Prepac Large Four-Sided Spinning Tower Storage Cabinet, Espresso

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  • Finished in durable rich espresso laminate
  • Adjustable shelves hold a variety of media sizes
  • Capacity: 1040 CDs, 476 DVDs, 832 Blu-Ray discs, 280 VHS cassettes or any combination thereof
  • Constructed from CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer
  • Ships Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts
  • Ships in several boxes, may ship separately
SKU: B005484N56


Get serious about your media collection with our Large 4-Sided Spinning Tower. Offering storage space for more than a thousand CDs and taking up just under two square feet of floor space, this unit is ideal for collectors under space constraints. With fully adjustable shelves and easy access thanks to its spinning mechanism, it’s as versatile as it is functional. The tower’s horizontal storage makes it easy to fill and reorganize your collection as it grows and changes. It’s a great choice for ambitious collectors.

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Prepac is a North American designer, manufacturer and drop shipper of functional and stylish RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Home Furniture.

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Made in Canada

Easy Product Care: Wipe Clean With A Dry Cloth

Assembly Required: Flathead + Phillips Head + Hammer

Packaging designed to protect your purchase

Proudly Manufactured in North America

Additional information

Weight 34.4 kg
Dimensions 18.75 × 18.75 × 65 cm
Item Weight

34.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

18.75 x 18.75 x 65 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

65 inches

Assembled Width

18.75 inches

Assembled Length

18.75 inches


73 Pounds





Date First Available

June 4 2011



9 reviews for Prepac Large Four-Sided Spinning Tower Storage Cabinet, Espresso

  1. William

    So disappointing.I really wanted to like these shelves. They seemed perfect for my den. Well, after just putting the thing together, I actually wanted to come up here and let someone else know what I had to find out before they too waste their money. This thing is made of the absolute cheapest particle board crap that pieces fell apart in assembly. Like dust. They crumbled. It’s the cheapest material I’ve seen, and actually makes Walmart furniture seem sturdy. The instructions are God awful as well. The entire hanging system is two pieces of particle boards sitting on each other. That’s it. A groove carved into particle board. Do you trust a 100 or so pound shelving unit and anything you put on it with that hanging system? I don’t. I refused to continue. I have to go to Lowes tomorrow for a better wall hanging system that’s SAFER. I have kids. This thing would fall if you looked at it wrong. I hate leaving reviews like this, but I’m hoping to save someone else from feeling as cheated as I do. Pass.

  2. Greg Carriveau

    Scuffy DIYI have a very large collection of Blu-rays & DVD’s. The sheer number this unit can hold, plus some of the reviews I’ve seen here and elsewhere, is what convinced me to buy it. After receiving it, I can definitely say this is a mixed bag of good & bad.First, the bad.The unit came shipped in two different boxes. One with the top, bottom, middle & side supports, plus the backing. In the other box were each of the shelves, instructions, and nails/screws/dowels, etc. NEITHER box was shipped with protection material between the pieces. Meaning, every piece had multiple scuff marks in multiple places. Whitish scuff marks on black coated wood? Not good. Most of the individual shelves had scuffs on BOTH sides of a shelf, as well. Very disappointed with this.The package with the screws, nails, dowels, etc., was one of the most incompetent things I’ve ever come across when doing projects like these. All of the parts came in a giant bag. Inside it, the metal plugs/dowels that you put into the supports to hold the individual shelves, came in multiple, sealed baggies. Cool. However, the rest of the parts were scattered, loosely in the larger bag. Meaning, I had to separate all the parts myself. All in all, not the biggest pain, unless you count the 4 or 5 times I stabbed myself with one of the several dozen small nails floating about in the bag while trying to get all of the parts out…I’ve put together quite a few of these DIY furniture pieces and I’ve never seen such a lack of pride or workmanship when putting parts & pieces together for shipment. For the money you pay, you should receive higher quality than this.On to the good.This piece does exactly what it’s advertised. It holds a ton of movies and the unit is sturdy & solid. It’s not cumbersome and looks impressive with all of my movies in it. Try to install it in the room you’re going to ultimately keep it in. It’s not all that difficult to move, unless you’re by yourself, like I was. Still, it was easy to put together (took about an hour or so) and it’s doing the job I need.In the end, I can’t highly recommend this due to the abysmal packing & scuffed boards, especially for the price. If you’re not too concerned about that, it’s a good enough unit for what it is…

