Roku Streambar, 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media Player & Premium Audio All in One, Includes Roku Voice Remote + Roku Wireless Speakers

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Brand Roku
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Controller Type Remote Control, Voice Control

  • Built-in 4K streaming device: Enjoy an easy, fast interface with the newest and most popular channels, plus access to endless free entertainment—stream in brilliant HD, 4K, and HDR picture with sharp resolution and vivid colors optimized for any TV
  • Surprisingly big sound: Listen in awe as four internal speakers fill your room with clean, pure sound featuring Dolby Audio—calibrated for full, rich sound, you’ll love how great your TV sounds at an incredible value
  • Immersive surround sound: Experience room-filling audio that moves with the action, conversations like you’re in the room, and soundscapes that transport you to another world with Roku Wireless Speakers—it’s cinematic sound for your entertainment
  • Smarter than your average soundbar: Roku Streambar produces sound well beyond its size with the help of advanced audio engineering within the Roku OS—boosted volume and speech clarity will make your TV easier to hear and add rich depth to your music
  • Simple sound settings: It’s easy to perfect your sound no matter what you’re watching—automatically lower loud commercials, boost the volume of voices, and optimize the sound for night listening so you don’t wake the house.
  • Quick and easy setup: Everything you need is included in the box—just plug it into your TV and connect to the internet; it’s that simple.
  • No more juggling remotes: Power up your TV, adjust the volume, and control your streaming all with the Roku voice remote—use your voice to quickly search, play entertainment, turn captions on, and more
  • Bluetooth streaming: Bump your music in vibrant, studio-quality sound from your favorite channels or your connected Bluetooth device
  • Endless entertainment: Stream what you love, including free TV, live news, sports, and 500,000 plus movies and TV episodes across thousands of free and paid channels



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October 13 2020



10 reviews for Roku Streambar, 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media Player & Premium Audio All in One, Includes Roku Voice Remote + Roku Wireless Speakers

  1. Bob C.

    Beautiful piece of technologyI absolutely love this Roku Streambar! It couldn’t have been easier to install. The entire process from unboxing to functioning device took no more than 15 minutes. And the sound quality it produces is stunning in a box so small. I replaced an entire Onkyo surround sound system (5 speakers and sub-woofer) with this and it sounds great. Granted, without a sub-woofer the sound is not as deep, but I can live with that. If I ever want to have full surround sound again, the Streambar allows you to connect wireless speakers and a sub-woofer to it.I also love the simplicity of Roku. I eliminated DirecTV and Amazon Fire TV, as well as the sound system, and now I have 1 box with only 2 cables coming out of it (power and HDMI). It’s so much nicer to look at and deal with.The user interface of the Roku is also beautifully simplistic and intuitive. It’s so easy to access any streaming service (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, HBO Max, etc) and there’s tons of free content available as well. It’s amazing that so much functionality is provided through such an inexpensive device. Purchasing this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

  2. Roadtrip

    works greatEasy, flawless setup on my old dumb TV. the sound is an improvement and the sound leveling is working great. We hated that we were having to adjust the volume so much before, you would think there would be a standard for volume signal strength. I can control the volume with any one of three controllers, Direct tv controller, Samsung tv controller or the Roku controller. I don’t know how or why the other two work but they do, I didn’t do any setup for it. I assume there is some interaction between the tv and streambar that makes it happen. I can only say it works very nicely and I like it.

  3. NewVoros

    WOW, what an upgrade to my old stupid TV!!!I am usually not easily giving 5 stars reviews, but MAN… this soundbar is a huge upgrade for my 15 years old stupid Samsung TV with a really bad sound that I didn’t get much use of . Was planning to use one of the Roku sticks there but discovered this soundbar have the same functionality + good sound. For about $30 more decided why not to try . This think excided my expectations.1. The hook up was pretty simple . Find the place for it and connect all the cables.2. The remote is controlling my TV from Get GO (didn’t need to do anything to set it up to TV) . Controlling everything on daily basis (On/Off Sound Bar and TV, Volume, mute, etc.) . No need for the original remote to keep around.3. The sound is much better than I would expect from it . Enough lows for me.4. The functionality is about the same as the rest of my ROKU devices at home.I wish they added LAN port there and an option for quite listening from remote . Bute hey, they have more expensive Sound Bar with these options.

