Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, Native 1080P Full HD 5G WiFi 4K Supported, Betife Outdoor Movie Projector, LCD 300 ASIN Video

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Hardware Interface VGA, AV Port, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, Bluetooth 5
Mounting Type Table Mount ceiling mount
Brand Betife
Brightness 15000 Lumen
Controller Type Remote Control

  • ⚡【2.4G+5G WIFI & Bidirectional Bluetooth】Betife with WiFi and Bluetooth is equipped with dual-band 2.4G+5G WiFi, which has stronger anti-interference, makes the WiFi signal more stable, and has a wide coverage, faster transmission speed, and 80% lower delay. The WiFi projector also has the latest two-way Bluetooth chip built in, which increases the transmission distance by four times. With surround sound speakers, you can enjoy cinema-quality wherever you are.
  • ⚡【4k Supported Native 1080P & 15000 Lumens & 10000 : 1 Contrast】The Betife native 1080p projector has 15000 lumens, which is 50% brighter than other 1080p projectors. In the same environment, Betife can give you a brighter viewing effect. With an optical smart led light source and 10000:1 high contrast technology, The image has a clear sense of geometry and outline, and the D50 color temperature can better restore the sense of the story of the movie.
  • ⚡【Various installation methods & Keystone & Zoom】You can resize pictures without moving this portable projector. The Betife portable movie projector supports front, rear, and ceiling installations, and supports keystone correction, so there is no need to worry about image distortion due to placement.
  • ⚡【Multiple connection methods & USB & HDMI】 Betife with WiFi and Bluetooth also has multiple ports, including HD x 2, USB x 2, AV, VGA and 3.5mm audio jacks, and equipped with HDMI cable and AV cable, which can be connected to USB, Phone, PC, laptop, TV stick, Switch, DVD, Speakers.  This native 1080p projector can display Excel/Word/PDF via USB. Wireless connection and wired connection allow you to project the picture you want through the Betife1080p projector anytime and anywhere
  • ⚡【Dust-sealed Optical Engine & High speed cooling system】 The Betife native 1080p projector has an exclusive dedicated fully sealed optical engine, which has been tested by dust, which can effectively block the entry of dust and reduce black spots and light leakage. The spiral high-speed cooling system increases the rotation frequency by 30% compared with other 1080p projectors, improves the cooling efficiency by 60%, and prolongs the life of the LED light source to 120,000 hours.
  • ⚡【Five years of professional technical support】 We provide 1 year free projector replacement and 5 years professional technical support, no matter you have any questions, please contact us, our local customer service team has ten years of after-sales experience. We will solve your problem within twelve hours. (Due to the standard app copyright, to watch Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. can only work if connected via HDMI, fire tv stick, Roku, or Chrome cast.)


Product Description

PROJECTOR for gaming, native 1080p projector

Let’s show you BETIFE.

On the device you choose to watch movies, compared to a TV, a projector not only allows you to have a projection screen of more than 100 inches, but also protects the eyes of you and your family, and keeps your children away from the trouble of wearing glasses. So friends around you are beginning to choose projectors instead of TV.

BETIFE focuses on using the latest technology to bring you a better viewing experience, not only breaking the shortcomings of other projectors that are not clear and bright enough in quality, but also using the latest wireless connection technology in terms of functionality. Let your budget meet your stricter and more comfortable needs to experience the latest technology from BETIFE

What do you get when you choose BETIFE?

1. Native 1080p resolution, support 4k

2. Wireless mirror projection, support 5G WiFi and 2.4G WiFi

3. The maximum projection size can reach 250 inches

4. Compatible with more than ten kinds of devices to meet your needs on any occasion

5. Sealed optical engine prevents dust from entering

6. Sleep timer, freely control the time to turn off the projector

7. Diffuse reflection protects the eyes of you and your family


More Choices More Happiness

You can enjoy a wireless mirroring connection, Bluetooth connection, and wired connection at the same time

To give you a better user experience, BETIFE has built a 5G WiFi chip and a 5.0 two-way Bluetooth chip into the projector, which are only available for projectors that cost more than 200 dollers. Most projectors only have 2.4G WiFi, which will cause you to experience lag when performing wireless projection, while 5G WiFi can reduce the delay and lag by 90%

Not only a projector but also a Bluetooth speaker! The two-way Bluetooth chip is the latest communication technology, you can use BETIFE as a projector or as a Bluetooth speaker

We also prepared 7 wired ports for you, 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, 1*AV port, 1*VGA port, 1* 3.5mm Audio port, and equipped with an HDMI cable and AV cable.

