Sigma 30mm F1.4 Contemporary DC DN Lens for Sony E

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Brand Sigma
Lens Type Wide Angle
Compatible Mountings Sony E
Camera Lens Description 30 millimetres
Maximum Focal Length 30 Millimeters

  • SONY E-mount
  • With nine rounded aperture blades, a stepping ring motor, and compact design
  • Perfect paring of high performance and pricing, Contemporary compactness, Art line Image Quality
  • Accessories Included: Lens Hood, Rear and Front Cap
  • For APS-C Mirrorless cameras including Sony E mount and Micro Four Thirds


The Sigma 30mm 1.4 DC DN Contemporary is a high performance prime with a large aperture of F1.4 designed for APS-C Mirrorless cameras including Sony E mount and Micro Four Thirds. The Contemporary line is part of Sigma Global Vision and is the perfect blend of image quality and compact size. The large aperture is great for lowlight and for creating depth of field and its small size makes it highly portable. A stepping motor provides fast and accurate autofocus and is highly useful for video work. Like all SGV lenses, each lens is hand crafted in our single factory in Aizu Japan, individually inspected before shipping

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Weight 9.3 kg
Dimensions 2.89 × 2.55 × 2.55 cm
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2.89 x 2.55 x 2.55 inches

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9.3 ounces





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February 23 2016



10 reviews for Sigma 30mm F1.4 Contemporary DC DN Lens for Sony E

  1. mom2girls

    WARNING! Used lens, not authorized reseller!! Broke < 10 hours of use!! Cost $250 to repair!!Worked great until it didn’t. After about 10 hrs of use (sitting on a tripod in my house), the iris stopped adjusting, causing the image to be very dark and the autofocus to stop working. The camera will let me adjust the aperture, but the iris doesn’t actually move. I have tried it on multiple camera bodies without any luck. I was very happy with the quality of the image and the overall lens value, but breaking after only 2 months of extremely light use is a very unacceptable. Now I’m stuck…I sent the lens back to the manufacturer and they told me the lens was used AND that the reseller is not authorized so the warranty is null and void! They want $250 to repair!!!

  2. Zack Nicol

    Awesome lens for both landscapes and portraits – highly recommend!This is my most recent lens purchase and it has quickly become my go-to lens. It is a small, compact autofocus lens that I use for both portraits and landscape photography. The low aperture makes for a nice blurry background and a crisp, clean subject in the foreground. It is perfect for if you’re shooting a person or group of people with a nice blurry background behind them. It is also super effective at shooting landscape. It delivers high-quality, crisp images and the autofocus is FANTASTIC. Plus, it costs much less (~$100) than other similar lenses. I can’t recommend this lens enough.

  3. Shawn H.

    Great Price, but horrible Chromatic Aberration issueOrdered a copy of this lens because Sony lenses are so ridiculously high priced it’s not funny at all and this was absolutely the least expensive auto focus F1.4 I could find for Sony’s E mount. Attached this bad boy to an A7RIV, set to Crop Mode and opened the aperture to 1.4 as this is what I needed.My only gripes are:1) The crazy amount of chromatic aberration in contrast areas make this thing seem like a lens from the 1970s. My eyes were drawn right to the thick purple and green color fringing and made the photos I snapped useless for my purposes. Even after applying lens corrections in Lightroom the fringing was highly visible. I found myself decreasing purple and green in the photos just to get something that looked okay but that’s not a fix. Just look at the edges in the two photos I have included with this review. Just not acceptable for me. If your looking for social media only pics then the lens could be a decent choice at f1.42) The autofocus is slower and not as accurate as my Sony lens or the Tamron lenses I have.I sent this lens back the very next day and will be ordering something else.

