SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN40N5200AFXZA, 2019 Model)

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Screen Size 40 Inches
Supported Internet Services Hulu
Display Technology LED
Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Special Feature Digital Clean View; Smart TV with Universal Guide; Eco Sensor; Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant See more
Model Name SAMUN40N5200ARB
Included Components Remote Control
Connectivity Technology HDMI

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • PurColor
  • Micro Dimming Pro
  • Samsung Smart TV. Mini Wall Mount and Vesa Wall Mount Compatible
  • SmartThings App Support. Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand-36.3 x 20.9 x 2.9 inches. Stand Size (WxHxD)-5.2 x 5.6 x 6.7 inches
  • Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes Wi-Fi Direct: Yes



Experience immersive viewing when you add this Samsung 40 In. Smart TV to your home. The wide color enhancer and Full HD resolution deliver vibrant picture quality, while the Digital Clean View optimizes content for better results. A unique lifestyle gallery creates scenic views for any room in your home when this TV is not in use. This Samsung 40-inch smart TV also features support for the Samsung SmartThings app to complete your home automation setup.

From the manufacturer

Samsung Smart FHD TV

Full HD 1080p Resolution – Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard HD TVs.

Micro Dimming Pro – Reveal a more true-to-life picture with enhanced contrast.

*TV design may vary based on size. See gallery images & specs for details

SD vs. HD vs. FHD side-by-side comparison

2x the clarity

Full HD 1080p Resolution

Bring all your favorite TV shows, movies, games and media content to life in vivid, vibrant Full HD 1080p with twice the resolution of standard HD TV.

Close-up of a colorful rose on the TV screen

Get a more colorful viewing experience


Watch your favorite TV shows with natural colors that deliver details as crisp as the real thing.

Close up of the details in a scene

Apps available on the TV

SmartThings App on a smartphone

Experience shadow detail and color

Micro Dimming Pro

Dividing the screen into zones, Micro Dimming Pro analyzes each one for deeper blacks and purer whites.

An intelligent way to enjoy your content

Samsung Smart TV

Get to your entertainment the faster, easier, and more intelligent way. Easily access your streaming services all in one place using the Samsung Remote Control.

One app. All set to go.

SmartThings App Support

Have several smart devices to manage? No problem. Simply download SmartThings App on your smart phone to control your connected devices all in one screen!

TV and smartphone syncing

Never miss a moment

Content Sync & Share

Sync your TV to your compatible smartphone to access and control your content on the big screen.*

*Some features vary. Connection to the same wifi network required.

Additional information

Weight 15.9 kg
Dimensions 36.3 × 6.7 × 21.8 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

15.9 pounds

Product Dimensions

36.3 x 6.7 x 21.8 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



3 AAA batteries required. included

Color Name


Special Features

Digital Clean View; Smart TV with Universal Guide; Eco Sensor; Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Speaker Type






Date First Available

October 20 2019



10 reviews for SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN40N5200AFXZA, 2019 Model)