Since wifi connection is affected by many factors, such as the operation steps, speed of the network, router setting, etc. If you have any trouble connecting it, please let us know. We will reply to your messages within 24 hours and offer you the most detailed instruction.

Due to copyright issues, the Dolby sound is not supported. Please turn off the Dolby sound effect when there is no sound.


Keep your kids away from glasses while enjoying a movie

The picture projected by the projector is based on the principle of diffuse reflection, which will not directly hit your eyes like a TV, reducing the irritation to your eyes, and in order to make your eyes more comfortable when watching movies, we use low blue light for you. This can better reduce the risk of your child wearing glasses.


Enjoy your movie time on a huge 250-inch screen

When you choose a 1080p projector, are you worried that the room is not big enough to get a clear projected picture? To solve this problem, we have adopted a new optical path design and a high-refractive lens imported from Germany, which can have a clear picture at a short distance, and when you put it on a 250-inch screen, there will be no picture loss.

projector with quit fan and speaker

In order to make it easier for you to use the BETIFE WiFi projector, we designed it as a portable projector that can support multiple installation methods. When you want to watch the latest Hold movies in the living room, you can put the WiFi projector on the table without using with the other brackets you can play movies. Or you can choose to use a stand for a better viewing experience, you can choose a stand with a 1/4” thread and mount it on the ceiling or on a tripod.

WIFI and Bluetooth projector

You can choose any device to connect to the movie projector

By choosing a BETIFE projector, you don’t have to worry about whether it is compatible with mobile phones, whether it is compatible with computers, or whether it is compatible with game consoles. Because we have prepared six signal interfaces for you, which can be compatible with more than a dozen media devices. For example, IOS phone, Android phone, computer, tablet computer, speaker, Bluetooth speaker, PS4, PS5, XBOX, SWITCH, DVD player, TV stick, camera, U disk, etc.

You want to watch a warm movie with your family after dinner. At this time, you can use your mobile phone or computer to mirror the screen through WiFi, so that the movie on your mobile phone can be played on a 100” screen.

After a week of work and you want to have a pool party or BBQ party at home on the weekends, you can connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker so you can play a movie and have great music at the same time.

You may feel that the PS5 screen is too small to play on your computer, so you can use an HDMI cable to connect the PS5 to a 1080p projector so that you can play games on a larger screen.

To bring you a better life experience for BETIFE projectors, we spend most of the cost on the functions and image quality of the projectors, with extremely high quality and very favorable prices. We hope to make you feel the fun of a real 1080P Bluetooth WiFi projector.



1. To ensure you have a better viewing experience, please use it in a darker environment

2. When the projector is not used for a long timg, please put it back in the box or put it in a dust-free environment

3.Due to the standard app copyright, to watch Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc. can only work if connected via HDMI, fire tv stick, Roku, or Chrome cast.

4.Please do not block the vents when you are using the projector to avoid damage to the machine due to excessive temperature.

5. The package not includes the battery for the remote control, please prepare 2 AAA batteries yourself!

6.Due to copyright issues, the Dolby sound is not supported. Please turn off the Dolby sound effect when there is no sound.

In order to protect the circuit and life of the projector, we have made a scientific design:

After the projector is powered on for 3 seconds, press the power button to turn it on

what’s in the package?

Betife 1080P projector *1, Power cable*1, HDMI cable*1, 3-in-1 AV cable*1, Remote Control*1, user manual*1, cleaning kit*1

Additional information

Weight 4.29 kg
Dimensions 12.64 × 8.74 × 4.8 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

4.29 pounds

Package Dimensions

12.64 x 8.74 x 4.8 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Special Features

Full HD Native 1080Platest 5G Wifi connection5.0 BluetoothPortable size220 Giant screen15000LM110000 contrast ratioCompatible with TV Stick Phone PS4 LaptopSleep Timer

Speaker Type

Surround Stereo Built-In





Date First Available

April 19 2022



8 reviews for Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, Native 1080P Full HD 5G WiFi 4K Supported, Betife Outdoor Movie Projector, LCD 300 ASIN Video

  1. Yang Tian

    High quality and clearIt’s amazing, I tried connecting screen mirroring when I got this 1080p projector and it was super easy. I can finally watch a movie on the white wall in my bedroom! Great picture quality, it’s definitely worth the price

  2. Sharonzzz

    wonderful projector!!The best projector I’ve ever used. It’s easier to use than I thought it would be, and it can use Bluetooth or wifi to connect. The colors are vibrant and clear. Worth to buy!

