Omni 20c+ 100W USB-C/Wireless Charging (No AC Outlet) Portable Power Bank with USB Hub | Battery Pack for Laptops, Cameras,

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Connector Type USB Type C
Brand Omnicharge
Battery Capacity 20000 Milliamp Hours
Voltage 5 Volts
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion

  • 【Power Hub For All Your USB-C Devices】From high powered USB-C laptops to tablets and smartphones, Omnicharge can keep all your devices charged up. Compact and functional.
  • 【Extensive Features】All-In-One power solution with two high powered USB-C ports for laptops, pass-through charging, USB Hub Mode, Wireless charging and QC 3.0 USB-A
  • 【High Powered, Fast Charging】71wh (20000mah) battery capacity. Charge safe and fast with high charging efficiency. 100 watt USB-C powers most smart devices including MacBook Pro, Surface Book 2 and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.
  • 【USB Hub Mode】Transfer files and connect USB devices with USB Hub mode. Connect the right USB-C port to your laptop, and connect your USB devices through the USB-A ports
  • 【Accessories】The Omni 20c+ includes a USB charging cable and a USB-C charging cable. WALL CHARGER NOT INCLUDED compatible with most USB-C laptop chargers


Product Description

Omni 20c+ 20000mAh

Omni 20c+ Quotes

Omni 20c+ Specs

High Powered USB-C


Wireless Charging

High-Powered USB-C

Our PD enabled USB-C output is capable of powering even the most powerful USB-C laptops. The left USB-C port is capable of outputting up to 100W, and the right USB-C port can output up to 60W.

USB Hub For File Transfer

With the USB hub, you can sync and manage your files on multiple devices. Simply plug your laptop into the hub port, and use the two USB-A ports or the second USB-C port to connect your external USB devices.

10W Wireless Charging

With our easy to use wireless charging, you can feel safe leaving your charging cables at home. Our wireless charger supports a wide range of phones and wireless accessories.

Smart Power Readings

Pass-through charging

Patented power protection

Smart Power Readings

Our OLED screen provides smart power readings so you can have better control of your devices power levels

Pass-through Charging

The Omni 20c+ can accept up to 45W and recharges in under 3 hours. With pass-through charging, you can keep both your Omnicharge and your other devices charged.

Patented Power Protection

Our patented power protection system ensures that both the Omnicharge and your devices stay safe during charging.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4.8 × 1.1 cm
Product Dimensions

5 x 4.8 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

1.1 pounds






1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Other display features


Date First Available

March 17 2019


Omnicharge Inc

10 reviews for Omni 20c+ 100W USB-C/Wireless Charging (No AC Outlet) Portable Power Bank with USB Hub | Battery Pack for Laptops, Cameras,

