OWC 2.0TB Aura Pro X2 SSD Compatible with MacBook Air (Mid 2013-2017), and MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013 – Mid 2015), Mac Pro

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Digital Storage Capacity 2 TB
Hard Disk Interface NVMe
Connectivity Technology USB
Brand OWC
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 Inches
Compatible Devices Laptop
Read Speed 3192 Megabytes Per Second
Cache Size 2
Series Aura Pro X2
Item Weight 8 Grams

  • Read speeds up to 3192MB/s and Write speeds up to 2488MB/s
  • NVMe – PCIe 3.1 x4 Designed for macOS 10.13 and beyond
  • Includes (1) Solid-state Drive
  • Compatible With MacBook Pro Retina, 13-inch and 15-inch, Late 2013 (MacBookPro11,1 MacBookPro11,2 MacBookPro11,3 MacBookPro12,1 MacBookPro11,4 MacBookPro11,5) // MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch, Mid 2013 – Mid 2017 (MacBookAir6,1 MacBookAir6,2 MacBookAir7,1 MacBookAir7,2) // Mac Pro Late 2013 (MacPro6,1) // Mac mini Late 2014 (Macmini7,1)
  • 5 Year OWC Limited Warranty


Product Description

OWC Aura Pro X2 : Your Mac. More Space. Twice as Fast.

  • Consumes less power and runs cooler than any drive before it. (lower power consumption vs. comparable factory SSDs and OWC SSDs for all systems)
  • The ports you need. The keyboard you love. Your setup. Your style.
  • Your Mac, better than new, with the latest Solid-State Drive technology.

The Aura Pro X2 SSD gives you up to 16 times more space and the speed to keep up with your imagination today and tomorrow. Upgrade your Mac with Aura Pro X2 SSD for a fraction of the cost of a new model and keep your Mac running for years.

Blazing Fast and Super Cool

Aura Pro X2 combines speed, stamina, and efficiency that will change the way you experience your Mac. With read speeds reaching 2989MB/s and write speeds of 1208MB/s, the Aura Pro X2 is up to twice as fast as the original SSDs, delivering performance on par with the latest models. It runs cooler and consumes less power than earlier SSD models, so you can run at peak for longer than ever.

When it’s go time, getting off the line and maintaining a high level of performance are equally important. Aura Pro X2 is engineered with advanced SLC caching, providing instant full-speed write acceleration, meaning those media projects and games stream fluidly and respond without lag time. Aura Pro X2 PCIe-based flash storage upgrades are precisely engineered for your Mac, so you’ll never need to compromise your data by relying on complicated software hacks or TRIM-enablers to get the most from your upgrade. Just install, migrate your data, and enjoy the great performance of flash storage with up to 16 times the capacity of the factory-installed drive. OWC SSDs perform maintenance tasks in the background that optimize the health, performance, and endurance of your flash drive. These jobs take advantage of available, unwritten areas on the SSD. Aura Pro X2 PCIe-based flash storage reserves 7% of the overall capacity as free space. Always. With this allocated free space, Aura SSDs can perform these normal maintenance tasks making your drive more stable, dependable, and ultimately a safer place to store your data.

  • Up to 2400MB/s write speeds
  • Up to 2TB capacity
  • Up to 3200MB/s read speeds
  • NVMe – PCIe 3.1 x4
  • macOS 10.13+

pro x 2

Keep The Mac you know:

From drives to gear to stickers, you’ve put time into making your Mac your own. The Aura Pro X2 can give you up to 16x more storage and up to double the speed of the original drive. With that capacity and power, you can keep your Mac running optimally for years — at a fraction of the cost of buying a new model.

Continuous Compatibility:

Aura Pro X2 is designed for the latest macOS versions (macOS High Sierra 10.13 and later), taking full advantage of the advanced features of APFS including: strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, cloning for files and directories, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or later macOS) must be installed on the host computer before installing the Aura Pro X2 SSD. These OS versions include an EFI firmware update for your host computer. Without the update, your new Aura Pro X2 will not function. When installing macOS to your new SSD, boot and press Cmd-Opt-R, then follow the prompts. This will ensure the latest OS version is installed.

