Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera Small with App- Full 1080p/60fps HD in Car Camera- WiFi Bluetooth GPS- SOS

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  • HD LOOP RECORDING & 6 LANE WIDE VIEWING ANGLE – Equipped with a F1.6 Glass Lens, the 322GW has been designed to provide high quality, detailed images of your journey on the road. The 322GW offers 1080p front and 720p rear simultaneous recordings. Loop recording on a Dash Cam allows for continuous recording, even if the SD memory card reaches full capacity. This means older files are overwritten once the SD card reaches its file size limit. Never miss a moment with 6 lane wide viewing angle.
  • 2.5″ HIGH RESOLUTION TOUCH SCREEN – The Small DashCam Screen can show your Speed or the Road ahead. View all your footage on the 2.5″ award-winning IPS screen with upgraded picture resolution and clarity for high quality recordings. The new added touch screen feature allows you to easily select menu options and playback footage for a great user experience.
  • QUICKLINK WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH for DASHCAM APP – The 322GW is the world’s first Dash Cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi to automatically sync files straight to your phone so footage can be supplied quickly to your insurer. You can also easily edit and share your footage via the MyNextbase Connect app.
  • 【GPS】FRONT AND REAR DUAL RECORDINGS – The perfect Vehicle / Car Accessory Gift for peace of mind. The GPS module allows you to use your clips for insurance claims as you are able to prove a time and place of the footage
  • INTELLIGENT PARKING MODE & CLICK&GO POWERED CAR MOUNT – This Dash Cam is Wireless as it conncets to the mount via magnet. The intelligent parking mode informs the dash cam that your car is parked, and will immediately record any bump or physical movement of the car when left unattended. The integrated magnetic power connectors allow you to install and remove your dash cam easily



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Product Description

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

Nextbase 322GW

EXCLUSIVE NEXTBASE NEAT & COMPACT CLICK&GO PRO MOUNT With Integrated Magnetic Powered Connectors, this allows the mount to power the dash cam.

  • Neat because the wires never touch the dash cam.
  • Compact because the mount is part of the dash cam, not an extension of it.

Nextbase 322GW


  • The award-winning 322GW includes revolutionary new safety features, helping you enjoy a safer journey than ever before.
  • The 1080p model uses Emergency SOS to alert the emergency services of your location in the event of an accident.
  • With a new HD IPS touchscreen, Bluetooth & WIFI built-in, the 322GW is a extremely well connected dash cam.
  • Included with a Polarizing Filter to reduce camera glare and improve camera vision.

Additional information

Weight 1.57 kg
Dimensions 1.81 × 3.23 × 1.85 cm
Product Dimensions

1.81 x 3.23 x 1.85 inches

Item Weight

1.57 pounds





Item model number

322GW & Rear Cam


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Other display features

Car Audio or Theater

Date First Available

October 9 2020



10 reviews for Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera Small with App- Full 1080p/60fps HD in Car Camera- WiFi Bluetooth GPS- SOS

  1. SkyeTV

    Do not buy if you live where it gets over 85*F.Overall, this is the best dash cam I have owned (as long as you by the polarized filter). HOWEVER, a dash cam isn’t much good if it overheats and shuts down.That is exactly what happens to me if it is over 85 and sunny. I have to remove it from its mount, get it out of the sun and wait about 10 mins.before it will turn on. Soon after I park, it overheats and shuts down. Sometimes it shuts down when I’m driving with the a/c on. So for me, living in Texas, it’s useless at least three months a year. I would send it back if I could but I bought it in the springand didn’t have trouble until it was too late.

  2. Pete

    Amazing extra insuranceThis dashcam does exactly what it promises. First, the installation on my windshield was very easy and it was simple to find the proper placement of the dashcam to ensure that my recordings included the maximum information of all my trips. The ability to remove the dashcam when not driving is a great benefit and with the power being supplied to the attached base it is a huge plus and very convenient. The recordings are high resolution and the ability to attach a rear camera by just clipping it into the dashcam without any extra installation is a plus. I also enjoy the recordings having my exact speed and location on the map. I’ve added a rear camera and the picture quality has remained high. Adding the rear was extremely easy to do and it’s a secure fit. The smartphone application that goes with the dashcam makes it easy to transfer files and watch the selected recording. All in all this was a great investment that adds a non biased recording of all events, with all critical information, for that “just in case” event. It is the perfect addition to my new car, and to any person’s car that wants an added set of eyes.

