Samsung 860 PRO 512GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76P512BW)

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Digital Storage Capacity 512 GB
Connectivity Technology SATA
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 Inches
Hard Disk Description Solid State Hard Drive
Compatible Devices This drive is compatible with servers and arrays that accept 2.5″ 7mm SATA drives
Hard Disk Size 512 GB
Specific Uses For Product personal, gaming, business
Included Components 2.5″ (7mm) SATA III (6Gb/s) SSD & User Manual (All Other Cables, Screws, Brackets Not Included).
Read Speed 560 Megabytes Per Second

  • Storage Capacity: 512GB SSD.
  • Form Factor: 2.5” SATA III.
  • Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s Interface, compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s & SATA 1.5 Gb/s interface.
  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 560 MB/s Sequential Read (Performance may vary based on system hardware & configuration).
  • Sequential Write Speed: Up to 530 MB/s Sequential Write (Performance may vary based on system hardware & configuration).RELIABILITY (MTBF):1.5 Million Hours Reliability
  • Compatible Devices: This Drive Is Compatible With Servers And Arrays That Accept 2.5″ 7Mm Sata Drives
SKU: B07836C6YV


Industry leading reliability: Powered by the latest V-NAND technology and a robust algorithm-based controller, the Samsung 860 PRO SSD readily handles heavy workloads of high-end PCs, workstations and NAS (Network Attached Systems) to give lasting assurance to gamers, IT and creative professionals. Speeds are consistent and sustained, even under heavy workloads and multitasking. The 860 PRO Solid State Drive performs at sequential read speeds up to 560MB/s with the combination of the latest V-NAND and a refined controller, delivering sequential write speeds up to 530MB/s. The smart compatibility of the SSD lets you benefit from faster, more fluid communication with your host system. The refined ECC algorithm and a new MJX controller generate higher speeds, and the improved queued trim enhances Linux compatibility.

Usage Application: Client PCs, Reliability (MTBF):1.5 Million Hours Reliability (MTBF), AES Encryption: AES 256-bit Encryption (Class 0)TCG/Opal IEEE1667 (Encrypted drive),GC (Garbage Collection): Auto Garbage Collection Algorithm

From the manufacturer

Leading Reliability

Powered by the latest V-NAND technology and a robust algorithm-based controller, the 860 PRO readily handles heavy workloads of high-end PCs, workstations and NAS (Network Attached Systems) to give lasting assurance to gamers, IT and creative professionals.

Samsung 860 PRO SSD

Sequential reads up to 560 MB/s and writes up to 530 MB/s

Enhanced Performance

Speeds are consistent and sustained, even under heavy workloads and multitasking. The 860 PRO performs at sequential read speeds up to 560 MB/s with the combination of the latest V-NAND and a refined controller, delivering sequential write speeds up to 530 MB/s.*

*Performance may vary based on SSD’s firmware version and system hardware & configuration. Test system configuration: Intel Core i5-3550 CPU @ 3.3 GHz, DDR3 1333 MHz 4 GB, OS – Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Chipset: ASUS P8H77-V

Superior Endurance

Under heavy workloads, endurance is everything. Safely store and render 4K videos and 3D data used by the latest applications, up to 10.7x higher TBW* than the previous 850 PRO.

*TBW: Terabyte Written

Samsung 860 PRO SSD

Samsung 860 PRO SSD installed in a mother board

Smart Compatibility

Benefit from faster, more fluid communication with your host system. The refined ECC* algorithm and a new MJX controller generate higher speeds, and the improved queued trim enhances Linux compatibility.

*Error Correction Code

Samsung Magician

Management Software

Samsung Magician software is designed to help you manage your SSD with a simple and intuitive user interface.

  • Firmware updates: Get notifications when new firmware is released, and easily install updates for enhanced performance, stability, and compatibility.
  • Performance benchmark: Check your SSD’s sequential and random read/write speeds, so you can maintain superb performance.
  • Data security: The 860 EVO supports AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption and is compliant with TCG Opal and IEEE 1667.

