Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset 7.1 Surround Sound PS4

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Brand Sony
Color Platinum Headset
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired
Headphones Jack 3.5 mm Jack

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound: Experience rich, highly positional virtual surround sound powered by revolutionary 3D audio technology
  • 3D Audio: In select PS4 games that fully support 3D audio, hear and feel an amazingly rich audio experience with surround sound emanating from all directions, including above and below you
  • Multi-device Compatibility: Connect wirelessly to your PS4 and personal computer. Connect to a PlayStation VR headset or mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable
  • Exclusive Audio Modes: Download the companion app from PlayStation Store to tune your headset with audio modes created by developers to bring out every subtle nuance in their game



The Platinum Wireless Headset redefines premium gaming audio by creating an incredibly rich and detailed soundstage for your virtual world, faithfully delivering everything from the whisper of ghosts to the thunder of guns in stunning 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, all powered by revolutionary 3D Audio technology. Its advanced, built-in dual mics capture your voice and cancel out distractions, while an extended-life battery keeps you playing longer. A light, comfortable design keeps your focus where it needs to be. And free, exclusive audio modes elevate your favorite titles to the next level. This is how games were made to sound.

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
Experience rich, highly positional virtual surround sound powered by 3D Audio technology.

3D Audio
In select PS4 games that fully support 3D Audio, hear and feel a rich audio experience with surround sound emanating from all directions, including above and below you.

50mm Drivers
Highly responsive drivers provide clarity and a range of sound to your virtual world, from soaring highs and mids to a rich bass.

Exclusive Audio Modes
Download the companion app from PlayStation Store to tune your headset with audio modes created by developers to bring out every subtle nuance in their game.

Dual Microphones
Advanced, built-in mics capture your voice and cancel out distracting noise.

Multi-Device Compatibility
Connect wirelessly to your PS4 and personal computer. Connect to a PlayStation VR headset or mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 10 cm
Product Dimensions

9 x 5 x 10 inches

Item Weight

1.5 pounds






1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

April 23 2018



10 reviews for Sony Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset 7.1 Surround Sound PS4

  1. Adam

    Great Gaming HeadsetEasy to set up, and the sound and microphone are excellent. So easy to talk to my teammates in group games and the wireless function reaches pretty far. The sound is much more surrounding than just the TV speakers, makes you feel much more like you’re in the game.

  2. Aldee

    Pretty amazing headphonesThe bluetooth(dongle) quality is pretty meh to be honest …….but…… the wired(jack) quality is easily one of the best headphones for listening out there. This coming from an MDR 7550 user. The clarity is amazing, the vocal clarity is excellent, it’s decently loud, and has good soundstage. Sound separation is excellent. It’s also pretty critical on the sound quality of a song. So if a song is poorly compressed, the headphones will let you know about it. Bass is ok, it’s won’t hit you with hard thumps, but it can rumble and the thumping is wholesome. So I would re-rate bass as awesome too.Physically I think the headphone looks cool. I don’t really know how it looks on me but it is one clean looking headphone. pretty easy to put on and easily fits over my ear. I think my ears are average size, may be medium to big as I had people tell me I had big ears. But the muffs completely go over my ear. The weight is ok. The grip is pretty grippy. The combination of the weight and grip can fatigue your head and the place around your ears if you use the headphones for over, like, 2 hours. Because of the grip, it is pretty secure, not sure if it would stay if you run or move about too much, plus it’s not that light.When you do the wireless, or the bluetooth dongle, the headphone sounds like the audio does not come out naturally and the audio you hear is badly controlled by the headphone computer. It’s as if the headphone has a built in, but poorly executed equalizer. The audio separation getting messed up really hit me hard; when two loud and different kinds of sound like a human voice and the wail of an electric guitar meet, the headphone would muffle both. Or when a bass on a rap/hip-hop music bangs hard, it’s a muffle fest. I don’t understand why. I wish there was an app for PC, maybe then artificial effects can be turned off. But I think only PS4 has the app. I’ve only tried the wireless for three hours, haven’t charged them. I don’t know how long the battery really lasts. The audio is not bad, and I can game well with it. It’s when purely listening to music that the wireless mode performs poorly.I game from time to time and this heaphone has a pretty good soundstage both bluetooth and wired. I haven’t been able to try the 3d feature as I don’t think I have a game that supports it. But having played only Witcher 3 last night, it was a pretty good experience. I really like the soundstage and the precision of the sounds. I have also listened to the dolby atmos demos in youtube and it was a whole new amazing experience for me. Pretty amazing gaming headphones. You can also pick from the headphones twitch users use, I’m pretty sure you can tell they game…a lot.If I could exchange this, I might take the ch700n instead. I might consider changing, but I’m pretty okay with the purchase. If you just want (over ear)headphones, I know the ath-(m-series) heaphones, sounds amazing too(I only have the m30x) and way cheaper. The Sony hifi wireless heaphones seem like tempting choices too though. But I can’t say as I haven’t tried those. If I can afford, I would go Sony, as I have grown on their sound profile(maybe only their neutral/studio-like headphones).

