Pixio PXC277 27 inch 165Hz 1ms MPRT WQHD 2560 x 1440 Wide Screen Display Professional 1440p 165Hz DCI P3 94% FreeSync HDR 27

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Screen Size 27 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1440 Pixels
Brand Pixio
Special Feature Curved Screen, Blue Light Filter, Anti-Glare Coating, Wall Mountable, Tilt Adjustment, Frameless, Flicker-Free See more
Refresh Rate 165 Hz

  • 27 inch WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) 2560×1440 Resolution Professional Curved VA 165Hz Gaming Monitor
  • 1500R Curved VA technology, 178˚ Viewing Angle with Anti-Glare screen, HDR Ready and DCI-P3 94% ARGB 94% sRGB 128%
  • 165Hz liquid smooth blur-free refresh rate, 1ms (MPRT) Response Time, FreeSync & G-Sync compatible
  • Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, VESA 100×100, Connectivity: DisplayPort 1 48 ~165Hz / DisplayPort 2 48 ~165Hz / HDMI 48 ~144Hz
  • Compatible with Console & PC platforms. Includes Displayport cable, power cable and stand.



From the brand

Product Description

PXC277 27 inch 1440p 165Hz HDR 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor

PXC277 1500R Curved Gaming Monitor

1500R Curved Gaming Monitor with DCI P3 94%

PXC277 Curved Gaming Monitor

165Hz 144Hz Refresh Rate

AMD Freesync Nvidia G-Sync Compatible

4000:1 Contrast Ratio

165Hz Refresh Rate

PXC277 can draw up to 165 frames per second, which reduces eye fatigue compared to a typical 60-frame monitor, allowing you to experience an overwhelming difference in game. The 165hz, which is one step higher than the 144Hz refresh rate, makes it possible for average gamers to feel a difference in their own reaction speeds thus allowing you to achieve maximum performance.

AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium & G-Sync Compatible

Eliminate tear and stutter-free performance at virtually any frame rate for smooth gameplay. Experience the next innovation in PC gaming performance by AMD Radeon FreeSync.

*Works with G-sync Compatible Technology must be enabled manually via Nvidia Control Panel.

Conquer the darkness

4,000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks and more vibrant images. It will deepen the details of the dark part improving overall viewing while also making it easier to spot enemies hidden in dark areas of the map. Let us easily find enemies hiding in the dark.

Console Compatibility

Xbox Series X and S 1440p Resolution, 120Hz Refresh Rate, HDR, VRR Enabled
Xbox One X and S 1440p Resolution, 120Hz Refresh Rate, HDR, VRR Enabled
PS4 and PS4 Pro 1440p Resolution (4K Upscale), 60Hz and HDR (Only on Pro)
PS5 1440p Resolution (4K Upscale), 120Hz and HDR

Additional information

Weight 14.97 kg
Dimensions 24.07 × 9.91 × 18.2 cm
Product Dimensions

24.07 x 9.91 x 18.2 inches

Item Weight

14.97 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

December 15 2021



9 reviews for Pixio PXC277 27 inch 165Hz 1ms MPRT WQHD 2560 x 1440 Wide Screen Display Professional 1440p 165Hz DCI P3 94% FreeSync HDR 27

  1. GhostWolfViking

    Good 1440p HDR monitor for gaming on pc (165hz) and Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 (144hz).*Compatible with Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.2 (1.2) display port at 165hz.1 (2.0) hdmi at 144hz.Headphone jack for audio. No built in speakers.1440p native resolution. 32 inch curved screen.Includes monitor, stand, power cable, display port cable.1) Supports 60hz, 75hz, 120hz, 144hz, 165hz..When I first set it up on my pc it was at 60hz.Changed it to 165h on the display port.HDR 10 supported.Turn on HDR in the monitor settings.Turn on HDR in your Windows settings to activate it or console settings.Turn on HDR in the game settings.Tested on pc.Black Ops: Cold War, Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto 5.Hitman 3, The Medium, Serious Sam 4, Killing Floor 2, etc.Happy with the picture quality and performance for display port and with my 8k hdmi cable.Good for 1080p or 1440p gaming and watching movies. HDR works. 👍2) Has the option to turn on the G-sync feature (only works with display port cable on pc. Not hdmi supported)..How to activate for Nividia G-SYNC for Nividia graphics cards:Turn on FreeSync Premium on the monitor settings.”Set up G-SYNC” will now appear as an option in Nivida Control Panel.Check the box that shows “Enable settings for the selected display model”.Now G-SYNC is activated*If you want to turn G-SYNC off uncheck the “Enable settings for the selected display model” option.Located in Nividia Control Panel.Turn off Freesync Premium on the monitor settings..3) There are some minor “ghosting” effects on this monitor.MPRT mode on with Low, Medium or High Overdrive on can help reduce ghosting.Clearer picture during fast motion, Dims the brightness.*MPRT mode can’t be turned on if HDR or FreeSync Premium/G-SYNC is enabled.4. Built in preset modes. Standard, User, Movie, Photo, RTS, FPS1, FPS2.Color temperature, Gamma, Hue, Saturation, Low Blue lightBrightness, Contrast, Black Equalizer, Aspect Ratio, Sharpness, etc.Edit anything you want.5, Gaming Setup. FreeSync Premium, Overdrive, Game Assist, HDR, DCR, MPRT.Game Assist has a built in timer, Crosshair(LOS) and FPS counter.A few crosshairs to choose from that appear on the center of your screen for any game. On or off.

