Qanba Obsidian Joystick for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PC (Fighting Stick) Officially Licensed Sony Product

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Brand Qanba
Compatible Devices PC, Playstation 4
Controller Type Joystick
Connectivity Technology USB
Color Black

  • Sanwa buttons and stick with square gate
  • PlayStation 4 compatible
  • PlayStation 3 compatible
  • Wired USB Cord.Sanwa OBSF 1.18 inch butons
  • LED lighting


The tournament premium Obsidian Arcade Joystick from Qanba will help you take your gaming skill to the next level. The Obsidian Joystick is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, and connects via USB. The 7-lb. joystick offers users a design that is ideal for competitive fighting games.

From the manufacturer

QANBA Obsidian Joystick for PlayStation 4

Where Style Meets Skill

Function meets style with the Qanba Obsidian, the newest addition to Qanba’s premium joystick line-up. Both designed and tested by fighting game e-athletes for nearly seven years, Qanba joysticks are the superior choice for leveling up your game. With a stunning exterior built-in tournament-grade components, the Obsidian has quickly become a favorite by members of the fighting game community and top e-athletes alike.

  • Official Sony Licensed Product
  • Precise, Accurate Sanwa Denshi Buttons and Joystick
  • Clickable Touch Pad Mouse on Back
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC
  • X-input and Direct Input Drivers
  • Anti-Slip Padding
  • 3.5mm Headphone Port

Premium Japanese Arcade Joystick & Buttons

The Obsidian is equipped with Sanwa Denshi joystick and pushbuttons for the most authentic Japanese arcade style experience, wherever you play. Universally agreed as the standard for tournament play, the Sanwa Denshi components ensure the highest precision so nothing inhibits your A-game.

Official Sony Licensed Product

Our partnership with Sony enables maximum compatibility with all fighting game titles on PlayStation systems. Access and navigate the PlayStation menu or share photos to the PSN without skipping a beat. Swapping between PS3, PS4 and PC is a cinch. Lock button included for no mishaps in the heat of your match.

Aluminum Alloy Bevels

Widely regarded as the best-looking joystick on the market with its signature stunning aluminum alloy bevels against a glossy black case. The Obsidian is a stylish addition to your collection or a statement at your next tournament.

Arcade Joystick

Additional information

Weight 6.6 kg
Dimensions 11 × 18 × 5 cm


Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

PlayStation 4

Item Weight

6.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

11 x 18 x 5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

11 x 18 x 5 inches







Date First Available

February 1 2016





10 reviews for Qanba Obsidian Joystick for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PC (Fighting Stick) Officially Licensed Sony Product


