Neewer 2 Packs 530 PRO RGB Led Video Light with APP Control Softbox Kit,360°Full Color,45W Video Lighting CRI 97+ for

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  • Kit Includes: (2)RGB530 LED Video Light with U Bracket and Barndoor; (2)Power Cable; (2)Power Adapter; (2)White Diffuser; (2)Light Stand; (2)Softbox; (1)Carrying Bag; Note: Camera, battery and mobile phone are not included.
  • RGB Video Light & Optional Charging Ways: Made of CRI 97 energy-saving 528 pcs SMD LED beads (136 pcs White/ 136 pcs Yellow/ 256 pcs RGB) with excellent heat dissipation and more durable to use. Adjustable cold and warm Bi-color temperature (3200K-5600K); Brightness can be adjusted from 0-100%; 0-360 full color and color saturation adjustment; Support AC power adapter for indoor use (included), or Sony NP-F550/F970 replacement Li-ion Battery for outdoor photography (Battery Not Included)
  • Built-in Applicable Scenes Modes: It supports 9 special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including Cop Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Fireworks, Party, Candlelight, Lightning, Paparazzi,TV Screen
  • APP Intelligent Control System: This RGB530 LED Light can be controlled through manual control or by smart mobile device (Android 4.3 or IOS 11.1 or above) (Download “NEEWER” APP in app stores (such as Apple Store / Google play, etc)) to set the channel (1-8/ALL), saturation, color temperature and the brightness and designed with memory function (2 group parameters can be saved)
  • Durable Structure & Accessories: Made of excellent premium aviation aluminum alloy, this video light shows the simple elegant appearance and durable use with better heat dissipation system. Light stand with 36-74 inches/92-190 centimeters adjustable height is designed for heavy duty work. Come with Softbox, it can help the video light illuminate softer and more uniform light; A carrying case included is easy for storage and transportation


Note: Camera, battery and mobile phone are not included.


This RGB530 Video Light with special lighting effects can offer more options for video, photography, advertising, movies and sporting events, etc.

Made of excellent quality aluminum alloy, durable to use. LCD digital display and multi-lights control function can provide multiple shooting solutions for your creation work.

Specially designed with memory function (2 sets of parameters can be saved), this RGB530 LED Light can be controlled through manual control or by smart mobile device (Android 4.3 or IOS 11.1 or above) (Download “NEEWER” APP in app stores (such as Apple Store / Google play, etc)) to set the channel (1-8/ALL), saturation, color temperature and the brightness. More convenient to use with your phone at certain distance to control one or multiple LED lights.

Come with a softbox, it can help the video light give out softer and more even lighting.

A large carrying bag is convenient for you to carry this kit around.

RGB530 LED Light:

Material: Metal

Model: RGB530

APP Control Distance: 50 meters

LED Beads Quantity: 256 RGB bulbs+136 cool color beads+136 warm color beads

CRI: 97

Color: RGB+Bi-COLOR (Cool color+Warm color)

LUX: Brightness 100%(4400K)without diffuser:5700Lux@0.5m,1800Lux@1m

Input Voltage: DC12-15V

Power: 45W

Light Panel Size: 23.2x20x5centimeters/9.14×7.89×1.97 inches

Light Stand:

Folded Height: 25.98 inches/66cm

Maximum Height: 75 inches/190cm

Net Weight per Light Stand: 3 Lbs/1.4 kg

Max. Load Capacity: 13.5 lbs/6 kg

Segments: 3


Dimension: 16×6.7 inches/41×17 centimeters

Package Contents:

2 x RGB530 LED Video Light with U Bracket and Barndoor

2 x Light Stand

2 x Softbox

2 x White Diffuser

2 x Power Cable

2 x Power Adapter

1 x Carrying Bag

From the manufacturer


Neewer 2 Packs 530 RGB LED Video Light with APP Control, Stand, Softbox, and Bag

Note: Camera, battery, and mobile phone are not included.

