Southwire Surge Guard Portable 30-Amp 120-Volt Wireless Communication-Capable Surge Protector

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  • Analyzes the pedestal to ensure proper electrical conditions before allowing power to the RV
  • Protection against open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired pedestal, low and high frequency, plus low and high voltage
  • Continued protection against low and high voltage and low and high frequency.
  • Only Electrical Protection System to offer load side protection against elevated ground line current inside the RV
  • Lifetime Warranty with Connected Equipment Coverage

SKU: B07NW195M8


The Surge Guard 34931 provides total electrical protection for your 30-amp RV, including protection against wiring issues; reverse polarity, open neutral and open ground. Also protects against low/high voltage, low/high frequency and elevated ground line current. Ten-second start-up sequence and 128 second fault delay sequence protect compressor motors against damage. Works with Surge Guard Wireless LCD Display (sold separately). A security ring on the cord lets you lock the Surge Guard to prevent theft. Comes with Southwire’s Limited Lifetime Warranty with Connected Equipment Coverage.

Additional information

Weight 1.52 kg
Dimensions 23 × 5.1 × 4.8 cm
Package Weight

1.52 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

23.25 x 5.5 x 4.25 inches

Item Weight

3.22 Pounds

Brand Name

Surge Guard

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Date First Available

February 18 2019



10 reviews for Southwire Surge Guard Portable 30-Amp 120-Volt Wireless Communication-Capable Surge Protector

  1. D. Milner

    Just paid for itself, but one converter box too late.So, we batted about for a year or so trying to decide if we would spend the money to get one of these. Decided we didn’t really need it. We were wrong. At some point, not sure when, we got hooked up to some dirty power and fried the converter box in our camper. Took us a bit of time to figure that was the problem when we kept smelling “hot wires” intermittently. $300.00 later (the new circuit/converter box) and the couple days in extreme heat to replace the burned out box, we took the plunge and bought this. On the very next trip, it saved us from another “dirty power” situation and probably saved the new converter box as well. Would definitely recommend

  2. HDS

    That my electronics are safer than beforeSuper simple to use. Yes it’s pricey, you get what you pay for but I feel that it could have been cheaper. I pay top dollar for quality products, just felt that this one in Particular is somewhat cheaply made.Do I think it will last? Yes!Do I think it’s bulky? Yes!Does it do its job? Yup!I recommend this product to anyone that values their RV electronics (ie. Air conditioner, TVs, etc.)It’s just like having a power surge for your badass gaming computer or entertainment center.

  3. Jay55

    Southwire Surge Guard Portable 30-Amp – Paid for itself the 1st useWe used this product on our last outing August 2019. It was in use during a thunder storm and protected our RV. There were a few severe lightning strikes right around the campground. I knew the Southwire Surge Guard took care of the surges. The people 2 sites down from us did not have a similar surge protector and they lost their inverter/charger. Thank you Southwire. The Southwire Surge Guard is worth every dollar.

  4. L. S. Brodsky

    Needed to modify to attach cordWhy is there a hinged cover over the outlet for the RV cord? The cover provides no weather protection in use and the unit would not be outside without a cord. The cover prevented my plug from fully inserting so I removed the cover, after finding the right size torx driver. But, I like the features, especially the BT remote so that I can see parameters from inside the trailer.

  5. J. Kline

    It’s a must.Wouldn’t go camping without it, there are to many electronics in campers anymore and they are expensive to replace. This surge protector checks the circuit before you even plug in your camper and then continues to monitor the system for both high and low power spikes. You can tell at a glance if it’s working, if the green light us on, you are good to go.

  6. AJ

    Must have!!!!My wife and I just purchase a new TT. We wanted something that was going to protect our investment. Good thing we did. The campground we were at had a faulty wire and the surge protector caught it and didn’t send power to our TT. We got with campground management and had them repair the faulty ground wire and all was good. Best money spent to protect our investment.

  7. Mark Pacheco

    Works greatEasy to set up and the digital information was a great visial. It also has an attached ring that can be chained to the power supply to keep it from walking off.

  8. G. Gilmore

    Must have….…For control and protection of power to RV at campground. Lots of useful screen info about incoming power as well as surge protection and cutoff/restore if voltage gets sketchy. Will not hook up to unfamiliar power without it. Considering another to use between backup generator and house during storm power outages to protect sensitive home electronics etc. when on a potentially fluctuating genny.

  9. Rog1669

    They sent a used product, supposed to be new!. Will send backCame in box with zip ties that hold it in box cut. Item lose in box . Holes in box where plug prongs cut through.Plug prong weathered an tarnished from use..I don’t know if someone returned it after using it because it wasn’t working or simply used it and didn’t want it.It seems to work ,but they advertise as new product, so I will return it for refund. For $385.99 I definitely will not take a chance and feel I can’t trust this company.Review of product is low but the product itself is probably ok. Really needed it for rv this weekend but will have to send it back.

  10. MacEnstein

    EXCELLENT DEVICEWhile expensive this device provides great confidence. Monitors all aspects of power supply including frequency and under voltage which I really wanted and is not available in all surge protectors. This device is rugged and easy to install. Used it all summer with no issues. I really like that it has a life time guarantee and my protected appliance and covered as well.

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