Portable Monitor for Laptops, New Mobile Pixels Duex Plus 13.3″ Full HD IPS Dual Laptop Monitor, USB C/USB A Plug and Play

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Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brand Duex
Special Feature portable monitor, external laptop monitor, 2nd laptop screen
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

  • 【AUTO ROTATION PORTABLE DUAL MONITOR】:Duex Plus 13.3” FHD or 1080P IPS ultra slim portable laptop monitor weighs only 1.3lbs, 0.25” at thinnest point for the ultimate convenience and portability. Thinner bezel expands your view.It will auto rotate when you flip this portable display from left to right or right to left.
  • 【MULTI-DEVICE COMPATIBILTY】: This laptop dual screen is compatible with any laptops,Windows,Mac,Android,Nintendo Switch and Samsung DeX. Multi modes to use -either left or right, landscap,portrait,presentation,kickstand and eye-care modes.
  • 【PLUG IN POWER ON】: Attach Duex Plus secondary display,Plug in and Slide out!Easy double-monitor setup!Whether you’re presenting,gaming,teaching,or multitasking, Duex Plus is a clean, simple to use, plug-and-play solution.
  • 【ERGONOMIC COMFORT &VARIOUS SCENARIOUS】: Upgraded from Edison’s award-winning Duex Pro,Duex Plus laptop dual monitor is redesigned to be 30% lighter,50% slimmer,much faster speed and energy-saving. Perfect laptop pair when work or stduy on the couch, backyard,road,or away-from-the-desk work.
  • 【ONE YEAR WARRANTY】: Energy Star, BSMI, CE, FCC, KCC, RoHS, UL, WEEE, CA65 certified, with duarable PC-ABS Plastic and robust aluminum alloy to withstand the wear and tear that comes with transporting your laptop around.



Product Description

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Hybrid signal

Compatible with Nintendo switch, windows, MacOS, Samsung DeX

What's in box

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 12.25 × 8.46 × 0.25 cm
Product Dimensions

12.25 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches

Item Weight

1.3 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

April 15 2021


Mobile Pixels Inc

9 reviews for Portable Monitor for Laptops, New Mobile Pixels Duex Plus 13.3″ Full HD IPS Dual Laptop Monitor, USB C/USB A Plug and Play

  1. Juan Rey

    Just… WOW!So, I decided to ignore the very few bad reviews about this portable monitor, and give it a go. I didn’t know there were portable monitors for laptops before this, so I was super skeptical about it. I looked practically everywhere on Amazon for like an hour or so, I found this one. And I think I bought it at a sale that they gave me like a 33% discount, so I went for it.So, the package day arrived, and, OH MAN, this thing is AMAZING.I’ve been using it for two weeks now, and everything works like a charm for me EVERY TIME. This is the perfect solution for laptop owners that are looking for something extra. My laptop monitor is 15″, and with this 13.3″ monitor, it really looks like it came with it, LOL! The best thing about it? You can detach it and use it with your Nintendo Switch, and, OH BOY, it’s freaking great for it.Ah, and the monitor is extremely lightweight, you barely feel it in your hands when you detach it. However, expect your laptop to feel like it gained some extra weight, though.For those that were struggling to keep their laptop monitor steady, you need to put the laptop on a surface flat enough so your laptop can have some balance. Also, be careful sliding out the monitor. Don’t be too rough or it will definitely break its hinges. And if you’re struggling to keep the Deux stuck on the back of your monitor, here’s my tip: use 8 of those 3M stickers instead of 4. Use 2 stickers on each side for a better grip, and that’s it. You won’t have any trouble now.My only complaint is the weird as heck kickstand it comes with. It’s some kind of origami stand that’s a pain in the ass to use, and sometimes I’m scared it will fall off with the monitor. Just be sure to use it on a super flat surface, and on a low height to prevent your monitor to break if it falls off.Overall, excellent product. I’m in love with my Deux Plus monitor. No issues so far, and I hope to stay that way. Give it a try, guys. You won’t regret it!

  2. Customer 48443

    Updated review- had to return 🙁UPDATED REVIEW-within 2 weeks after return window closed, it started flickering and causing weird internet issues. It also began sagging and wouldn’t stay up no matter what I did/the weight was too much. Was permitted to return BUT was charged a restocking fee of $50!!!!!I would NOT recommend this and be careful go read the terms before purchasing.This monitor is pretty cool! It attaches easily to the lid of my laptop and slides out easily. Picture quality is not quite as good as my laptop, but is very close and definitely meets my needs which are spreadsheets, google research, etc. Overall, this is giving me the monitor I need and helps to conserve desk space. I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Ruby

    The driver will ruin your MacBook. “Too long didn’t read” version at the bottom.I have a 2015 MacBook Pro running on Big Sur OS. I installed everything accordingly. I followed the direction on their official website. Mounted it, plugged it in. I thought it would be plug and play.It wasn’t, you gotta download the driver.So I downloaded the driver from their official website “mobilpixels.us”.This is where things got strange. The official driver was called “TVPiture_monitor_” (not mobile pixels), however i downloaded it from their official webpage.After I allowed the driver permission to access my display configurations my laptop went black and It crashed.I powered it back on and voila! The second monitor is functioning…. Except it is laggy…. Very laggy… and in about 10 minutes my Mac crashes again!!I’ve removed and uninstalled the weird mobilepexel app/driver and I’ve returned the screen for a refund… but my computer won’t last 10 mins without crashing with a black screen.Now my only solution is to factory reset my MacBook….TL;DRIf you have a Mac, don’t buy this. It’s laggy as hell and it might cause your laptop to permanently crash after booting up.

