Pioneer VSX-534 Home Audio Smart AV Receiver 5.2-Ch HDR10, Dolby Vision, Atmos and Virtual Enabled with 4K and Bluetooth

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Product details

Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Controller Type Android
Special Feature Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround Upmixing; DTS:X and DTS Neural:X Upmixing; MCACC Auto Room Tuning; Dialogue Enhancement See more
Compatible Devices Universal
Total HDMI Ports 5

  • DTS:X PLAYBACK. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X is the next-generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to enable new immersive and interactive audio experiences.
  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE. Seamlessly connect your phone, tablet or PC and stream to the receiver with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This smart receiver remembers your device and starts playback whenever it detects an incoming Bluetooth audio stream.
  • DOLBY ATMOS. Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer provides an immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect without employing additional surround or height speakers. 5.1.2ch Dolby Atmos.
  • PERSONAL PRESET. Press the personal preset button on the front panel for three seconds and your current settings such as volume level and listening mode. Up to three presets can be registered and called up from the front panel button or remote control.
  • RANGE CONTROL. With this unique mid-range sound control feature, you can make independent volume adjustments to the range including dialogues in films, with the up/down key on the remote control.


Pioneer VSX-534 Home Audio Smart AV Receiver 5.2-Ch HDR10, Dolby Vision, Atmos and Virtual Enabled with 4K and Bluetooth. The VSX-534 comes in a user-friendly new design, with 12% slimmer size than the previous model for easy installation, 4K indicator and personal preset and Bluetooth input buttons on the front panel. Immerse in enveloping sound with Dolby Atoms and DTS: x Audio formats. Or even without height or surround speakers, you can still enjoy virtual 3D surround effect with Dolby Atoms height vitalize* and DTS virtual: x. The AV receiver is compatible with Ultra HD, HDR10, HOG and Dolby visions with support for HDCP 2. 2, so you can fully appreciate premium content such as 4K videos.

From the manufacturer

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Dolby Atmos

You can reproduce object-oriented sound in smooth, curving movements, or the realistic three-dimensional movement overhead by the top speakers.

The Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer creates a virtual surround and height effect from traditional speaker layouts without employing additional surround or height speakers.

DTS:X & DTS Virtual:X

With DTS:X you can automatically adapt the audio to the existing channels and speaker system, no specific speaker layout is required.

With DTS Virtual:X, you can enjoy a three-dimensional immersive sound similar to DTS:X, without the need of height or rear speakers. The technology supports 2 to 7.1.4-channel input source, for delivery on 2 to 5.1 or even 7.1-channel speaker layout. DTS Virtual:X works with all DTS codecs, including DTS:X.

Ready for 4K HDR entertainment

Enjoy support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) video including HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and BT.2020. The 4:4:4 color space is also supported. Six HDMI inputs, ARC-ready MAIN OUT, and SUB OUT pass 4K/60p and HDR video from player to compatible TV and projector and all terminals are HDCP 2.2 compliant.

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 17.1 × 12.6 × 6.8 cm
Product Dimensions

17.1 x 12.6 x 6.8 inches

Item Weight

12 pounds




52161512 Loudspeakers

Item model number



2 AA batteries required. included

Date First Available

March 1 2019



10 reviews for Pioneer VSX-534 Home Audio Smart AV Receiver 5.2-Ch HDR10, Dolby Vision, Atmos and Virtual Enabled with 4K and Bluetooth

  1. Hani Khalifa

    Good choiceI use it at homeVery nice qualityEasy to use

  2. Bari T

    Good receiver, great valueI purchased this receiver since it has many of the features that other receivers of same price range don’t. The receiver it was replacing was over 20 years old so many of the connections needed to be reconfigured. I ran the initial set up and the system worked well. After a few weeks I lost the use of some features on the remote and then lost audio from all but the receiver’s own tuner. I troubleshooted everything with the suggested resets and only when I unplugged my TV did everything go back to normal. I suspected that the ARC HDMI connection from the Pioneer to my TV needed to be reset by unplugging my TV in order to reset the ARC sensor.The manual is extensive but I still had some difficulty understanding some features.Overall, the unit is a good one. I’m recommending it to anyone who is looking for an AV unit and has an understanding of their system so that proper connections are made.

  3. D. Hill

    Decent for the moneyInstallation is easy, hdmi works well with my Sony tv, overall sound quality very good. Just one issue… There is an annoying 60hz transformer hum.