  1. Rowdy

    FINALLY FIXED WIFI ISSUES: Resolution For WIFI Not Working Or For WIFI Cutting In And OutFinal Update, I Hope : ) Resolution For WIFI Not Working Or For WIFI Cutting In And Out:After updating software, resetting the tv, network settings, and infinity router more than 10 times each, trying to get this to work, and doing other things, like unplugging power for 60 seconds, and holding power button down at the tv, and NOTHING worked. I found an amazon review, where they talked about how these tvs have issues because they were programmed or whatever in another country; they said the factory reset worked for them.Anyways, throughout all my troubleshooting, I finally got wifi to work, but it would just cut on/off and wouldn’t stay connected. BTW, it worked just fine with ethernet cable, after an initial problem getting it to work, at the beginning. Anyway, I work in computer support and am very stubborn when it comes to tech stuff, I just have to figure it out.I had seen other people talk about resetting the tv through a special hidden service menu, and I did that many times as well, but nothing worked. Anyway, while looking at the special service menu, I thought I would try something, to see if I can get this tv “unstuck” from whatever country it was programmed in… I did the following steps.-Turned off tv-Then push Mute, then press 1, then press 8, then press 2 on the remote (make sure the red power light at the bottom of tv blinks each time you push each button, so you know it is taking input)-Then I powered on tv-It takes more than a few seconds for the special menu to pop up, and lets you select entries (see screenshots to see what service menu looks like and setting changes I made)-I selected OPTION, then went down to MRT OPTION, then selected Region, and changed it to KOR (all this will be done with the arrow buttons on remote, the middle button and return button)-Also, under MRT OPTION, I went to NETWORK SUPPORT, and set it to wifi_int_only (I don’t know if this helped but I figured if I set to wifi only, that it might also help get it “unstuck”)-I powered off tv, and then back on and checked wifi settings, and of course it wouldn’t pickup anything because it was set to wrong REGION-I powered off tv, and pressed the MUTE, 1, 8, 2-Went back in and changed REGION back to USA and NETWORK SUPPORT back to wifi_int-I powered off tv and back on, and mine picked up my wifi right away; if yours doesn’t just go in and set to wifi and all should work***BTW, IF YOU ARE LIKE ME, AND TURN OFF YOUR WIFI ROUTER AT NIGHT, MAKE SURE TO TURN IT ON AND LET IT GET ITS CONNECTION, BEFORE TURNING ON TV, OR ELSE, YOU MAY HAVE TO GO THROUGH STEPS ABOVE AGAIN, SETTING REGION TO KOR, ETC! IT’S HAPPENED TO ME TWICE, SO I JUST TURN ON ROUTER, LET IT GET ITS CONNECTION AND THEN TV WORKS SMOOTHLY***2nd UPDATE:Well after more than a handful of tv and router resets, I got ethernet to work and it seems remote works better, but still is unresponsive at times. I need this to work on wifi because it is for my other room, which doesn’t have ethernet access, but haven’t had any luck. Right now I have it on ethernet in my living room, and I have my computer on wifi and all works good, except some remote response issues… Will be sending this one back, was able to recover box because trash crew hadn’t picked it up. I ordered a toshiba smart tv, hope this one works a lot better.Initial Review: Everything Looks Good But Works HorriblyI was able to setup it up and all looks ok as far as sound and picture, but on this second day, it started having connection issues with wifi. I have my computer connected via hdmi, connected via ethernet, not wifi and everything works good, but not when I switch it to smart tv, it’s horrible and the remote is HORRIFIC, you push the buttons and it isn’t responsive, and you have to keep pushing before it responds. I even changed batteries and it still sucks at responding. WELL, with wifi issues I’m having, I reset the tv to factory and started again, but no luck, it keeps having issues. I tried with my ethernet and no luck. I know my internet connection is good, for like I said, when I switch source to my computer, which is connected to ethernet, all works good. Will keep trying, it sucks because yesterday when all was working good, I threw away the box.

  2. BobGuy

    Great Monitor for My PC!I bought this as a computer monitor for my Windows 10 PC and the image is excellent! However, here is a longer-than-necessary note about a BIG negative experience I initially had, thinking (mistakenly) that it was the fault of this TV. Several days ago I was shocked to discover that whenever a typical alert happened on the computer such as “printer out of paper,” etc., there wasn’t just a little chime that emanated from the TV, but an ear-splitting blast of sound! I’ve never experienced this before. My ears actually hurt from the sound blast. Looking for a solution online, my search brought up the “best” suggestion which was to go to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Sound Feedback > OFF. But… that did NOT shut it off. Then, when I hit the MUTE button to temporarily eliminate the problem, there was an annoying SPEAKER SLASH icon that continual flashed on the screen. Now, here comes my confession of folly, my big “duh moment.” I finally checked the settings on my faithful PC and realized that, for some reason, my PC’s audio setting had jumped to 100%. I’m so glad I checked this because it had never been a problem with my previous monitor — a 70″ Vizio that had to be replaced because of dying pixels that were creating large dark shadows. SO… after adjusting the PC’s audio settings, all is now PERFECT. It’s odd because I never tampered with the PC’s audio settings. Therefore, if you have this same problem of ear-splitting noise explosions erupting from your Samsung TV, maybe this story will provide your solution.

  3. Wren Village

    It does Roku. Easy app to installI purchased this TV expecting it not to have or do Roku based upon the answered questions. Well, it does. Easy app to install. From the home screen press the left arrow, select “apps”. Navigate to the top of the screen and “search”. Type in Roku and install. As easy as that. All the free Roku channels, easy peasy.It has a crisp clear picture. Would not work well sitting on the floor but is great with the bottom 5 feet from the floor in my bedroom. It is obviously made to be viewed from straight ahead or below the television. The range of view is not as good as I expected. The picture sharpness and clarity is diminished when your head is a foot or more above the TV.The sound is good but the speakers are directed straight down which makes the sound travel through the wall more than my old TV. I have to reduce the volume to prevent others from hearing it outside my bedroom.A final note: It does not play well with external Roku devices. I hooked up my Roku to the HDMI prior to learning I could install the Roku app on the television itself. When I powered the TV off and came back a half hour later I missed 30 minutes of the movie. The Roku kept streaming, did not power off with the television. It was a connected device, and would turn the television on when the home button pressed. If you need to view paid content on Roku this would not be the television for you. Paid content on this device has to be done through Samsung TV Plus.