Aura ProX2 perforrmance

Get Up and Zoom:

In addition to groundbreaking read and write speeds, the Aura Pro X2 is engineered with enhanced burst performance. This means your files load faster and stream fluidly, giving you an edge on your workflow, games, and creativity.

Aura pro x 2 install

Easy DIY Upgrade:

In just 15 minutes, you can transform your Mac with Aura Pro X2 for speed and storage to rival the latest models. OWC video tutorials walk your through removing your original SSD and replacing it with a new one. Plus, our award-winning US-support team is a just phone call or chat away.

Additional information

Weight 0.282 kg
Dimensions 0.59 × 7.09 × 5.12 cm



Aura Pro X2

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

0.282 ounces

Product Dimensions

0.59 x 7.09 x 5.12 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

0.59 x 7.09 x 5.12 inches

Flash Memory Size

2 GB

Hard Drive Interface




Date First Available

April 8 2019




Other World Computing, OWC

9 reviews for OWC 2.0TB Aura Pro X2 SSD Compatible with MacBook Air (Mid 2013-2017), and MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013 – Mid 2015), Mac Pro

  1. Amazon Customer

    Overheating issueMacBook pro Retina 13″, early 2015. I purchased this SDD to replace the 128gb that came with the laptop. installation was a breeze. just remove the screws on the cover, disconnect the battery, remove the old sdd and plug in the new one and reconnect the battery and replace the cover and screws.after installing this sdd I noticed that the MacBook rear cover was way hotter than it ever was before. I removed the rear cover again and made sure everything was ok inside and replaced the cover. still way hotter. with minimal use of the MacBook, the temperature becomes very hot. after resetting the SMC, it appears to be better but still hotter than with the old sdd.I purchased the OWC sdd because their (OWC) statement said it runs cooler and faster. well, not sure about that claim.

  2. rcsjc

    Easy install, fast SSD upgrade for MacBook Pro 15 Retina Mid-2014I bought this Aura Pro X2 1TB SSD to upgrade MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), replacing a original 256GB SSD Apple original for this MacBook Pro.Pre-install: upgraded the MacBook Pro to OSX Mojave 10.14.5. And also took a Time Machine backup.Install: was simple, followed the directions per the SSD install videos OWC provided. Took out previous SSD and put that in an enclosure.OS restore: When booting after SSD replacement, powered up machine, remembered to press Command-Option-R on startup to get into the Recovery options. Using Disk utility did format of the new SSD disk. Used Restore option to restore from Time Machine backup from the pre-install step above. Contacted OWC Tech support via chat to confirm the steps. I noticed that the restore from Time Machine backup was going much faster than earlier – after ~ 45 mins, my system was restored. Total time from h/w install to fully functional, restored system with the new SSD: ~ 1 hour.Performance: I recorded disk performance before and after SSD replacement with BlackMagic Disk Speed test utility.. Read speeds went from 668 MB/s with Apple original SSD to 1482 MB/s with Aura Pro X2. Write speeds from 562 MB/s to 1313 MB/s. SO far battery performance is comparable, have not observed any heating – a week’s of use with the new SSD.So I am a very happy with the Aura Pro X2, would definitely recommend to others considering the SSD upgrade.

  3. Frank Rosati

    WARNING!!! PLEASE READ! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM OWCI AM ADVISING ALL CUSTOMERS CONSIDERING PURCHASING FROM OWC TO NOT. This company has terrible customer service. I purchased this SSD December 25,2020 to replace my original SSD as I ran out of storage space. After only a few months of use, the SSD would not allow my MacBook Pro to fully sleep, causing a dead battery at every use. Additionally, the screen began to glitch and the back light would flicker. I contacted OWC support where I explained the issue to them and they told me the sleep issue was a compatibility issue with Mac OS and the only way to “fix it” for now was to turn of the deep sleep. So in other words, they already knew about this issue. A few months went by and the laptop became virtually useless as the screen would not stop flickering. I reinstalled the old SSD and the issues subsided. I contacted OWC as their SSD offers a 5 year warranty. I thought great! They will help. WRONG! They wanted me to ship the old one back to them so they could diagnose the issue themselves. I cannot be without my laptop as I use it for work and my original hard drive has limited space left. I asked if they could send me the new one and then once received I would transfer my data to the new one and ship the old one back. They refused. Now keep in mind I have been emailing them back and forth for a month at this point in time with no resolution. I then told them to send me a refund as I am done dealing with their company and their terrible demeanor to resolve my issue. They got snotty with me and told me that I was “well outside the 45 day refund policy” and told me to contact Amazon if they wanted to refund me they can. I filed a report with BBB and am advising all potential customers to trust the 1 start reviews on this product and DO NOT PURCHASE IT. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE. I WANT A REFUND

