Rexing V1PGW-4K 2.4″ LCD 2160p Front + 1080p Rear W/ BUILT-IN GPS, Wi-Fi 170° Wide Angle Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder

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Model Name V1PGW
Video Capture Resolution 2160p, 1080p
Included Components dash cam
Color black
Control Method App
Screen Size 2.4
Auto Part Position Rear
Are Batteries Included No
Display Type LCD

  • 4K DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING: Featuring our best selling V1P model with upgraded 4K Crystal clear recording and Built-In GPS. Capture important video from two separate perspectives via our classic low-profile, discreet, 4K Front Camera and 1080p Rear camera.
  • BUILT-IN GPS & WIFI: Enjoy the added benefit of showing exactly where you were and when including the speed of your car trips by uploading your dash cam videos to our GPS logger Software powered by Google Maps. View, save, and share video recordings by connecting your mobile device through WiFI to our Rexing Connect App.
  • 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENS: The 6 layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. The superior WDR technology allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR: The dash cam uses a supercapacitor which can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176°F, that pevents the risk of overheating, extends the life span and reliability of the camera. With the PARKING MONITOR feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record when the car camera detects vibration OR the dash cam will capture frames for a time lapse video for 24/7. Please connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode. (Sold Separately)
  • LOOP RECORDING AND G-SENSOR: Video can be recorded in 1, 2, or 3 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked videos will be kept safe from being overwritten
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Simple & easy mount on rear view mirror setup which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Need help? Email or call our personal LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We stand behind our products with a leading ***18 Month Warranty ***


Product Description


wifi & Gps

Night vision

Pakring Monitor


Loop Recording

customer support


More reliable than traditional battery-operated dash cams where the camera can operate smoothly in temperatures as high as 176°F and as low as -20°F.


New recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings when the memory card is full. When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked.


Get quick answers and customer support via email or live chat options.



Why Rexing?

Rexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. We design, test and manufacture our devices to guaranty reliability and longevity of all products.

Package Content:

  • Rexing V1PGW Dual Dash Camera
  • In-car power cable (12ft)
  • 3M adhesive mount
  • USB computer cable
  • User manual

Optional Accessories:

  • Rexing Suction Cup Mount for V1 (ASIN: B01N07VKIK)
  • Rexing GPS Logger for V1 -4K (ASIN:B08CZDXVLJ)
  • Rexing Smart Hardwire Kit Mini-USB port for V1, V1P, V3 (ASIN: B07RN24B7V)
  • Rexing Intelligent Hardwire Kit (ASIN: B09C2KDNJZ)

Rexing V1PGW-4K

Our newest update to V1P series of dash cams.

Featuring all the best functions of its predecessors however with upgraded 4K Front + 1080p Rear recording and Built-in GPS. Record sweeping views both front and back via the 170° Wide-Angle lens and share those videos wirelessly via WiFI and our mobile app.

All of our products come with a Rexing backed by our online support team and 18-month support.

Card Recommendations

  • Kingston Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD
  • Kingston Canvas React Plus MicroSD
  • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD
  • NOTE: Please don’t use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras.
  • Please format SD card on your camera directly. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the card within the camera using the format function.
  • The built in super capacitor is just for emergency file backup, please always keep the dash cam plugged in.
  • The car USB port may not support enough power for the dash cam, please use the car charger that comes with the dash cam, or Rexing Smart hardwire kit (Sold separately).
  • We are constantly improving our products through firmware updates. Absolutely Trustworthy: Certified by FCC, CE, RoHS

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 5.6 × 5.2 × 3.7 cm
Package Dimensions

5.6 x 5.2 x 3.7 inches

Item Weight

1.2 pounds





Item model number


Other display features




Included Components

dash cam

Country of Origin


Date First Available

November 25 2021



10 reviews for Rexing V1PGW-4K 2.4″ LCD 2160p Front + 1080p Rear W/ BUILT-IN GPS, Wi-Fi 170° Wide Angle Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder

  1. Luke

    Great clarity, easy to useThis is my fourth Rexing dashcam and it’s probably the second best I’ve used. I purchased a V1P Pro for myself, a V1P for my wife and a S1 for my mother in law. This V1GW is for my mother but I’ve field tested it in my wife’s car.Pros: good picture quality, easy menu navigation, great field of view, lots of featuresCons: without hardwire kit takes up powersocket, installing rear camera can be difficult less limber people, less adjustable than V1P pro, need a larger capacity SD cardOk, so it looks like there’s more cons than pros, but this is a tad deceiving as this is partially in comparison to my V1P Pro to which I hold as the gold standard.The 4K picture is definitely clearer than all the other 1080p models I’ve tested. Is it worth the extra money…? Probably up to personal preference but when you really need to catch the license plate of the guy who just side swiped you? Might be the difference! Night vision is fairly good although certainly not as clear as in the day. The menu has a logical layout that follows the same pattern as other Rexing products so if you’ve used another one of their dash cams you’ll fly through the setup. And even if you haven’t, it’s still pretty straight forward. It has a wide field of view so as long as you position the camera towards the center of the windshield, you should be able to catch just about everything that goes on in front of you. The built in GPS and speed monitoring are great added features and you won’t have to worry about adding on or paying for a separate dongle to install.Now on to the cons. Because you have a higher resolution, you need a higher capacity SD card. To be clear, this will be necessary for ANY dash cam that has 4K resolution. Nature of the beast. If you can live with 1080p you can save a few bucks on a smaller card, but it’s probably worth it since it’s a one time purchase. Installing the rear camera may be difficult for older people who can’t contort themselves or don’t have great finger strength. I’m in my 30’s, have installed 3 other rear cams and don’t mind getting in weird positions so I really haven’t hard a problem routing the cable through the molding, but other’s may need some help or need to pay a professional. But again, this will be the case for ANY wired rear cam, so not really a knock on Rexing products. Unless you don’t every use your dash cabin power sockets, I would recommend getting the hardwire kit ($10) so you power this directly from the fuse box. Also just keeps your cabin less cluttered. Hardwire kit may also require help installing for those not mechanically inclined. Most of these cons don’t really have anything to do with Rexing’s design, just nature of the beast issues. This last one does have to do how the camera is made. On my V1P pro, the front camera is mounted on a ball swivel so you can adjust its aim up, down, left, right. This model can only be adjusted up and down. It’s not a huge deal since the camera has 170 degrees of visibility, but the ball swivel would have given the user a little more flexibility on where to place the camera. Personally, I’ll stick with my V1P pro because the swivel is more important than the increased resolution. That said, still a great camera.Conclusion: a great camera with good visibility and resolution full of features that might be a little tricky to install for some people.

  2. TK-22007

    Reasonable & Reliable Dash CamI was previously using the Rexing V1P 3rd Gen dual dash cam, which I love and would give it 5 stars across the board, and recently upgraded to this model. The idea of 4k front video and built-in GPS, combined with the reasonable price, I thought I would check it out. After having some time with it and finally getting some night time driving in with it, I am not sure it is really an upgrade.The unit is set with factory settings. The only thing I ensured was that the recording length was set for 3 minute clips. I did not adjust any settings just as I did not with the V1P 3rd Gen.Day:The 4k front camera does provide a noticeable upgrade to the V1P’s already decent 1080p. Image is clear, license plates and other lettering are legible, the frame rate is pretty smooth and colors are accurate. The field of view is 170 degrees on both cameras and provides a generous view. The rear camera provides an over exposed (too bright) image with factory settings. I’m not sure I want to lower the exposure based on the night time exposure per below.Night:The front camera performs pretty well but feels a little under exposed (too dark). There is a fair amount of noise (grain) in the dark areas of the video image but nothing too distracting. The rear camera, however, appears VERY under exposed and extremely noisy (grainy). If I were to adjust the exposure down to compensate for the day time over exposure, then the night time view would be pitch black.Screen, setup & menu navigation:While the buttons are well laid out and an improvement from the V1P 3rd Gen, I continue to stumble around using the buttons/menu navigation since I don’t use them very often. I almost always need to refer to the manual or online videos for reference.The biggest disappointment is the screen. The viewing angle of the screen is very limited. In order to see it clearly, you need to look at it from a nearly perfectly flat angle. This is a big downgrade from the V1P 3rd Gen. Based on the angle it presents while mounted on the windshield, it is impossible to do anything on the screen unless you are bent at an extremely awkward angle behind the rearview mirror. I find it easier to just dismount the camera and hold it while trying to navigate the menus.Overall Review and Recommendations –Good:- The front camera is an upgrade from the V1P 3rd Gen.- The built-in GPS provides speed and location data and is a nice feature.- Installation is pretty straightforward – online videos are aplenty to guide you through working with the side panels and how to work with side airbags.- Dual cameras is a must and their 170 degree field of vision is good.Bad:- The rear camera quality is not as good as what I experienced on the V1P 3rd Gen with over exposure in daylight and under exposure at night, extremely grainy video at night.- The screen is extremely limited in viewing angles, which makes it difficult or cumbersome to navigate through the menus or view footage. It’s “easier” to dismount the camera in order to do so, which isn’t the best experience.If you’re in the market for a dash cam, I would recommend either this or the V1P 3rd Gen. The 4k front camera and GPS are an upgrade but the rear camera and screen visibility are a downgrade. So the question is if the trade-offs, along with difference in price, make one or the other a better option for you.