  4. Lyman O

    Nice clear and bright picture, but I had a few niggles with the settings.This tv has a good quality picture if you are looking for full HD. I was glad to find it because I don’t like the look of 4K tv pictures. Too much detail doesn’t leave enough to the imagination and makes everything look fake somehow.My problem with this tv was there wasn’t any setting for changing the resolution down or up. And the output to a sound bar disable the TV;s sound control. I had to use the sound bar control to change the volume.Maybe a better quality sound bar would link up to it better, but the one I bought with it had to be returned because it only worked for about 10 minutes. It was another Samsung product that sounded great for 10 minutes, but then refused to power back on. Maybe it got dropped in the mail and something came loose inside.The viewing angel on the tv is good and the tv itself has pretty good sound, but lacked bass. That is why I bought a sound bar, because it had a remote wireless subwoofer. But that didn’t work out.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Quality 1Samsung products are certainly a notch above the rest. The remote actually has a numerical pad and not just a directional layout centered by an okay button. When you tap the stream to television from smart ( device) phone icon your device will ask if it’s the Samsung television you choose to view from and after you answer, you immediately start viewing. It also comes on almost immediately after hitting the power button with no long delays while wondering if your command was received. I chose this set because I wanted it for my bedroom and I figured it would give off less light. To my surprise it broadcast warmer than the 32” it replaced. Who’s winning? M-E-E-E!!!

  6. Barry in SoCal

    Very Happy With This TVI am very happy and impressed with this TV. We have been using ours for a few months in the kitchen area, and it has performed flawlessly.The picture quality is great! It is sharp, bright, and very natural looking. I think the 1080P feature helps too, and is worth the slightly higher cost of this TV over comparable models. But a great picture requires a little extra initial work. When setting up any TV, you’ll find that there are many picture adjustment options; some are on/off, some are selections, and some are ranges. Yes, it’s a little tedious, but take the time to go through each option and set it to what looks good for you. The effort is totally worth the enhanced enjoyment of your TV viewing.The sound quality of this TV is also excellent for its size. Conversations are crisp, music is pleasant, and the volume can go up much higher than I would ever want. Remember that you are listening to the built-in speakers of a relatively small television, so don’t expect the same sound quality as you get from your Dolby 5.1 surround-sound entertainment system!Other reviewers have complained about WiFi connectivity problems (connections lost), but we have not had this problem. Perhaps it’s a function of signal strength or modem brand?We are very happy with our purchase of this TV, and I recommend it highly.

  7. Steve

    Very Nice!Extremely good value for the $$s. I will write more words so it does not appear I am simply here to bump up ratings. I was so pleased with the purchase that I started thinking they must be stuck with too much inventory or some great new product is on the horizon. Maybe, but I’m still delighted with the value given the features included:)

  8. Hank

    Great Picture quality!This Samsung 32 inch TV was purchased to replace one that failed. I looked for the best at the lowest price that is a smart TV and1080p! The only signal input is for my firestick to connect into the HDMI on this TV to get our internet carrier local TV plan via Halo! Works perfect with Firestick remote! And as I mentioned, Picture quality is great!Over the air TV we now get via Halo along with all the apps we could ever want directly on our Firestick. This model a 2018 model but for us It fits our needs perfectly.

  9. Zenitram

    Great TVIf came earlier than expected, but that’s not a bad thing. This product is easy to lift (do be careful since modern TVs tend to be easy to break), easy to understand and use. The picture quality is very good and I’ve chose to not use the smart TV section for now since I have a Roku streaming device. I would personally recommend this product and for anyone still iffy about buying a TV from Amazon, I say go for it.

  10. borgmatrix

    good cheap tvfirst my vizio died that i was using as a computer monitor, i didnt want to spend a lot and dont really need a smart tv as this is hooked up to a computer. first i was trying to find a tv with a stand that was in the center but they dont seem to exist anymore, but the feet on this do make the cut. i will probably build a holder for this soon and the smart features dont matter but became intrusive so i exited that setup and unpluged its ethernet cord. the color adjustments are not that difficult like my sony.

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