NOMATIC Travel Pack- Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight Approved Carry on Laptop Bag Computer Backpack

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  • STRONG: The Nomatic Backpack is the most functional backpack ever. It is the perfect everyday bag. The exterior is strong, waterproof, has YKK zippers, and made of material that will last forever.
  • ACCESS: Full perimeter zipper gives you access from all sides! You have a full view the entire interior of the bag for better visibility and packing.
  • POCKETS: 20 pockets all designed with purpose! Pockets include quick access fleece pocket, multiple mesh elastic pockets, RFID lockable security pocket, multiple mesh zipper pockets, notebook pocket, and a hidden pocket for any important items. Basically, whatever you’re carrying, this bag has a spot for it.
  • ACCESSORIES: This backpack has everything you want and more. Cord pass through holes are in each compartment to make charging technology seamless. The water bottle pocket is magnetic. It expands when in use, and snaps shut when not. There is also a retractable key leash as well as reflective ink on the front and back of the bag.

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Product Description

travel pack backpack 20l

Meet the Nomatic Travel Pack

The NOMATIC Travel Pack was designed for everyday use. It is made with durable waterproof materials and zippers. Starting at 20L and expanding to 30L this bag is slim but expands when you need to pack more. The versatile strap system allows you to go from backpack to briefcase carry for those times when you need to look more professional. Magnetic waterbottle pockets, RFID safe storage, and hidden pockets, are just a few of the 20+ noteworthy features that make this travel pack the most functional travel pack ever! On top of being packed with incredible functionality, the NOMATIC Travel Pack has a sleek minimalist design and gives you confidence for your life on the move.

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Easy to pack Clamshell Opening

The Nomatic Travel Pack opens up like traditional luggage so that you can pack your clothes and any other gear easily.

travel pack backpack 20l

Full Perimeter Expansion

The Nomatic Travel Pack starts at 20L and expands to 30L for those longer trips.

Cord Pass Throughs

Keep portable chargers, phones, and headphones connected with built-in cord pass throughs throughout your bag.

travel pack premium backpack

Roller Bag Sleeve

Mount your Nomatic Travel Pack on your luggage when traveling with this functional roller bag sleeve.

TSA Ready Laptop Sleeve

Keep your laptop in the laptop sleeve when going through TSA security checkpoints.

Magnetic Waterbottle Pockets

Carry up to 2 waterbottles effortlessly with sleek pockets that snap back into place when not being used.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 18.5 cm


Item model number


Item Weight

4 pounds

Product Dimensions

6 x 12 x 18.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

6 x 12 x 18.5 inches







Date First Available

November 7 2017





8 reviews for NOMATIC Travel Pack- Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 30L Flight Approved Carry on Laptop Bag Computer Backpack