  3. R.Oakley

    REXING V1PGW-4KHave been a Rexing customer for several years now. Currently have 4 Rexing dash cameras installed in the family cars. Having two teenage drivers, its almost a must for any accidents that they may get into.Having video prove that the accident was not your fault will pay for the cost of the camera and your piece of mind. Let alone the family drama if it was one of your kids that was in the accident.Prime example. My daughter was side swiped. The other driver lied to the officers at the scene and claimed my daughter had run a red light. My daughter kept her cool because she knew she had the video prove to back up her side of the story. Video recording proved that she did not run the red light and the other driver was at fault.Install:Install was straight forward for me since I was replacing an existing unit. Rexing does supply you with the good 3M black mounting adhesive. Compared to other companies that use a lesser quality mounting tape. Do leave a little room for the camera to slide off just in case you need to remove it sometime in the future. You may also want to hide it a little bit behind your rear-view mirror. In case you have the tendency to be looking at the camera screen while driving.Hiding the wiring is the hardest part. Just take your time and hide the wires behind any interior trim. If you have any side air bags. I would recommend that you disconnect your battery prior to sticking any wires around the air bag trim pieces. You don’t want the air bag to accidently go off. The rear camera cabling is long enough for an extended wheelbase vehicle. You should have enough cable to route around the air bag trim if you like, depending on your vehicle. I do prefer the older cable management tool that was included in previous versions. The new one to me is a little small.Operation:The User Manual has been updated with more illustrations and covers setting up and operation. This is a welcome feature since most companies have forced you to go online for even a basic User Manual.The 4K upgrade from previous models is a welcomed feature and the night vision is crisp and clear. The extra detail in the video image will be a benefit if you need to provide video playback. Due to the increased video quality and having a video file for the front and rear camera. You may want to consider going with a larger, up to the 256GB micro-SD card. Depending on how many videos you want to retain before they are over written. The built in GPS and speed monitoring are a great add-in feature for additional details for your accident report or in case you must prove you were not speeding. The included rear camera is a must have and is nice that it is included in this model. Front and rear camera adjustment allows you to adjust the camera for the best possible image. Depending on where it is located and if you have the available cigarette lighter socket available. You might want to think about the hardwire kit if you are planning on leveraging the parking monitor. It will take a little more work for its installation since it ties directly into your interior fuse panel. But it will free up the cigarette lighter socket and you or your kid wont figure to plug it in. If you are experiencing any issues with the Wi-Fi connection. Be sure to turn off your Wireless Data and that should address your connection issue.Conclusion:As always, a great dash camera from Rexing with improved features over previous models. Well worth the upgrade.

