Ring Solar Pathlight – Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light, Black (Starter Kit: 6-pack)

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  • Perfect for walkways and pathways – a solar-powered pathlight that shines 80 lumens of light when motion is detected.
  • Ring Bridge included – this Starter Kit includes a Ring Bridge so that you may enable smart features for your Ring Smart Lights.
  • Smart features – when connected to a Ring Bridge, get mobile notifications, set schedules, turn the lights on and off remotely, customize settings, and connect to other Ring devices – all from the Ring app.
  • Easy setup – connect to the Ring Bridge, customize your settings via the Ring app, and place in your ideal location.
  • Powered by the sun – place your Ring Smart Light in direct sunlight to recharge and store power.
  • Works with Alexa – pair with select Alexa-enabled devices via the Ring Bridge to turn lights on and off at the sound of your voice.
  • Ring of Security – group your Ring Smart Lights together and connect to your other compatible Ring devices through the Ring app to always know what’s happening around your home.
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10 reviews for Ring Solar Pathlight – Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light, Black (Starter Kit: 6-pack)

  1. Jeff Traintime

    Great product with one major problemAfter submitting a negative review over these pathlights’ battery issues, I was contacted by a Ring rep and eventually sent replacements for my 6 non-working lights. I have revised my rating to 4 stars in gratitude for excellent customer service.But these attractive and functional lights deserve a 5 star rating except for one problem: if a company wants to sell items that use batteries not generally available in the U.S., they must provide a way to purchase them on their website, or preferably, Amazon. I would have gladly paid a reasonable price for replacement rechargeable batteries, but the rep admitted even he could not provide them. Thus my original review:Being very pleased with our Ring doorbell, Ring security system and 3 Ring floodlight cams, we expected the same quality with these lights. They are attractive and operate as advertised, but the rechargeable batteries for the solar system are of an odd size not easily obtainable here in the U.S., and they don’t last long. Like other reviewers, we’ve tried similar batteries available on Amazon but they don’t last or fit well. So after less than 2 years with only one of 7 still operating, we’ve given up on these lights.

  2. P. M.

    Nice product but needs to sell batteriesOverall I have had these for 2 years an they work great. The construction is well made. You will see some fading on the solar panel, but it still works. The internal battery does die in about a year or less depending how often it is being used. The worst part is finding a replacement battery. Ring does not sell the battery so you have to figure out what the battery is and find it through battery stores or sites. The battery itself is not that cheap.

  3. Kasual K

    Battery issues need to be addressedPurchased a total of 8 Ring solar path lights w/ bridge in August 2021. When I contacted Ring a year later, in August 2022, about my solar path light issues, tech support was very helpful and worked through troubleshooting my problem. It came down to drained batteries that would not recharge sufficiently to power their devices. I was informed that batteries are not covered under their warranty and they no longer provide replacements.I purchased the replacement lithium ion batteries that they recommended . The path lights started functioning again; however within 2 weeks all my batteries had discharged and were not recharging even though solar path lights are and have always been in full Arizona sun. Plugged in cable charger and now batteries only charge to 85% & will only light up while on the charging cable while inside the house. Not useful!A year of great solar lighting out of the original set of Ring rechargeable solar batteries is a fair expectation here in AZ. Why don’t you sell the same Ring batteries as replacements? While I am a big Ring fan, I am extremely disappointed with this particular Ring product. The battery is the weak link here. Ring, you need to step up your game here and sell the proper replacement batteries! You also need to be upfront with the customer and market the path light as needing solar batteries replaced after some number of charges.