  1. Dan Oaks

    I spent $1400 to try them all. This is the BEST!!Years ago, I realized that life is much better and it is totally worth it to get the best quality that there is for the things that I use everyday of my life. My backpack fits into that category. I use it everyday. But, somehow this item had slipped past my radar. Without thinking much of it, I found myself frustrated day after day with the biggest piece of crap backpack known to man.It wasn’t balanced right. When I would throw it over one shoulder, it would always want to slide down onto my arm. The strap was angled wrong or positioned wrong or something…maybe it was because the material was slick. I don’t know what the problem was I just know that it just wasn’t right and it was super annoying. I was always carrying my water bottle in my hand because there wasn’t a good place for it in my backpack. It wasn’t designed to protect my laptop well. Sometimes, when I would set it down, I could hear my laptop make a thump sound as it hit the ground. So, I put a small hand towell in the bottom to provide some cushion. Sometimes, I needed to carry more stuff than what would fit and I was often frustrated that it wouldn’t carry more.Finally, one day back in November (8 months ago) while on vacation, I happened to read a blog post by Timothy Ferriss in which he mentioned how happy he was with his innovative new Everyday Backpack by Huckberry. That’s when it hit me and I had this epiphany “dude…you should get a better backpack!” When the thought hit me, I realized how much I hated mine and was willing to pay practically anything for something better.I reviewed the one Tim recommended by Huckberry but I wasn’t convinced that it was the right style for me. So, I continued shopping. I literally spent hours and hours shopping online. I read reviews and zoomed in on the photos. There are SO many backpacks! I narrowed the list down to a half dozen or so but I just couldn’t tell which was best. It was so hard to tell by looking at the photos. How could I know by looking at a photo if it was going to slide off my shoulder? Finally, I was like “dude…you’re on vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world with your family and you’ve wasted the whole morning shopping for a backpack. This is stupid.” So, I decided to do something I have never done before. I ordered them all! I decided to try them out, keep the best, and return all the rest.I spent $1,400 on backpacks!! Since it was near Christmas time, all of them had a return policy that gave me till January 31 to return the item. So, I used each one for a week and then I would retire it and try another. Switching all my crap from one backpack to the next each time was a real pain. And, trying to remember where I put everything so I could find it when I needed it was a hassle. But, boy was it worth it because that’s how I discovered this Nomatic backpack.When I first saw the Nomatic backpack online, I didn’t really think this would be the one for me. I spent $394 on the Huckeberry one alone and, for that price, I really expected that one to be the best quality and my clear favorite.But, after using the Nomatic for a week, I had a real, real hard time switching to the next one. You’ve never seen a person more excited about a backpack in your life. I spent the money on all these backpacks so I was determined to follow my plan and try a new one each week; I wanted to give each one a fair shake. But, it was a bit painful because, after using the Nomatic, nothing else was even close. I just couldn’t wait to finish my test and go back to the Nomatic.At the end of my trial period, I finally boxed up the backpacks and sent them all back except the Nomatic. I’ve been using the Nomatic for 6 months now and I truly can’t say enough about how much I love it. I literally comment to my wife all the time about how much I love this backpack. The amount of joy it brings me is really out of whack. I don’t know how to explain it. The only thing I can figure is that, perhaps, it’s because of the immense frustration that I felt daily (without really realizing it) from my old crappy backpack that makes me appreciate this one so much.Every time I grab it and throw it over my shoulder, I just feel great. It never slides off. It’s SO much more comfortable to carry than all the others. The material is high quality and it’s just designed right.Side by side, this Nomatic looks 10 times sexier than all the others. Sometimes, when I go to church (not that I’m trying to look sexy at church…just sayin), I slide the shoulder straps into the convenient slot and carry it like a briefcase and it looks cool. But, more important that the appearance, I love that it is so functional.I love that my two large, 32-ounce water bottles fit perfectly in the sides (now my hands are free! What a concept!). These bottles wouldn’t fit in most of the other backpacks I tried.I love the way it holds my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro. It protects them both very well and they’re both easily accessible. It’s water proof too so I feel better knowing that my electronics and other things are going to be safe and dry.I really LOVE that it is expandable to 30L when I need to carry more stuff. LOVE THAT! I can’t say enough about this. Before, it seemed like I was always out and about when I needed more space. Like, if I bought something unexpected while traveling. There I was…carrying bags in my hands because the items wouldn’t fit in my backpack. Now, I just unzip my Nomatic to expand it and throw my stuff into my backpack to free my hands. Woohoo! Wonderful!When I was shopping and purchasing all these backpacks, I wasn’t sure what size to get. I ordered two from Huckberry, the 20L and the 30L, and I was torn because, on the one hand, 90% of the time, I only need a small backpack but sometimes, when I need more space, I really need more space! This one solves the problem. Huckberry has one that expands from 20L to 30L but it’s garbage. They use snaps to expand it instead of zippers and they’re terrible. One side would often unsnap unexpectedly and then it was this lopsided mess. And, it just seemed bulky where the Nomatic does not. It’s super compact when you need it to be and it’s super expansive when you need more room. Love it!I love the hidden pouch for stuffing cash when I’m traveling. No more worrying about someone behind me unzipping a pouch in a foreign country and getting my stuff when I’m not looking.You wouldn’t think of this but there are all kinds of different zipper styles and some work better than others. In my old backpack, it took two hands to work the zippers…especially around the bends. They would bind, get caught on the cloth, and just didn’t work well. Getting in and out of the thing was a pain. The zippers on the Nomatic ROCK! And, the material is firm enough that I can easily open and close it with one hand. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference. It’s SO much better now.I got the compression bag, a tech pouch, and a bag for toiletries to go with it and I absolutely love having the different, removable compartments. Now, when I need something, instead of digging through it and rummaging around like a woman looking for her keys in her purse, I just grab my tech pouch out of my backpack and boom…I’m there! I grab the “wash pouch” that I got from Huckberry when I need my toothbrush and badabing! Too cool!I got a battery pack to charge my cell phone when I’m traveling. There’s a side pouch for this that is a super convenient place to store it so it’s out of the way most of the time but accessible when you need it.Oh…one of the other things I really love about the Nomatic is that you can unzip it completely on three sides and open it like a suit case to pack it or get to all your stuff. With my last backpack, there was this small opening at the top and I was always digging around trying to find stuff in the bottom. Sometimes, I would practically need a flashlight to find stuff. So stupid! The Nomatic, on the other hand, is so smart!I haven’t used the waist band yet because I haven’t needed it but I really like knowing that I have it if I want it. Most of the other backpacks don’t have a waist band. I’ve been on quite a few high adventure backpack trips with the scouts and I know what a big difference this makes. It takes all the pressure off your shoulders and puts the weight on your hips which is so much better.Well, now I’ve gone and wasted even more time on backpacks on a Saturday morning writing this long review. I normally don’t write reviews but my son is leaving to serve a two year mission for our church and he needs a good backpack. When I came here to buy another Nomatic, I noticed some of the 1-star reviews and I was shocked. I read many of them and it’s such a shame. There’s always going to be some defect here or when stuff gets manufactured in a factory. That’s to be expected. But, these negative reviews really do this product and the general public a disservice. If these negative reviews discourage someone from trying this backpack, it’s really sad because those people will be missing out on the best backpack on the planet. Literally, I use this backpack multiple times each day and I feel a surge of joy each time I interact with it. I can’t say enough about how much better it is than every other backpack available. If you use a backpack frequently, it’s totally worth the price. You’re gonna love the Nomatic.