  3. Derek Kasper

    The gold was better then platinumI upgraded from the Sony gold to the platinum headset.They disconnect and reconnect frequently, the battery doesn’t seem to last as long as gold did. People can’t hear me because the microphone doesn’t even function correctly. It keeps breaking up so I have to repeat my self many times before people understand. I’m not a ps4 noob. I’m a loyal Sony gamer since ps1. These squeeze my head very hard and even bending the metal doesn’t do much. If you wear glasses like me (wearing oakley thicker style so it’s really noticeable when my ears get sore from my glasses pressing onto the side of my head. Don’t waste the extra money. Gold is better then platinum.

  4. mediocre Aspergers artist

    An honest lookI bought these for my guy, *36 yrs* for his birthday after doing a lot of research and comparing ( I’m not to big of a gamer, or tv watcher, and I don’t live on my phone and my laptop is rarely opened) so I’m not exactly qualified to know much about stuff like this. BUT my guy is extremely picky when it comes to tech stuff like I am about art supplies ( you can always find him at the TV and controller in his hands, like one can find me out on a hike in the forest..if not there..then in a quiet small corner surrounded by art supplies…quietly working away) so we each know our area quite well. Sorry for the back story….but wanted to provide a fair perspective, in case I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about….its because when it comes to this stuff…I don’t lol.THE REVIEW :My guy said that ” hands down this is one of the top 3, good and solid gaming headphones on the market”I waited to write this review, so I could give an honest opinion and to see how well they stood up to months of heavy use. I purchased these back in January 2021. They have held up perfectly and still perform just as they did out of the box. My guy said ” the sound quality is amazing and its like you can almost pin point where the smallest of sounds are, it brings about a sense of positional awareness and gets you completely lost in the gaming experience “. Please bear in mind as you read thru the rest of the reviews, that there is always going to be negative reviews, no matter the product. ( I’ve literally seen someone complain over the quality of disposable plastic straws) oof. Ultimately, do your research and compare the higher end headphones and come to your own conclusion. After all , if you purchase them and don’t like can always return them. So there ya go…..I’m going to go back to my dim corner now. * walks backwards slowly… fading into the darkness*

  5. Thomas

    Independent chat control, automatic output switching for the winThese headphones are a little big, physically, but are actually not that heavy. Instead the high quality materials really help it fit snugly without discomfort for hours of play or movie watching.I bought these primarily for 2 reasons:1. My Px4 and later Razer Ultimate headphones both required a large, separate box to act as their transceiver and translator from the optical output port of the PS4. These only have a little USB dongle — much easier to keep tidy.2. Neither of my previous headphones had the ability to independently tune the chat audio volume on the headset separately from the overall game audio. A buddy in a game told me of this feature, I grabbed my phone, and ordered these. I couldn’t be happier.One thing that I wasn’t expecting is the automatic output switching behavior. It’s much better integrated than the other headsets. Previously, the PS4 would automatically select weird combinations of audio vs. microphone depending on when it connected with the headsets. With this one, it consistently switches from the HDMI output to the headset for both the moment the headset connects. What this means is that I can easily (reliably) transition now between watching a movie without the headset to going back to a game without having to worry about walking the headset through some janky un-pairing and re-pairing dance or twiddling deep in the PS4 settings. Flip the switch and go.The 3D audio is excellent too, just as good as the other headsets that required optical integration with the PS4 (and again, without having to store away yet-another little pile of cables and a box you have to manually turn on in order to play).TL;DR: These are fairly expensive, but worth it.