  3. Zhenyu Huang

    Very clearThe picture is pretty clear once you adjusted to the right spot. It’s best experience if you use hdmi cable, video would be smooth. Overall a great product

  4. PhantomOfAmazon

    Betife Projectors now Top Tier Options on Amazon! Mistakes in Video Review:- I said this is going to be one of the best projectors on eBay, when I meant AmazonSummary:If a projector comes in at 1920x1080p HD (Native) it most likely will be compatible with 4K as this one is.This projector features Bluetooth, so you might not even need the second HDMI slot that it so generously provides.I have been dealing with projectors for a long time and my advice to you is to spend another $35 to $45 to get a dedicated media stick just for this device so you don’t have to take it off the back of your TV every time.Obviously using one of the two HDMI cables you could connect it to your PC or laptop and control everything from there, but I don’t like having to simultaneously deal with my projector and computer. Same with phones. You can control this projector using your iPhone or Android, but if you are like me and are on your phone a lot, you might share my belief that it’s better to just keep your computers and phones unattached so you can continue to play League of Legends or Clash of Clans and cruise around on Instagram while you watch your movies.If you get a Roku stick or a Firestick, you can simply use the remote controller to control everything in conjunction with the projector remote.If you have any white walls in your house, you don’t even need to bother with a projector screen.Make the videos/images bigger by moving the projector back a couple feet, or move it in closer if you are restricted on wall space. This projector can put up a viewing area of 300″ measured corner to corner.Keystone correction means that you can place it to the side of the couch, make a couple easy adjustments through experimentation and you will be able to still see a perfect rectangular display even though the projector is not directly in front of the wall or screen.This is one of the best projectors available on Amazon, because of its lumens, resolution, WiFi and Bluetooth capability, and the fact that it has two HDMI ports.The only downside to this projector is the same with all projectors: you will need a dark environment to fully appreciate the features.That might mean you might want to consider purchasing blackout curtains so that you can watch anything you want despite the time of day.Also keep in mind that you can play your Playstation or Xbox console on this, and as you can imagine gaming is much more entertaining with a huge wall-sized display…which is very doable in this case.If you get this projector right now along with the media stick of your choice, you won’t regret it. Set up is nearly foolproof.A+5/5 stars!PS – the person before me only gave it one star….. But I can tell that they are new to this entire experience. They had issues Anycasting/Mirrorcasting…. But those options work if you know what you are doing. Still, I say use a media stick. It’s just way easier and convenient. This product is going to last for years so you might as well equip it the best you can.

  5. Brittney Bravo

    WAY better than expected!Got this thing to use for movie nights occasionally with the family but have used it almost every day since it came! Between watching movies and tv to clapping players in warzone, this thing can do it all. It is super bright and with the right screen it looks better than my living room television by a landslide. There is no input delay at all when playing games and even comes with built in speakers that sound ok enough to not use external audio if you have to. It’s perfectly priced and worth every penny at $109.99. Pick this thing up if you have the room to use it and you will NOT be disappointed!

  6. Kate K.

    Resolution and brightness are beautiful only in the darkThis projector has the ability to connect via Bluetooth. It has two HDMI inputs.I connect one of the HDMI cable to my laptop. It’s nice to manage the projector that way. I also connected the projector with my phone.The resolution is just fine when watching movies in the dark, it has WiFi connection, it can connect to a device thanks to its Bluetooth feature. The advantage of having two separate HDMIs.

  7. Miss Amy

    Great find!Everything about about this projector is awesome! You get what you pay for and this one is on the higher side of home projectors but it shows why! The picture quality outdoors is still high and sound part is fine though I always recommend getting a nice speaker system make it a better experience. Easy to set up and its a nice little box. Highly recommend. Surely beats my other projector that was almost half the price during a Black Friday sale.

  8. Eva Fang

    Good price great product I got this projector for my living room, it has pretty good quality and cheap in price. The size is smaller than what I expected which surprised me. Overall this is worth what I paid and it is very easy to connect with my devices. I replaced the yaber V10 with it, although the Betife is cheaper, but it works better for me, it meets the standard that my old Yaber projector have and its 1080p screen quality fits my need, it is a great choice for me to buy it.

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