  3. Amazon Customer

    The quality is good and item looks niceThis holds 489 DVD’s by laying one shelf group on their side due to height restriction. The quality is good and item looks nice. Very easy to assemble. Unfortunately, my DVD collection totals 667 and this item was not large enough. It would be helpful if the description would have included the number of items it would accommodate (i.e. CD/DVD/blue ray, etc.). My picture below also includes book ends on top with an additional 74 DVD’s.

  4. PhotoGraphics

    Unbelievably shoddy designStorage cabinets for CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes are becoming as obsolete as the media they are meant to store, no company wants to make the investment to design anything worthwhile so virtually everything being sold is junk. Including this one. The big difference is that most of the others sell for about $45 bucks, which is about what they are worth. This one’s price is in the stratosphere and before you read another word, take my advice, it’s not worth it.I bought it for one reason, I have a lot of audio and video recordings on those obsolete formats and they are scattered all over the house. Almost every cabinet that holds a large quantity of media is low profile so it takes up a lot of floor space, which is at a premium in my house. This one is unusually tall and has a unique width that fits exactly between my closet door and the corner of the room. That is the one and only reason I kept it. If you are still considering this product, then at least read the following information and tips so you know what you are getting in for.TIP 1When I am shopping for something I start with the one star reviews, they are usually the most informative about what’s wrong with a product and least likely to be bogus reviews placed by the seller or people who got free samples. Here’s what you will find in those low rating reviews. That they (a Canadian company, not Chinese) are careless to the point of irresponsibility in prepping it to get to you – everything is carelessly tossed inside with no protection other than a white foam that is carelessly sprayed all over the parts themselves. It absolutely does not come off no matter what I’ve tried, if you care at all about how the finished cabinet looks you will be disappointed, the ugly white foam covers many of the parts that show.TIP 2Like most cheap RTA (ready to assemble) furniture this is made from MDA which is a way of hiding the fact that it is compressed sawdust covered with an extremely thin vinyl. There are actually some fairly nice products made from MDA, this isn’t one of them, it is the lowest grade like you would find at the dollar store. Except this costs many dollars, it is unbelievably overpriced. Compared to other products this should sell for no more than forty-five bucks at the most.TIP 3Unlike most Chinese-made furniture that is usually precisely sized this looks like someone made it in their back yard after a few beers. Those useless front trim pieces that so many complain about because they make CD/DVD cases at either end impossible to access are about an eighth of an inch too long. I had to cut them with a hacksaw. No one who buys a cabinet that costs this much should have to correct pieces that are made incorrectly. IF you aren’t handy with shop tools, do not buy this cabinet.TIP 4The flimsy piece of cardboard they call a back panel is too small. If you nail it on like you would on similar cabinets the tall sides are pulled in too much which results in the shelves not fitting. The instructions don’t say a word about this. The guy who made this could have avoided this problem if he had just put a fixed shelf mid-way between the top and bottom. SOLUTION: and this is a must – before you start to nail the back on install two shelves, one 8 peg holes down from the top and one 8 peg holes up from the bottom. That will spread the sides enough while you attach the cardboard back so you can then install (and adjust) the rest of the shelves. And by the way, they use the absolute cheapest aluminum nails that bend at the slightest tap.TIP 5This is another must-do. I recommend never assembling any RTA furniture without using a good grade of wood glue. You will never end up with a serviceable item if you don’t. And it is especially true with something like this that uses absolutely no bracing of any kind. Glue every wood-to-wood surface except the shelves of course.TIP 6I have never seen any company include a black felt marker for you to touch up their mistakes. And you will need it. Fortunately it matches close enough to cover places where the thin vinyl is scratched or marred.YES OR NOAs I said I didn’t return this because it fits the space I have available and it’s not in a location where looking good is that important to me. After it was assembled, with me correcting their mistakes, it holds my remaining library of CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes. I can’t recommend it for all of the reasons covered above but most of all because it is unbelievably shoddy for the price which is way too high.

