Portable Monitor for Laptop 17.3″, HDMI 2USB-C FHD 1080P 100% sRGB 60Hz IPS HDR Travel Monitor with Smart Case VESA, External

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Screen Size 17.3 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Special Feature Portable, Blue Light Filter, Wall Mountable, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers
Refresh Rate 60 Hz

  • [1080P FHD IPS Screen] This 17.3″ portable monitor will offer you more vivid colors and crisp images with the stunning 1920×1080 resolution. With the 2000:1 contrast ratio, 100% sRGB color gamut and 178° viewing angle, you’ll have truly immersive viewing experience. Eye-care technology(Blue Light Reduction) also helps keep your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.
  • [Handy for Traveling] Lite weight and thin making this portable monitor easy for traveling professionals and plug and play makes it easy to put wherever you want. No need to install any extra drivers. While 13.3inch may be too small, this 17.3inch will make a huge difference for working on Excel etc.
  • [Built-in Speakers & Multiple Display Modes] There are two built-in dual stereo speakers which provide an immersive experience when you’re listening to music, watching movides, playing games and so on. The 3.5mm audio output can also be used to connect to a outer speaker for better audio experience. There are also three display modes you can use with this 17.3″ portable monitor: Duplicate mode, extend mode and second screen only mode.
  • [Smart Case & VESA Mountable] The smart case made of PU magnetic material keeps the screen safe from scratches and it also doubles as a stand for the monitor at the same time. Standard 75×75 VESA holes on the back allows you to mount the monitor to wall bracket or arm bracket to ensure the best placement in small spaces.
  • [Wide Compatibility] Thanks to two USB Type C ports and one full-size HDMI port, this 17.3″ portable monitor can be connected to a variety of devices such as PC, laptop, smartphone, Raspberry Pi, gaming devices like Switch, Xbox, PS4 and so on. Please note that if your device’s USB type C port is not USB 3.1 or thunderbolt 3, then this USB C port will charge power ONLY without transmitting any signal. With the OTG micro USB port, you can even connect this monitor to your mouse or keyboard.


Product Description

17.3 Inch Portable Monitor

If you do quite a bit of work travel and find it hard to do your job with just a laptop screen, then this 17.3″ portable screen will be your favorite travel monitor you’d ever had.

It’s large enough to give full 1920×1080 resolution but still small and thin enough to be portable. The pictures are clear and vibrant, and you can adjust it a hundred different ways to whatever suit you best through the OSD menu.

On flights, you can power it from in-seat USB and plug in a laptop for shared movies. The included cover is also durable and functions well as a kickstand. This monitor will surely enable you to continue being productive while being on the go.


178° IPS Screen

Dual Speakers


This 17.3″ portable monitor delivers stunning FHD 1920*1080 resolution visuals. With the A+ grade IPS LCD HDR screen, there will be zero latency or frame rate loss even during online competitive game play.

178° IPS Screen

CUIUIC 17.3″ monitor has 178° full viewing angle which ensures no changes in color from any angle and vivid images can be enjoyed.

Dual Speakers

With built-in dual speakers, this 17.3″ portable monitor offers high-quality sound quality when you’re listening to music, watching movies or even playing games. The 3.5mm headphone jack output audio let you connect this display to a outer speaker for better audio experience.

VESA Mountable

VESA Mountable

There are standard 75×75 VESA holes on the back of this monitor and if you do not plan to use this display portably, then you can simply hook it up to your wall mount or arm bracket and leave it be.

17.3in Portable Monitor

Three Display Modes

There are three display modes: Duplicate mode, extend mode and second screen only mode. Simply press “Windows + P” to choose the proper mode.

Please note:

a) The specially configured micro USB interface is used as an OTG function to connect the mouse or keyboard. You can use an OTG converter (not included) to connect this monitor to your mouse or keyboard. This OTG function ONLY works when the input signal is Type C. If you use HDMI as the input signal, your mouse or keyboard will not work.

b) The default brightness is not very high and you can set up the brightness and audio volume as you want. This upgraded 17.3″ portable monitor has the memory to ‘remember’ your previous settings.


