 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12.5 × 8 cm
Product Dimensions

36 x 12.5 x 8 inches

Item Weight

16.94 pounds





Item model number



Unknown batteries required.

Date First Available

May 11 2020

Country of Origin




10 reviews for Telescopes for Adults, 70mm Aperture and 700mm Focal Length Professional Astronomy Refractor Telescope for Kids and Beginners –

  1. Amanda Chiesa

    I highly recommend this telescope to anyone that is in the market to buy a telescopeHello. This telescope was easy to assemble and amazing clarity when looking at the stars. I have never seen the moon so clear. This telescope came quickly and was packaged perfectly. The phone attachment is really neat since you can capture photos of what you are looking at. My husband and I really enjoy this telescope and can’t wait to share it with family/friends.

  2. L.D.

    Great telescope for beginners!I star gaze as a hobby and this is the perfect telescope for me! It was very well packed. It took me a little time to put it together, but it works great. First night I looked at the suface of the moon, Jupiter and 4 of its moons, and Saturn with its rings. My favorite thing is the smart phone attachment that lets you view the image on your phone and even capture the image to share!

  3. Saul Ramos

    Great visionI’m really satisfied with the purchase of this product the telescope work great, I had the opportunity also see Jupiter and Saturn, if you are a beginner and you want to buy your first telescope for a good price this is a great option for you.

  4. Barby4321

    Great entry level scope, worth the price!After doing a lot of research, trying to decide on the perfect telescope for my teenage son, Who has lately shown a lot of interest in astronomy ..I have found that with telescopes, the aperture size matters much more than magnification. The bigger the aperture, the better the image will be. This is a 70mm aperture (2.75 inches), which is about as small as you can get. Very typical for an “entry-level” telescope,I found this model to be perfect for my Son who is just beginning to get into this hobby if you want to get into stargazing without dropping 500 bucks or more on a bigger scope this is the model for you.My son is 5‘3“ and it’s a comfortable height for him, Also, I find it to be very durable, tripod is strong and sturdy.. it was also very quick and easy to set up, we were using it five minutes, after removing it from the box .. it has a very professional look and feel to it.. Great viewing experience overall!The phone adapter fits his iPhone 11 securely and perfectlyIt came in a beautiful plain white box, perfect for gifting. It was actually a double surprise after opening the wrapping paper, and then having to open the box as well..very happy with this purchase, totally worth the money!

  5. tina livian

    Great ScopeI was sceptical if I would get a good telescope at this price point, but i was nlown away at how good it was. The telescope has great optics, really solid tripod and good slo motion controls. I live in a suburb of light polluted city but I am still able to geat great pictures of the moon and see Saturn’s rings. it even has a good camera adaptor.

  6. Adam

    Great beginner’s telescopeIf you’re interested in seeing the details of a full moon, this telescope is great. It is solid clean construction, and looks great when stowed away in a living room. Only downside I have found so far is that it uses a mount bar instead of mount rings. This limits rotating the scope when adjusting and balancing it. You’ll want to attach to the bar all the way towards to the front, the center of gravity with default lenses is right at the edge of the bar towards the objective lens (opposite of the eyepiece). This gives a bit of room for re-adjusting when adding anything heavier on the eyepiece end like a cellphone. Overall however, very happy with this scope and it is sure to lead to a lot of entertainment and discovery in years to come.

  7. Ashlee D.

    Wow !! This is a great telescope!! 🤩I’m so happy with this purchase !My husband bought this for me for my 33rd birthday. I’ve never owned a telescope or had one before. I wanted to have a decent one as I have always wanted to s t a r g a z e and see beautiful things.The telescope is definitely a bang for your buck in my opinion. I did read most of the reviews before I purchased this. I agree with how amazing it is and definitely give it a five star.I personally didn’t assemble it as my husband did prior to giving it to me. I asked him and he said it was relatively easy and took him about ten minutes.Looking forward to the nicer weather to sit outside longer and enjoy the sky 🌟💫⭐️✨

  8. Roskii

    No ShowI would not recommend this telescope. Assembly directions was not easy to follow-video assembly was not the same telescope. The adjustable tripod total height was too short. More importantly night vision Nota….not a thing…totally dark…. fade to black ???? Don’t waste your money on this product..

  9. Morbid Angel

    Easy to setup and quick to usingThis was a present for my fiancée who has longed for a telescope for a number of years but was unsure of the technicalities of buying and setting up a telescope. This proved a great purchase with an easy assembly and she was soon out stargazing that same night. She is particularly happy with the phone compatibility and she is already capturing some great images. For a beginner this item captures the level of assembly perfectly to what is clearly a robust scope. The amount time from assembly to use is great and there is nothing daunting about diving right in. One quibble was that the accessory tray doesn’t fit as described but it does fit on and is still solid enough. Would recommend for any budding stargazers out there.

  10. Christina Pölzleithner

    Gutes Teleskop für Einsteiger 🙂Da ich mich generell sehr für Astronomie/Astrophysik interessiere, kam ich auch auf den Gedanken mir ein Teleskop zu kaufen lange Rede kurzer Sinn, dieses Objekt fiel mir sofort ins Auge:Ich liste mal kurz die Pros und Cons für Interessierte auf ;)Vorteile:-sehr einfache Bedienung, wenn man das gute Stück aufbaut, kommt man noch relativ schnell während dem Aufbau auf die Funktionsweise-gute Qualität für weiter entfernte Objekte (ist ja auch der Sinn hehe)-Preis/Leistung passend-Dreibein steht gut und fest-praktischer Adapter für Bilder-kann man auch für Objekte auf der Erde verwendenNachteile:-an manchen Stellen nicht perfekt verarbeitet, also Lack oder bisschen ausgefranst etc-der Halter für den Finder war verkehr herum montiert, dh ich konnte das ganze Stück aufschrauben und nochmal ummontieren-manche Aussparungen für die Montage der “Drehknöpfe” sind ein bisschen zu groß, sodass diese auf und ab wackeln-zwei von den Stangen an denen die Drehknöpfen befestigt sind sind nicht fest, sondern aus Gummi (würde ich anders praktischer finden, weil sie so zu beweglich sind)All-in-All: Die Nachteile sind nicht so tragisch, sondern eher nörgeln an Feinheiten, was man noch verändern könnte. Für Einsteiger und den Preis ist es echt in Ordnung.:) Hoffe die Rezension kann ein paar Leuten helfen(Bilder lade ich noch keine guten hoch, weil ich leider keine schöne Mondnacht von einem Vollmond bisher hatte)

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