PFU HHKB Professional Hybrid PD-KB800B

(10 customer reviews)


Brand HHKB
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wired
Keyboard Description USB
Number of Keys 3
Included Components USB Cable
Number of Buttons 60

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Capacitive non-contact method without chattering, ideal for high-speed input, ideal key touch and long life without getting tired even after long-term use Multi-platform design that supports Bluetooth connection and USB connection (Type-C). In addition, it is a keyboard that sticks to everything, such as rational keyboard layout and 3-step tilt adjustment. * USB cable (Type-C) is not attached to this product. (Please use a commercially available USB cable.)

Additional information

Weight 1.19 kg
Dimensions 12.76 × 5.87 × 2.17 cm
Package Dimensions

12.76 x 5.87 x 2.17 inches

Item Weight

1.19 pounds






2 AA batteries required. included

Date First Available

January 6 2020



10 reviews for PFU HHKB Professional Hybrid PD-KB800B

  1. Kenneth

    Perfect Keyboard-the best I ever had!I have an HP VICTUS notebook computer but unfortunately it was created to include a [numbers pad] (which I do not need). The placement of the numbers pad compressed the typing keys off-center and they are about 1/2 a key closer together than my former Lenovo T520 notebook keys (that I thought were perfect). I am a writer and use my keyboard all day long. However, the bad (compact) keyboard of the HP soon gave me trouble in the tendons of my wrist by typing in an awkward (compressed and off-center) position.I went ahead and spent a lot of money on this Happy Hacking Keyboard with US configuration but as it turns out I was not disappointed. Formerly I never found a better keyboard for typing than the previous keyboard on my Lenovo T520. But when I needed a computer upgrade, I could not find a good typing keyboard on any of the new notebooks available.I am using a silicone palm rest and I place the fat of my palms upon this rest (not my wrists). This cured the inflammation I had in my wrist tendons which stopped me from using the computer altogether. Currently the HHKB is configured to use the [Delete] key as a backspace key but I have got used to it so I can now correct errors with the backspace function instead. I just reach over to the HP for the delete key if I need it but I seldom do. Everything else works as normal.I believe however that I have doubled my typing speed in just a week of using this new Happy Hacking Keyboard. My HP keyboard is completely silent but this Happy Hacking keyboard does have a bit of mechanical noise in operation. However, it seems to be greatly reduced (possibly half the noise of other mechanical keyboards that have a really loud clacking sound during operation). This is much more subdued in sound and not in any way bothersome or irritating. I kind of got used to it and now sounds like music to my ears.It uses two AA batteries but I was able to find some generic alkaline batteries for about one tenth the price of Duracell. These generic batteries last 13-days of typing all day long so I am happy with that.I also love the color of this keyboard as it is like a dark grayish black with the numbers in black which I really like. It looks like it has kind of military or special forces type of appearance rather than some gaudy sissy keyboard with bright letters and glaringly florescent plastic key colors.I am using this together with my BenQ [Eyecare] 24″ IPS monitor which was recommended by outside sources as the best monitor for professional writers. I just love this Happy Hacking Keyboard and love this BenQ monitor and it is best setup I ever used during my lifetime of computer use. The BenQ was a good price and great value.See my Amazon review for the BenQ at the link: Happy Hacking Keyboard was a big risk to purchase because it is expensive but I thought I would try it and sell it if it did not work. But I was pleasantly surprised that it is well-worth the money and I will never own another keyboard except this Happy Hacking for the rest of my life!

  2. Arielle Levin

    Best prebuilt 60% topre wireless on the marketThe price is the biggest issue, otherwise wonderful. No RGB or backlighting makes keys difficult to see at nighttime, but otherwise really, really nice keyboard.

  3. RR

    Looks pricey, but totally worth itI’ve used this keyboard for 3 months so far, and the experience has been fantastic so far.