Screen Size 17.3in
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Viewing Angle 178°
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Brightness 300cd/m2
Refresh Rate 60Hz
sRGB 100%
Panel-Type IPS LCD
Input Port USB Type C*2, Full-size HDMI*1
Output Port 3.5mm headphone
Weight 2.31lbs

Additional information

Weight 5.79 kg
Dimensions 15.56 × 9.65 × 0.22 cm
Product Dimensions

15.56 x 9.65 x 0.22 inches

Item Weight

5.79 pounds





Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

January 15 2022



10 reviews for Portable Monitor for Laptop 17.3″, HDMI 2USB-C FHD 1080P 100% sRGB 60Hz IPS HDR Travel Monitor with Smart Case VESA, External

  1. Jj

    Good brightness, size, and portability, but low backlight qualityUpdated ReviewThe company of the monitor reached out to me in regards to my issue. They were extremely kind to send me a replacement and it was definitely much better than the original one I purchased. I originally gave 3 stars, but now it is a well deserved 5 stars. For the price, its a pretty good monitor that gets the job done for your day to day needs. Their customer service was wonderful as well, which is very rare to come by these days. I would recommend this product and the company.Original ReviewThe good:I’ve used this monitor for about 2 weeks now and so far it has served its purpose. It works great as a 2nd or 3rd monitor when traveling. It is very thin and can easily slide into your average computer bag. The 17 inch display is more than large enough when you want a portable monitor but don’t want to compromise too much in size. Of course, going from a 24 to 17 inch is still a compromise, but again, for a portable monitor, the size works great. I appreciate the full size HDMI port, as most portable monitors seem to have a mini HDMI, such as the other brand I have. The brightness quality is good as well.The bad:As someone has mentioned in a past review, the colors and backlighting is not consistent. If you see the photo I added, the top left and bottom right corners are not consistent to the rest of the screen. If you have a dark background, you can easily tell the difference in the backlight. It’s doesn’t seem to be too noticeable with bright colors, but it’s very annoying for someone like me, who loves having a dark theme. The colors seem to be a bit off too. It seems to have a green tint to it. This was however fixed by adjusting the RGB colors, and doesn’t bother me much while working.

  2. Stacy Rect

    Superior quality monitor.The media could not be loaded.

     I bought this monitor for work to help me multitask easier. It has been so helpful and made me more productive and work easier. I really like this monitor because it has a crisp clear image and runs really fast. It’s easy to use and lightweight. I like that it can be used for more than just work but mainly I’ll be using it for work. I like the way the stand on this monitor is compared to others. It has a nice case also that can prop the screen or There are standard 75×75 VESA holes on the back of this monitor for mounting. This portable monitor has a 1920×1080 resolution screen that extends your monitor space to improve productivity. It has a 2000:1 contrast ratio and sRGB is 100% . The Brightness is 300cd/m2. All of this provides a higher quality display with the best colors and better viewing angles. This monitor can be used for gaming and the viewing angles allow for multiple players to see the screen clearly from any angle. So no matter what you use it for you can have multiple people viewing the screen without any problems.You could use it for gaming, watching movies, presenting projects, and more. The monitor has a foldable back bracket so you can use the monitor hands free without the need of extra brackets or tripods. This monitor is a plug and play, meaning there is no need for any additional APPs to be installed. This monitor is compatible with most laptops, PC, MacBook, MateBook, phones, and gaming consoles (like Nintendo switch, PS4/5 or Xbox). It is lightweight and only thin so it can be carried around easily or put in a bag. Very nice !

  3. ELL10TTx

    Use it with your phoneI’m using this thing more than I thought I would. Bought it for work but ended up using it outside of work too. The monitor displays more than I was expecting. For some reason when I bought it, I thought the screen size might not be big enough, but it ended being a really great size. I really started using it more when I figured out how to plug in my phone. Yes, using it with a computer is great, but using it with your phone is game changing! Tall about a nice experience away from home! Laptops are portable for when you’re working or making things. This monitor is good for when you’re not working and just want to consume content. Kinda like a tablet but better since you have all your phone stuff.

