Swann Home Security Camera Security System With 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4 Cam, 1080p HD DVR, Indoor and Outdoor Wired Surveillance

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Brand Swann
Connectivity Technology Wired
Video Capture Resolution 1080p
Number of Channels 8
Memory Storage Capacity 1 TB

  • 24/7 1080p STORAGE WITH NO ONGOING COSTS; This wired security system delivers home, office and retail protection; The 1TB hard drive has no additional costs and you can upload footage to the cloud by linking your DVR to your own Dropbox account
  • SECURITY MADE SMARTER; Compatible with Alexa smart devices, Google Assistant and Chromecast; Live stream from multiple cameras and multiple sites; playback video; receive notifications and more on your mobile device via the latest Swann Security app
  • DETECT HEAT & MOTION TO REDUCE FALSE TRIGGERS; This DVR security system detects moving warm objects, like people, triggering notifications so you can act; Fewer false triggers saves time and stress; Swann’s Smart Search can select areas of the image
  • FULL HD 1080P VIDEO WITH EASY INSTALLATION; This DVR-4580 wired camera system sees specific people and packages; It provides protection in the weather elements; There is a 90-degree angle & night vision up to 100ft in black & white & up to 32ft in color
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY WITH SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE; All Swann surveillance camera system is backed by a full 12 month warranty for everything in the pack that includes cameras and accessories; Our customer service team is available to answer all questions



Protect your loved ones and your property with a multicamera, wired surveillance system! The Swann SWDVK-845804WL-US is a 1080p Full HD Surveillance System. It features four 1080p bullet cameras that respond to heat and motion, an 8 channel DVR with a 1 TB hard drive, and all the connecting cables. Each camera has a bright LED light that turns on when the camera senses heat and motion, helping deter any potential intruders. Plus, the light enables Color Night Vision! This Swann surveillance system also works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice controllers. Stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant and Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show, or 4K Fire TV.

From the brand

Swann Security Main Logo
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Security Made Simple.

Our story

How we got our start

From humble beginnings in the basement of David Swann’s family home in Melbourne, Australia the security camera business now has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong and China and a presence in over 40 countries on 6 continents.

What makes our product unique

Swann pioneered the category of Do-it-Yourself security surveillance and is proud of the work it has done to make local communities safer. The Swann product range is designed with a goal to make the latest security solutions accessible, affordable and easy to use.

Why we love what we do

Swann’s vision is to be the world leader in smart security camera solutions, taking care of people and making every home and business a safe place. Home and business needs, and technology, continue to evolve but Swann’s commitment is to always deliver security made smarter.

From the manufacturer

4 Camera 8 Channel 1080p Full HD DVR Security System

see identifiable details

See Identifiable Details

See face & license plates with incredible 1080p full HD video image quality.

Warning Lights

Heat & motion activate the Sensor Warning Lights, helping you deter any potential intruders.

Speak to See

Enjoy hands-free security using voice commands. Stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant & Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.

True Detect Heat & Motion Detection

Warm objects, like people and cars, trigger recording & push notifications.

Monitor the Outdoors

Mount cameras outdoors. Weatherproof design. Built to withstand rain, shine, snow & dust.

peace of mind from anywheree

Peace of Mind from Anywhere

See live or playback video on from anywhere in the world with the Swann Security app.

Color Night Vision

Get color video at night up with the Sensor Warning Lights up to 32ft (10m). See clothing colors, car colors and more for enhanced evidence.

Save Evidence Off-Site

Set up the system to upload footage and still images to your Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your security system gets stolen, you’ll have image evidence off-site.

Smart Search Finds Movement in Specific Areas

Select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings. Highlight the position of a stolen object and Smart Search will find motion around that area.

Expand Coverage Area

Add up to 4 more cameras for a total of 8 to cover any blind spots in your property. See Compatible Products section further below.

Additional information

Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 11.6 × 14.7 × 7.6 cm
Product Dimensions

11.6 x 14.7 x 7.6 inches; 10.4 Pounds

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Date First Available

August 1 2019




Swann Communications USA

6 reviews for Swann Home Security Camera Security System With 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4 Cam, 1080p HD DVR, Indoor and Outdoor Wired Surveillance

