Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank | AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless Battery Backup for Laptops:MacBook Pro/iPad Pro/Dell/Surface |

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Connector Type usb, USB Type C, USB Type A
Brand Omnicharge
Battery Capacity 20000 Milliamp Hours
Compatible Phone Models Samsung S6, Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung S9, Samsung S10, Samsung Note, iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone XS, See more
Color Black

  • 【Power Hub For All Your Smart Devices】From laptops to cameras, drones, and smartphones, Omnicharge can keep all your devices charged up. Compact and functional.
  • 【Extensive Features】All-In-One power solution with high powered AC, USB-C PD for laptops, Wireless charging, QC 3.0 USB-A, Adjustable DC power, pass-through charging and solar charging.
  • 【High Powered, Fast Charging】70wh (20000mah) battery capacity. Charge safe and fast with high charging efficiency. 100 watt AC and DC, 60 watt USB-C PD, powers most smart devices including MacBook Pro and Surface Pro.
  • 【Carry Less, Power More】Carry one cable to charge your laptop using USB-C or DC output while charging your Qi-compatible smartphone wirelessly, leave your bulky chargers at home
  • 【Accessories】The Omni 20+ includes a USB charging cable and a USB-C charging cable. NOT INCLUDED: Fast charger and DC cables for DJI Drones, Surface, and other PC laptops sold separately.


Product Description

Omni 20+ 200000mAh AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless Power Bank

Omnicharge Omni 20 Quotes

Omni 20 Specs

Omni 20 Travel Companion

Omni 20 Smarter Power

Omni 20 Powerful Laptop Charging

Ultimate Travel Companion

Bring your Omni 20+ everywhere. The compact rugged design makes the Omnicharge ideal for any kind of travel. It can even be brought on planes.

Fast and Flexible Recharging

The Omni 20+ can recharge at 45W from the barrel port or USB-C port and recharges in under 3 hours from nearly any source including solar.

Powerful Laptop Charging

Recharge your laptop via AC, DC, or USB-C. The Omni 20+ provides powerful solutions that can recharge your laptop in several different ways.

Omni 20

Omni 20

Omni 20

Swiss Army Knife Of Power Banks

With a multitude of charging options, the Omni 20+ provides you with all the ports you could ever need.

Smarter Power

Our OLED screen provides smart power readings so you can have better control of your device’s power levels.

For all your devices

The Omni 20+ provides an all-in-one solution that can power most, if not all the devices a professional carries around in their busy day.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1.1 × 4.8 cm
Product Dimensions

5 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches

Item Weight

1.1 pounds






1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. included

Special Features

AC Outlet DC Outlet

Other display features




Date First Available

June 6 2017


Omnicharge Inc

10 reviews for Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank | AC/DC/USB-C/Wireless Battery Backup for Laptops:MacBook Pro/iPad Pro/Dell/Surface |

  1. yan

    Super nice portable chargerNice portable charger. The best i have owned. This charger is compact and has been very useful. I have been using this charger for over 2 years now and still working just fine. It can give a full charge on my laptop (65 watt 13 Razor Blade). Giving it 4 stars only because when you use the power outlet, it can overheat quickly and shut down to prevent overheating. Even if my laptop( AC power supply) is rated at 65 watts (and the portable charger is rated at 100w output for AC outlet), it still overheats after some time. But i still like this portable charger for its small/portable size. Wish they did something for the overheating. Also my version of this portable charger doesnt have an indication where the wireless charging is but the newer version does have a logo where to position your phone for wireless charging. Overall great product.Also after 2 years of usage, I noticed that the charger would turn off when it reaches 10-15% charge left.

  2. Laurent

    Great productExcellent product that can power an entire workstation for remote work, outdoor sessions or zoom calls. We even used it to power an air pump when he had a slow tire leak! The lone negative is that it didn’t come with its own high speed AC charger that could help refill the battery faster and take it to the highest echelon. The wireless charging option requires tinkering and removal of the mobile phone case. Very pleased with this product!

  3. Mickey

    2 years after sitting idle, still 100% charged!!So I bought this power bank two years ago for an off the grid camping trip, and then forgot about it after I didn’t end up needing it.Turned it on TWO. YEARS. LATER. And it still had full battery. Tested it out by charging my gaming laptop and it still easily fulfilled its promise of giving the laptop a FULL charge. It’d be wrong to not leave a review after seeing something that impressive, honestly.One big reason I forgot about this guy though is because I didn’t really want to take it out of the box! It feels very sturdy and not at all fragile– but the matte finish is lovely and I don’t want it to wear down, and there aren’t any cover caps for the ports, which would make me concerned about getting dust in them. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly– but get yourself a case too, if you plan on shoving it in laptop bags or backpacks.Maybe it’d be fine anyways, but for a high grade and pricy product like this, I wouldn’t risk it.