  4. J Fizer

    Great portable monitorIt’s big, bright, lightweight and comes with multiple type cables – hdmi, c and usb

  5. Felicia

    Perfect monitorThe media could not be loaded.

     This monitor has changed the way I work. I always preferred to work at my desk because I have a docking station that connects to a second monitor but with this I can work anywhere so easily. The screen is such a great size and is so thin and light I can bring it anywhere. I also love that I only need to connect 1 usb c wire to my laptop and it starts working instantly. I’ve tried other monitors that need power plus hdmi and even some with USB connections needed for it to work properly and this is so great that it only needs 1 for my laptop. I even tried it by plugging my Samsung phone in and even though I did need to use the included power adapter, it was SO nice to have a giant screen to look at my photos and videos and watch movies. I didn’t try it with a power bank yet but I’m guessing it would work too on an airplane which can be really helpful.

  6. J❤Y

    Great travel monitor! And multi purpose!The media could not be loaded.

     I ordered this for my cousin who lives overseas. Before I ship it to her, I must test this product first. This portable monitor has a bright, crisp display & easy to use. It works on a streaming device, a cellphone & as a dual monitor. The case works well to protect from scratches and as a stand. Not crazy about the foldable case stand, but any tablet stand (available in many stores) does the trick for just a few bucks. The tablet stand also raises the monitor to roughly the same height as my laptop’s monitor, enhancing the aesthetics. The volume is a decent amount but not too loud. Well, this is a portable monitor, so we cannot expect a loud sound from it. This screen is large enough to be perfectly useful, and the quality is excellent. It can also be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. It’s lightweight and very portable. There’s no setup, and it is compatible with many devices I have tried so far. Worth every penny. Try it & you won’t regret it.

  7. Review – Personal JL

    Sound??? There is noneI don’t know if i got a defective product or not. Going to see if the manufacturer responds but my unit has no sound at all. there is sound from my laptop and its connected via HDMI. Now i didn’t specifically purchase this for sound and the display itself seems ok (first day using it) but it does say there should be sound and there is none.

  8. D

    Great MonitorI never write reviews, but had to for this item! I have a 13″ 2015 MacBook Pro and needed a larger screen. But did not want one that would be a permanent fixture on my dining room table which serves as my office! This monitor was so easy to set up even on my older Mac. And it can be quickly folded and stored away when it’s mealtime. The company was very responsive to one of my quick questions. Overall a great monitor!

  9. Tantalum55

    Works with Raspberry Pi4B (4GB) and StellarMate OS (Nov. 2021)Update note: The picture of the monitor depicted is not the one I purchased. Mine has a full enclosure and is from a company named EVICIU. I received what I ordered but the review is tied to a different monitor picture.StellarMate OS is an astrophotography focused operating system to control astronomy mounts and cameras for electronic assisted astronomy. The touch screen monitor, Raspberry Pi, and StellarMate OS combination simplifies the control package. The OS automatically recognized the touch screen function.The 12volt power input also powers the 5volt Raspberry Pi which communicates with other devices via WIFI and USB.The VESA mounting points will be used to secure the unit to a separate tripod.

  10. Yevgeny Fridman

    Supports all RaspberryPi boards out of box.I absolutely love this display. It comes with all needed cables to support every Raspberry Pi board starting with 2 and ending with 4B+, as well as Zero and Zero W. The instructions contain photos and descriptions on how to connect each. All the cables to connect those are included. Nothing extra is needed. Connect and go. It was a bit hard to reach the MicroSD card with my 3B+, but possible. The display adjusts for the card automatically, but also has many manual ways to adjust through the menu buttons. Touch screen works without any effort at all. All it’s missing is a case and it will be fully functional tablet.

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