  4. E. Lyons

    Sounds great, if you can get it configuredThis is my third Roku device. It’s the perfect combo for our small cottage setup – one remote, for a tv that is Roku only. The sound is shockingly good for such a small device, 1000% better than the horrible tv speakers.But God help you if you are trying to add this device to an existing Roku account – and you have something other than an or email address.The normal procedure is that you enter an email address during setup – and if it’s an email address associated with an existing account, it just sends you an activation email, you click the link in the email, and it sets up the services, etc, for the device. If the email isn’t registered at Roku, the same link has you create a new account, and you go through the same basic process.But despite being able to login to my Roku account with my email on the web, the device just wouldn’t accept it. It just quit with an error like “we can’t use that email address”. If I entered a *new* address, it would send the activation email fine, but that would result in creating a whole new account for just this one player.I spent about two hours on chat with Roku reps. The first one was utterly useless – he got to the point of asking me what my internet speeds were. Oof. But the second seemed to have some insight into a “temporary” problem with roku’s servers when using non gmail/yahoo addresses. So I changed the email address in my account to an address I happened to have, and boom – registration successful.This really has nothing to do with the Streambar, but it has everything to do with the ineptitude of Roku”s “support” system, if you can call it that. They’re not informed when there is a server side problem (or not uniformly informed) and based on all the identical-looking issues on their community forum, it seems like maybe a deeper issue of bad onboarding engineering.Anyway, good luck if you’re an existing customer who wants to register a Roku product to your account in the next few days. Or maybe longer, who knows.I’m giving them 3 stars for the crappy support (good luck even *finding* the chat system), but the device itself is quite excellent so far.

  5. Edmo

    Love the Sound Quailty!I have a 2015 Samsung 55″ tv that I’ve never been happy with the sound quality. Years ago I purchased a soundbar that was about 30″ long and came with a separate woofer. I didn’t care for the results so gave it to a friend. Therefore, I’ve been hesitant ever since to give it another try but the price was right and I have other ROKU products so figured what the heck. I ordered it yesterday morning and it arrived promptly at 2pm so I had plenty of time to install it (which was fast and easy) for tv watching last night. I set the sound to High for voices and I absolutely love it. I no longer have to turn the sound way up in order to hear dialogue. The sound is rich and clear. Even my dog tuned in and stared at the speaker for a while when I first turned it on. She could tell it sounded different and probably that the voices seemed more present. I’m very happy with this purchase and will not be gifting it to anyone.

  6. Mike

    Great user interface and sound is very goodThe Roku interface is the best out there, I don’t bother with the TV user interface for anything the Roku takes of everything and the remote is so straight forward and easy to control all services and channels. The Streambar sound is amazing and it makes the viwing experience so much better. You can hear things more clearly even at lower volumes and if/or when you turn it up, the range is great. looking forward to the wireless sub-woofer release in November!

  7. Brandon

    Great option for Roku users who want a small soundbar!My wife isn’t a huge fan of large sound bars. My compromise was to get this and it’s awesome! Love it so much bought a second for another room!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Easy to Hook-UpVery easy to hook-up, but make sure you have a newer tv to be able to hookup all the sound. Even if you don’t, you may just not be able to hook it up for the highest quality, but overall the sound is great!

  9. DJ

    Excellent value and functionExcellent product. The only negative is the remote, they should have used the same remote as the Ultra. I have several different Roku players and love them all, but they should all use the same remote as the Ultra.The sound is excellent for such a small unit, suitable for rooms under 300 square feet. Bass is impressive for such small speakers and you could always add a subwoofer if you feel the need.

  10. Elizabeth

    Second Roku purchase -great sound and easy to use!!Delivered super quickly, easy to install and connected to my Roku account – great sound!! The volume and mute buttons are a great addition to remote from our other model. So much great free TV and movies via Roku plus our favorite streaming services.

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