This RGB530 Video Light with special lighting effects can offer more options for video, photography, advertising, movies, and sporting events, etc.

RGB530 LED Light:

Material: Metal; LED Beads Quantity: 256 RGB bulbs+136 cool color beads+136 warm color beads; Color: RGB+Bi-COLOR (Cool color+Warm color); Input Voltage: DC12-15V

Power: 45W; Light Panel Size: 23.2x20x5centimeters/9.14×7.89×1.97 inches

Light Stand:

Folded Height: 25.98 inches/66cm; Maximum Height: 75 inches/190cm; Net Weight per Light Stand: 3 Lbs/1.4 kg; Max. Load Capacity: 13.5 lbs/6 kg; Segments: 3


Dimension: 16×6.7 inches/41×17 centimeters

Kit Includes:

2 x RGB530 LED Video Light with U Bracket and Barndoor; 2 x Light Stand; 2 x Softbox; 2 x White Diffuser; 2 x Power Cable; 2 x Power Adapter; 1 x Carrying Bag




Adjustable brightness and color temperature

You can adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 5600K, and adjust the brightness between 0%-100%.

Soft lighting

The softbox can be detached freely according to the shooting needs.

9 scenes modes

9 RGB530 PRO built-in scenes modes:

Cop Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Fireworks, Party, Candlelight, Lighting, Paparazzi, TV Screen.


You can adjust hue, saturation, color temperature, and brightness by downloading “NEEWER” APP in the app stores (such as Apple Store / Google Play, etc).




Indoor use

Support the AC adapter when shooting indoors makes your shooting more casual.

Outdoor use

A large carrying bag is convenient for you to carry this kit around.

Support NP-F550/F970 replacement Li-ion Battery for outdoor photography (Battery Not Included)

Adjustable illumination angle

U-mount bracket enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle.


Additional information

Weight 16.59 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 12.13 × 10.55 cm
Package Dimensions

28.5 x 12.13 x 10.55 inches

Item Weight

16.59 pounds





Item model number


Date First Available

November 6 2020



10 reviews for Neewer 2 Packs 530 PRO RGB Led Video Light with APP Control Softbox Kit,360°Full Color,45W Video Lighting CRI 97+ for

