Road Top Wireless Carplay Android Auto Retrofit Kit for Audi A4 A5 S4 S5 RS4 RS5 Q5 2008-2015 with 3GMMI Factory Screen Update,

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Brand Road Top
Connectivity Technology Auxiliary, Wi-Fi
Controller Type Android
Compatible Devices Smartphone, Speaker
Supported Internet Services Spotify, YouTube
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth

  • 【Pre-shopping Notes】Only fit for MMI 3G System, Not fit for MMI 2G(Especially for 2009 car, please check our website picture to make sure your factory car knob position firstly). Not fit for Concert or Symphony radio.(If your Audi has radio control knob between LCD screen and climate control panel, and if it says Concert or Symphony Radio on top of the radio, then you have Concert or Symphony radio.)
  • 【Wireless Carplay Android Auto For Audi】Upgrade the interior of your car, with a system which is completely hidden away behind the center unit, allowing your car to have wireless carplay, android auto and mirrorlink for a better driving experience. Whether your MMI system is factory-equipped with navigation, phone module or bluetooth, whether its’s Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls or using siri to reply to text, the system fully supports Apple systems and phone features.
  • 【Supports Car Button and Steering Wheel Controls】This amazing kit add full Carplay functionality to your existing MMI while retaining all the original features. The Carplay and Android Auto System supports button and steering wheel controls.
  • 【Camera & Mirror Link】Support factory original reverse camera, parking radar;Support aftermarket reverse camera and 360 camera; Support front view camera DVR(CVBS input). When you put in the reverse, the camera will work automatically. Airplay(for iPhone)&AutoLink(for Android),Support Watch YouTube, TV news, Photos, Navigation and HD Videos.
  • 【Non-destructive Installation】Don’t hurt your original car wires. Not affect your factory audi warranty. 1 Year Warranty, Detailed Instruction, Online help. If you don’t have the confidence to install it, plz find a specialist to help out.Any issue please get help from us, We are more professional than auto repair shop.Please do not finalize install until you have tested every function on your car.



Product Description


Completely Wireless Carplay For Audi, incluing Android Auto, Mirrorlink

  • So what are the benefits of thiscarplay Retrofit Kit Decoder unit?
  • Besides the obvious of adding Carplay, Android Auto or Mirrorlink wirelessly or via wired USB. It works with your usual factory controls including steering controls You also retain the factory interfac. All you have to do is click the button with the star symbol to switch from original and to the new one and vice versa.




  • Wireless CarPlay Connection:
  • pairing via Bluetooth, transfer via WIFI.

  • Wired CarPlay Connection:
  • Connect your iPhone to CarPlay decoder via USB cable.

  • Wireless CarPlay Connection:
  • about wireless android auto function, for more detail about a compatible phone and country , please view the website by android.

  • Wired Android Auto Connection:
  • Connect your Phone to android auto decoder via USB cable.

  • Our New Software support youtube functions, your family or friends can watch their favorite movie on the screen while you are driving.
  • If your software doesn’t support, get a new update file from us.




Mirror link

  • Support wireless Airplay for iphone
  • Support wired Autolink for Android phone
  • Support watch youtube, TV news photos, Navigation and HD videos.

Support original car knob control

  • Support Original car knob and steering wheel control
  • For the steering wheel control buttons, the CarPlay interface decoder box support voice control button, Tel button, voice “+” and “-“ buttons, the other buttons are not supported.

Support factory and aftermarket camera

  • Support factory original reverse camera, parking radar
  • Support aftermarket reverse camera and 360 camera
  • Support front view camera DVR(CVBS input)


For Audi A4 A5 S4 S5 RS4 RS5 Q5 2008-2015 with 3GMMI Factory Screen Update

  • If your Audi has radio control knob between LCD screen and climate control panel, and if it says Concert or Symphony Radio on top of the radio, then you have Concert or Symphony radio, it is MMI 2G System. this link doesn’t fit for your car, you need to check another link.



  • F&Q
  • About Android Auto
  • 1.Q:Does it support wireless connection way?
  • A:Whether it supports wired connection or wireless connection, this depends on your mobile phone type, you can know from android website.
  • 2.Q:Which apps can I use on Android Auto?
  • A:Android Auto makes it easy to access your favorite music, media, and messaging apps in the car.Check out all the Apps for Android website
  • 3.Q: Will I have to change my original car screen or make wiring modifications?
  • A:This kit allows retain the factory fitted display screen in your car; Needn’t cutting wires etc. During the installation, you can get help from us directly.
  • What you will get?
  • 1 x Road Top Carplay module
  • All wires
  • Detailed Instruction
  • 1 x Beautiful box(can as a gift)
  • Install help


Additional information

Weight 2.23 kg
Dimensions 8.7 × 6.61 × 4.29 cm
Package Dimensions

8.7 x 6.61 x 4.29 inches; 2.23 Pounds



Date First Available

January 8 2021



Country of Origin



Road Top

8 reviews for Road Top Wireless Carplay Android Auto Retrofit Kit for Audi A4 A5 S4 S5 RS4 RS5 Q5 2008-2015 with 3GMMI Factory Screen Update,