  4. Chris

    highly versatile power bankThe box for the Omni 20+ says it will “power anything anywhere”. That might be overstating its capabilities, but it will certainly power many things in many places. What sold me on it was the variable DC output. You can control both the voltage (1V – 25V in 0.1V increments) and the maximum current (0.1A – 5.0A in 0.1A increments). With the right cable and adapter, you can power your camera for a long while – great for night sky photography if you’re doing long exposures or lots of shorter exposures. Setting aside the Omni Ultimate, this is the only power bank / portable DC power supply that I’ve found that has variable DC output. Some other brands of power supply have stepped DC output, say, with 5V, 9V, 12V, 16V, and 20V, but these are inconvenient if you need something in-between, say, 7.5V to run your camera. You might cobble together a solution with 5V output and a step-up voltage device, or very inefficiently use the AC inverter with an AC/DC adapter, but Omnicharge’s solution – direct DC output of whatever voltage you need – is a lot simpler and more efficient.The Omni 20+ has also got a USB-C PD port with up to 60W output, 2 USB-A ports, each with 5V and up to 3A output, an AC inverter with 120V output up to 100W, High Voltage DC output through that same AC port (useful if your laptop, for instance, has a switched mode power supply), and wireless charging of your phone on the top surface. The two ports for variable DC output and USB-C output also double as input ports for charging the internal 20,000 mAh battery. You select whether you want input or output using the front panel buttons and the tiny OLED display.Another reviewer complained that this device is heavy. I don’t agree. You can certainly find lighter-weight power banks without an AC inverter (though the weight depends in large part on the battery capacity) and maybe you can find a few AC inverters without an internal battery that are lighter, but I’m not aware of any combined power banks and AC inverters that are lighter than the Omni 20+. Nearly all such devices I’ve seen weigh at least 2 pounds, against the 1.4 pounds of the Omni 20+.There are some negatives. This thing is fairly expensive at $200, even if it does do a lot. You don’t get a charger with it (unless you buy the more expensive Omni 20 bundle). A fast USB-C charger will probably cost at least $25. A more complete user manual would be helpful. The included manual is fairly thick but it only explains about “battery calibration”… in 10 or 12 different languages. There is some useful information on the Omnicharge website but it’s scattered on different pages and it’s incomplete. I spent some time pushing buttons in different combinations to figure out all the features. I still don’t know what all the icons on the display represent. While the website has some information about the display, I think it must be for an earlier model – it certainly does not describe some of the icons on my display. The wireless charger is kind of flaky. At least with my phones, it’s extremely sensitive to the placement and orientation of the phone. Often, after I’ve carefully placed the phone on top, the display on the Omni 20+ will initially indicate that it’s charging (as does the phone), but when I check a few minutes later, it has stopped charging. This is not simply a problem with my phones – I have other wireless chargers that work much more reliably with the same phones.

  5. Clem gray

    Awesome power blockAWESOME

  6. jingbee

    Has everything you needLove this device. Has lots of outputs, can charge it with DC adapter or usb-c, provides 110 power and charging ports for a bunch of other devices and wireless charging. Love it!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great for traveling and fast charging, but not perfect for CPAPThe good:1) Paired with a 45Watt+ USB-C charger, you can *recharge* this battery incredibly quickly (in ~1.5 to 2 hours). When travelling or camping, this is *extremely helpful* as you can rapidly charge this big brute while and charge other devices later. If you only have one outlet, plug this in first – in 10 minutes you can get 1000mAh, 80%+ of which you can transfer to another device.I used the RAVPower 61W Wall Charger PD 3.0 USB C and it constantly recharged at 45W+, which is 3x faster than most batteries this size or fast charging phones.2) The USB- C out is great. Can be used for laptops and fast charging phones.3) You can get a DC to Magsafe 2 cable to charge older Macbook Pros, which is a good way to extend working day with an older computer4) Passthrough charging works great. You can add two other batteries/devices to recharge via USB. It appears to charge itself first, then the others. You can also charge this battery while using the AC out. (see more below)Cons:I bought this battery hoping to power a CPAP (Resmed Airsense 10) via the DC output with a battery pack that can go on a plane. Unfortunately I didn’t look closely at the DC power out amperage and this isn’t high enough. I ended up using the much less efficient AC outlet, which gives 4 to 6 hours of CPAP usage. To extend the battery, I hooked up another big battery charging *into* the omnicharge via the USB-C port, while the Omnicharge was powering the CPAP. Weirdly, I had to first plug in the ac cord, with the dc out cord to the CPAP *unplugged*, turn on the AC charge then plug in the DC cord to the CPAP. (If I did this the other way, the overcharge circuit would kick in). Then once charge is going out, I plugged in the other battery to the Omnicharge via the usb c (I did this using a USB A to USB C cord, using a socket on the other battery that was output only). If using USB C to USB C, I’m not sure you can control which way the charge is going to try to go.2) Occasionally, the battery appeared confused about whether it should take a charge in or out via USB C, and had a device I was trying to charge up appear to lose battery when connected. In that case, I just turned the Omnicharge off and then on, and things went fine.3) without a case of some sort, the battery screen turns on easily. doesn’t seem to be a big deal.For CPAPs camping the best thing I’ve found yet is the Jackery 240 with DC out, but that’s too big for planes. I’ll likely try to pair the Omnicharge with a TalentCell 12/ 11000 mAh battery that has a 12V/6A output, and use the omnicharge to replenish that.If the next version of this could do 12v/6A out, it would be my dream battery.