  4. Carbor Undium

    LCD Screen viewing angle is wrong when fixed to windshield. High quality video. Low quality plasti.Used on my SUV. First impression is when fixing it to the windshield, I could not see the lcd scree well. First I thought it was my point of view when installing, but after proper installed the screen is angled towards the front (no other way possible, always the angle is bad). The image when programming or viewing in-camera videos/photos is very bad that cannot be seen well. I had to take it out from the windshield and grab the camera on my hand to proper calling the lcd screen or using WIFI to view from my phone, that is not always possible when driving or in quick actions.The cables for installation (Power cable and rear video cables) are very good quality and long enough for a SUV.The rear camera feels cheap, but video is good enough. When fixed to window can be tilted down or up until the right view is reached.The front camera and main unit feels also of low quality plastic. Buttons and the “click” sound they made does not match with the price paid. Hope it lasts long enough.The front camera video is great, but playing from WIFI freezes sometimes and viewing on the camera itself is a problem due to the viewing angle of the screen and having to take it off from windshield to view on camera. The only viable option is to take the memory card and use it on a computer.The camera itself is practical enough and seems the designers did not paid attention to the viewing angle and working wifi capabilities.Although the use will be primary for safety and not for watching vides every day or every time, it bothers me a little bit.After installing cabling and then noticing the problem, I decided to give it a try before the return warranty ends. Hope I don’t regret returning it sooner. Or perhaps I will update this comment later saying that I kept the camera…

  5. xuong tan

    Great dashcam, bad app.This is my fifth Rexing dashcam and I can confidently that it’s a huge improvement from my previous four which were the V1P Pros.Video Quality:The video quality of the V1PGW-4K is clear because of its 4K front-facing camera and 1080P rear-facing camera. My V1P Pros are limited to 1080p front and 720p rear and the video recordings would come out blurry sometimes. This would make it harder for me to identify license plates and analyze incidents in video footage. With the V1PGW-4K, I don’t have to worry about that anymore because the video quality is both clear and smooth. The selling point of this camera has to be the video quality.Screen, setup & menu navigation:All these elements of the V1PGW-4K are pretty much the same as my previous Rexing Dashcam, the V1P Pro. The only significant improvement I noticed was that the screen responsiveness was better.App:The dashcam app, “Rexing Connect” has not improved at all from the last time I used it. Connecting the dashcam to the app sometimes doesn’t work at all. I also can’t download specific recordings when I try to. My suggestion for retrieving and watching footage is to stay away from the app and instead buy an SD card adapter for your computer and view it there.Pros:+ Video Quality Is Clear & Smooth (4K Front, 1080P Rear)+ Improved Night Vision, Wide Field Of View+ Display is more responsive than older models.Cons:- Recordings take too much space due to being 4K. – Can be solved by a larger capacity SD card- Poor app functionality, and quality. – Can’t be solved, the app has been in this state for a while.Conclusion:The V1PGW-4K is a fantastic dashcam, almost everything about it is good. The only thing holdingback this dashcam is the app, which is in dire need of an update or revamp. I would recommendgetting this dashcam if you are considering it, just stay away from the app.

  6. Teck

    A Solid Camera that is ready to watch your back (and front!)BackstoryI have been using the Rexing brand for my dash recording needs since 2016, and I have been a happy customer ever since. This is my 3rd camera (all upgrades as my needs changed) with the company, and there is plenty here in the Rexing V1PGW-4K dual channel dash camera.InstallInstalling the front camera goes as you expect, stick it to your front window behind the rearview mirror to get it out of your view. Something you do need to keep in mind when installing it is, locked on the windshield mount, the camera needs to travel 16 mm up to remove it from the bracket. If you do not leave this room from the top of your windshield, you will not be able to remove the camera from the windshield without peeling the bracket as well. Do yourself a favor and leave a little space. In the rear unit, you will need to figure out your path of travel during install to get the wire to the rear of the vehicle. When I had an older car, I ran the wire behind the weather stripping of the roof and got it to the back of the vehicle with little issue. With my newer car, that was not a great option since there are skirt airbags in that area of the car. I decided to follow the trim to the floor and run it under the gap of the carpet and bring it back up to the rear windshield, and I was in business. If you don’t know where the airbags are in your car, I encourage you to watch a crash test video by NHTSA for their location, so you can avoid them.OperationThe cameras are both high quality, so you will have a nice picture to show off if you need it. The cameras do record together right out of the box with the default settings. You may need to set daylight savings if your area observes it. Since this is a GPS connected camera, the time is set automatically. My unit detected the time zone automatically, but there are settings to change that as well if need be. I used the included adapter and was up and running in a few minutes after getting my wires run. The unit powers on and off automatically with the car (assuming your power sockets shut off with your car) and it starts recording. They do have a GPS player for the Windows PC, so you can view all the GPS data on a large screen for review in addition, your speed is stamped on the footage. Rexing does sell a hard-wired kit, and it is required if you plan on using the parking monitor (It is sold separately). The parking monitor can be triggered by motion or the g-sensor. The setting for the g-sensor is set for both driving and parking mode, so if you set it to high sensitivity for parking, it will be highly sensitive for driving as well. In my opinion, I say stick with the motion trigger for the parking monitor to prevent unwanted locked clips.OverallThis is another slam dunk for Rexing, if you are looking for a dash unit, and you have a rear windshield (some work vans do not 🙂 ) you will want one that records the rear. You will be honestly surprised by the amount of texting drivers you will see from that camera, and if they hit you then you have high definition footage of them not following the law. I love the peace of mind that the camera gives. Give it a try, I think you will like the brand, I know I sure do.