  1. NCC

    The best power bank I’ve tried.I’ve spent a lot of money on power banks over the last year and a half. The market is kind of in-between right now with a lot of devices supporting USB-C and some still hanging on using Micro USB. It is a struggle to find a power bank that supports USB PD, QC, and also has enough ports to be usable, AND can be charged while charging other devices. It works wonderfully with my Note 10+, and my 13″ laptop that uses USB PD. This is hands down the best power bank money can buy, and the construction is excellent. Definitely top quality materials and construction. The OLED screen is IMPRESSIVE as far as power banks go. I travel 200-300 days a year, and this thing is a lifesaver. My backpack is chock full of electronics that constantly need to be charged.I’ve done a lot of QA/QC work for consumer electronics on multi-layer SMT pick and place line products so I am extremely critical of my electronics.I do have a few minor complaints though, and want to be honest.1. Sometimes the device fails to show external charge current to USB-A connected devices. This happens sometimes whether you’re in or out of hub mode.2. A big selling point for me was the Qi charging. Disappointing to find that it struggles to charge my smart watch that works on other Qi pads. I can definitely tell the watch is trying to charge, I’ve just never gotten it to start charging even after repeatedly hunting for the perfect spot. The Qi icon on the power bank just blinks and never begins charging. Charges my Note 10+ wonderfully though.3. For some reason, even with nothing plugged into the power bank it fails to sleep if I forget to turn it off. I guess it is possible that it could be turning on in my backpack but I have observed this behavior sitting on a desk with nothing connected. I could be doing something wrong, I’ll look through the manual and see.4. The picture shows the USB-A ports as Blue, mine are Black for some reason. From working in consumer electronics I’m sure this is just a part supply constraint thing, cost thing, or any number of reasons why changes like this happen during production. It’s not an issue and honestly everything works exactly as it should. All I care about is that mine is new construction and not old stock.5. Given the cost of this power bank, I am concerned about it being disposable after awhile as the battery capacity degrades. I am honestly not sure if Omnicharge offers a battery replacement service as I haven’t looked into it, but it is a concern.I was also going to say 20k mAh is less than I’d like after coming from 30k mAh power banks, but after some reflection, 20k mAh is just fine by me. Does it really matter that it is only 20k if it charges at 45w? No, absolutely not. On top of that, Omnicharge is one of the only companies actually HONEST about the capacities of their power bank as observed through a number of USB charging analysis dongles I own. Many companies will say 30k and give you 25-28k full charge to discharge, or only 20k under heavy load. Omnicharge obviously uses extremely high quality cells, and rates their hardware true to life under real work use. In fact, they are actually slightly under rater under light use like USB-A only charging in my experience. Fantastic, ethical, and very impressive.With these things being said, THIS IS STILL THE BEST POWER BANK ON THE MARKET. Do not hesitate to buy it. I stared at this thing for awhile before I pulled the trigger, telling myself it was too expensive, unable to justify the cost. You get what you pay for and honestly after trying a bunch of other power banks on the market that never made me happy, I would have saved money just buying this one up front.Omnicharge has a loyal customer here, this thing is cutting edge and actually innovative in a market segment where everyone is just doing the same thing as everyone else. Kudos.

  2. Jacqueline Staley

    Nifty productI was able to keep my phone charged while taking a lot of pictures on vacation. It was with me all the time as it was compact enough to carry in my purse.

  3. N. S.

    Solid device, needs an update to maintain competitiveness03.2021 Update:After using this for about a year:I am in love with this battery backup. It is rock solid, charges everything I have (2x apple laptops (13″ and 16″), ipads, iphones, etc.) so easily & has a great output to know exactly how much charge I have left.I have a few battery backups, like most people. This one is my go-to favorite. It is pretty compact and does everything so well. The only thing is I just wish they added a FREAKING outlet!!!! It would be perfect if they did.If you have not used pass-through charging…. it is a game changer, and makes it so much easier to make sure the battery is as quickly charged as it can be.Good luck in your decision!——This review is for: Omni 20c+ 100W USB-C/Wireless ChargingOverall I like the product, it was the only option that had what I wanted:1) Decently reliable company that actually backs the product (unlike many of the competitors)2) Charges my 13″ Macbook pro in PASS THROUGH (which is VERY rare or not available in the competition)3) Has 2x USB-C + 2x USB A portsThe only major issue is that it was very expensive for all those options.—————————– What I like – full list:* 2x USB-C ports* Legacy USB-A ports, which is great as a fallback* Sweet display* I can charge my 13″ + 16″ laptop with thisFor reference:MacBook Pro 13″ requires 61WMacBook Pro 15″ requires 87WMacBook Pro 16″ requires 94W (new one just out now)* Wattage:* right USB-C port provides up to 60W output (I didn’t test this though)* left USB-C port provides up to 100W output (I didn’t test this though)* PASS THROUGH charging is !!!amazing!!!! – I can charge the charger while I am charging my laptop which is so awesome.* 20k capacity is ok, but I wish it was the max the airlines allow: 27,000 mAh* 10W Qi charge coil (I don’t really use this feature much though personally, my phones are not new enough)* can be used as a USB hub to transfer files* General stuff I like:- The layout of the USB ports is great, it is easy to access from my bag from the top.- Really nice design, easy to throw on the table, put in my bag—————————– What I don’t like – full list:* I am confused a bit by the output / USB-C. In some places I see it max at 60W on both for 120W total. I don’t need more than 60W for now, but I would like to see it go to 100W for my future laptop purchases.* I am not sure it turns off automatically. Maybe it is user error, but I had it on, charged a bit and left for about an hour and the screen was still on.* The outer material isn’t the best, it looks ugly with all the fingerprints* 20k capacity is ok, but I wish it was the max the airlines allow: 27,000 mAh* Expensive* I wish they had a higher capacity option. This only seems to charge my phone for 2 days before dying* The manual needs an update, it was outdated for this in particular:Battery cycle information and cycle limiting had some issues and were removed in our latest generation Omni 20c+

  4. Mei22

    Great BatteryMy phone doesn’t last a full day, so I had to find an alternative way to charge it, with this battery I could do so, you can even charge a MacBook with it and the best thing is that it charges fast!.