  2. Brian

    Avoid the PXC243This is for the PXC243Pros-I got 3 for a triple monitor setup and the curve matched the angle of the stand I mounted them to-fast refresh-high contrast-decent black levelsCons-one had backlight bleed on the outside edge of the bezel, I could not get the plastic to snap together any tighter to stop the light from showing through-replacement for the one with backlight bleed had image jitter and screen flashing black issues-poor viewing angle, colors shift when viewing off axis, made it impossible to get the three monitors to match color-way too much red saturation in most flesh tones, everyone looked sun burnt, lowering red gives everything a teal tone-pixel density looks worse than it should, I’m not sure if its the VA panel type but everything looks pixelated-screen door look, probably related to the pixel density-hash pattern artifacts in games when moving quickly, at first I thought it was RDR 2, but testing other games I had played before getting these monitors showed the hash pattern artifact with these monitorsI saw a review for this monitor on Hardware Unboxed on youtube, they said the color was very good out of the box on theirs. I wonder if they were given a cherry picked factory calibrated unit, or just got lucky. They did say however that the response times are pretty slowI can’t recommend due to the quality control issues, even if you don’t care about color accuracy or pixel density.

  3. Suhail S

    Worth the bargain if you can put up with some flaws After receiving two of these monitors, I went with the Gigabyte G32QC instead. Both monitors had some sort of QC issue, the first had some awful grey uniformity and banding as visible in my first picture. That picture is not exaggerated, any static dark grey screen was unbearable to look at. The second monitor I received has a dead pixel about 2 inches right of center-screen. Both monitors also had a flickering issue with certain apps like zoom with Freesync on, which is not an issue I have with the Gigabyte. the stand only has tilt functionality but seems pretty solid.The ghosting is tolerable for a VA panel and the Gigabyte I went with is only marginally better, but the 165Hz refresh is very nice and fluid to look at. Picture quality is nice and the screen gets decently bright. I did not notice any difference with HDR enabled, however. The curve is nice and immersive, and viewing angles are great.For gaming it is a great monitor, but it was a no-go for any type of productivity work. I would spend the extra $50 for the Gigabyte ten times out of ten.

  4. Justin Rheem

    Perfect budget gaming monitor for a 144hz!I used to own a 60hz monitor and upgraded to this monitor and it is a huge difference. Even moving the mouse around and scrolling web sites are way smoother than the others. Quick and easy setup with no tools/screws required. G-Sync works well with my Nvidia gpu. Just make sure you plug in the DisplayPort, turn on Freesync in the on screen menu, the G-Sync option will show up in you Geforce Experience window. FreeSync range is 48-144hz. I can recommend anyone who wants a 144hz FreeSync or Gsync compatible monitor at a low price.

  5. K. Hepburn

    Really good monitorI bought this for my Xbox series idid not have enough money to splurge on a 4k monitor, but seeing this I’m glad I didn’t the clarity of the screen is amazing. I use to game on an old Samsung 4k 60hrz monitor and this is leaps and bounds a head at 120 hrz 1440p. Would have preferred it had speakers but bought a sound bar and it all works brilliantly.

  6. Nicolae Tessa

    Great Monitor Worth ItI used a monitor (M brand) of the same size, same curved screen, pretty much was the same. I broke the screen accidentally and was going to buy the exact same monitor back until I saw this! Not knowing the brand, I was a bit skeptical about this monitor. Oh I was wrong. It was easy to mount and the quality is impressive. I was reading the reviews saying that this will be a new brand name and I totally agree. The product quality looks like it’s already competing with the big names. I hope reliability will leave me the same impressions as I have now and it will last long.

  7. Luca

    midthe quality looks worse than my 1080p laptop…. i purchased this hoping it’d look the same or better but no.the 165hz only works if you have a DPI input in your pc or laptop also. if you only have HDMI then you can only do max 144hz. the screen size is perfect but the quality is a huge disappointment even after going on display settings and making sure it was set to 1440p 144hz. will probably try and return this item.

  8. dylan

    Busted within a year I got this monitor literally a year ago, it came initially with a dead pixel, which I didn’t mind at first because the rest seemed okay. But now that the monitor can’t even turn on properly and has multiple issues I found that this is very upsetting

  9. MAM

    So far so good, great value and qualityThe standard widescreen 1920×1080 resolution is all one needs, and the options it provides like HDR and Freesync make it a great value monitor.

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