  4. Mark M

    Excellent value, very sharp!I bought this to pair with a Sony A6300 after being unsatisfied with the sharpness of the FE28/2 and the SEL35mm/1.8. The Sigma was highly recommended and in terms of sharpness it’s a nearly impossible to beat APS-C lens for the Sony APS-C system. The caveat is that the Sigma 30/1.4 does not focus as quickly as the FE28 or SEL35, and I’ve found that it has accuracy issues in low-light more than the FE28 and SEL35. In addition to the focus being less than optimal in low-light I wish the lens were 35mm as I have become very accustomed to that focal range and 30mm is slightly wider than I’d like.With that said I own the Rokinon 12/2, Sony SEL 50/1.8 and owned the aforementioned lenses. The Sigma 30/1.4 has rarely left my A6300 since buying it, I consider it a must own for sharpness on Sony’s APS-C lineup. I do miss the color rendering, and the focusing quality of the FE28, and the image stabilization of the SEL35/1.8.If you’re an APS-C shooter on Sony then here is my recommendation go with the 28mm/2 if you want focusing accuracy and speed and don’t mind a slightly wider focal length than 35mm. Go with the SEL 35 if you want image stabilization. Go with the Sigma if you want absolute sharpness.

  5. Providential

    Best prime for E-MountAs many have said, this might just be the best prime lens for Sony’s E-Mount / APS-C cameras. I use it on my Sony A6000, and it’s amazing. Quick pros and cons:Pros:Best-in-class aperture. f1.4 is currently the best available on the market, there is no more open lens in this range.Cheap. Compared to the competition, this lens is an absolute steal. Cheaper than the nearest Sony and Zeiss equivalents.Amazing quality. I never knew a lens this cheap, and promising f1.4, could ever look this good. Unless you’re a serious photo pro who’s crawling over the pixels in Photoshop, this lens is near perfect at any setting. What small flaws it does have, are almost all easily fixed (e.g. very minor, best-in-class, barrel distortion). Anyone using this for point-and-shoot or basic portraits won’t need to do a thing, it looks great out of the box.Cons:No image stabilization. This is really both a pro and a con. You don’t need image stabilization anyway if you shoot with a tripod, so no sense paying for it. If you know anything about setting up your camera, you probably already know how to setup a fast shutter speed using the 1.4 to avoid almost all concerns about shaky hands. However, lacking image stabilization means handheld shots are a fraction slower and less stable than they would be with the Sony-equivalent lens that does have image stabilization. Really, I wouldn’t be worried if you know how to setup a lens, but the Sony is the easier “point and click” lens in the range. If you’re a studio photographer with a lot of lighting who depends on each individual shot being perfect yet you don’t use a tripod, then maybe you’d need to worry. I just shoot in multi-shot mode to make sure I get a good one.Chromatic aberration. Also called “purple fringing”, lenses with low enough f-stop values are prone to splitting the light on the edges of a subject, leading to a bleeding effect where sharp differences in light cause the object to have a purple outline. Note that this outline is normally pretty hard to see unless you’re really blowing up the image (8×10?) or looking for it on a monitor. This is normal, and for this class of lense, this lense is still great for its class. If this is a major concern for you, either shop around, or learn to shoot around it (increase f-stop when shooting sharp light contrasts, for instance).Zoom by wire. Most e-mount lenses don’t zoom on a 1:1 track with how you spin the ring, they relay that information to the camera which tries to guess what value you’re reaching for. This is totally normal across the range, but some people seem to be bothered by it, so take note. This lens dials in just as well as any of its fly-by-wire competitors, and I find I can get exactly the results I want using the simple “show a zoom during focus” option on my camera.Overall:This lens has all the normal flaws of a 1.4 in this price range, but it costs less, and has the lowest f-stop you can get. Absolutely, bar-none the best prime lens for most users. Requires only beginner-level knowledge to make the most out of it. Spend one day looking up tips on shooting with lenses with low f-stops, and you’ll be ready for this.

  6. Jake

    Amazing, Sharp, Bright low-lightFor the price, this lens’s performance is amazing. It takes brilliantly sharp images and amazing bokeh depth of field with the wide aperture this lens provides. Low light performance is also amazing. I would absolutely recommend this lens to someone who is looking for a good performance lens at a cheap price (In the photography world).I should note, that as of the time of this review, the details provided in the advertising of this product on this amazon page states that it has a 7x optical zoom. This is not the case, since it’s a prime lens.