  3. Papa Ton

    Finally A Quality Dash CamI have looked at and purchased dash cams over the last three years.Prices and features are all over the place.Why do I like this one?Phone App that is easy to use and well thought out, WiFi Downloadable video. You need to buy a SD Card. The Cost was very reasonable for a 128 GB . $30.00 Just make sure you get the Fast write speed.It shows a GPS map showing the route you took. Shows SpeedRear Camera Compatible. Yes I added that feature also. Works great.Parking monitor, that is activated by a G force sensor. Records using the internal battery.Very Clear Picture! Wide angle lens. The mount is double sided tape so I know it will not fall down.The camera is small. I put ours up by the mirror so you don’t block any line of site. It turns out the System is used in the UK and its the number one brand.I can see why. The quality is outstanding on both the camera and the support software.I have the 322 model they have two models up from that but I didn’t think I needed the Alexa voice App.Amazon does not carry the full line at the moment. Only place I found it was at Best Buy.I will be getting another one.

  4. Felix R. Latorre

    Don’t buy this camera. Is useless. No app that work.I bought this camera after my ddpay broke down after almost 5 years of use. I read the reviews of this one and tell myself let’s try it.It seems good quality and well made. It has “all the features” that you want from the dashcam. Very easy to use except for one thing…the app. At least on my iPhone 11, the app is useless. You can’t see live view or live video neither the video on storage card and the wifi and Bluetooth disconnect from the phone when you use another app and to reconnect is a pain in the…. So, when you are on a trip and see something that you want to video it, you have to pull over, stop, take a picture or video and go because you can’t do that on this dashcam. I wrote customer service about it and after 2 weeks the answer asking me questions about my phone and that’s it. No more customer service. So here I am in the middle of nowhere with this camera. That’s why I give it a star.

  5. DDT

    Very good, easy to use dashcamThe camera comes without any SD card, so you’ll have to buy one. I chose to get a 128 GB card, that’s more than enough storage for my needs. The provided power connection cable is for a car cigarette lighter, but I decided to buy an extra kit (third-party) to connect it to the fuse box, for a cleaner setup.The device is well made, with good materials. I found it just the right size.The touch display is great and the user interface very simple and well implemented. The initial configuration is very simple. The pairing with my iPhone was quick (you need to download the app). Note that pairing with a phone is optional, but nice to have to quickly access your camera. Firmware update was easy through the app.The Windows application has no fancy features but performs as expected.Video quality is very good, though I’d love to have the higher resolution of the more expensive models.

  6. MIke

    Be Wary of Your SD CardSo far, good enough after about 3 weeks of use along with the rear window camera. First used a Samsung Evo U3 128 GB card and the GPS/info overlay would routinely take a minute plus to appear in the recording, and I would routinely experience recording gaps of up to a minute! Switched to a Sandisk Extreme U3 128 GB and the info comes up much more quickly. It’s doing a better job of continual recording (1 minute videos) but every 10 files or so it continues to lapse in recording for 30-45 seconds, and I just know that’ll be the critical 30-45 seconds that I need… downrated a star for that and also for the rear camera connector. It defeats most of the purpose of the magnetic base when you must also disconnect and reconnect the rear cable every time you remove and reinstall the camera. The suction cup base holds very well but does get a bit hot during use. The WiFi connection is a bit clunky but does work with patience.

