Neewer 2 Packs 660 PRO RGB LED Video Light with App Control Stand Kit, 360° Full Color, 50W Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K~5600K Video

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  • 【50W Powerful & Versatile RGB Lighting Kit】 Neewer 660 PRO RGB LED Video Light Kit features two 50W powerful lights that provide flicker-free illumination, 3200K~5600K color temperature, a 0~100% dimming range, and 360° RGB colors. With incomparable versatility, this kit is perfect for vlogging, portraits, weddings, product photography, video gaming, and Zoom calls
  • 【High CRI & Built-in Applicable Scenes Modes】 Ultra-high color rendering index (CRI) over 97 ensures natural and vivid color reproduction in all your shots. 9 special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Fireworks, Party, Candlelight, Lightning, Paparazzi, and TV Screen
  • 【Intelligent App Control】 Download the “Neewer” app on your smartphone use it to control these two lights. Inside the app, you can select groups (1–8/All) and strobe scenes; adjust brightness, color temperature, hue (0~360°), and saturation (0~100%); and save two favorite lighting presets. OS requirements: Android 4.3 or later/iOS 11.1 or later
  • 【Useful Lighting Accessories】 The U-bracket allows you to tilt the light at 180° for desirable beam angles, the four-way barn doors help modify the beam spread, and the white diffuser softens harsh glare for balanced, comforting illumination. The aluminum alloy light stands are solid and offer a height range from 3’ to 6.6’ (92cm to 200cm)
  • 【Dual Power Supplies】 Power the lights with AC power adapters (included) or one or two NP-F batteries (not included) when you need to photograph outside and have no access to wall outlets



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Product Description


Neewer 50W RGB Led Video Light with APP Control, 360°Full Color, CRI 97+ for Gaming, Streaming,YouTube, Broadcasting, Web Conference, Photography


  • 1. Camera, Battery, cellphone and camera are NOT Included.
  • 2. You need to download the Neewer app first to control the light.

660PRO RGB LED Video Light

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy; Model: 660PRO
  • LED Beads Quantity: 320 RGB bulbs,170 Cool color beads and 170 Warm color beads
  • Power: 50W; CRI: 97+; Input Voltage: DC12-15V
  • Color temperature: 3200-5600K; LUX: 7000 LUX/0.5M, 2200 LUX/1M
  • Color: RGB+Bi-COLOR (cool color+warm color)
  • Battery Model: NP-F 550/570/750/770/950/960/970 etc. (NOT Included); Size: 23.2x20x5 centimeters/9.14×7.89×1.97 inches

Light Stand:

  • Maximum Height: 6.5 feet/2 meter; Minimum Height: 3 feet/92 centimeters
  • Tube Diameter: 25-22-19 millimeter; Max Load Capacity: 17.5 lbs/ 8 kg

Package Contents:

  • 2x 660PRO RGB LED Video Light; 2x White Diffuser; 2x AC Power Adapter; 2x Power Cable; 2x Light Stand; 2x Carrying Bag for LED Panel Light




High Power for High Production

  • The maximum power of this RGB660 PRO is increased to 50W, and the lumens is increased to 7000lux/0.5m, which makes it perform better in larger scene shooting.

No Flicker, Smoother Shooting

  • The constant current technology is used to effectively alleviate the LED stroboscopic problem, allowing more shutter speed choices in the process of shooting video.

9 scene effects

RGB660 PRO comes with 9 special effects: Cop Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Fireworks, Party, Candlelight, Lightning, Paparazzi,TV Screen


Multiple Lights Controlled by One Hand via APP

  • After downloading the “NEEWER” APP in the App Store/Google Play through a smart mobile device(Android 4.3 or IOS 11.1 or above), single or multiple lights can be controlled to adjust the color temperature/brightness/HSI/scene. 2 groups of parameters can be saved.
  • You can also set the channel (1-8 / ALL)and adjust the color temperature/brightness/HSI parameters/scene through the buttons and knobs on the back of the panel.




Portrait Shooting

Video Recording

Still Life Shooting.