Samsung Magician software

Additional information

Weight 2.12 kg
Dimensions 2.76 × 0.28 × 3.94 cm
Hard Drive

512 GB Solid State Hard Drive




860 Pro

Item model number


Hardware Platform

PC Mac

Item Weight

2.12 ounces

Product Dimensions

2.76 x 0.28 x 3.94 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

2.76 x 0.28 x 3.94 inches

Flash Memory Size

512 GB


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.



Date First Available

January 10 2018




SAMSUNG, Samsung Electronics DAV

10 reviews for Samsung 860 PRO 512GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76P512BW)

  1. TomRK

    I like itSignificantly increased the speed of my computer which previously had an HDD. I bought it because the price was good and it was advertised as being 2 bits per cell instead of 3 bits per cell. If that’s what I got. I don’t know because I think I read that Samsung has been caught cheating on their specs after I bought this SSD. Don’t know if it affects my SSD.

  2. Green Desert Home

    MLC nand 4800 TBW, so yes it is worth the $ in some world where you have that much DAILY dataRead that again, 4800 TBW on the 4tb model. The MLC nand in this thing is becoming a thing of the past with the new 980 Pro (which is of course nvme and much faster than this sata drive), but being TLC nand, and at 2tb is only 1200 TBW, which would translate to 2400 TBW if they had a 4tb version. This is “slow” sata, but its TBW (per day) rivals low end Optane drives like the 280GB (GB) 900p! Crazy. You can totally fill this drive ~2.5 times, every day, for the 5 year warranty period. To even write that much over sata would take about 15 hours per day of constant writing. For 5 years and still be under warranty. Sick overkill for most.So do you need it? Well if you don’t care about the warranty, this drive can easily serve as your cold storage for 10 or 20 years. Will sata be around that long? Some say no but add on cards will keep it around for a long time. If this was used as chia mining temp space my back of the napkin comes in around 80,000 plots before you wear it out. It is ridiculous!So it is a good value if either you want the best of the best for fairly future proof “cold” storage, because the speed is going to be left behind even if the MLC nand cells are practically forever cells.Normal applications just can’t wear it out. Worry about fire an hurricanes first.So make sure you have a use for it.

  3. Stephanie Sullivan

    Fastest Real World SATA SSD I’ve Used, Better Reliability Specs For Peace Of MindI’m very pleased with this Samsung 860 Pro 1TB SATA SSD from Samsung. I got a pair it to upgrade a client’s tower from 3.5in hard drives and breathe new life into the system’s performance. I also took the opportunity to run a little performance testing. It did well.I used crystaldiskmark to benchmark drive performance. It tests with and without command queuing. Since all current operating systems I use (Windows 7 and later, Linux and Mac) all enable command queuing by default I’ll focus on those results.The drive does great with sequential reads/writes. I got reads of about 558MB/s and writes of about 512MB/s. Most SSD drives do fairly well on sequential read/write operations. With this drive the difference is only about 10% for queued vs unqueued.This 860 PRO drive did better than many other drives with random reads at about 300MB/s and writes at about 207MB/s. Unqueued reads were about 36MB/S (almost 1/10th the queued rate!) and writes were about 65MB/s (about 1/3 the queued rate). Command queuing makes a big difference with random access and makes this drive stand out for this use.The 2.5in SATA form factor works well with the Dell 2.5in to 3.5in adapters that fit into the existing drive caddies making 3.5in drive replacement a breeze.An important factor for me and my clients is reliability. SSD’s have come a long way since they were introduced some years ago. The Samsung Pro series has better reliability and higher write specs than their EVO models. They also have slightly larger sizes in powers of 2 rather rounded down to the nearest decimal value.In conclusion, this Samsung 860 SSD is one of the faster ones I’ve used, especially on random reads/writes with queuing enabled. This drive was perfect to upgrade my client’s system. The old mechanical drive is now retired and their previously fairly fast tower just flies now! With this sort of result I love these drives for upgrades. Definitely 5 stars.