  4. Julee Dilley

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!Seriously. Don’t bother. No matter how many supposedly good reviews you read, don’t waste your money. I did, giving it the benefit of the doubt and I was duped, it doesn’t work as advertised. I honestly wish I could give zero stars.I was thrilled when the package arrived and went to set it up right away. Got it all attached (or so I thought) and powered it on. Within minutes, the monitor was falling off the back of my laptop. I replaced all of the adhesives and gave it another go, same problem. The magnets and the adhesives are just not strong enough to hold up the monitor.Further, the display settings leave a lot to be desired. Display options are really zoomed out or really zoomed in, there are no alternate settings. The colors show up weird and even at full brightness, it just doesn’t cut it.It’s such a great idea in concept, I wish it worked. Maybe I’ll check back in a few years…but not likely.

  5. Toastlord

    Great quality but lightweight second screen My job has evolved to include a lot more presentations, and thankfully now I’m back out on the road in person with my laptop. I can’t always rely on being able to plug into a monitor when I’m out and about, so a second screen is a must for me. In the past this meant lugging around a trusty LG external monitor, but that’s quite literally a pain plus it also needs it’s own power supply. This led to me looking for a lightweight monitor but one that’s also light enough to make it worthwhile and one that can run without the need for another external power brick.What attracted me to the Duex Plus was the options it gives for use – it can be attached to the back of your laptop with the magnetic discs, and will slide out to give a second screen to the side for example. I can also fold it around, so the screen is facing out from the back of my laptop, which is great when I presenting something to a client which I want them to see. When I’m not on the road I can just remove it until it’s needed. However it will also stand on it’s own without being attached to the laptop at all (apart from the single power/display USB cable of course). There also a folding origami stand which stands it up at a nice angle for use.Setup is easy – it took me a couple of minutes with the magnetic plates – remove the backing put them in place and press the monitor against the laptop and you are done. With Windows 10 there was nothing to do and no need to install any drivers as Windows recognised it and did it for me. All I needed to do was set the properties to either mirror the main display or extend the desktop depending on what I am using it for. The connection is a single USB C cable provided which both powers the screen and provides the signal. I can’t comment on use with a Switch or Mac but suspect that’s as easy from the manual.The screen is very lightweight and yet the quality is excellent – images and text are pin sharp on it, as good as the main display. If you need a second screen and have a USB 3 slot then this does the job brilliantly.

  6. AyshaZahid

    Good product: lightweight, good quality, worth the money This product really delivers.- It’s lightweight- Feels like good quality, not cheap plastic like some other brands- Screen is really good quality- Kickstand is great- It’s super slim and compact whilst providing a perfect second monitor.I have used this for a couple of weeks before posting a review and really don’t know how to fault it. It’s perfect for home working from a small, confined space (as I do) so you can pack up the monitor easily once finished with the work day. I have also tried taking it with me to a coffee shop and it’s incredibly light weight.I actually own the original version of this too and can see that they have improved the product by leaps and bounds. The old one did what it said on the tin but the sliding track of the screen was flimsy and you had to be VERY careful to be gentle with it. The same can’t be said for this version – it glides smoothly like a dream and feels robust. Again I used this for a couple of weeks before posting a review. You can see a comparison with the old screen in some of my pictures.I have to mention the kickstand too – this is improved 1000% in the new design. The origami folding design is very stable (when you first use it you have to bend it quite a lot as it is stiff, but the plastic soon becomes flexible enough).I don’t often review products but I am really happy with this purchase.Lastly, I have found the customer service to be incredibly helpful. I had some problems with my old screen and honestly I can’t fault the company at all. They were very responsive and offered solutions whenever I had issues. They even replaced my old screen free of charge. Which is the main reason I decided to repurchase from them.Bit of a raving review but I have to give credit where it’s due. Their screens made lockdown a lot easier for me to work through and the customer service team just removed all stress from the few issues I had.

  7. Imran Hoque

    Good item though customer service was shockingHelloThis item is really neat, allows you to use a second screen though I did find it slightly flimsy, which makes sense due to the positioning and weight of where the second display positions out. I did find mobile pixels customer service shocking, who just referred me back to amazon rather than actually trying to diagnose the problem

  8. AAG

    Works well but overpricedWorks well but overpriced for what it actually is, the screen is decent and it’s so useful though. Bit heavy though so not for small laptops like an XPS or it might ruin the hinge but works fine on my cheap HP that can flex 360

  9. Paul Cook

    Good quality product.Care has to be taken when activating the hinge sections from behind the lap top, bit of a faff attaching the magnets but once sorted no further issues.

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