Additional information

Weight 19.91 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 5 cm
Package Dimensions

30 x 19 x 5 inches

Item Weight

19.91 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

October 19 2020



10 reviews for Neewer 2 Packs 660 PRO RGB LED Video Light with App Control Stand Kit, 360° Full Color, 50W Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K~5600K Video

  1. Adam Conrad

    GreatThe first thing I noticed was that these lights are all metal, and they feel very heavy duty and dependable. The barn doors hinge mechanism does a good job of holding them in place without being too stubborn to move them where I need them.I was happy to find that I can use them independently of the app. All of the functionality I can get with the app is selectable using the knobs and buttons on the back of the light. The screen on the back is easy to read at any angle, so I don’t have to move the light or get a step stool when it’s up high.I typically am against using my phone as a remote, but this app was so intuitive that it became my go to for controlling these lights. I turned both lights on, asked it to search, and it found them both right away. It assigned them in the app so I can control them independently, or run them as a group. Adjusting the color is a matter of tapping the color wheel. I can have both lights set up and I’d be sipping coffee in the same time it would take me to set up any typical RGB light with knobs.They put out a great amount of light for high intensity, high fall off, moody lighting.I like that the stands are spring cushioned to protect the lights in the event of a drop. The legs spread out enough to handle this load, but not so wide as to make them difficult to move around.Overall I’m very happy with this kit.Highly recommended.

  2. Godwin

    High quality lights that are are affordableWow this is a very impressive light for the price. I have the 3 set 660 led version and that was cool. I was ok with the performance from that but these just takes it to the next level. These now come with special effects mode, with more available via the neewer app, better build quality and CRI rating. You can control each light independently on your phone, turn power off, change color settings or get the exact same color on both or even multiple lights I love that it can be powered by both Ac and battery, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor use or at run and gun style. The light stands are cool, they do the job but for outdoors you want to have some sand bag weight on it. I think it is best for indoors, studio work, YouTube , as well as indie film sets, all of which I plan to use these lights on. I really have no complaints. Recommended

  3. BB

    These are good, but not the best you can find in this price rangeI was pleased overall but I noticed that the item I received was used. There is a tear in one of the cases, and scuffs on the light. Without knowing if it was dropped, I feel uncomfortable keeping them. I researched some competitors and decided to purchase another brand due to some of the things I didn’t like when testing these.PROS: The lights are bright and overall a good deal for what you’re getting. The tripods are very sturdy, much sturdier than some that I’ve tested, so I was pleased. The app that controls the lights is responsive, Bluetooth enabled making it quick to set up and you can group all lights and control them at the same time.CONS: The cases are cheap, foam insert is awkward when fitting the light in, as it’s not shaped to the light exactly (at least in the one I purchased) so you have to kid of shimmy it in. Being that the cases only hold the lights, I wasn’t really impressed as I’d need to purchase a new case for everything. I don’t see a way to detach the barn doors (If I’m mistaken here I apologize). The dimmest setting is brighter than some of the competitors, and if having a very dim option is important than there are other lights out there that are better.

  4. Ben

    Very Bright Colors – Mediocre DetailsThese lights have great brightness but lose the color you set as you dim the intensity below 60%. Also the barn doors get in the way of the yoke tightening wing nuts so it’s hard to adjust the head angle position with the barn doors installed. Also the barn doors don’t cut the light well, and create LED bulb shadows. Really need additional diffusion added to eliminate bulb shadows.

  5. Nicholas N, Barros

    Almost Perfect!I have been using these to make some youtube videos and while they have enough output for my use, I can’t help but want a little more. They are easy to use, the app works well and is easy to set up and the build quality is very decent.What I wish was different was the mounting situation, adding a light box to these makes tilting them down impossible, they need a better solution for this, luckily I am a grip and have lots of stand (They cost more then this light) that I can use but for someone on a budget, factor in a $100 – $200 for a light stand if you plan to use these overhead or up and over your subject.I’d also love to see a better attachment solution for the barn doors, I don’t want to have to pull out my screw driver every time I want to take them on or off.Other then the mounting and the barn door situation, the lights are great! If I did it all over I might consider a light with a little more output like a 60D or 100D from aperture. That being said because they have the RGB function, they have a bit of a leg up.All in all a very night kit for the price, just a few little nit picky thing i think they could fix in future versions.