  1. Ed M

    Quality In Some Areas LackingI wish I could rate it a 3.5.Positives: the app was easy to download and connect to the lights. The built-in scenes are interesting although I probably won’t use them. The ability to adjust color temperature (kelvin) to match lighting conditions and other lights is what I was most interested in and that seems to work well although I have not verified the accuracy yet. The display is very good. The controls are simple. The light puts out a good amount of light. It is very versatile with different colors and scenes etc.Negatives: the case leaves a lot to be desired. They culd and should have put more thought / investment into the case. I would have rather paid more to get a nice case like you get with Elinchrom for example. It is flimsy, does not hold it’s shape, etc. It provides minimal protection. Both of the brackets on my kit were bent because the highest point is the attachment for light stands and the case doesn’t have enough strength to keep pressure off them. So in shipping both were bent down to the point the light couldn’t be rotated without taking the brackets off and straightening the bends. Just as bad the case has no provision for the batteries and chargers. If you are using somewhat small, somewhat portable, LED lights with battery power option it is likely you are going to use that option and not just the included AC adapters. They should have included 4 batteries and 2 dual-battery chargers since they do with some of their other products that use the same batteries. I would have rather paid more than had to order the batteries and chargers separately. But whether the kit included the batteries and chargers or not the case should have been designed to accomodate 4 batteries and 2 dual chargers with AC cables. That way you have everything in one case to make it more portable which is kind of the point with these types of lights. We photographers / videographers get tired of having to carry multiple cases to deal with the cameras, lenses, stands, lights, batteries, chargers, cables, etc. One of the things I love best about my Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL kit besides it’s simple operation is the high-quality well-designed case and that I can take everything I need without extra bags etc. These manufacturers need to put more thought into their cases since we do in fact have to carry them around. If they have to offer a “premium” or “pro” version with an upgraded case for more money. The other complaint is the build quality of the light’s bracket. It is very flimsy thin metal that bends easily (and arrived bent so bad it wouldn’t work partly due to cheap case and partly due to how stored in the case but mostly because it isn’t strong enough). Everything feels a bit cheap except the light itself, barn doors, and control display. It seems to work better than it looks like it would. How it will hold up to the rigors of use remains to be seen. The final complaint is I wish it had a broader adjustment for the kelvin temperature. It only adjusts from 3,200 to 5,600. Even some small, cheap, portable, battery-only LED lights have a wider range of adjustment. It would have been nice to be able to match a wider range of other LED lights. But overall, for the money, the kit is a decent value. The lights themselves if they hold up work well and the ease of connection to the app is probably the best I have seen on any photo / video equipment to date including Canon, Olympus, etc. It couldn’t be any easier. So time will tell if I am happy or not depending on whether the lighting kit lasts which I am doubting with the flimsy case, cheap power supplies, flimsy mounting brackets, etc. I kind of expect the brackets to fail rendering the lights useless unless propped up against something or having brackets fabricated which would probably cost more than replacing the lights. Spending just a little more money on the case and mounting brackets would have made this a 5-star product but now it is a bit like a really good engine and transmission in a really cheap frame and body so the overall experience is less than it could have been.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good bang for your indoor set up buck $Let’s get the cons out of the way so we can talk about why you may want to add these lights for your lighting needs and applications.Con number one is the quality of the stand, which seems to be a bit cheaper than it’s previous model. This is disappointing given that it’s literally what holds your lights or anything else up. The wing nuts that secure the stand seem to be a bit better in quality than before (which strip easily) but I would definitely look into better stands or at least better wing nuts for security.Let’s move on to these pro’s now shall we? I love the brushed aluminum look and the lcd display screen works great out of box. The app function is easy to download, learn and understand and is very responsive. It also gives you a wide range of control and access to a good amount of features and functionality which is nice. Although it’s only mid tier at 530 compared to 660 it provides more than enough lighting, you wont even really notice the difference (trust me I have both), keep in mind it’s not meant for lighting entire rooms or what have but subjects and does a wonderful job I might add. I never knew I needed a light box until now and how awesome I have two! All in all for the price my initial thoughts are despite the cheap quality of the stand this is absolutely something to look into.

  3. jose j gonzalez v

    They are a dreamI bought them used by amazon, they came to me in perfect condition. I find them super useful and I can also use it with external Sony NP-F750 batteries which are the same that I use to power my FeelWorld monitor and the BMPCC4K. So I have the same batteries for the entire ecosystem. I preferred to buy these over the 60w GVM (the GVM are cheaper) because they have a better performance in color saturation and also the application of the cell phone is very versatile. The GVM ones have a somewhat basic application, they have more light power but the colors are weaker. So far these Neewer 530Pro are going great for me. WARNING: I must emphasize that it did not come with the diffusers as in the photo, only some plastic diffusers that are incorporated into the LEDs to protect them, but not the external diffuser that is seen in the photos.

  4. evan

    Nice for self-tapeYep, perfect for indoor self-tape or short film set-up, nice and compact, don’t think I’ll need any other light for quite a while.

  5. Julio J. Diaz Cohen

    Excelente!!Me encantan estas luces!!! Las recomiendo!