  4. Darrion Ansel Burgess

    True CrafstmanshipThis keyboard is not going to be for everybody, let me just get that out of the way now. If you are just after the most features, for the smallest amount of money, there are countless other mechanical keyboards on the market that deliver more solid materials (metal/aluminium) with full RGB lighting and not even break 200$.If you are considering this keyboard, then you should already be well down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole, and do your research to makes sure this is what you want. So what makes this keyboard stand out?1. The Topre Switches: If you have been doing your research on keyboard switches, you will find Topre to be one of the most polarising switch types out there. Some people love them, and refuse to get a keyboard without them, some people really don’t feel they justify the cost. It is often described as a hybrid, but that is a bit disingenuous. These are rubber domed switches that are only designed by Fujitsu (hence the increase in price). I love the feeling of the switches, they have the travel distance and responsiveness of a mechanical keyboard, while having more of a “thunk” sound that simply sounds better to me and feels very light to type on. But plenty of people will be buying these or the realforce brand just to experience the Topre switches themselves. Like I said, you should already be far down the key cap rabbit hole and atleast have an MX cherry keyboard to compare it to. If you want to just try out Topre to see if you like the switches, I recommend the Realforce so you can judge the switches separately from the key layout.2. The layout: The unique layout is hyper-optimised for those who have transitioned to an almost completely keyboard-centric workflow, and have a desire to minimise finger fatigue from reaching extremely far for any given key. For example, the extremely common “Alt+F4” hotkey can be pressed on most keyboards using only the left hand, however, your hand needs to stretch extremely far to reach it; by contrast “Alt+F4” requires two hands on the HHKB because your right hand needs to press the function key so you can activate F4 with your left hand, thus requiring more hands, but neither hand needs to stretch particularly far since all of those keys are easily accessible. Another important sign that you would like this keyboard is if you have gotten to the point where you are using many “CNTRL+?” key combinations and have started wondering why such an important key is on the bottom left of the keyboard, straining your pinkie finger with repetitive use. By contrast, the HHKB has opted to move the CNTRL key to where Caps Lock usually is, opting instead to put caps lock being “Fn+Tab”. In fact, HHKB goes so far as to eliminate any keys on the bottom left or right because ergonomics experts have said for years that these keys can lead to repetitive strain injury. It’s also the reason that I recommend you go with blank keycaps if you are going for the black version because black writing on grey keys are impossible to read, even in the sunlight. But this isn’t a problem for me because i’m I’ve been touch typing for years and haven’t looked down at my keys for awhile, if the idea of just having the keyboard layout file on your computer and occasionally checking it to see where the combinations are scares you, this probably isn’t the right keyboard for you anyways. If you use keyboard-centric programs like VIM or Emacs, then this will fit better into your workflow than almost any other keyboard. Also, if you are looking at this because you are an ergonomics nerd and need something to reduce strain, be sure to look at split keyboards since you are already looking into ~300$ keyboards and those may scratch that itch better than a 60% like this one.3. The philosophy behind the keyboard: I like the cowboy analogy they use for the keyboard. A cowboy could go through multiple horses in their life, but usually only one saddle. This keyboard is your saddle. This is for people who understand that a computer, in the age of the cloud, is nothing but a unit of computing power. Whereas keyboards are deeply integrated tools that are designed for our human hands. this is why they opt for light plastic instead of a heavy metal, you can carry this keyboard around easily and use it from one computer to the next; you never need to worry about what kind of laptop, desktop, or tablet you are working on again, because they will all just use this keyboard in the end anyways. in addition, the keyboard is small enough (due to the small key layout) that you could carry this keyboard in one hand as you go around in your day and never feel bulky like a full keyboard would. The introduction of Bluetooth in the hybrid model doubles down on this philosophy by giving you a way to quickly swap between devices without worrying about how you want to interact with it, and if the device doesn’t support bluetooth, just plug in your USB C chord to the keyboard and you are flying. This is not for the person who has a different keyboard at every single computer, this is for the person who wants a single keyboard for all of your devices and if that isn’t what you’re looking for, the work to learn it won’t feel like enough value.Ultimately, this is a masterful layout and design which has stood the test of time, and has been shown to last decades. This is for those whom working on a keyboard is more than their job, it’s their craft, and they want a piece of art that understands the value of true craftsmanship, and is willing to pay extra for something for which every piece has been lovingly created, down to the bamboo wrist rest which creates a minimalist masterpiece that emphasises beauty and good design over comfort and ease.

  5. Nazreen Ashraf

    Definitively a scamThere is no justification for this price especially for a keyboard that has fewer keys than most keyboards with triple the price.

  6. BCS

    I love it. I’ve used HHKB for nearly 20Y…and this is my favorite. Goes to sleep quickly but a couple keystrokes wakes it right up.

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  9. Yuppie

    Type-Sよりも打鍵感が好き以下の3台を所有していて、その日の気分で変えて使用しているが、打鍵感・打鍵音はやっぱり「HYBRID」が個人的に良いと感じました。文字を入力していて、とても気持ちがいいです。配列も英語配列にして正解でした。・HYBRID Type-S(日本語配列/墨)・HYBRID Type-S(英語配列/雪)・HYBRID(英語配列/墨)

  10. nitoshi

    文句はないです。タイピングが気持ちい。でもApple純正→HHKBだと不満も感じます。打鍵感やその他使用感は多くの方のコメント通りで良いと思います。僕の場合はApple純正キーボードから変更なので薄型からの移行の戸惑いはありましたが、それはすぐに慣れました。長時間タイピングの疲労度はHHKBの方が少ないです。Apple純正キーボードからの変更で感じたメリット・デメリットメリット・マルチペアリング可能なのでMacとiPadを1つのキーボードで気軽に使えます。・当初はミスタイプが増えましたが、慣れると薄型よりミスタイプは少ないと思います。 ※慌てるとダダダと大量にミスになりますけど。デメリット・一定時間で電源が落ち、ペアリングが切れるのでMacがスリープに入った時などキーボードを叩いて復旧ができません。(純正はできます)・`(チルダ)の位置が真逆なので戸惑います。僕は〜を多用するので戸惑いました。・deleteの位置が右上(純正)から1段したになるので、間違いやすいです。以上のように配置が純正(つまり各Macのnotebook)と異なるので慣れが必要という意味でデメリットとしてあげましたが、それ以外は特にデメリットは感じません。まだ経験ないですが、電池切れが次に感じるデメリットだと思います。

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