  1. woojo

    GO fast by going slow – take your time installingGetting the Audi head unit out was a snap. Put the two keys in the slot straight side facing out All connectors have a tab and pull out. There’s two on the bottom, the rest are on the rear. Getting the removal keys OUT was a pain. Get GOOD quality keys and the removal shouldn’t be tough.Finding a place for the box was tricky, as well as working with the large amount of cabling in the dash but I figured it out. Day 3 now and there’s an occasional skip in music playback from Spotify and I had on disconnection from wireless android auto.Signal isn’t an issue as I found a hidden location for the antenna tucked right before the center console. It might just be a channel issue. All the stock controls I’ve tried worked fine. I have limited dexterity in my right hand and I actually find the rotary control easier than a touch screen for precision.Google maps works great! For the price this was a worthwhile upgrade.

  2. Cameron Edmondson

    Good product!Very good product. I drive an A5 2012 Audi and this is an big upgrade to my car. I wish there is upgraded radio for this car, I’m sure there is but no luck yet. So this helps a lot. I did blow a fuse hooking this up so I recommend unhooking car battery. SUPER EASY INSTALL!!! All I did was watch YouTube videos. If you don’t feel comfortable take it to an audio shop and they can hook it up. Again super easy don’t get overcharged. I almost paid $200 for labor to do this! 2 flaws!!! There is a slight skip in the music from time to time it’s unnoticeable but you start to pick up on it. Also it says to press the menu button for 3 seconds to switch from factory screen to CarPlay but doesn’t work!!! The music still works but you can’t switch. I have to turn the car off and on for it to reset again. Otherwise a great fix until I find an upgraded radio for my car.

  3. Taz

    Highly recommendI have to say I am impressed and delighted. I have 2010 Audi A5 with navigation that needed the maps to be updated every 2-3 years at cost of $450.00, a blue tooth that needed an afer market unit to ran A2dp because my car bt was only for calls. This little unit brought my car infotainment system a decade ahead. It even has wireless carplay/car Auto which is not in my Wife’s loaded 2019 Audi Q5 ( her’s is wired). The wiring and everything seemed to be of good quality and even though I am not mechanically or electrically inclined I managed to install it with no problems and with only Audi radio Keys and panels removal as the only toolsI should write a review 3 months from now and see what will happen because this seems too good to be true.One of the best upgrades I bought from my car.

  4. Guilherme Hansen

    Installation is complicated, but the final result is great.Installation is not easy, but doable. Took me a good 5-6hrs to get it done. You have to take out the air conditioner unit, the central vent, the radio, the glove box, and the AMI. I have a 2016 A4 and it was a little different from the video they have, so I had to use some common sense as well to get it completed. Tip: if you have an AMI in your glove box, you can use 2 thin nail filers to remove it. Just insert them in the slots and open them like scissors. Might take a few tries but they will release it.

  5. gotthatpma

    Mostly works great when it worksI got this on sale for 200 bucks, and with a (moderately challenging) self-install it’s been worth every penny. At full price and paying someone else to install, probably not. Works as advertised except for two main problems: first, android wireless connection has never worked so I have to use it wired (which is fine), and second, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Mostly I’ve found this to be the case when it’s hot in the car (>85 outside), and for whatever reason it won’t recognized the wired connection at all. Problems aside, it’s a very good upgrade for my 09 A4. Next step is to install a backup camera – which the hardware assumes you have, and switches to a backup screen whenever you put your car in reverse. A minor annoyance, but one I’m happy to live with.

  6. Ryan Green

    True WIRELESS CarPlay for 2014 Audi Q5I’ve been pretty skeptical of CarPlay retrofits, but this one actually works!Know that you’ll need to take off your glovebox and place the unit inside, and that you’ll need to pop the face off of the headunit and attach new ribbon cables and circuit board. If that doesn’t scare you, this is an amazing product.Took about 3 hours total to get the things taken apart, new parts fitted correctly, and everything put back together. Don’t make the mistake I did with trying to fit the box behind the headunit — there’s not enough space. 5/5 and would definitely buy again. Great product and works effortlessly, even with my base model Q5 with the very basic MMI 2.0.

  7. jnicolas

    lack of functionalityAfter install the module is working correctly but only the steering wheel buttons are functional, the MMI buttons does not work to control the module menus, so if, for example, the passenger wants to select a different song is not possible from the MMI buttons and only the driver can.

  8. jose salas

    Do not make the same mistake I did. Just don’t buy.Do not buy. This is probably the biggest regret for a purchase on my car yet. I had paid a local stereo shop to put this in who is pretty credible and they could not get the buttons on the actual stereo to work. It would have all been good, but my TPMS light came on and I could not reset as my stereo did not work. Wireless CarPlay is extremely buggy and just not consistent. It really sucks that this didn’t work. Now I have to pay to take everything out.

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