  6. Mark Freeman

    My online classes and performances are about to get an upgrade!As an online dance and yoga instructor, I’ve tried a lot of lights over the past couple of years and these lights are really impressive!First, I was impressed with the variety of warmth and brightness. For instance, you can have warm or white tones going from dim to bright, but you can also mix them to give a real custom look based on your room and background. I really like my videos to be bright and clean, but my background is white so that can tend to wash me out. I was able to adjust these lights to give me the brightness AND the warmth I needed to make my videos clean and bright, but provide a natural, warm tone to my skin.The fact that they don’t heat up very much is HUGE. Try teaching yoga and dance for an hour with the added heat of your lighting. Not fun. These lights mean the only sweating that’s happening is from my practice.The softbox option is kinda brilliant. For those of us doing at-home photo shoots and creating content for social media, having such a variety of options for your lighting, plus a softbox really gives a more professional feel to my photos. The only con so far is that I can’t seem to fold the softboxes to fit back in the travel pouch they came with. So be sure to pay attention when you pull them out. Also, you have to take the doors off in order to put the softboxes on. It’s not difficult, but it would be nice if you could just put them over the doors without having to take everything apart.But the thing that set these apart from the other lights I’ve purchased is the color mode option! Based on the description, I thought I’d have a few basic colors which I thought might be nice for moody photo shoots, but once I downloaded the app I realized you can make your lights ANY color on the color wheel! Plus each light is controlled separately so you can customize your setting to pretty much any option you want.As a dancer during a pandemic, I’ve performed online, but didn’t have many lighting options to create a set design for the performance piece. These lights give me the option to have one for actual brightness and one set to a color to match the mood of the performance I want.I’m thoroughly impressed with these lights and the fact that they come in a carrying case means that even after the pandemic is over I can take these (with the batteries) on location or to the studio.

  7. A. D. Lum

    Great for lighting up your subjectsThis light set is especially good for lighting people up. They are good for adding more balanced and pleasing light to faces and maybe products (close-up).The lights come with plastic diffuser panels already installed. You need those as a minimum. The included, optional collapsible lightboxes make for even more pleasingly diffused light should you need it. I don’t always use them, but It’s really nice to have them as part of the kit.I was able to figure out 99% of the manual functions without having to read the manual. The manual is pretty good. Good illustrations and proper English. The one thing I wouldn’t have known is how to switch to the channel mode (to change channels). Anyway, the ease of “figuring it out” speaks well of the design.There are three special effects. I would call them “emergency vehicles”, “party”, and “lightning”. I have light sets with more special effects, but honestly, the only two I ever use are emergency vehicles and lightning. So, more isn’t necessarily better. Each of the special effect categories has three different versions. That is to say that there are three different lightning patterns, etc. Having a variety is nice because if you are making a movie (why else would you use them?), it would be a dead giveaway if the effect was always identical in different scenes.The barn doors are nice to have and they have just the right amount of resistance out of the box.The stands are spring-dampened. That means that as you lower them, loaded or unloaded, they don’t stop with a jolt. This protects your equipment and the stand itself. Spring or air dampening is the mark of better stands.The app works well and for me, is a significant “plus”. It makes controlling and setting the lights much more convenient.Finally, the whole thing fits well in the bag. The bag has internal pockets for the various parts. It’s not like a gym bag, where you just pile stuff inside. The whole thing packs away nicely and you can do a pocket check when packing up to make sure that you didn’t forget anything.Just remember that this set is not for lighting up an entire set, but rather the subjects, human or otherwise. Recommended.

