Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X Progressive Industries Portable RV Electrical Management System Surge Protector 30 Amp

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  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use
  • Security Locking Bracket
  • Rugged Pull Handle, Tough Lexan Housing, All Weather Shield Assembly
  • Lifetime Warranty (excludes All Weather Shield Assembly)



Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C. Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use. Security Locking Bracket. Rugged Pull Handle, Tough Lexan® Housing, All Weather Shield Assembly. Lifetime Warranty (excludes All Weather Shield Assembly).

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Surge protector, camco, surge guard, rv, camping

Three Styles to Choose From

Surge guard, camco, rv surge protector

rv surge protector

surge guard, camco, rv surge protector

Separate Portable Surge Module & Pedestal Tester

The new portable surge protector kits include 2 separate parts, a power pedestal tester and surge module. The power pedestal tester allows you to test the quality of the power before connecting your RV. The surge module can simply be left connected to your cordset so you don’t have to worry about leaving it behind. All surge modules are sacrificial items intended to protect the vehicle’s electrical system. By having the surge module separate you can still use the pedestal tester and replace the surge module when the indicator light signals the surge protection has been depleted.

All-in-one Portable Surge & Testing

The tried and true all-in-one surge protectors are portable devices that have both surge protection and pedestal testing in one unit. Simply plug the device into the power pedestal to check the quality of your power and then plug in your cordset. You can continue to monitor the quality of power while your RV is connected and surge protected.

Hardwired Protection

The hardwired surge protectors provide the highest level of electrical and surge protection available. They will be hardwired between your vehicle’s AC inlet and the electrical panel to protect all AC devices on board. By hard-wiring the surge protection into the vehicle you never run the risk of leaving your surge protector behind and have the peace of mind knowing your protected every time you plug in.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6.25 × 5 cm
Product Dimensions

18 x 6.25 x 5 inches; 4.2 Pounds

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Date First Available

December 30 2016



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Progressive Industries

10 reviews for Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X Progressive Industries Portable RV Electrical Management System Surge Protector 30 Amp

  1. M6805

    Read the instructions closelyPurchased the EMS-PT30X during May-2022. The first three outings seemingly were flawless, leading me to believe that all is well.After the 4th and subsequent outings, I thought I was getting zero electrical output, hence unplugging the EMS and connecting direct too pedestal. Each time I had a quite useable electric connection.Little did I know, based on what had been happening that I was missing a key part of the connection (read page 6 para 4 of the 12-page user’s manual). It really was working, but only after a 2 minute + wait for “Functionality Self-Test”.Customer service was quick to point that out, but a further question seemingly fell on deaf ears.Customer service, IMO, only cares about NOT returning a product and does really care about customer needs.

  2. Scott Teske

    So far this device offers peace-of-mind, works as expected.At first I didn’t think it was working, but after RE READING the instructions I realized the device would turn on and supply power after the 206 seconds prescribed time! Hopefully we won’t actually experience any power surges or brownouts, but I’m confident with this device it’ll protect my RV electronics system.

  3. Jan

    Will save your electrical systemI’ve been using mine for three years now. Just this week I was camping and the EMS shut down the power coming into my Lexor TS. The park people had to come and change out the components in the power cabinet. The EMS saved me from having something happen to my wiring. Very much worth the price.

  4. 45Patriot

    Don’t go camping without one.This product is not only very well-built, does exactly as advertised but is just as necessary. The first time going out in my RV after purchasing this it protected my RV and it’s electronics at least a dozen times when the power coming in was too low for the RV to safely operate due to high use during a heat wave. It is absolutely worth every penny to have this when you are camping in an RV park, with today’s modern RVs and electronics you are rolling the dice by not having protection from more than just a surge of power. The cost of this unit is nothing in comparison to replacing or repairing RV electronics that has been damaged by excessive voltage, under voltage or faulty wiring at the pedestal. This unit will protect you from all of these plus more.

  5. william kopf

    Works great keeps your camper safe.When you plug it in, it takes 130 seconds to run a test prior to turning on power,

  6. G. Halcomb

    EXCELLENT Customer ServiceBe aware this unit is quite large. There is a significant initial delay before it passes power to the RV, but it seems to work well. Mine started making a loud buzz after 3 years. Lifetime Warranty, so I contacted the company and received an immediate response and replacement unit. How rare is that these days? Very satisfied.

  7. Kindle Customer

    Stand by their productI purchased the EMS PT30X in 2018 after reading reviews. Last year while camping we had rain. When packing up we noticed the unit had water in it. We drained it and allowed it to dry out over the winter. This year we tried to use it but it didn’t work. I contacted tech support, you will wait awhile on the phone; was told to fill out a replacement form because it was under warranty for that issue. By that night I had received an email telling me they would replace the unit. Unbelievably easy. It restored my faith that there are companies out there who stand by their product and don’t make you jump through hoops. This is a great product and we feel confident our camper is safe from electrical issues when using this product. I really am a happy camper.

  8. bob

    RV electricity protection at a reasonable priceThus was bought to analyze and surge protect my brothers new RV camper. It’s constantly connected between the RV and where it’s plugged. It’s designed to advise of any faults in the supply electricity connections and to help during any surges. It seems to work just fine. No idea how long this will last for but this and devices like it should be required equipment to help protect your RV.

  9. Frank E. Trinkle

    This is THE one! Best of the best…bar none! Worth every penny for operation and peace of mind.We had a much cheaper 30amp surge protector and outlet tester that almost fried our electrical system in our RV when it showed all green lights from the post power and then fried when the power cord was connected and the circuit breaker turned on. Scary when the unit started sizzling and smoking.We thought it was one of the flat copper inserts on our power cord and had it replaced. Next time we used the surge protector with the new cord attachment….SIZZLE/Smoke! Yikes!This immediately changed our mind about using simple cheap RV external surge protectors. The potential damage to an RV electrical system could cost Thousands of $$ in repairs if it got fried. We needed full and comprehensive protection. This Progressive Industries Power/Surge protector is the highest rated in the industry, and while it is significantly more expensive than those with less functions, it is clearly the best way to assure that power to your RV is safe and secure.The system has great external features including a cover that protects the RV cord connection against getting wet from rain or grass sprinklers at RV Parks. It is easy to secure to the pole with a lock or bicycle lock cable to protect against theft.When first hooking up, it takes approximately two minutes for the system to go through an extensive cycle of testing with indications of voltage, ground, and polarity among other tests. Error indications alert you to potential issues and voltage reading are constantly updated on the display as well as amperage draw.The connection has a handle for easy removal from the power post as well.This is the top of the line protection for 30amp RV’s. There simply is no better external system available on the market and while it is clearly a tough investment, in the long run it could save you thousands of dollars, and potentially an interrupted vacation if you fried the electronics of your RV. The cost of the unit makes the old saying “Better safe than sorry” totally apropos!We are extremely pleased with this Surge Protector/Power Monitor and after many uses, the only small irritant is the waiting time for the system to go through the testing process. Nonetheless, when it has completed its testing, you KNOW that the power provided from the post is safe and usable without issues.Absolutely a very high FIVE STAR rating is warranted for this unit, along with my honest and VERY hearty recommendation. Safe travels!*If you found my review helpful to you, PLEASE let Amazon know by clicking the “HELPFUL” button below!

  10. Harold F. Larsen

    Works great, as expectedVery important to protect your Rv appliances from damage. Easy to use and works great.

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