  4. Brett F.

    Exceeded my expectationsI had no idea the receiver came with a microphone for setup. You place the microphone in the center of the listening area (i.e. the couch) and the system puts sound through each speaker and the subwoofer and automatically calibrates the sound. Another great feature is the “dialog” volume adjustment. I love surround sound, but hate when dialog or lyrics (in a musical) are hard to hear. Boosting the “dialog” to +2 or so gives me the ideal mix of surround sound plus boosted center channel dialog/voice. When I got this receiver I didn’t upgrade the speakers – just a new receiver. I had no idea how much the old one was underperforming. It sounds like I got new speakers.Side note in case it’s helpful to someone: I was replacing a Pioneer VSX-324. I had to do some research to figure out what to buy, and I discovered I had a “passive” subwoofer. My sub only has speaker wire hookups, and I couldn’t find a receiver with speaker wire connections for the subwoofer. After some research, I bought this amp, the recommended power source, and an RCA to 3.5mm cable to use my sub with this receiver.Amp:

  5. Andra Kay Davis

    The best replacmentHad a surround sound amp for 20 years and it finally went bad. Ordered a Sony and did not have all the features I needed. Sent it back and ordered this one and it did all that I needed and some more and was less cost then the Sony.

  6. Mike

    Slightly disappointedI tried running this with an LG C1 4K OLED TV and the Xbox series X. If you run both the video and the audio through the receiver, there’s no audio lag. However you lose the VRR and low latency functionality by doing that. You also lose the ability to run games at 120 FPS.I tried running this via earc/arc function and there is noticeable audio lag with Dolby atmos on top of not recognizing most audio settings on the Xbox such as, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed, and DTX. Essentially it only gives you the option to run this either stereo uncompressed or Dolby digital (which also has a lag). This makes this receiver completely useless to me as my tv and Xbox are now bottlenecked by this receiver.I called pioneer customer service and they were less than helpful. I will be returning this receiver soon and purchasing one that works better with my setup.If you’re not into gaming and don’t mind running both the video and audio through the receiver, this may work for you. Otherwise, I suggest you make it a hard pass.

  7. Jason S

    Awesome Receiver at an Awesome PriceI wanted to test this receiver out for a while before submitting a review. I have to say I am very happy with this Pioneer. For $199.99, this was a great upgrade to my old Kenwood 5.1 that did not support DTS, which replaced a slightly newer Yamaha that bit the dust after a power surge.I’m no audiophile, but I do appreciate receivers that can belt out music and a blu-ray cleanly with no distortion. This receiver delivers on both fronts. Older and newer CDs come through crisp and crystal clear. Movies boom through my subs while the dialog is still clear.Just remember to visit the Pioneer website and download the latest firmware update to a thumb drive and place in the USB slot on the rear, which is a minor incovenience (I wish they placed a second USB slot on the front for quicker, more convenient firmware updates and simple MP3 player plugin) but not enough to deduct any stars. Follow the instructions carefully on updating the firmware. One step requires you to turn off HDMI ARC for the updating process, but their website gives more details on the steps.Most audiophiles probably have separate components to satisfy their home theater or stereo needs, but if you need a receiver in a pinch, this Pioneer delivers and is well worth the money. I also invested in a couple of AC Infinity fans to put on top to help keep the receiver cool. That previous Yamaha I owned got really hot enough to fry an egg! So, I’m taking no chances with this one.Edit: So, I bought an LG UBK80 4k blu-ray player, and I must say this application is where this receiver shines. I watch Ex Machina with the DTS-X track and the sound was immersive with crystal clear dialogue and booming lows of the soundtrack.Then, I watched Aquaman 4k with the Dolby Atmos track, and the explosions boomed. When Aquaman and the other Atlanteans shot off in the ocean, my room shook.I am using a Sony sub and a Yamaha sub with a Yamaha center, Polk fronts, and Bose surround. Bargain stuff but this receiver made everything shine. I could tell for once that I actually had surround speakers.

  8. S. Sanders

    Great Lower end ModelI have a great sound system in my garage but my older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver stopped working. I purchased this Pioneer and did everything and more of my Panasonic SA-HE100. Yes there is no set up manual as I had to bring a TV out in the garage and hook up to initiate the receiver. Con it only has three preset stations as shown on the receiver there maybe more but that is what a good paper manual is for.The receiver is hooked up to a combination of 6 Klipsch and JBL speakers. the quality sound comes from quality speakers and the receiver plays little part in that.

  9. Adam

    Easy to Setup and Works Great!I bought this because it was on the cheaper side for my Theatre room and I have been very impressed. The setup was straight forward and easy to use.

  10. Jesse W.

    Awesome unit at a great price!For the price of this unit, my expectations for it were low. But boy, did Pioneer take me by surprise! Movies and music never sounded so good! This unit produces loud bass and crystal clear dialog. Bluetooth works well with all my devices. I couldn’t be happier! Well worth the investment.

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