    Best Arcade Stick I’ve ever had… but wait… there’s more…I needed to replace my old Mad Catz TE PS3 stick because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of modding it, or using a Brook adapter and have the feeling I could “lose” some input lag (I know this is like the boogey man in arcade sticks but going over 20 milliseconds equals more than a frame, so if you play Street Fighter 3 or 4 Ultra you know some combos have very strict timing).I have to say I was kinda hesitant with this because we all know how expensive these sticks can get. I was about to close my eyes and buy a $350 bucks Mad Catz TE2+ (Mad Catz by the way went bankrupt a few months ago I guess it was April?).So! Let’s talk about the obsidian!The box was not as “nice” as the other brands like Mad Catz (it was still decent though) and I opened it with a regular enthusiasm.When I took it out of the box, I couldn’t believe how nice this stick looked. Seriously, it put my old TE to total shame. Absolutely sleek, elegant but it had a hidden feature. It is WAY MORE DURABLE (at least in frame, I don’t know about the PCB) and everyone here probably knows that Sanwa buttons are the same in all Arcade sticks (except Hori) so we don’t need to talk much about the superb quality of Sanwa.In this stick there’s absolutely no compromise, those silver things you see in the pictures? All SOLID aluminum. This is the most solid stick I’ve ever had in my hands (the Qanba Dragon must be a monster).At this point, I’m all smiles and I’m so glad I didn’t buy a Razer or a Mad Catz. Don’t get me wrong, those are great products as well! But the difference here is that those feel like plastic toys while this feels like a piece of gorgeous well built equipment.Pros–Unparalleled construction build. This thing is built like a tank and still not extremely heavy as a Qanba Q4 I used to have as well.It’s way sturdier than the Mad Catz TE and parts are not flimsy at all like in other sticks.-Best looking stick I’ve ever had. Period. Sleek, elegant and robust. It has it all (I don’t use the side lights because I’m not a fan of it but I’m glad you can enable it or disable it at will, still it’s a free feature considering other sticks don’t have anything like it).-JLF stick and OSBF buttons from Sanwa are always a guaranteed quality assured experience. Think of it.. If you buy a 150 dollar Hori RAP the buttons are good but not as good as this one so you’ll end up spending the same.-I’m surprised how Qanba managed to pull such an incredible package in this price range. This feels like a much more expensive stick. Worth every penny. I can imagine only a Hori VLX which costs $300 could compete with this in durability and oddly the VLX has one of the worse input lags of all sticks.-Support a company that’s not mainstream and that makes by far the best bang for your buck.-Perfectly possible to mod it 100%… provided you’re a bit savvy and good with your hands and careful electronic equipment.CONS (not cons at all if you ask me)-The cable bay feels a little bit tight. That’s the only thing that feels that needs a bit of attention. (Mad Catz TE2+ in example feels flimsy on the FRAME which is unacceptable in such an expensive stick so take that into account.-If you’re into modding, replacing parts are not as easy as a TE2+, but in my opinion, this is worth the hassle as the frame is way better.Conclusion.This is the best stick I’ve ever had and I had them all except the Razer (which is tempting for a stickholic like me).Nothing, I repeat, nothing will look as good as this guy in your lap. There are pictures if you google it to see how it looks modded (I didn’t mod mine yet but the procedure is almost the same as a Qanba Q4 I still have which is not that hard). It’s a frigging beauty.In my research for a perfect stick I landed with this, I have yet to try the Razer, but this one certainly puts the Mad Catz to shame in terms of durability. If I were you, would only go for a Mad Catz TE2+ in case you are absolutely abysmal,clumsy and still want to mod it. That being said, modding this is way easier than modding a Razer. In a Razer, if you want to change the art, you have to unglue the super hard plexi/acrylic top with a hair drier. That’s a total pain in the butt.In this one just remove a few covers, the buttons and that’s it (in the Mad Catz you just have to remove the plexi which is just a click away).I would give this a 6 Stars if I could. My old Qanba Q4 blue was better built than a Mad Catz, but it did not look much better. I would say they were on par. This one, is seriously better built and better looking than any other stick I ever had. Can’t recommend it enough.I put a picture of my old modded Qanba next to it for the sake of comparison.

  2. Edwars ch

    Its is definitely a solid ar stick i dont notice any lag on pc so im happyStrictly for pc no lag im loving it definitely a solid body