  7. Chris

    LÖSUNG: Autofokus Blende f2 FehlerBlende f2 Fehler:Auch ich habe ein Objektiv erhalten, welches nicht korrekt bei Blenden zwischen 1.6 bis 2.0 in AF-S an meiner a6300 fokussierte.Die fehlende Schärfe ist sehr gering und nur in der 100% Ansicht sichbar, daher von vielen vielleicht nicht wargenommen.Die Umschaltung auf AF-C half nur bei mittig plazierten Fokusfeldern, plazierte ich sie aussermittig hatte ich wieder eine Unschärfe.Nach einigen Test fand ich dann doch eine Lösung:===================================================================================================Bei verwendung des Fokusfeld “Erweiter. Flexible Spot.” traf der Autofokus sowohl bei AF-S als auch bei AF-C, mittig und seitlich plaziert.===================================================================================================Zum Objektiv:Abgesehen von der o.g. Einschränkung ist es ein tolles Objektiv, über welches hier schon viel positives geschrieben wurde.Dies kann ich so bestätigen. Offenblendig gut, 1/3 Blende abgeblendet sehr scharf.Da ich jedoch schon das Sigma 30mm f2,8 DN besitze welches ab Blende 2.8 beide die absolut identische Bildqualität liefert und mir die Unschärfe bei 1.4 nicht ausreicht (hier muss man dann wohl ins FF wechseln) habe ich es zurück gesand.Ich hoffe diese Rezension kann einigen helfen mit diesem Objektiv glücklich zu werden.