  5. javawolfpack

    Exceptional UpgradeSo was looking for another wireless charging pad for my phone and stumbled upon this device. It has twice the battery storage capacity of my existing battery pack for travel and can supply even my laptop with power. With the COVID situation, we haven’t had a chance to travel; however, I have tested that the Omni-20C+, and it was able to provide power to my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro over USB-C, two devices via the USB-A ports, and charge my phone wirelessly at the same time. I did this when first getting the device to discharge the battery so I could calibrate it fully.I’ve been happy with the device so far in doing the main task I got it for, providing power-passthrough to charge my phone at night wirelessly. I find the biggest benefit of this battery pack over my old one is that it is charged via USB-C. Since my phone, laptop, and tablet are all charged via the USB-C standard, this makes it easier when traveling to recharge and use this device. The display is also very useful so I can see how the device is performing.The biggest criticisms I have are:* Wish the firmware was upgradable after purchase* Wish the SoC could be restricted so that when using it like I am in power-passthrough but not concerned with needing the full charge could set it to 50% SoC and it would hold that charge. This would extend the life of the batteries as there have been numerous studies that lithium batteries last longer when their SoC typically stays at 50%.These are far from deal-breakers; however, considering how much this battery pack costs it would be nice if it lasted for an extended period of time. That said I’m super excited to have this when traveling and going to conferences to have almost an extra full charge for my laptop if I can’t get to a power outlet. It also takes up about the same volume as my older battery pack with half of the storage. Also, the USB hub functionality will also make it easier to travel if I need to use USB-A without having to bring additional adapters.

  6. Amazon Customer

    VERY good Power Bank, but 2 and a half big flaws for me.This is a very good power bank. It really does everything you want a power bank to do. But it has 2 and a half small things wrong with it that makes it a lot less usable for me.1- The Wireless Charging times out and shuts off shortly after it starts charging my Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. My other wireless chargers do charge it so I believe its something to do with the Power Bank.2- The USB C does not support PD 3. This means it can’t Super Fast Charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. A 100 Watt Power bank can’t charge my phone more then 16 Watts because of that.2.5- Not firmware upgradeable! These two problems could be solved if it was firmware upgradeable. This whole power bank is controlled by a small computer. I have far smaller/simpler USB devices that are firmware updateable to solve issues like this.

  7. keithsweatshirt

    Pricey but looks to be worth every penny!I recently purchased a laptop that accepts USB-C charging from a power bank. And since I had already spent a decent amount on the laptop, I was ready to invest in a good power bank for it. I researched many other high-wattage (45W and above) power banks before coming on to the Omnicharge 20c+. I’d seen this bank before but always shied away because of the price tag. As I researched, I found this wasn’t an uncommon price for it, so I looked up as much information as I could on the Omnicharge 20c+, the Zendure Supertank, the J-Go tech Tanker and some other more traditional power banks.If I was going to spend money on this, I wanted the features to be there too. I particularly like the wireless charging option and the hub feature. I can see this getting quite a bit of use when I’m doing work potentially. The many ports are also a nice have. I’ve read that the efficiency isn’t as high or that it may not charge as quickly, but those aren’t as important to me. Everything I’ve thrown at it has been no problems. And I plan on charging the power bank overnight when it starts to run low. Having the power level shown on the display is a nice touch there.As for the power bank itself, it’s very well designed and solid feeling. I like the matte finish and the screen is clear and presents all the information in a helpful manner. Once it was out of the box, I was able to figure it out and use it pretty quickly. It’s not the smallest power bank, but it’s slimmer than most in this range and easy to store.I wish the user manual was included instead of having to go through some extra steps, but that’s not really anything important. I do recommend following the calibration steps to ensure the percentage shows properly. It’s simple to do and won’t hurt anything at all.Overall, I’m happy with this investment and think it’ll last me a good long while. I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces.