  2. Tim Oster

    Nomatic scrapes by for me but i really like it.Quick review of Nomatic vs north face Refractor. I bought both and ended up sending the North Face back but not without apprehension. Comparison belowQuality – hands down North Face. Material was thicker, more rugged and zippers were stronger. Nomatic is a nice bag, would easily give 5 stars if it priced inside $200. Zips on Nomatic do seal nicely.Function – for day to day i give it to Nomatic. Backpack is quite compact but can be expanded to 30l. Can carry 2-3 days clothes and have room for work papers notebooks folders etc. North face,was nice to but a bit more cumbersome to pack a diverse group of biz and pleasure. It is taller rather than wider and far fewer pockets and compartments. In fairness it is labeled as a duffle. Was still able to snugly fit 3 day biz trip though the bag was bulging considerably.Cool – Nomatic magnetic side wager bottle pockets. Compression bag includedNorth Face – looks way cooler. Efficient laptop pouch which i preferred.Stupid – Nomatic – hard sunglass case. Takes up too much room even in the top pocket. Ill find pockets or pouches for these in soft case (also included)North Face – deep vertical pocket zips 1/4 way down from top. Front tablet pocket too compressed to feel comfortable with surface pro. Bottom quick access pocket. Cant seem to find anything to fit.Bottom Line – North Face is a better bag in my opinion. That,said the functionality of Nomatic is quite intelligent and i ultimately paid the premium to keep the bag and declare it my winner.

  3. Jabali Golf

    Good Overall, Slightly overpriced for the lack of commitment to the product.I love my backpack to be honest. There is a couple of things to take into consideration. It can easily get scratched, and it seams that it is not very durable. I have had this for less than a year and it has gotten scratched due to travel. One of the snap buttons completely went missing with no signs of tear. Unfortunately when I pay $200+ for a backpack, I expect to have some kind of lifetime warranty, and unfortunately that is not the case. I have contacted the manufacturer on several ocassions through their website, and on Amazon. Never recieved a response. Part of the price you pay for is the product, and the rest is for the warranty/customer service. Unfortunately the backpack isnt worth stand alone price of $200+. So in conclusion, Love the backpack, not worth the price due to lack of warranty.

  4. Quentin Marsh

    Best backpack I’ve ever had. Perfect after a couple of modsThis bag is perfect for me. Great size and lots of compartments and pockets to keep things organised and separated. I load more into this bag than I did my last pack and it seems lighter because I can balance the packing.I did not like the sternum strap. I’ve never ever used a sternum strap and I didn’t like the way the left side hung loosely.I also didn’t like the way the straps would hang loosely.So I decided to make a couple of mods which honestly, for the price, they should’ve included.I sewed on a couple of elastic straps to hold the loose straps tight. I’m not the best sewer but it took me 15 minutes and it looks great. (See the pictures)I also got the wire cutters from my workshop and snipped a break in the sternum buckles so I could slip them off (and on again if I ever needed to use them… unlikely). again it looks great and the bag is now absolutely perfect for me.I love the way it sits up when you put it down.I highly recommend this bag and still gave it 5 stars even though it needed those mods.

  5. Jer A

    Amazing functionality, if a bit heavy when emptyThis bag is high quality, sturdy and as practical as the ads say it is. Easily expands from an overnight bag to carry shopping/presents as well as being able to be my daily carry (with laptop, books, chargers, jumper, gloves, lunch box etc -> the lunchbox being why I swapped from a slim briefcase).Sits comfortably on the back and easy access to all pockets. The opening of the pockets makes rummaging around down a dark hole a thing of the past as you can just unzip further to get the item from the bottom of your bag without pulling everything out.It feels slightly heavy when empty (a trade off for the high quality) which makes me think twice if packing for carry-on baggage, but have never had to forgo packing items so far.I saw the ads for this bag months and months ago and finally decided to get it. Have not regretted it, well worth the price tag.

  6. RCG

    Pay for WearYes, I know I am sure you can find cheaper backpacks and bigger weekend bags, but how many backpacks can do the job of day computer bag and also weekend bag???. Not many. Unfortunately I have not been able to use main as much yet… Working from Home not much travel, but I’m looking forward to life to go back to a certain level of normality and, for sure I will be enjoying my Nomantic bag. Don’t think too much… go for it… it might look expensive… but remember the principle pay for wear…

  7. Noya

    Excelente construcción, materiales y práctica.La cantidad de bolsillos y compartimentos te da suficiente espacio para todos los accesorios que quieras, los materiales son increíbles y la construcción se ve de calidad. Gran compra

  8. J DIXON

    Don’t procrastinateI procrastinated over the 30 liter bag for months due to the cost. In the end due to frustration with my current bag I just went ahead and purchased it. I have no idea why I procrastinated for so long. It is everything they say it is. No substitute for quality.

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