  3. Ahjumbie

    I recommend it For a little more detail read onTL;DR : Yes,I recommend it2 WEEK UPDATE : I took off one star because the wire compartment broke like I feared. It’s so tight that you have to use force to open it and if you use too much force or there is something stuck between the lid and the body(which would be hard to tell because it’s so stiff) it will snap right off. This should of either been made from metal or made to detach cause now I have a broken peg.To be fair though it is such a tight fit that you can still close it with the cord in or out and it will stay like normal (for the time being ) .For a little more detail read on!I needed a new stick and remember trying Qanba at a friends house so decided on this one .Let’s start with the PROs:-Build quality: While not that heavy, about 6-7 lbs, it feels hefty and solid .It’s wide enough to sit on your lap comfortably with your knees apart. The plastic on the top that surrounds the buttons and stick has no flex and feels like you might as well be sitting at a game cabinet . Also the ball top and the sides that house the LEDs are some kind metal I think.-Gameplay: It’s using Sanwa parts so it’s just as responsive as you expect them to be-Looks: I personally think it looks great. While I’m not a fan of glossy black plastic on anything I buy , it looks very good on this when its clean. The silver and black scheme is simple and elegant . The Qanba badge in the front is also nice looking. The blue LEDs are there for some additional “bling” and can be set to respond to , vibration , your inputs or just on or off all the time.- Features: This is a fully featured stick . One of the few. Touch pad, R3/L3 buttons , tournament lock switch, mode switches for PS3/PS4 and LS/RS and Dpad are all here . It even has the some what elusive 3.5mm mic input.And of course on to the CONS:-Glossy black plastic: While it looks nice when clean it is prone to finger prints and smudges. So be prepared to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth often. I’m not sure how resistant the plastic is to scratches but I’m guessing it will eventually get scratched up and after a while it will not look good at all . There are 6 what looks like screws that old the front in so it might be replaceable but I rather companies just stop using glossy black plastic on things you are always touching!! But that’s an opinion so if you like it then ignore this-Wire and compartment: The lid is very tight and kind of difficult to open and I’m scared I’m going to break it eventually . The wire is also not braided like they said in the description but ehhh..that’s not to bad.-LED lights- While a nice touch and they do look great you can’t actually see them when they are on as they are hidden in the sides . These are pretty much for other people to see . I guess it’s nice that they aren’t a distraction but still since I can turn them off if they bother me I’d like to see them while playing-Touchpad: It works for the most part but it seems kind of unresponsive to presses. It takes a few presses before it recognizes the left or right inputs to the pad to reset my character in Street Fighter V training mode. Not the worst thing but still think it should be noted.-Function buttons: While the buttons work fine I don’t care for the placement. They are all lined up at the top of the face of the stick and are the same size. I’d rather of seen them place the Option and Share button away from the others instead of bunched up with them .I’d imagine even after getting fully used to the stick mistakes will still be made in pressing them .-Portability: While it’s not a heavy stick there is no handle like the cheaper Crystal or shoulder strap attachments like Mad Catz. So if you go to tournaments you’ll have to have it under your arm or backpack or whatever. This is unfortunate ..-Modding: While it has Sanwa parts in it already it would’ve been nice to have easy access to the inside of the stick .Opening it up will void your warranty .Even after the cons I still recommend this stick . It feels great to use , sits well in your lap and has fracking mic port!


    AwesomeMy son absolutely loves it

  5. Ahmed S.

    A very elegant WOW!Never owned a “good” stick before, But I invested into customizing my own made of very good wood material with original sanwa parts. I thought I don’t need something to buy a Razer or a Qanba stick and mine did the job – especially that I play ONLY on pc, and I don’t have a good brook board. So I cannot play on consoles..I was wrong. This is day and night difference, I am no -fighting games- pro , but I have been playing since childhood, and the design, sturdiness, and layout of this stick is astonishing. Worth every penny in my opinion. With enough practice, you can get (and you will) get MUCH better.. and you will win more games with style! 🙂

  6. Eli Kibler

    This stick is worth the price-point and works great!The Quanba Obsidian is one of the best PS4/PC sticks on the market, being used by thousands of Fighting Game pros around the world and having minimal input lag compared to other PS4/PS3/PC sticks currently available. As a customer, you are getting exactly what you pay for: a quality fightstick with side LEDs, a Japanese Square Gate, and responsive buttons. I’ve had this arcade stick for about 3 weeks now and have had minimal issues with it, barring a few small nitpicks (which aren’t very bad and do almost nothing to tarnish my impressions on the stick). The first thing a person should know is that (1) the Quanba Obsidian is a finger-print magnet, being back and having a glass cover on top. This becomes significantly less obvious if you choose to install some custom art, but nevertheless they will still be there. (2) The stick is also relatively big and heavy (but not massive), which should be fine for veterans who have used other sticks. Just be aware that it isn’t something that feels cheap or light. Lastly, (3) the joystick itself on my model began to faintly squeak about a day in, which can easily be fixed by opening the case and giving it a good clean or using lube. Some people don’t notice it while others hate it, and this could just be my model specifically, but I do plan on fixing it soon. Other than that, the stick is pretty much perfect. As I said before, TONS of pros use this as their stick-of-choice in tournaments, so you know that it’s not inferior. And if there’s certain things that you don’t like, such as the gate, ball-stick, or buttons, they can easily be replaced with others ordered separately. 9/10 would definitely recommend this fightstick.

