Polk Signature Elite ES30 Center Channel Speaker – Hi-Res Audio Certified and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible, 1″ Tweeter & Two

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Brand Polk Audio
Model Name ES30
Speaker Type Center Channel Speakers
Connectivity Technology Dolby Atmos

  • PREMIUM HI-FI CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER – Polk Signature Elite ES30 features Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array with Precision Crossovers, a 1″ Terylene Tweeter and (2) 5.25″ Woofers that deliver room-filling, crystal clear sound in a lifelike soundstage
  • NOT ONLY HEAR, BUT FEEL THE HEART-THUMPING BASS – With Polk’s Patented Power Port Technology, the ES30 center channel gives you a dramatic frontal impact and carries almost 75 percent of the audio so you get louder, lower, and cleaner bass, distortion free
  • REALISTIC SOUND REPRODUCTION – ES30’s high sensitivity and 4- & 8-Ohm compatibility delivers spacious, enveloping, and true to life music streamed online via Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify & more and even from the latest Dolby Atmos & DTS:X AVRs
  • LOOKS TO KILL – The Signature Elite speakers with their bold, modern looks are sure to make heads turn, no matter where you are sitting in the room. Place the ES30 on a shelf or a speaker stand (sold separately) and it will blend with your home décor
  • BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME THEATER – The timbre matched Polk components ensures seamless speaker-to-speaker blending with the Signature Elite series. Combine with pairs of ES55 towers, ES15 surrounds & any sub for a full 5.1 surround setup


Enjoy pristine audio quality and clear dialogues for your movies, games, and multi-channel music with Polk Signature Elite ES30 Center Channel Loudspeaker. Featuring a Dynamically Balanced acoustic array with a 1” High-Resolution Terylene Tweeter, two 5.25” Mica-Fortified Polypropylene Woofer, and Precision Crossovers, the ES30 delivers room-filling, highly detailed sound with the energy of live music – no matter what you’re listening to or where you’re sitting in the room. Polk’s Patented Power Port Bass Enhancing Technology extends the overall bass port and provides greater surface area for distortion-free, dramatic frontal impact. It is Hi-Res Audio Certified and ensures accurate sound reproduction from even the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound AVRs and amplifiers. The Signature Elite Series is designed with quality, timbre-matched Polk components to enable you to mix and match models and build your dream home theater or music listening environment. Add the Signature Elite ES50 tower pair, ES15 bookshelf pair and any sub for a complete 5.1 surround setup.

From the manufacturer

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Hi-Res Certified Audio Performance

Maximize your experience of soundtracks found in the latest high-resolution movie formats along with music streamed over services like Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Qobuz, and Spotify HiFi. Signature Elite’s Hi-Res Audio certified, Terylene dome tweeter features curvilinear formers that extend response beyond the range of human hearing (40kHz+). The tweeter’s ultra-high frequency response combined with its powerful, low resonance ceramic motor structure, enables the Signature Elite ES30 to deliver crystal-clear, highly detailed sound with the energy of live music.

Dynamically Balanced, Three-Driver Acoustic Array with Phase-Optimized Precision Crossovers

Whether upgrading your home theater setup with an advanced Dolby Atmos or DTS:X configuration or wanting to enjoy music from the latest hi-res streaming services, Signature Elite ES30’s Dynamically Balanced, three-driver, acoustic array ensures a focused dialogue channel that blends seamlessly with other Polk Signature Elite speakers. You’ll experience an immersive, lifelike soundstage no matter what you’re listening to or where you’re sitting in the room.

Exclusive Dual Polk Power Port for Effortless Bass and Full-Frontal Impact

Most conventional center speakers are narrowly tuned to reproduce voice dialogue. But in most film and tv content, the center channel carries as much as 75% of the audio: voice dialogue, music soundtrack, sound FX and more. ES30’s Dual Polk Power Ports enable louder, lower, and cleaner bass from a smaller speaker enclosure which means you’ll hear the full-range sound and more importantly feel the dramatic frontal impact that the director intended.

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Built for Pure Sound

Gold-plated five-way binding posts ensure the most direct, efficient, and lossless connection possible. A strong, rigid and acoustically inert enclosure reduces unwanted internal standing waves for less audible coloration. Nonresonant, critically damped Medite MDF construction ensures low distortion for a more lifelike sound. Plus, the ES30’s anti-diffraction, magnetic grille minimizes sonic interference.

Five Decades of Speaker Engineering

The Signature Elite Series is the culmination of five decades of Polk’s premium speaker engineering (Est. 1972) and were designed at our original facility outside of Baltimore, MD. We rely on our patented Dynamic Balance Array process to eliminate electro-acoustic and mechanical issues before they become a part of the finished speaker. We’re so confident of this process, that we back the Signature Elite ES30 with a limited five-year to ensure you years of listening pleasure.