  4. Kim Seung Mo

    A well made MLC NAND SATA3 SSD with great compatibility and quality.I’ve been using SATA3 SSDs for years. Those include the Plextor M6 Pro / Plextor M6S / Samsung 850 Pro / Samsung 860 Pro and Transcend SSD 360S. Among them, Plextor M6 Pro and M6S were the first ones for me and they have been impressive, although I had to replace my first M6 Pro due to initial recognition failure. After replacement the Plextor SSDs seemed to work flawlessly. Recently I’m using Samsung 850 Pro and 860 Pro at my workplace and on my laptop. They have been working flawlessly without any kind of event until now. Recently I purchased Transcend 360S and installed it onto my old laptop with SATA2 interface. Initially it seemed to work nice but after less than a week of use, my old laptop occasionally freezes up and I had to wait for more than tens of seconds to work with it again. And it was my first experience in which I regretted my purchase of SSD.I think Samsung SSDs are one of those having the greatest compatibility to various systems and quality and durability. As I do not want to get disappointed as time goes on, I may go further with those Samsung SATA3 SSDs. Compatibility? Its just Okay for Samsung. A lot of reviewers protested they are compatible with various systems they have / Reliability? There are a great number of people that say they purchase only Samsung SATA SSDs. / Speed? While speed is always next to reliability for me, my test result was best with Samsung SSDs, followed by Plextor MLC SSDs. / Price? Recently the prices for Samsung SSDs are decreasing suddenly and significantly. And I think the price itself may mean nothing unless the SSDs are compatible, reliable and fast enough.I’m thinking of purchasing a number of Samsung 860 Pro SSDs to store my music and movie files and as frequent backing drive. I think it is also good for Samsung to let the customers know whether they are buying an MLC NAND SSD or a TLC one, while there are a number of brands who does not give important information about their product to the customers. What else to say??

  5. amxcoder

    It works and is fastI left the gaming blank because I don’t do gaming. This Samsung works very well just as my other Samsung SSDs do. I have 4 of these drives. I am must paranoid about losing my operating system to some fault or virus. I used to backup my system drive to another of these SSDs. Once I needed it and the backup did not work. Now I have 3 backups made every three months. When I do a backup, I leave one of the backups in to use as my system drive to prove that it is good. The samsung software to make these backups does not work. I use Paragon to do backups and it is very sloooooww. The Samsung software used to be fast when it work, but I downloaded there latest update and this is when it stopped working. I don’t have a spare copy of the old backup software. Too back Samsung quit making this software so it would work on a simple Windows 10 pro setup.

  6. A.I.

    Too much hype, in my opinion. Samsung software is useless.I bought 860 PRO to replace Samsung 850 PRO which worked in my primary home desktop for three years. Despite the hype that Samsung PRO SSDs are the most reliable ever, the 850 PRO started giving me occasional boot problems a year ago (at the age of 2 years), and they got worse lately. Windows would every now and then give an error message that a certain file could not be read from a disk and it cannot boot up, but after several attempts (sometimes multiple attempts), it would somehow read the file and boot up. If feels like disk needed to warm up a little to start working. I do not want to take any chances with the primary disk on a computer which stores too much daily information. So I ended up replacing the disk before it fails the big way.. I paid a significant premium for the PRO version three years ago, and, honestly, was hoping for better reliability. I must say, even the possibility that PRO series may be more reliable is still a good enough reason to pay a little extra, and this is why I bought PRO again in a hope that I got a lemon three years ago, but I would discourage people to think that this disk would become obsolete before it wears out. Reliability of SSDs has been improving, but it is not much better than reliability of mechanical HDs yet. Even with PRO, 3-4 years is probably the limit. Installation went smoothly, except that I wasted time with the Samsung software which I decided to try, since manual suggests it. Samsung Magician, the software which assesses the health of a drive, told me that the condition of my old disk is “Good” (thank you, Samsung – what about the problems which forced me to replace it?) and was remarkably short of any useful information about the drive and its condition, while the software for migration of the disk contents wasted three hours to create an unbootable disk copy. I ended up doing it all over again with my usual backup software. Search on the Internet reveled that Samsung migration software has known reports for occasionally creating unbootable disk clones. We hear more about Samsung than about other NAND manufacturers because Samsung has a dominant position in the NAND world and because it makes SSDs under its own name. We hear less often about other NAND manufacturers, like Intel, Micron, Hynix, Kioxia, even though I cannot imagine that their technology is much worse, or worse at all. Samsung is certainly is a good choice, but there is nothing miraculous in it either. I am hopeful that I did not waste extra money for the PRO version, but I am not really certain… My work laptop had a non-pro version and it lasted the same three years before I started seeing errors…