  7. CRIX

    Amazing stick, just a few nitpicks from being 5 starsIt’s an amazing stick and feels nice to play with my only complaints are:1) The cable door, I’ve seen a lot of reviews mentioning it, and they weren’t kidding, the door is a pain to open and close, so you will not be using it unless you are traveling with your stick for an extended period of time.2) The 9 directional graphic by the stick. The stick only moves 8 ways and yet there are 9 arrows, it’s a minor complaint and doesn’t affect your performance in-game since you don’t really look at your stick, but it just overall makes it look a little cheap. I’d prefer either an 8 directional graphic or no graphic at all.3) The silver ball top. It looks good, it matches the stick, but it just felt way too slippery for me after just one set and I felt I had to constantly wipe it (I swear I don’t have greasy fingers or ultra sweaty palms!) I ended up switching it for a balltop from an older stick and now it feels far better for me. Only downside is you have to take off 6 screws in order to mod the stick, and one of them involves voiding a warranty sticker…. so opening it basically voids the warranty.Besides the complaints, which again are a minor nuisance, this is my new favorite stick to use.

  8. Michael Campbell

    The right tool for the right job!I was wanting to get back into fighting games after a long hiatus, but every time I played against a human opponent online, I would get mauled. badly. I was starting to think that what they said about competitive gaming and how you’re washed up by the time you’re 25 was true. It took plugging this stick into my system to reveal the truth: It wasn’t all my lack of skill, it was that I was using the wrong tool. Using a standard playstation controller to play fighting games is like trying to drive a screw into a piece of wood with a pair of pliers: You CAN do it, but why would you when the tool designed for the task is available?This stick has a lot to recommend it. It’s big, and feels nice and solid. The buttons are well-placed for ADULT hands, and the combination of black and metal in the design shows you mean business. The controls are super responsive, and help you do what needs to be done. A variety of options let you customize your game experience, a personal favorite being the ‘lock switch’ that will turn off certain buttons on the controller during competitive play, like the options/pause button (remember kids: in more than one tournament ‘you pause, you forfeit!’)Is it absolutely flawless? No. The stick itself feels more like a 4-way d-pad than a proper fighting stick, and therefor circular motions are next to impossible, at least for me. A little research has revealed to me that this is a problem that can be solved with a six-dollar part, ten minutes and a Phillips screwdriver, but if you’re dropping almost two benjamins on a tool you kinda expect the tool to be 100% optimized for it’s given task, not 85% optimized with the option to get the extra 15% as an add-on.That niggle aside you can do a heck of a lot worse than buying this stick. Will it instantly turn you into an unstoppable winning machine? Nah, but it sure as heck won’t hurt!

  9. Aidan c.

    Long LastingThe motions felt fluid and smooth. Has several lighting features for the side LEDs as well as a turbo button which can ve very useful in old side scrollers. I’ve had this arcade stick since early 2018 and I have mainly used it for fighting games. I like it. I have two issues: Even if your hands don’t feel dirty, you’ll probably smudge the surface or ball of the arcade stick. Secondly, my R2 button can be a little sticky sometimes and can be annoying. Overall, I love this thing and won’t part from it. It’s lasted me a while and I’m satisfied.

  10. Mauricio Javier Villacrés

    Excelente arcadeMuy bonito, buenos materiales, solo el restrictor lo cambie por el redondo

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