  8. C. M.

    An all-inclusive, affordable, professional lightning RGB set for photo/video.If you’ve been looking for a full-featured RGB LED Light panel set, these surely came under your radar/shortlist.Neewer created a all-in-one solution that is not only full featured, but affordable and useful no matter the level you are in your creative process.Everything in this set is quality and nothing feels cheap:-Bi-color w/ adjustable color temperature 3200K to 5600K? Check.-RGB with 360° HSI – 0-100% Saturation? Check.-Ultra-High CRI 97+ to enrich colors? Check.-Remote Control using ANY Android or iOS Smartphone? Check!-COLLAPSIBLE INCLUDED SOFTBOXES!-But the most exciting feature is, YOU CAN RUN THESE THINGS ON BATTERIES. (Not included, but very affordable, around $25 a unit, and each panel run with just 1)You can set lightning up ANYWHERE without cords or outlets, in bi-color 3200k-5600k or full RGB spectrum where it couldn’t be possible, OR it wasn’t affordable for smaller budgets.The performance of the lights is outstanding for lights this size/volume considering these are flat LED panel arrays. While i don’t own a light meter to measure lumens, i’ve used these for a couple of creative projects (included a sample using ONE panel on the right side of the model with the panel on 65-70% brightness on 100% Red saturation, and shooting a diffused AD400 flash on 1/4 power and retained color saturation VERY WELL. Usually flashes wash out color saturation when the color source is weak, but it managed to retain the color very well with a 400W strobe flashing on the model, especially considering i was using batteries for that shoot and that the battery usage decreases the light output compared to the DC power supply..The performance using batteries (may or may not be included depending on the bundle you get, but if not they are roughly $45 for a pair) is something you couldn’t imagine say 4-5 years ago, creating something like this would be ten of thousands of $. I noticed the power output is slightly reduced by say, 1/3 light output (not an accurate estimation as i don’t have a light meter) but it decreases compared to using the included DC power brick. Also, note that you can run them on a single battery, i assume the dual ports are for runtime, removing one of the batteries won’t modify light output power.The controls are easy to understand and operate, both on the rear of the panel and on the Neewer app available for both Android and iPhone. The app is straightforward and lets you go for specific values, be it color, brightness, saturation on/off, groups and general operation. The controls on the rear of the panel are straightforward as well, with an on/off switch (battery or DC selector) and two knobs (one pressable to switch between spectrum and saturation, and the other for overall brightness) a mode button that changes settings and scenes.The scenes are great for videography and include a variety of sequences such as thunderstorm, ambulance, police lights, RGB rainbow, and more.The barn doors are GREAT to limit the area of where the light is spread. These are usually an additional accessory on most lightning equipment and it’s awesome that Neewer included these on the lights, they feel sturdy and have the right amount of resistance to stay in place without having to force them. They are removable in case you need to remove them, not sure why you would when you can open them wide but, you can.The stands are overall better than i expected. Spring cushioned, stable, and somewhat medium-duty, i expected lighter-duty stands and got pleasantly surprised by these. These are more than adequate for the light weight, and will support heavier payloads without bending.The included softboxes fold nicely into the carrying case and are a nice addition to the kit, they effectively diffuse the light and i found that removing the plastic diffuser on the panel while using the softbox yields better results as for you versed in f-stops, the first one cuts roughly 1 fstop but combining them cuts 3-4 stops based on my test, while using just the softbox also only cuts 1 fstop, so the issue is the combination of both difussers.The carrying case fits everything nicely in one place, stands, panels, power bricks, brackets and batteries (included or not, it’ll fit them).There are plenty of YouTube reviews/samples of these lights, as these are probably one of the most, if not the most popular lightning solution from a reputable company such as Neewer today, and i can confirm that these easily exceeded my expectations on performance, convenience, and value.

  9. jq

    Excellent lightsThese lights really helped transform my content. I’m a small YouTuber always looking to improve my quality. These lights were a huge step in the right direction.I wasn’t sure whether to get these or the 660s, but I think I made the right choice. I do my recording in my bedroom, and these are plenty bright enough. Sometimes I only need to use one of the lights to get the look I want.If you’re not sure whether to get these or the 660s, and only plan on using them in a single room, the 530s are more than enough. I have the 6600mah batteries for these, and I got a months worth of usage before the batteries died. Definitely try these out!

  10. susan anderson

    Useful in many different settingsThe media could not be loaded.

     As I mention in the review video this is a great light kit. The one thing I didn’t mention was the app control. This was pretty much the only thing I had an issue with, as connecting the lights to my phone was a bit clunky the first few times, but once I had it figured out it became easier after a few tries. Overall I just love the versatility of this, it comes with almost everything you need (except batteries, if you want to use them away from a wall plug). Longevity is yet to be seen as I’ve only had them about a week but so far I’m happy!

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