  6. C. Roemer

    Great virtual surround sound for PS4 gaming.Update 10/26/20: I shave my head, and the rubber strap irritates the skin on my head where it contacts. I will eventually figure something out, something to wrap around the strap. Had I thought about this more, I would have considered something else.I finally had to retire my blue and black Sony gold headset that I purchased in 2015. It was still working, but the blue pad was being held in with packing tape, and the left ear cup was breaking down and leaving black bits on my head. I opted for the platinum model vs the newer gold style as it seems more robust, and more similar to what I had. I like the ease of use with Sonys headsets, and this one didn’t disappoint. The virtual surround sound works great. I used it to try out COD Cold War multiplayer, and tracking opponents around the map was easy. Plug and play. Also used it for dirt rally 2.0 and the sound was also great. No surprises. After a few hours I did notice the extra weight of this headset. The ear cups cover nicely, but they squeeze a bit more than my older pair. That could be due to the newness. And the last thing I noticed was how the rubber support put pressure on the top of my head, right in the middle where it made contact.I looked at lots of headsets, watched reviews, and considered spending more on Arctis, Razer, or other similar gaming models. What I didn’t understand is that while they would work with the PS4, they had disclaimer stating that the surround sound would not work on the console. So then why get them? So I chose the Sony platinum headset, and I’m very satisfied. The price was a little high compared to the competition, but the simplicity of use makes it worth it.

  7. xDisturbed_One

    EXCELLENT sound, but uncomfortable…..For a headset that does NOT cost $250-300, these are honestly fantastic in terms of sound quality. The 3D/Surround feature is really good. In games like CoD, you hear and pinpoint exactly where enemies are. They also get pretty loud! Chat is nice and I like that the mic is built in. Though I wish they the mic monitoring feature. The controls on the side can be confusing but it’s nice to see them on the TV and know what you’re controlling. I gave 4 stars because after just a couple hours, this headset can get VERY uncomfortable… it’s a little ridiculous honestly… I don’t know how much testing this headset went through, but it gets extremely uncomfortable… which sucks because the sound quality and sound design are top notch! I’m also leery about getting the Pulse 3D headset because these are so uncomfortable. Sony said they redesigned the Pulse 3D headset. But it’d take MAJOR tuning to make this design comfortable. The head strap is very hard and basically feels like it’s digging into your head after an hour. So thinking about it, I hope the Pulse 3D headset is lighter. That would probably negate the uncomfortable feeling…I use this headset sparingly because of the comfort issue… it’s that bad for me. I kept this headset because the sound is absolutely fantastic and the surround/3D affect is SPOT ON. It’s also quite convenient and works well with the PS4, as it should.As for battery life, you get about 8-10 hours per charge. Not terrible but could definitely be better… I have other headphones from Sony that have fantastic battery life…

  8. Alan J.

    TOP SHELF… PLATINUM WAY TO GOHad these before and I sent mine into repair and never got them back Sony! SMH Anyways, I bought another pair of these cans and the Platinums are the way to go especially if you are going to invest in the PS5 later. These are better than the new 3D Pulse by leaps and bounds and the price reflexes that. The 3D audio is tuned perfectly. The bass is so crisp and low, the kids are a little on the high side (but it can be lowered in the playstation companion app) and the highs are nice n clear. Once you fine tune these bad boys within the app, you’ll get the full experience with these Platinum headsets. Hopefully, they overhaul the companion app with better focus on equalizer functions. Overall, these are top shelf Sony headsets. Much better than Astros, Artics and Hypers. PLZ stay away from those Hyper headsets…they are complete trash! Let the PC ppl have them. They support only the cheapest accessories because they spend most of their money on upgrading their rigs. Console gamers, do NOT listen to PC players on what they like it think is hot. It is detrimental that you console gamers remain gamers and continue to support your favorite game developers. There is a reason why these companies do not make 1st party studio games exclusively for PC. Because PC ppl will mod, hack and ruin the games. Plus they will pirate all games and utilize the Hyper headsets, the el’ cheapos of the cheap! The Platinums are the way to go if your looking for outstanding quality and sound from a 3D headset. Sony is way ahead of the curb with these cans! Easily 5 STARS! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  9. Josue E. Gonzalez

    Good sound bad materialsIs has an okay sound. I would recommend this to have fun with your games but not for competition. Sound is okay but sound location not so much. Also the fake leather that it has started to peal of over time. If you are going to spend money on something like this pay a little bit more and get better ones.

  10. jackeline

    It was amazing but one thingI love that it came early but the mic sounds is ok it because the build in mic sounds is not that good I give it 7 out of 10

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