Modern Styling

The ES30’s compact design fits comfortably in most entertainment consoles and their modern, bold look will make a statement with any home decor-available in stunning black, elegant white-washed, or contemporary walnut finishes.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 10.63 × 19.69 × 7.48 cm
Product Dimensions

10.63 x 19.69 x 7.48 inches

Item Weight

19 pounds





Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

August 24 2021


DEI Holdings

10 reviews for Polk Signature Elite ES30 Center Channel Speaker – Hi-Res Audio Certified and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible, 1″ Tweeter & Two

  1. rajesh kumar

    Stunning Audio qualityBought this one for 240 bucks from Amazon. The sound clarity is stunning.

  2. Nabu

    With a kickGreat sound, all the highs and lows. Awesome bass.

  3. Christopher

    Polk delivers clear hi-res soundIt made an improvement on my center channel clarity and it looks good.

  4. winston wilbert

    This center adds some of the missing notes to movies.This is a upgrade to the CS10 center I bought 6 years ago. The price of that one was $99.00. This S30 cost $230.00. Sound is like food. My tongue tells me if my food is good, better or best. So my ears tells me if this S30 center is better It is! Other brands may be better. the price was right. The look was right. So I never tested others.

  5. Oliver

    Excellent sound, very clear dialogueMy first project when I retired was to build an excellent dedicated home theater. After completing the room, I tried many different speakers. The Polk Signature Series sound the best and surpass other brands costing far more! Polks speakers feature a tweeter made of a softer material than most other brands and produce a richer, fuller, less harsh sound. I went with S20 bookshelf speakers for the font left and right (after trying towers from others), and this center channel blends perfectly. Dialogue is crisp and clear. The speakers do take about 30-40 hours of use to break in; out of the box, I was not impressed, but now, they sound excellent! Plus, for all my Polk speakers (2 bookshelves, 4 in-ceiling, 2 surrounds), the cost was less than a single tower from most of the other companies I evaluated.

  6. KAB

    Clear dialogue, excellent centerI added the S30 as the center channel in a 5.1 setup. I have an old Yamaha HTR 5830 that came as part of a HTIB about 15 years ago, and these along with the Polk S55’s replace the small satellites and center. Everything is much more clear and detailed, I am quite pleased. Granted it is not hard to hear major improvement on my old setup, but the Yamaha receiver does put out nice power to drive these Polk’s quite well. I still have the old Yamaha subwoofer and 2 surround satellites that will be upgraded soon, along with a new receiver from this decade. I plan to go Polk S10 for the surrounds next. Movie night is awesome with these, the whole family agrees! I do still feel I need the subwoofer for lower bass hits though, at least with my setup. It isn’t bad when the sub is off or anything but just misses that deeper boom.

  7. rnaeye

    Get this speaker only if you have a high quality audio source such as Blu-rayI paired Sony SSCS8 center channel speaker with Polk S55 towers for a year. I was mostly happy with the Sony speaker. Since I liked my S55 towers, I decided to get Polk S30 center channel. I have it for about 2 months now. I stream movies mostly from Netflix. And I was very disappointed with Polk S30 first. Male voices (specifically male bass voices) are not clear. The auto correction software on my receiver improved things but still not satisfying at all. The Sony center speaker did better job on wider range of vocals. Then one day, I realized when I was watching movies on a Blu-ray discs that Polk S30 sounded much much better including bass male voices.In summary, if you use high quality audio source such as Blu-ray disc, you will enjoy S30. If you are streaming, save yourself money and go with Sony SSCS8 center. The primary reason, I purchased S30 is that I have already had S55s. The polks are powered by Yamaha RX-V675 in my system. I would give 3.5 stars but there is no such an option. Polk S55s get 4 stars from me. But you can do better for the same price with internet direct companies. Hope this helps.Update on Mar 24, 2020: I reduced my rating to 3 stars after using it several months for the concerns I mentioned earlier.

  8. Steve McAuley

    Quality soundLike the artist is right in front of you!!

  9. CWEST

    Sound quality PERFECTI was going to buy the model below this one and a friend suggested spend the extra and you want regret, glad I took their advice. Boy makes a big big difference. Plus it looks nice. Highly recommend.

  10. a

    S30 beats the S35 in low male vocal outputPerforms better than the s35 for less money. The s35 sounds constricted on lower bass frequencies in larger rooms at high volume. As if you were funneling it through a narrow tube. The s30 has an unrestricted bottom and the low bass such as low octave male voices sound airy and open. It doesn’t look nearly as classy as the s35, and the s35 isn’t a slouch compared to other centers, but falls short of the larger drivers in the s30.One note with regards to blend with large towers, the s35 seems wider but creates a slight void in the LCR sound stage. The s30 seems to project a slightly narrower image, but blends more seamlessly with my s60s. For large rooms where high output is needed towers and the s30 should be preferred.

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