  4. Canadian Gypsy

    Didn’t work for my MacBook Air 6,2 …Didn’t work for my MacBook Air 6,2 … for starters – not sure why you have to have a “pre-stalled” OS on another device & then either clone/transfer the data from another device to this device – this was the first offense I took with this product – if it’s designed for a Mac – you should be able to plug it in & then install a OS using the standard Mac routines – not having to resort to stupid hoodoo voodoo – but whatever – got my hands on another Macbook Air & spent 4 to 6 hours doing every conceivable thing I could to install a clean copy of Catalina & then cloned it over etc – moved this stick over – plugged it in & it didn’t work – full stop – after 2 days of that type of nonsense – sent this thing back & went with a third party adapter & a Samsung M.2 1TB SSD – which by the way – cost LESS then this piece of turdness & guess what – I plugged up the third party adapter – plugged in the Samsung M.2 & fired up my Air using the network recovery process & low & behold – worked the FIRST time – didn’t have to fiddle & fart around with adapters etc … so … ya … SKIP this stick & go with a third party adapter (there are plenty here) & a Samsung M.2 (there are others – but – for the cost & speed & reliability you get with Samsung product – the extra $$$ you spend will be WELL worth it in the long run … )

  5. J.R

    Saved me £££Life saver! I have an older 2013 model MacBook Pro that was now considered “obsolete” by apple. Unfortunately I had a hard drive fault which rendered the MacBook completely unusable. After contacting Apple care, taking it to an apple store and speaking to other people in the repairs field I was told it could be repaired but would cost me close to £600+, which just wasn’t worth it for an old model. I couldn’t afford a new MacBook so searched the internet and found this to be the hard drive that I would need to replace my old one.After a bit of you-tubing it because clear that MacBooks are modular and you can install the product yourself with the correct screwdriver. A few screws later and this SSD was in place and just needed to install the software.No problems with any of the installation and it was very quick and easy.Cost was great. I managed to double the size and speed of my old hard drive for less than a third of the price Apple quoted for the smaller like 4 like hard drive.Overall absolutely thrilled! managed to keep my MacBook for a while longer, saved myself hundreds and did an upgrade all at the same time with this piece of kit. 10/10Also their aftercare service is fab! I had an issue with sleep wake failure and was put through to a specialist from their team via a phone call and walked through how to fix the issue very quickly!

  6. Marc

    Quoted £600 to replace a 512gb from AppleMy SSD from Apple went kaput after 6 years of use, they wanted nearly £600 to replace like for like and a week to do it in. Found out that OWC SSDs are simple and fit perfectly without the need for any adaptors. The install was easy and plenty of videos exist online to do it.One thing I did find an utter pain was my 2015 Pro Retina would only install Yosemite which wouldn’t recognise the new SSD, I couldn’t create a bootable USB or reinstall as effectively there was no SSD found. This is how I got around it, it’s a long process but easy enough:1) Installed Yosemite on an old SD card, booted from that2) Downloaded the oldest OS that would recognise the new SSD off the OS installed in part 13) once I had downloaded and installed the first OS to recognise the SSD, in this case, High Sierra, I installed that to an external HDD and ran that4) The OS then found the new SSD instantly where I downloaded Big Sur and it is now up and runningThere’s probably a billion better ways of doing it but very pleased with the new SSD, I have noticed the sleep function is a bit lacking but certainly have noticed the fans run less and the mac runs cooler.

