NGNWOB 3500 Watt Inverter Power Inverter of Modified sine Wave RV Truck Solar Inverter DC to AC 12V to 110V Inverter for Truck

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Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.29 x 10.39 x 4.59 inches
Total Power Outlets 4
Input Voltage 12 Volts

  • 1[Advantage]. NGNWOB 3500watt power inverter provides continuous 3500 Watts / instantaneous 7000Watts power for multi-devices simultaneously with 2 USB outlet and 4 AC outlets;
  • 2[Wide Application] With its heavy-duty power: 3500W, This power inverter can power up wide range of devices like : off-grid solar panels, small power tools (pump, vacuum cleaners, drills, chainsaws), coffee machines, microwave, washing machine, refrigerators, etc. Ideal used in your truck, boat, emergency, or any other power outage.
  • 3.[LCD display + multi-protection ]:The LCD display of the power inverter can monitor battery status in-time, protect against overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overchargingl; built-in 8X40A fuses enable the solar inverter to protect your device from short circuit current.
  • 4[Energy- saving] According to the intelligent control program, the NGNWOB 3500W power converter consumes less than 6W in standby. The power conversation rate is high as 88%.
  • 5[Excellent cooling performance and durability] The built-in 3 powerful smart cooling fans and aluminum alloy shell with great heat dissipation creat fast cooling performance; Durable rigidity of metal casing protect inverter against bumps and drops.
  • 6.[What you get]: ·– 1 x 3500W Power Inverter ·– 4 x battery cables ·–1 x User Mannual ·–18 months free Warranty



Product Description



NGNWOB 3500W power inverter is equipped with four 110V AC outlets and dual 2A USB outlets. it can deliver continuous 3500 Watts / instantaneous 7000Watts power; With 3500W heavy-duty power, it can power up wide range resistive loads within 3500W or inductive loads less than 1000W. It can be widely used on electrical tools, home appliances, etc. Ideal used in your truck, RV, boat, emergency, or any other power outage.


powerful fan

high conversation rate

Intelligent silent cooling fan

Smart cooling fan only works when temperature range of heatsink is 104~149℉. It makes inverter working silently most of the time.

Great cooling performance

The aluminum alloy shell with great heat dissipation and 3 built-in powerful cooling fans work together to create fast cooling performance.

High power conversation rate& Energy saving

According to the intelligent control program, the NGNWOB -3500W consumes less than 10W in standby, It’s power conversation rate is high as 88%,rather energy-saving and high efficient.

Smart LCD display

WIDE Application

[Tips and precaution]:

1. This is a Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter, applied for DC 12V,not for 24V. Only connect it to 12V battery.

2. The cooling fan is quiet and smart, will rotate at different speed according to the power load and temperature inside. So don’t worry if the fan doesn’t work while the power load is low.

3. Be sure to connect the red cables to battery and inverter positive terminal, black cables to negative terminal of battery and inverter. Wrongly connect the battery cables will cause damage to inverter and devices.

4. Do not leave the power inverter at the ON position for long time while your car is off.

5. Do not operate the inverter with a battery in charging .

6.Do not power electric appliances exceed 3500 watts.For some inductive loads ,Like refrigerator ,washing machine ,microwave oven,drill pump, chain saw,air compressor .The rate power can not exceed 1000W.

7.Do not let the inverter into sunlight and water directly, keep it in cool and dry environment.

Additional information

Weight 14.52 kg
Dimensions 13.29 × 10.39 × 4.59 cm
Product Dimensions

13.29 x 10.39 x 4.59 inches

Item Weight

14.52 pounds





Date First Available

October 11 2021

Country of Origin




8 reviews for NGNWOB 3500 Watt Inverter Power Inverter of Modified sine Wave RV Truck Solar Inverter DC to AC 12V to 110V Inverter for Truck

  1. Brian Gant / Fossil Creek Kennels

    Excellent product highly recommendedOk I just finished. Installing this inverter on my Farm Truck 🛻 it was very easy to install and it’s easy to use only thing to keep in mind while using it you have to keep you motor Running while in use to keep your battery charged up other than that it’s pretty self explanatory it came with battery cables red and black incase you want to mount it underneath your hood. I chose to mount it in my toolbox on truck so I had to make longer cables to reach my battery underneath hood of truck it wasn’t hard but the wire was pricey I do recommend you buy enough wire to run along frame of truck just incase you chose to do as I did. And mount it in a toolbox or behind your seat in cab.I only use the black cable provided with inverter to ground to body of truck so you will only have to get a red cable wire I used 2awg wire. For power supply from battery to inverter good thick wire with copper battery terminal ends. Like the ones provided with inverterWith this inverter I am able yo power just about any electric powered tool like chop saws grinders ect and if I need to power a mini fridge or whatever I can now do soIt’s a great investment for the money and I Highly Recommend this Power Inverter