  8. Ull

    No es tan bueno.Modifico mi reseña porque con el uso comprobé que la nitidez central es buena y la nitidez de esquina es decente incluso totalmente abierto. Compré este objetivo motivado por las buenas críticas y reseñas, se supone que es de lo mejorcito para la A6000 y…. Bueno, no es así la verdad, lo comento por puntos.Nitidez: La nitidez está en el lado alto, aunque en su día lo comparé con el zoom de mi RX-10 y quedé decepcionado, después lo he comparado con otros objetivos (Sony E 35 1.8, Sony E 30 3.5 macro y Sony E 50 1.8) y es bastante bueno, mucho más que el Sony E 35mm 1.8 sobre todo en las esquinas y hasta f5.6 (Donde más o menos se igualan), está a la altura de mi Sony e 50mm 1.8 que es bastante bueno.Distorsión y Aberraciones: Terrible, no puedo adjetivarlo de otro modo, no me entra en la cabeza que una focal fija tenga una distorsión tan notable que llega casi a un 2% y es completamente apreciable a simple vista. Que si, que la cámara lo “corrige”, y que hay perfil en los editores Raw… Pero es que no estamos hablando de un angular, en ese caso lo podría entender, el estupendo Sony 50 1.8 OSS no tiene distorsión, ni el baratisimo 30mm 3.5 macro, que es la misma focal.¿Y la aberración cromática lateral? a f1.4 es posiblemente la peor que he visto, algo mejora cerrando pero vamos ni con esas se acerca a otros objetivos… Aunque esto sí que se corrige fácilmente con Capture One o cualquier editor Raw pero si disparas en JPG es un problema.También es bastante mala la “llamarada” y “fantasmas” en cuanto le roza un rayo de sol o de luz artificial.Enfoque: El autoenfoque es malo, “respira” y “caza”, incluso a f1.4 en condiciones de buena luz, la cosa empeora cerrando diafragma. Todo esto con bastante ruido y una leve vibración, a años luz de un objetivo Sony como puede ser el 50 1.8 OSS, pero es que tuve un sigma 19mm 2.8 y el enfoque aunque no era compatible con todas las funciones como este, era bastante más rápido. El enfoque manual va bien, la rueda es suave, el problema es el enfoque a infinito, que no coincide con el infinito, ni con nada, te tienes que fiar del Focus Peaking o de tu vista, porque un buen trozo antes de llegar a la marca de infinito ya estará en enfoque lejano para paisaje.Construcción: La calidad de construcción es una mezcla, el acabado es metalico y la rueda de enfoque manual va muy suave, la “bayoneta” es metálica también. El problema son las partes plásticas, que son del peor plástico “made un Taiwán”, el borde de la objetivo, la rosca de filtro, la tapa de la lente, incluso la tapa trasera, pésimo, el peor ya digo es el frontal del objetivo.Con todo esto no puedo recomendarselo a nadie con los ojos cerrados, problema es que para este sistema no hay demasidas opciones, tienes el 30 f3.5 que es macro y la apertura lenta, tienes el propio sigma 30 f2.8 que también es lento (sobre todo si tenemos en cuenta la falta de IS) tenemos el 35 f1.8 que es caro y una lotería (una de las que toca, a mi me toco dos veces seguidas y se me quitaron las ganas de volver a jugar… Terrible), y luego está el que tengo actualmente Samayang 35mm f1.2, pero es manual grande y pesado, con lo cual no es para todo el mundo, probablemente este sigma es la opción más equilibrada para fotografía (no hago video pero el ruido de enfoque no creo que sea nada recomendable para ello) pero, lo mejor es probarlo, alguno pensará que me ha tocado una “mala copia”, quien sabe, aunque según los señores de sigma sus objetivos son fabricados en Japón (se esfuerzan mucho en promocionarlo) y comprobados uno a uno bajo los más altos estándares de calidad (comprobados con el sistema A1 antes de ser entregados dicen), no debería ser una mala copia entonces ¿No?. Bueno y si lo es, pues que se pongan las pilas y no produzcan copias así, no tenemos tiempo de andar probando objetivos, no somos beta-tester, pagamos por un producto en condiciones, comprobado y listo para usar. Quizá por el precio que tiene tampoco se le pueda exigir más, pero vamos, nitidez decente pero aberraciones horribles, calidad de construcción normalita, sin sellado contra el clima, sin estabilizador, AF ruidoso y que “respira”… Visto así una ganga no es tampoco.Una última cosa, este objetivo lo he visto en tienda física y las cajas tenían un precinto de plástico fino transparente, como garantía o “precinto” de seguridad, a mí este me ha llegado sin nada, lo he comprado a no a Marketplace, no tengo manera de saber si ha sido utilizado antes, el objetivo estaba perfecto y no mostraba ningún signo ni mancha, no sé si Sigma los envía ahora así, el caso es que os recomiendo que lo compréis a un vendedor de vuestra absoluta confianza o directamente a Amazon como yo.

  9. Vsteel

    Suberb prime lensI almost regreted my choice prior to delivery thinking the Sony 35mm 1.8 lens might have been the better choice. Now the Sigma has arrived I am pleased to say it is superb. Firstly the reviews, although very good, point out the fact that oss is not availabe for this lens unlike the sony lens. Also the sigma is noisy when auto focusing. Considering I wanted a lens that deals with low light in video as well as stills I had concerns aboit my choice. I need not have worried. On video, the lack of oss seems to make little difference. Just be aware, work smoothly or simply support the camera where possible. But then isnt that just old school common sense, dating back to when image stabalization didnt exist ?? And as far as auto focus motor noise. No more or less than my sony lenses, ie kit, pancake and 18-200.I noticed the latest firmware is already installed which maybe addresses some of the negatives on some reviews. All I can say is absolutely no regrets with this gem of a lens. Its fast crisp superb for low light and portrait. And its 30mm instead of sonys 35 which makes it more useable for general use, getting that extra bit more into the frame when needed. To conclude no regrets from me 👍

  10. Ralf Tenbrink

    Sharpest lens I own.This is the sharpest lens in my bag. Unbelievable for the price tag. Great walk around lens. Ideal for street photography and many other types of photography. This stays almost constantly on one of my cameras. It does hunt a tiny bit but not always and it is still so fast that I did not even realize it in the beginning. For me it’s totally acceptable and I recommend this lens under would buy it again without hesitation.

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