  7. Daniele T.

    Ottimo prodotto! Consigliato!!Montato su un macbook pro retina inizio 2015 modello A1502Premetto che su internet non si trovano dettagli precisi sull’installazione del OWC aura pro x2 1tb, mi ero provvisto di chiavetta bootabile in caso non avesse letto l’ssd ma non è servita fortunatamente.Comunque è stato abbastanza semplice, intanto installare un sistema operativo superiore al macOS 10.13, senza non viene riconosciuto, smontato il retro con un cacciavite pentalobe p5, tranquilli se fatica a togliersi, ci sono due clip interne, basta fare un po di forza e si toglie, poi scollegare subito la batteria, anche per il connettore della batteria c’è da fare un po di forza, poi svitare la torx t5 del ssd e rimuoverlo, nel montaggio dell’OWC ho avuto un po di difficoltà nell’inserirlo, ma con calma e un po di forza è entrato, riavvitare la vite dell’ssd, ricollegare la batteria e richiudere la scocca.Accendere il mac e immediatamente premere comand + alt + R e aspettare il riavvio, il mac lo ha riconosciuto tranquillamente, ho fatto tutto tramite wifi, circa una mezzora e ha installato macOS catalina e si è avviato.Ho provato a stressarlo un po e non ha avuto eccessi di temperatura, neanche la batteria ha avuto variazioni di durata, nelle foto si vede che con l’ssd OWC dal momento dell’accensione, immissione password e dock pronto ci impiega una decina di secondi in meno.Anche dalla modalità sleep, appena apro il monitor è immediatamente pronto con l’immissione pass, prima quando rimaneva in sleep un pò ci metteva qualche istante prima di mettere la pass.Per la spedizione fantastica!! È arrivato in tre giorni nonostante l’emergenza coronavirus

  8. macabee200

    Expensive but worth it (just about)An upgrade for my ageing but still very usable mid-2015 MacBook Pro 15in was in order after the existing 512GB SSD became full. I opted for a 1TB Aura Pro X2, with a view to bringing some performance gains along with simply more capacity.There certainly are performance increases. I found the Aura Pro X2 gets near the storage performance of Apple’s latest M1-based Macs, according to Blackmagic Speed Test (hint: run this in safe mode to get a “best possible” performance measurement).Write speeds in particular have doubled compared to my Mac’s old factory-installed Apple SSD.However read speeds, where performance is more likely to be seen day-to-day, is less impressive. There’s a 35% increase in speed compared to my old SSD. This is certainly welcome, but this is not the doubling of speed the marketing suggests.You should note that the speeds you experience will vary depending on your type of Mac and the size of the Aura Pro X2 SSD you choose.Installation was straightforward for me, but I am used to working inside computers. The module was a little reluctant to fit into the mainboard socket but an extremely cautious bit of force got it in. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that (I believe) the SSD comes preformatted in Apple’s older HFS+ file format. Before installation you should remember to use Disk Utility to format it to the newer APFS, although there’s technically no problem with using HFS+ (again, I believe).Previous reviewers here suggest sleep issues with portable Macs and the Aura Pro X2. I haven’t experienced this. And somebody said that they got slapped with import duty and VAT on the Aura Pro X2 they bought. Again, I didn’t encounter this and mine seemed to come direct from Amazon’s warehouses (next day delivery). But do check to see who is supplying the one you order. If it says something like 2-3 weeks until delivery then it might be that it’s being sent from Germany or similar. They should prepay the import and VAT duties, so ask in advance if you can.So in summary, this is a nice little upgrade for older Macs. But it’s twice the price of a similar M.2 SSD upgrade (which you can fit in some Macs using an adapter). What swung it for me is the fact the Aura Pro X2 is engineered specifically for Macs, and I appreciate this feeling of confidence for something that is handling my very precious data.

  9. Jack Baker

    Just the upgrade I neededHaving muddled through for 6 years with the standard 128GB SSD in my MacBook Pro i finally decided enough was enough. Until now I have always been too scared to upgrade the storage due to a lack of knowledge. I was worried I would do it wrong and destroy my only laptop. I spent a long time mulling this over before pulling the trigger.Honestly, it’s the best decision I have made. For the sake of £150 and 30 minutes work the quality of life improvement is brilliant. All I did was follow the instructions on iFixit and hey presto I have 1/2TB of storage. Plenty to keep my mac running for another year or two until I can upgrade

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