  1. MWCraft

    Full Instructions Not Included; Privacy ConcernsCurrently, I have an 10-11 year old Swann DVR & 8 camera system running at my home and have been very happy with it for many years. I am also running a Defender 4K 4 camera system (reviewed separately).So, when I saw this Swann system come available, I jumped at the opportunity to review it and decided to set it up in my outbuilding. This system comes with everything you need to setup the 4 included cameras and allows you to add up to 4 additional cameras later on.For my testing, I added a couple of non-Swann cameras (an old PTZ camera and a standard security camera.) Both of these cameras had worked reliably on my old Swann system but have been replaced with better cameras and boxed up for years.Positives- The DVR was easy to configure by just using the onscreen prompts and I was able review the included instructions, walk through the menu screen options and begin recording without too much trouble.- The system came with two sets of basic instructions (in English or Spanish) that were on very nice looking, color, foldout pages. These documents sort of rehashed what you would see when going through the menus but we’re still nice to have.- The hardest thing about getting this up and running was drilling holes for the wires, running the wires and mounting the cameras.- The video from the included cameras is crisp and clear during the day and very good at night. I really like how the cameras have a light that you can configure to come on when they detect motion since this lets people know they are being watched.- The system has been running about 2 weeks without a hitch.Negatives- My non-Swann regular camera works fine but my non-Swann PTZ does not. I get video but cannot get it to move even after rechecking the wiring (that +/- issue) and confirming that it is setup properly (Pelco D, etc.). It is an old camera that has sat in a box for 3+ years so, I am not going to blame Swann. It could just be “on the blink” but I am noting it here for your benefit.- The provided documentation tells you very little about the operation of the DVR and gives little insight on how to configure/access most of its functionality. In order to get the comprehensive set of instructions, I had to: 1) connect to the Swann website; 2) search for my systems’ model; 3) download then print a 43 page document.- The provided documentation does not tell you how to activate motion detection nor how to activate the light built into each of the included cameras. I tried to set these features up using the menus and clicking on things I thought would work on my older Swann system but was unsuccessful. Once I had the 43 page instructions and found the section on “motion detection”, I was able to get both to work.- 3 major privacy issues: – 1) You cannot just connect to your DVR and view your camera feeds using an app on your phone. You must first create an account on Swann’s network then logon to that account to see your camera video. I.e., Swann will have access to every bit of video inside/outside your home. Whatever your cameras see, Swann will see. – 2) In order to connect your system to the Internet (so that you are continually sending video to Swann) you have to provide Swann with information that they use to pinpoint your exact location. I can “almost” grasp their logic with 1) above but I am completely mystified by why they need the lattitude and longitude of my house? So, they will know EXACTLY where you live and are able to view everything your cameras see. – 3) The DVR can be setup to send you email alerts when it detects motion from any of the cameras. However, in order to configure those alerts, you must provide Swann with your email address AND the password to your email account. Wha?? – After putting those three requirements together, I got a very unappealing picture of what could be done with that information. So, I did not continue configuring this system to work online and cannot tell you if there are more red flags further along in the process. At this point, I disconnected the Ethernet cable and erased everything I had previously entered.Overall ViewSwann made a very capable security system that allows you to expand it according to your needs. The video from the included cameras is clear and the hard drive is large enough to record continuously for several weeks. For its functionality as a stand-alone system (that is not connected to the Internet at any time, for any reason) with motion activated lights on the cameras, I would have given it 5 stars.This system has many, many features that you cannot easily configure without a full set of instructions. The fact that they failed to include the comprehensive directions that are necessary for the customer to fully utilize this system would have dropped my rating to 4 stars.That is poor customer service, poor marketing and just plain cheap.Requiring customers to give up their privacy in order to view THEIR OWN VIDEO online is ridiculous. People buy a security system to protect their privacy, not to give it up to a bunch of faceless strangers. This eliminates all other stars, in my opinion.So, as a security system designed to be connected to the Internet and allow customers to both store and view their video online, I give it 1 star since Amazon won’t let me give it less.*****This review was written last week but I sat on it until now. Today, I went to check on the DVR and found that it had stopped recording video several days ago since the 1 TB hard drive was full. Silly me, I thought I had configured the system to continually record and overwrite the oldest video when it got to the end. I guess having the 43 page set of comprehensive instructions is a handy little thing after all. Clearly, I would have benefitted from having a preprinted instruction booklet included in the box and I wonder how many other customers are going to hit this brick wall then have to scramble online to download the instructions.

  2. Patrick S.

    Caught the police causing damageI got this camera to find out who was damaging a chain that protects our business parking lot. I caught three different vehicles breaking the chain and lock… one was the local police department!!!…another was a UPS truck and the third was a private citizen. No one would believe it was the police department if I didn’t have the camera!!! Thanks swann

  3. Will Madera

    LEMON!Bought this and left it in the box during our remodel. As soon as we finished the stucco and roof, we hooked up the cameras and NOTHING! All four cameras are lemons. The DVR has power, an account was created, and the TV picks up each individual channel, however when connecting the video cables to the terminals on the DVR, they do not power up, REGARDLESS of trying separate cables, multiple times. Connecting the cameras directly to the DVR still results in failure. These cameras are another example of how dismal consumer products truly are. When you make your crappy products in a foreign country; where eating dogs, cats, and bats is considered acceptable; and people literally hurl themselves out of buildings to make our precious iphones, it’s a clear indication that we need to go back to the USA MADE good old days when we actually made reliable products that could be depended on. Of course, the box was opened and the cameras tested after the return window had expired. Let’s see if the manufacturer really reads this review of how terrible their products are and tries to make it right. Don’t hold your breath.

  4. Heather D Irish

    Buyer beware!! Seller selling used as new.Product was grate, I think… I bought this for an out of state house. I got it all set up and it had someone else’s email was set up so I could not get into it. Tried to reset the password with support and did not get anywhere. I could not wait until a week day to call in(first attempt was chat) because I had to get back to my job Monday. Been trying to get Swann to RMA it and having issues with that too. My gift recipe was not good enough so I took pictures of my Amazon screen. We will see. I have been trying to replace it for three weeks now. While my empty house sits with no eyes in a bad neighborhood. Hope I am not robbed blind by the time I get back down there.

  5. Mesange3

    Fait la jobTrès bon produit dans l’ensemble. Manque juste que la lumière s’allume quand il détecte un mouvement.

  6. Amazon Customer

    as advertisedvery satifisfied

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