  8. Patrick J McDougall III

    The 20+ will not work on 13.8 volts needed to run CB/QRP Ham Radios!The C port on the 20+ is fantastic. Charge/Discharge up to 50 Watts. Wow! Great for my laptop. Disapointed that when they upgraded from the 20 they took away the 13.8 volt output to run my CB/QRP Ham Radios. SOTA Folkes beware. Guess you will have to buy both. Trouble is lugging them both around in your back pack. Com’on Omni, why do you include take aways on your upgrades. That’s just Plain Stupid.

  9. Possible Microphone

    It will change the way you can work on-the-goFirst off – the negatives.1. The batteries are not of the highest capacity. Just go to youtube and look for videos where tech-savvy people replace the batteries with better ones. However, this should not be a surprising compromise in this highly competitive world of power banks.2. The price. Like many readers, I was actually interested in buying a battery bank shell and using my own batteries. Unfortunately, there are virtually no good options for this at the time of my research. This unit is more expensive than similar PD power banks with 120V outputs. But it remains popular due to some advantages it has.There are other complaints that people might have – size, weight, etc. But it’s all relative to what this thing can do. Keep that in mind when looking at other options.The good:1. It has a reasonable capacity. I can completely recharge the battery of my Dell 7490 laptop. It has allowed me to work for at least 8 hours completely remotely with no power outlets.2. The display is a useful utility. It makes sense to have a screen if there is something worth displaying – in this case the battery temperature and voltage/wattage. I am an electronics tinkerer so having access to this information is very interesting and also insightful. It’s especially useful in determining the best position for your phone when using the Qi charging function. I will note that I have never seen this unit overheat. It remains relatively cool.3. There is a swiss-army assortment of charging functions. I charge it via the USB-C connector; I haven’t used the barrel connector. The 120v outlet is a game changer. I use this to power a desk lamp when having a camp fire outside. I don’t use it for much else, but I know that I will have many opportunities. I use the Qi pad to charge my phone if I am taking a call over the headphone jack. It is all very convenient.Overall, while I have no experience with the direct competitors of this product, I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that it has delivered me. Like so many, I have had to change the way I work due to COVID19, and this has been a key asset in helping to meet the challenges created by working on the go.


    Very versatile!This charger is really is the swiss army knife of battery banks. It is light weight and compact given its functionality. For traveling this is going to be hard to beat. You could probably find a specific charger for a specific application that is more portable, but nothing that can tackle this many applications will come close.Pros:- The display screen is very handy and informative.- Pass through charging (meaning that you can charge the Omni 20+ while it is charging something else).- All of the different applications that work with this device!!!- Accessories are very nice and add quite a bit of functionality to an already extremely versatile device.Cons:- The pass through feature does not work with the USB-C and the DC barrel (they operate on the same circuitry). So passthrough only works with the AC, the USB-A ports, or the wireless charger. This is probably related to the fact that the USB-C and the DC barrel port are both of the inputs for charging. So this is set up so that you can not try to charge from two sources simultaneously (seems reasonable).- The documentation is pretty lacking. There is only a quick start guide included in the box. You have to down-load the user manual. Even then the user manual is lacking information that would be helpful to users. Things like turning off the AC inverter while not being used will conserve battery power. Details about customizing the DC barrel port are not illustrated. Overall it is good, but it could be much better.- There is no way to charge the omni 20+ with what comes in the box. It comes with a USB-C cable but no wall charger. It mentions charging with USB-C in 3 hours, but if you use a standard phone wall charger (which is what most people have) it will charge significantly slower. Either they should include a fast USB-C PD wall charger or explain the differences more clearly in the documentation.- The accessories are pretty expensive.Overall it is a wonderful device that really does a tremendous amount of things.

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