  7. Willy

    Excelente articuloFunciona bastante bien ya mas que decir, compralo

  8. M. Smith

    Windows with a TurboVery quick and easy upgrade for pretty much any laptop (or desktop for that matter). Assuming you have at least the minimum amount of memory installed, this is the place to spend your upgrade dollars. This solid state “hard drive” is super easy to install (although I am an IT guy) and it really wakes Windows up. Boot time, or time for Windows to be usable, was significantly reduced. Overall speed is also improved quite a bit.Now…I have software and a “cradle” on a desktop computer that allowed me to make an image of my existing laptop hard drive, and then I just laid that image down on the new SSD and viola, boot and go. No need to backup and restore data, no need to reinstall Windows, just go. You might have to resize the partition to get all the space on the new SSD, but it’s super easy in Windows. You can most likely find a local computer store that will take care of that image process for not very much money.For any model laptop you have, you can always just Google “hard drive replacement” or “hard drive install” and you’ll get some step-by-step instructions (very easy to do in any laptop I’ve ever worked on).Do not let an SSD fill up, your system will just crash with no error. It will reboot, but as the system creates working files, it will crash again. Nothing wrong with the drive, just needs some room.I’ve had SSD’s in my work laptop for more than a year with no failures. I think durability is now good, to very good on most SSD drives. This quality drive, at this price…no brainer.

  9. Grey Beard

    It’s not cheap, but it performsThis is the best SATA SSD on the market. At this size, 4TB, it can handle large files, but has great speeds, albeit not as fast as an NVMe drive, but is well above any HDD. When you use this with Samsung Magician, their firmware along with monitoring software, you get a plethora of vital data on the drive. I have used Samsung SSDs for the last 9 years. Not one of my drives has failed. This is a great drive if you need a larger sized drive with very good speeds for a SATA connection in your laptop or PC. Using this one in a laptop that replaced a 7200 RPM HDD.

  10. WCreech

    Difference Between Night and DayMy Macbook Pro was taking 10 minutes to boot up and thereafter would take at least 5 minutes to open apps, such as iTunes, Word, Excel, Spotify, etc. Typing outgoing emails in Outlook would begin the lagging cursor after more than 10 emails were in a chain. I was about to drop nearly $2,000 on a new Macbook Pro, when someone suggested that I upgrade my hard-drive to a SSD drive. I received it in two days (ordered on a Friday night and came on Sunday afternoon). I used Apple’s Disk Utility App to erase/format the new Samsung SSD and SuperDuper! app (I had to download it) to clone my old hard-drive using Sabrent 2.5″SATA Hard Drive/SSD to USB 3.0 Adapter (EC-SSHD). After about 5.5 hours of letting SuperDuper clone the new SSD, it was ready to install. Took the screws out the bottom of the laptop, removed the old hard-drive carefully, and used a pair of vice scripts needle nose pliars to remove the side posts off the old hard-drive. Be very careful doing this (supposed to use a very tiny star head, but unless its steel, it’s not going to stand up to these screws – this was the hardest part). Put the mounting posts in and hooked up the Samsung SSD (dont tear the thin tape cable), and screwed the 4 screws to secure the hard-drive. Next, replace the bottom of the laptop and turned on. MY MACBOOK BOOTED UP IN LESS THAN 15 SECONDS. APPS TAKE LESS THAN 3 seconds to open now. INCREDIBLE. And I saved nearly a couple thousand dollars for now by not buying a brand new macbook. Very pleased. I just hope that it’s a reliable piece of hardware, but it has a 5-year warranty. Definitely recommend!

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