  5. Erik

    Easy to assemble and great for organizingThere aren’t a whole lot of decent media shelves out there, particularly ones with room for hundreds of movies/games. So it’s a good thing these Prepac ones work well (especially for the price), with the added bonus of being easy to put together. There’s a good quantity of shelves for those putting in all blu-rays – I think I have 5 left over from my own bizarre layout.I also found it more stable than I expected, enough so that I feel comfortable about not anchoring it to the wall. I did, however, leave out the rear feet you hammer into the base so the shelves have a tiny slant toward the wall.Given that I included some odd size cases (DS and 3DS) I ended up with one awkwardly spaced section that fit some amiibos.

  6. Jesse R.

    Great Build Quality, Great Storage, Only Two ConcernsThis Media Storage Tower is exactly what I needed; it’s fairly sturdy, spacious, good looking, and adjustable. It has a good price too for the storage it provides.I only have two causes for concern with this: the peg holes, and the shelves themselves. Many of the peg holes weren’t cleared well enough, so I needed to hammer the pegs in the first time, but only once. The shelves are designed quite well with a cavity underneath in which the pegs slide in to keep the shelves in place, but they don’t quite reach the back of the tower. This isn’t a big problem, but if you wanted to store thin items towards the back, they could fall through.In contrast however, there are many parts I am impressed by. The back of these storage units are typically a folded piece of cardboard, whereas this has solid Masonite, split vertically into two pieces to ship. Rather than screws, some crucial connections on this unit use rapid rods to keep it in shape, which are less likely to move and, incidentally, easier to put in. The pegs, as aforementioned, sit in a cavity on the bottom of the shelves so the shelves don’t slide or wobble.Over all, it’s positives far outweigh the little negatives, and I am very satisfied with the purchase. With my setup, I was able to store up to 168 video game boxes or DVD movie boxes on it.

  7. Samuel Cote

    Biggest storage available for a big collectionThe storage was perfect for the amount of medias that say it could take. I was expecting more space (see my picture) but I didn’t count the TV serie boxsets or Bundles. So for ~600 medias I own I only put 500 and bring 100 medias of CG animated type on an other medias storage. That leave my space for additionnal purchase. But still was hoping to put all my medias in one place

  8. Man of sand

    Little pricey but served my multimedia storage needLittle pricey but served my multimedia storage need. I did not use it as a floating shelf so can’t speak for that portion of it. I Required two of them to store my Blu-Ray collection in which, these shelves are absolutely perfect for that! Adjustable shelves allowed customizable spacing. Fairly straight forward to assemble. Second unit assembled in half the amount of time as I had a firm grasp from the first go around. It’s fairly flimsy particle board but what isn’t now a days with assemble yourself furniture? Looks great in the man cave!!

  9. CB

    Moins stable que prévuSuperbe meuble à rangement CD/DVD et même bibliothèque. Il vient avec le nombre de tablettes requises pour le “pire scénario” où on n’y rangerait que des CD. Si vous l’utilisez aussi pour stocker d’autres formats, vous en aurez en “spare”. Faites attention au moment de clouer la planche à l’arrière… des fois les clous apparaissent à l’avant (l’espace pour les clouer est plutôt exigu). Pour le reste, la finition est excellente, il est vraiment beau. Seul hic, la base n’est pas assez large pour qu’il ait une bonne stabilité tout seul, même chargé avec du contenu pesant (livres). Si votre plancher n’est pas assez droit, vous aurez intérêt à l’attacher au mur (attache comprise dans la boîte) :o)

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