  4. BA

    Good battery, motion detection very sensitive, lighting schedule fixedUpdate: called ring support and they got my issues squared away. I had to De-register my echo and relink my amazon account and the lighting schedule now works as it should.Original review Lighting schedule does not work properly. When I set light to go on at dusk and shut off at dawn, it never turns on. When I manually set a time it sometimes comes on but shuts off after an hour or two and I have to set the time for some reason 4 hours later. It’s like it is permanently set to GMT time zone. EVen though my bridge and app and events show Corect times. Another problem is I linked it to my front camera to turn on when it detects motion but this is also flaky, sometimes the linked camera records but sometimes it doesn’t. I have good connection to the bridge, i think these pathlights were designed poorly. Also its motion detection is way too sensitive even on lowest sensitivity, they can’t face the street I believe. I’m returning, extremely disappointed, nothing more than a gimmick.

  5. David Brown

    Ok while they lastedEDIT: Ring support reached out, found that three of my six lights were defective, and send three replacements. I’m back in business. Rating updated. The stakes still aren’t my favorite, but I have pretty rocky soil, so just know that the spikes might need some help to get them in without breaking.Previous review:Spikes are weak, a couple broke. These are difficult to keep straight. Once they were in they worked well enough. Motion detection is spot on.However, 16 months after installing them, three will no longer charge from the solar panels. They will charge via usb and last a couple of nights.For the price I expected them to last longer.

  6. Leon Elzie

    1 Year, 9 lights, 3 replaced UPDATED: Customer Service Saves the DayUPDATE: 09/22/2022I am bumping up the stars in part due to the customer support of Ring. They came through with a call and communication back and forth to get my light back up and running. This keeps me confident to continue to add to my lights knowing they will support them.I still FIRMLY believe that much of the headaches would be resolved if Ring sold the batteries separately and did not require a purchase of a full light. Thank you RING for reaching out, handling my frustration and getting me back up and running.ORIGINAL: I am in a new community. My neighbors and I bought different lights for your yards and I am the only one who choose RING solar lights. I am also the only one of my 6 neighbors that has had to replace lights. I purchased and 3 have gone bad.You cannot replace the batteries but must buy a new light. My lights are in direct sunlight however 2 have had the batteries fail completely while the third shows a great battery but will only stay online and connected to the HUB when connected to actual USB. I keep the tops clean to ensure good solar and only one of the 9 has marginal sunlight (surprisingly it is not one that has given me an issue).Lights only work with Ring and there is no cross-integration capability to Home Assistant even though it is on its own hub.The lights are not the brightest but good for what they are being used for and better brightness than most other brands.Unless you must have this linked to your ring alarm system, I would look elsewhere.

  7. Amazon Customer

    3 out of 5 batteries would not hold a charge, ring replaced units and they are all working3 out of 5 lights not charging. They are all in the same area with equal amount of sun. Pulled off tops to recharge through usb. Will charge to about 30%, then drops down. Brand new units with two yeard old batteries. Disappointing!Follow up: Ring replaced the 3 bad units, everything has been working. Customer service was really helpful.

  8. PD

    Works GreatI like these. Wish they were not as expensive. Solar has worked great for me so far. No complaints.

  9. Eddie

    Great, but battery is a flawI really like the lights. I have six solar powered and one battery (4 D batteries) powered. The motion sensor activation of the lights ensures the batteries never completely drain throughout the night. The integration with other ring devices, such as cameras, also is an added bonus. Definitely get the ring bridge to get the full potential of this light setup. My only complaint is the rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion battery Ring provides. I’ve had multiple fail on me and it’s a pain to request replacements through Amazon/ring’s support number. I appreciate them sending me free replacements, but it’s a painful process. So in turn, I’ve found alternate batteries through Nitecore that are much better since Ring does not sell replacement batteries through Amazon for this device.

  10. MightyT

    DisappointingI love my Ring Alarm, Doorbell Pro, and Floodlight Cam, but have to say; the Solar Pathlights, Solar Steplights, and Mailbox Sensor are more misery than worth. It’s a constant battle keeping them online, charged (and they are in bright sun all day long) and batteries. I don’t think they have these products perfected. I have 8 Pathlights that most don’t work, 4 Steplights that most don’t work and a Mailbox Sensor that never works. Too bad, because I would have gotten more. BTW, they worked well for about 3 months then steadily got worse.

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