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good heavy-duty inverterThis is a large capacity inverter for small self-standing power stations. The inverter has a total capacity of 3500W. It takes a steady input of DC 12V which it converts to 120V output to run standard 120V appliances. It has 4 3-prong North American 120V plugs on one end as well as 2 USB A output ports, an LCD power readout, and an on/off switch. On the other end are the positive and negative terminals, plus a ground wire connection. The inverter comes with 12V cables for the power input. The inverter has a heavy metal case that measures approximately 15”x11”x6”. This inverter is not weatherproof, so it should be installed in an indoor or sheltered location.I have been impressed with the performance of this inverter. It works well for my small refrigerator and induction cooker. And of course, it also runs small devices, like lights, my computer, and my cell phone charger. It has built in fans for cooling, yet is relatively quiet when running. It is great for running everything we need at our off-grid cabin. Overall, this is a great choice for a self-standing power station.

  3. Paulnan

    Very well constructedThis is a real nice, powerful inverter. The cooling fan is quiet and smart. It will rotate at different speed according to the power load and temperature inside. So don’t worry if the fan doesn’t work while the power load is low. It is perfect when camping. It can easily charge all my batteries and run a coffee pot, and other appliances which is a necessity during the quiet hours of the campsite. It is well made and comes with everything you need. The inverter feels nice and solid, and rugged. It comes with nice thick cables. Hooking it up is real easy and the voltage display is great. Since it is a modified sine wave inverter, I wouldn’t use it for refrigerators, freezers or other appliances with motors as well as electronics. There is a possibility of damage. I think a pure sine wave inverter would be a better choice. It is a powerful inverter and I would recommend it.

  4. Cat Martin

    Be aware that this is a modified sine wave inverterNothing really wrong with a modified sine wave inverter other than the fact you may want to watch what is plugged into it as the power can fluctuate somewhat as compared to a pure sine wave inverter. That being said, I attached this to one of my emergency power 12V lithium batteries rated at 80Ah and then plugged in my corded drill to do some work outside. No problem at all! Let’s say you are working on building a house (in progress) and don’t have access to electricity yet, then this is a wonderful inverter that can be attached to your vehicle’s battery (do keep your car running so as to keep from draining your battery) or as I did, with a stand alone (or also attached to a solar panel to provide free power) battery. I have purchased a lot to build a house on and this inverter will ensure I can work on site prior to having the electric company stall a meter and make grid-tied electricity available.

  5. wonder_woman1

    Excellent inverter! A ton of power is just what I need!This is my second power inverter. I decided that I needed to upgrade. This inverter has the ability to put out a ton of power. I am still not an expert in explaining the amps/watts when using a power inverter. However, I can say that this inverter allows me to use my blow dryer while camping. Everything else that I have, uses less power than the blow dryer so I couldn’t be more pleased with this power inverter. Hooking up the inverter is pretty simple. The cables are provided that you will need to use to hook to your battery or series of batteries. The LCD display on the inverter is a nice feature for monitoring the battery function. I also have solar panels to use with my set up. Overall, I am very pleased with the function of this inverter. I will say that the current price of this inverter was less than my previous (lower power) inverter. So that is a plus as well.

  6. Bruce

    Works greatThis is a pretty sweet inverter it has plenty of output… runs an angle grinder sawzall air compressor ran a coffee pot along with a blow dryer only had issues with it running a induction cooktop but I don’t think it was anything to do with amount of power. Came with nice thick cables so hooking it up was super easy and the voltage display was is great cause it allows you to use it with vehicle off and your not left guessing how discharged your battery is

  7. Lubba Lardi

    3500w for tailgate, fridge, probably a tv! Quiet. Easy to install. Great customer service!This inverters a lot of power for tailgating, a long-run refrigerator/freezer, and/or probably a small tv (i didnt try the tv). I like that it is very quiet, which is not true of the low-end inverters. It is easy to connect direct to the battery. Great customer service! They quickly helped me understand how to install it.

  8. Rocky d

    EXCELLENT PRODUCTTHIS INVERTER WORKS EXCELLENT AT OUR CAMP SITE. Well made and I will always have this in my truck. Comes with everything you need.

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