  6. Tech, Dogs, Drums and more

    Outstanding. Made my YouTube videos next level.First off, after watching countless reviews, I pulled the trigger on this but was worried about how bright they would be. All I can say is they are BRIGHT! The ability to adjust the color temp has been a game changer too in my videos when using these as a key light.Where they really “shine” however, is using them as accents in RGB. If you want that fancy purple, blue, red, green background for your videos like all the YouTubers these days, these will do the job. The stands are very sturdy, and they even come with a nice little case. I have not used them on battery but from what I read they can last a long time this way too.After several uses I can’t even thing of a single negative about these. As they say, lighting is the most important thing in your photo video and these made a HUGE difference.

  7. Gabriel Lapolice

    660 Pro RGB LED Kit*Application Android*L’application avec android est ultra simple à trouvé et utilisé. Très efficace, réponse instantané entre les réglages sur l’application et le changement dans la réalité.*Fixation de la barre en ”U”*Choisissez les troues du haut quand vous aller installé la fixation en ”U” en metal. Il y a deux troues de chaque côté, si vous prenez ceux du bas, ça va limiter vos possibilité de mouvement du panneau.*Papier d’aluminium*si vous voulez que vos ”barn door” réflecte aussi la lumière plutôt que juste couper sont champ d’action, vous n’avez qu’à mettre du papier d’aluminium sur leur côté intérieur. Astuce pratiquement gratuite, simple, rapide, et réversible.*Flexibilité d’alimentation*Vous pouvez l’utilisé avec l’adaptateur (fournis) ou une batterie (modèle très commun de connectique Sony NP-F550-570, 750-770, 950-970 ..) ou 2 batteries.*Stand*Le support des lumières qui vient dans le kit pourrait être mieux. Ça serait bien que Neewer propose un kit avec un de leur modèle de stand plus gros/robuste/solide/stable. Le stand fait la job, mais il manque de stabilité et de facilité d’ouverture/fermeture. C’est le point faible du kit. Je conseil de vous prendre des sacs de sables pour stabilisé le tout pour plus de sécurité.*Visibilité de la couleur*Au début, je trouvais que je manquais de puissance dans les couleurs, mais en fait, j’ai réalisé que selon la couleur du matériel sur lequel ont projette l’éclairage, et selon son matériaux, le résultat ne sera pas le même. Par exemple, un mur ou un cadrage de fenêtre en plastique est ultra simple à changer de couleur.Par contre, ma table en bois ne change vraiment pas aussi facilement de couleur. Alors le matériaux aura une grande influence sur l’effet de la lumière.*Intensité lumineuse*Une des raisons qui m’ont fait opté pour un panneau LED vs les barre/tube led, est la puissance lumineuse qui est plus grande dans les panneaux. Du coup, je vous conseil fortement de prend le modèle 660 PRO ou supérieur pour ne pas manquer de puissance. Pour la différence de prix ça vaut la peine d’avoir une réserve de puissance supérieur.

  8. Amazon Customer

    FonctionnalitésFonctionnalités excellentes.Display super.Bluetooth absolument génial et facile à utiliser!Qualité des projecteurs TB.Pied pas solide et pas fait pour être ouvert/fermé trop souvent.Mais l’essentiel sont les projecteurs. pour le reste on ne peut pas tout avoir.Ah oui, n’oublions pas les valises de transport qui sont TB.Je recommande cet article ET je recommande d’acheter les batteries en option!

  9. Adam MacBain

    LOVE these things! I’ve used these lights for ambient lighting in my studio, for photo, for video and I’ve even taken them out to bars and used them on stage for my music performances! The stands aren’t the most solid things but these lights are worth every penny in my opinion.

  10. Dmorse

    Great lights no complainsAmazing lights only used for one professional shoot so far on a high hill in the freezing cold and these lights did a great job no flicker and super bright I use a more sturdy light stand when outdoors though will update again after a few more shoots but so far so good

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