  7. Stephen O.

    A must for all motoristsFirst off a disclaimer. Rexing offered a refund for the price of the camera if I provided an honest review.This is my forth purchase of Rexing products which I will continue to purchase regardless because of their quality and more importantly the great customer service Rexing provides.A previous Rexing camera purchase was for my Dodge truck. When the supplied cable for the rear camera was found to be too short Rexing shipped a longer one out immediately.My most recent purchase was a Rexing camera for my motorhome. Again I had the same issue with the rear camera. Although the extension cable is not available as of this review, Rexing was quick to respond and advised they will contact me once such a cable becomes available.The camera is simple to install. I don’t like cutting factory cables, so in order to pull power from the fuse box I used a female adapter for the supplied 12v male to plug into. The pigtail from the female adapter was tied into a fuse doubler which basically make one fuse socket into two, see photo.I have not used the wifi function and don’t plan to.Whether a Rexing or another brand, every motorist needs a dash camera for protection. Two times now I have been in accidents in which the at fault driver changes their story when interviewed by their insurance companies. Both times their insurance companies advised I would be held 50% at fault and both times after presenting my dash cam video the insurance companies reversed course and faulted their insured 100%.

  8. Scott Huhn

    Near perfect new dashcam or upgrade for existing Rexing usersI have been using Rexing dash cameras for a long time. I have had V1P 720p, 1080p and 4k versions in 5 vehicles and they have been absolutely trouble free.I purchased the V1PGW-4k to upgrade one of the 720p cameras and I needed a rear camera also (which my older 4k version did not have). I also upgraded to the smart harness at the same time inorder to use the parking monitor feature.Installation:The installation was very simple (although I am kind of an expert at installing these cameras at this point). One thing I noticed that slightly irritated me was that the actual camera mount that sticks to the windshield was different from the V1P mount which I was planning to reuse. Now this is not a huge issue and it was made smaller due to the fact that the new mount is improved. My old mount was loose at the camera so the camera was able to move a little, but the new mount holds the new camera 100% secure.The rear camera design is exponentially better than previous models. I have had two rear camera mounts break where the tightening screw was, so the new design that does not have a tighening screw and the entire camera barrel rotates is so much better and stronger. I have no concerns that this one will break at all.Video Quality:Being that I was replacing a 720p camera with VGA rear, I knew there would be a quality improvement, but I can honestly say I am stunned at the difference. Prior to this camera, there is no way you would have been able to read the license plate on a vehicle behind me, but now you can probably see the whites of the drivers eyes. It is so much improved.Other Features:I never had luck with the WiFi on one of my other cameras with this feature, but on this one, it just worked as advertised.The GPS logger works great showing the speed in the video, but I have been unable to get the embedded data to work with the GPS Player software. I have been working with Rexing tech support on this and they have been very helpful, professional and timely, although we still have not worked through the issue.I am so pleased with this camera. I would highly recommend it to anyone either looking for a first dashcam or an upgrade.The pictures included in the review show the comparison between the V1PGW-4k and the V1P 720p camera that I replaced. The differences are stark as you can see.

  9. Scot C.

    nice dash camera with 1080p rear and 4K front pictureThe media could not be loaded.