  7. Guy

    Excellent quality but a bit of a rip-off…I bought this 322GW dash cam with a separate rear-view module that plugs into the camera’s side.I didn’t need all of the whistles and bells of the more expensive Nextbase models. However, I did want GPS data logging, the capability of capturing a rear view, and the ability to review captured video immediately on my mobile. This 322GW ticked all of those boxes and appears well made.Picture quality is excellent and I have had no issues. My only minor gripe is the annoying delay when the dash cam is connecting to the APP on my mobile.I have added a Nextbase polarising filter which, when adjusted correctly, enhances picture quality and largely eliminates unwanted reflections. Alas, you have to buy this as an accessory (RRP is s £20 but it’s currently available with Amazon Prime for ~£12.95).Anyway, back to the 322GW… Picture quality remains good even when the rear-view module is connected. I chose a SanDisk U3 (Class 10) 64GB micro SD (High Endurance) card and it works fine coping well with the parallel input from the 2 cameras.So, thus far so good and no problems.However, after a bit of research, I do have one complaint. I see that the prices on the official Nextbase site are currently considerably lower than here on Amazon (and include free delivery). That is rather disappointing….

  8. KeithG59

    Worth paying a bit moreI purchased this along with the Nextbase memory card and hardwire kit to replace my existing (much cheaper) camera that had decided to only work occasionally. I have to say that I think the extra expenditure was well worth it. It has a much more quality feel about it and the way it is constructed adds to that impression. The video is clear and is presented with time, date, location and speed – a good or a bad thing depending on how you drive! The only down side that I can think of is that it doesn’t appear to have any sort of infra red night time facility and is reliant on ambient lighting conditions to capture the image. Having said that, it still seems to be reasonably clear.

  9. Sandy

    Micro SD Card must meet minimum required specsI haven’t been able to fully try out this camera yet because my micro sd card which I had expected would work does not meet the minimum required Class 10 U3 specs. I had a class 10 U1 80mbs which others had said would work (with the previous series of Nextbase cameras) but the onscreen message on setup clearly states Class 10 U3. Personally, I think it is pretty cheap and nasty of Nextbase not to include a card since it is so fussy about minimum requirements. My previous dash cam worked perfectly and at HD resolution with lesser speed cards. Another point I would suggest is that you should immediately download the full manual from the Nextbase site. The included documentation is very poor. I did manage to do a firmware update successfully before setting up the camera in the car. If this is required, do keep the camera on charge with the enclosed usb cable. I stupidly took it off charge to update and the camera has only a capacity of about 15mins and it was not fully apparent that the power had diminished because you carry out updates using the mobile phone app which suggested everything was updating but had actually stopped until I reconnected the charger. Once you figure out the confusing magnetic connector and why a sticker fixer as well as a sucker mount is provided, the camera and mountings fit together very neatly. I did not use the adhesive sticker mount which is an option to the sucker. Once assembled, the camera does stick very firmly to the car windscreen and there are a lot of useful options available in the settings. I have also bought a rear window view camera which attaches to the main camera. It does neatly fit together and sits in a good spot for rear and forward view on the windscreen. I am not however impressed with what the rear view window camera captures but this is no doubt due to the rear window in my car. Once it is fully up and running and see what the camera does capture, I will see exactly how good it is.I’ve now used the dash cam on a 25 mile journey and it did work well. On the return journey I set the cam to display the car’s speed instead of the road ahead and that was novel. However, connecting and downloading the video to my phone was very frustrating so be prepared to use lots of battery life on your phone and for lots of disconnections. The cam took ages to scan than told me it could not find my phone, therefore would not connect. The annoying thing was that the cam was clearly connected when checking my phone’s bluetooth settings. The dash cam eventually did connect after quite a while and I was able to download a couple of the videos which were very good quality. Too frustrating for me so far though and I am not at all impressed

  10. Gazza

    Great quality with a couple of glitchesNice quality in car camera that is unobtrusive and just gets on with the job of recording video. I chose this model over the older 312 GW mainly because it has the option to add a modular rear view camera and has a neater window fix solution. I found The G sensor was triggering every time I made a right turn, but is ok with left turn so I had to turn it down to low. I also found the camera runs quite hot, so turned the video down to 30fps. The only downside I have found is the magnetic mount is too strong and it feels like the window mount will eventually break with the force required to release it. It should have a release button to break the magnetic seal.

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