  8. Tru

    Not sure what I was expecting.I meant to order the Omni 20. The c type isn’t something I need. However now that the Omni 20 is sold out I gotta deal with that I have. So far it’s a pretty good unit. I really needed the a/c unit but this unit is great. Chargers my iPad iPhone Xs dji spark remote and unit. I’m hoping the Omni 20 returns to stock so because that’s the until I ultimately want. But I don’t have any complaints so far. For this current unit.Just a quick update. I was on vacation for a week Miami then to the Bahamas. The wireless charge feature is amazing. I have yet to order the Omni 20 it’s been outta stock on amazing for almost 2 months!! Anyways. This does take a while to fully charge but the wireless charge is amazing and I’m very happy with that feature. Charging my iPhone XS. So originally I gave this 3 stars but I’m bumping it up to 4 for the wireless feature.This charger is not pocket size charger or a waist bag charger. Either keep it in a backpack or in the hotel room home or office. But it is a great charger to have for the travel.Last update now I’m sept my last update was in June.I have yet to order the omni 20 a/c unit however I will order it when I get paid next week. The omni C is a amazing unit. I keep it in my backpack all the time. Wireless charge works great with my iPhone XS. I’ve plugged my surface pro 4 to charge and use and i had no issues at all. iPad charges just fine the battery life of this unit can last a weekend with charging those devices if I’m just using it for my phone or dji spark it can last a good week, if I’m just charging my iPhone it will last a good 2 weeks. I’m very happy to have this unit. I still do want to buy the Omni 20 a/c unit because of the a/c adapter. But overall I’m very happy to have the 20c.

  9. A.Texas.Yankee

    Expensive, but worth itI wanted to write this review because of all the issues I have had with the high watt devices like wall adapters and battery bank chargers. I have gone through several types and brands mostly because the products fail within a few weeks. For that reason I was VERY reluctant to spend nearly $200 on this one, but I took the chance because of Amazon’s fantastic return policy. That being said, I am glad I did. I use this daily as a UPS as well as weekly for mobile applications. I am thoroughly impressed and highly satisfied with the unit.- The wireless charging is not nearly as finicky as the others I have tried- The watt output is accurate where as other’s were misleading or flat out lies- Having 4 ports total is suffecient for heavy users like me- The LCD screen I though was a gimmick but is very helpful- Size and weight are comparable to other units within this realm.Downsides- USB HUB mode does not also charge at the same time and is only available through 1 USB-C port- 20,000maH seems innaccurate (and also wish it was higher, at least 40aH), but I don’t have a way to truly test it as it should be able to charge my laptop 2 times, but only seems to be able to give barely a single full charge- Price is a lot higher than anything else BUT also worth it because of quality… just pricey!All in all I would highly recommend this product

  10. Teknolust

    A nearly perfect power bank, especially for Apple users.I recently purchased the Omni 20C+ as a general purpose power bank for work, traveling, and camping. I specifically wanted to find a solution that would natively support USB-C devices without an adapter. It also needed to provide sufficient output power to charge a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone XS Max.The Omni 20C+ is perfect for this application as the left port provides up to 100W output, which is sufficient to charge the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro 13″ requires 61W, the 15″ requires 87W, and the upcoming 16″ is rumored to require 94W. In addition, the right USB-C port provides up to 60W output, which is sufficient to charge the iPad Pro 12.9″, which requires 29W. Note that the Omni 20 has an AC plug on the left instead of a USB-C port if that would be more appropriate for your use case.The Omni 20C+ is able to act as a hub with passthrough power for your laptop. This not only allows you to charge the MacBook, iPhone, and Omni 20C+ at the same time. The USB-A ports are also available to the MacBook and can be used to copy data from external drives, though at USB 2 speeds.While the Omni 20C+ is expensive, the product is extremely well made. It is impressive that they were able to cram a 20,000 mah battery, 10W Qi charge coil, and supporting electronics in such a small form factor. Portability was also a concern for me, I wanted it to fit easily in a bag to take on hikes or camping. I do feel that for the $200 price point, it should include the carrying case and wall adapter. The chassis is a soft touch matte TPU and is a fingerprint magnet as you could expect.Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. I am truly glad this crowdfunded project was successful in bringing a great idea to market.

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