     After using the V1PGW-4K a few weeks, here are my thought so far.I had to load the REXING GPS player from the site as the card did not have the player in the main folder to install as most of the other SD cards had been in the past. I was using a V1P-Pro before installing this unit and the GPS player was on the SD card for install. The issue was that Microsoft Media player needed a codec to play the video portion and that was not there until AFTER I installed the GPS player. I did notice that the latest GPS player on the Rexing website would not show my location in the map or my speed as the video played. I had a copy of the player v1.3 and it worked fine but when updating to the newest player v1.9 that was when the GPS portion quit working.Now for the camera video and ease of use. The front and rear cameras have amazing clarity and you can make out license plates from cars travelling down the road with you if you stop the video and enlarge the picture. Nice to be able to see the license plates and details. The more clarity, the better the dashcam.When installing the V1PGW-4K I was hoping to use the existing power adapter from my V1P-Pro but the USB connection to the dash cam base unit was 180 degree reversed for the plug in so I just pulled that cable out and used the new one.For the rear camera, the rolling can design was a nice touch but there is no way to lock the barrel once you have set to where you like. Is extremely easy to turn and get pointed in the wrong direction. I drive a van and those rear doors where the camera is mounted open and slam a lot and so far there has been no movement but I can see it moving down the road. Just needs some type of lock screw or knob to tighten once it has the position you like.I like the V1P series as I have used many different versions of this model and they just seem to get a better and better picture. I also tried the V360 but did not like that unit as it required a special player to see the video since the camera was a bubble type broken in to quadrants for viewing 360 degrees around you from one camera at the front.If you are used to using the V1P series, you will like this one and the clarity of the picture. The addition of the GPS built into the unit is nice giving speed, location and direction within the video. The GPS portion also tracks you in the built in map system when you are playing the video back and with the goggle feature you can click on area where you are driving and see what is all around. Not the stored video but the goggle earth pictures.The built in WIFI feature for downloading videos is also a nice touch. I believe this came out a few series back but is nice not to have to remove the SD card to watch video or see pictures.The attached video shows the clarity of the front camera and you can also see the GPS info, speed, etc. I passed by a nice car carrier with a BOSS 302 in the air conditioned trailer. Sweet.

  10. Steven

    A reliable well built dash camI purchased my first dash cam when I learned firsthand that the obvious truth doesn’t matter without proof. I currently own a Rexing and have been very happy with it and like many on Amazon, I tend to upgrade my tech more often then probably necessary but always with good justification. I mean really, my wife most definitely needed a new dash cam 😁.This new model of course has better quality video (not that my previous one was too shabby) but also some other nice touches. I appreciate the new design which has better button placement but more importantly the lens adjustment has a dial that is much easier to use, though once you set it you’ll rarely need to do it again. The front and back cameras work as expected and were still fairly easy to install. *One thing to keep in mind is that the suction mount for my V1P Pro didn’t fit this new model. I personally like to use a suction instead of sticking it directly on the windshield. I looked up the one that’s listed on this one’s description, but to me it doesn’t look like it will fit this newer model. I’m going to email customer service to verify it but in the meantime a little Velcro and MacGyvering inelegantly got it to stay.The main way I view the video is on my desktop (Mac) which as before works well and displays all the relevant information. I pretty much only use the iPhone app when I’m adjusting the camera’s view. I find it easier than leaning over trying to use the screen which is hard to see clearly when the Southern California sun is shinning in my eyes. Speaking of which, I expect this model will hold up in the heat as well as my other one.One addition I would like to have is an external battery that I can manually attach to power the camera when I’m parked. My car is a Hybrid and I assume (I’m probably wrong and should stop procrastinating and do some research) I can’t use the electrical to power the unit when the engine isn’t on. It would be useful to be able to use it for when I’m parked since it’s rarely for long periods. Maybe this is possible with one of the batteries I already own but I have been reluctant to try it. Rexing could offer something like that, hint hint.The bottom line is that I have found the Rexing dash cams to be reliable and well built. I’m sure I will continue to buy this brand for the foreseeable future.*Don’t forget to check the website for updated firmware. It doesn’t happen often but it’s a good idea to check. It’s easy to do and they even have a video if you need it.

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