Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 4K Support, 400 ANSI WIMIUS Outdoor Movie Projector with 300″ Display , 4P/4D Keystone,

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Model Name W6
Hardware Interface AV Port, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio
Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
Brand WiMiUS
Brightness 400 Lumen

  • 🏆【Native 1080P & 4K Support & a unique 5.7″ large lens】: Wimius 5G WiFi Bluetooth projector features true native 1080P Full HD with 4K resolution support,with a unique 5.7″ large lens, presenting high-definition picture quality to reduce eye irritation. Compared to other 1080P projectors, the W6 projector delivers 4x clearer and sharper images.
  • 🏆【400 ANSI Lumen & 15000:1 contrast】:WiMiUS movie projector provides 400 ANSI lumens brightness, it will 90+ brighter than other 1080P projector on market,85% NTSC technology and a 15000:1 contrast ratio let you enjoy a wonderful movie theater at your home.
  • 🏆【Fast Stable WiFi & 5.1 Bluetooth Connection】:WIMIUS Projector features in 5G WIFI & 5.1 Bluetooth, faster and smoother connection, which help achieve wireless movie watching and life entertainment.5.1 Bluetooth support achieves you various Bluetooth speakers and headphones immersive sound experience.
  • 🏆【Low Noise, Long Lamp Life】: W6 projector is equipped with high-brightness, low-power LED elements, upgraded cooling system and noise-reduction technology, with 80% less fan noise and more efficient heat dissipation. Lamp life is extended to 100,000 hours with no lamp replacement required. The built-in speaker system allow you to enjoy an immersive viewing experience.
  • 🏆【Digital 4P/4D Keystone Correction & 50% Zoom & 300” Giant Display】: This Bluetooth projector offers a display 50″-300″, 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio.With upgraded 4P and 4D keystone correction, the W6 portable projector enables independent and precise correction in horizontal, vertical and four corners. Front, side and ceiling projection are supported, and the digital zoom function helps you resize the image from 100% to 50%. No matter where you place the projector, you can very easily project ideally aligned images from a variety of positions.
  • 🏆【Wide Compatibility & 3 years warranty】:This movie projector is equipped with HDMI*2, USB*2, AV ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack for easy connection to TV sticks/boxes, game consoles, iPads, USB storage, smartphones and laptops. With USB storage, Excel/Word/PPT/PDF can be easily displayed on the W6 projector without cumbersome connections.We provide 3 years warranty and lifetime hassle-free customer service. Please feel free to contact us when any problem arises. Package includes WiMiUS projector *1, WiMiUS backpack *1, Power cable *1, AV signal cable *1, HDMI cable *1, User Manual *1, Remote control *1, Cleaning tool*1.

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Product Description

WiMiUS W6 5G WiFi Projector Full HD 1080P Support 4K Video Home Theater LCD Projector, Bluetooth 5.1, 4D/4P Keystone and Zoom

wimius projector


Native resolution Full HD 1080P, supports Ultra HD 4K
Brightness 400ANSI lumens
Contrast 15000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9/4:3/Auto
Zoom function 100% to 50%
Projection Mode Front/Rear/Ceiling/Tripod
Keystone 4P Correction/4D ±50° Vertical + Horizontal Correction
Wireless projection for iOS, Android,Window 10
Bluetooth 5.1 Basic compatibility with Bluetooth speakers, headphones, AirPods and sound bars.


400ANSI lumens—high brightness

WiMiUS W6 outdoor projector adopts high-brightness LED light and liquid crystal display technology, the high brightness of 420ANSI lumens is clear, and the brightness is more than 60% higher than other mini projectors. With the WiMiUS W6 projector, you will have a wonderful home theater where you can get maximum brightness. Helps you enjoy movies even during the day, while most projectors can only play at night, but the WiMiUS W6 Full HD projector can help you enjoy day and night movie or game entertainment.

True Native 1920x1080P Resolution

The higher the resolution of a movie projector, the more pixels it contains, and the sharper the image. Higher resolutions are especially important for home theater projectors. For example, if you compare the pixel count (resolution) of 1920*1080 and 1280*800 for the same screen size, the resolution will be four times higher.

Ultra HD 4K Video Support

The chip of the WiMiUS W6 wifi and bluetooth projector consists of tens of thousands of reflective lenses. Each shot switches quickly every second to produce 1080p full screen and never miss a moment.Er is equipped with new 4K decoding technology to stream higher quality video.

Wide compatibility and Strong Expansibility

WiMiUS W6 Outdoor Projector is equipped with 2*HDMI ports, 2*USB ports, AV port and 3.5mm headphone jack for easy connection to Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, TV Box, PC, Laptop, Tablet, External Speakers, Xbox , PS5, DVD Player, Card Reader, USB Memory Stick, Media Player, Pad, iOS Phone, Android Smartphone.


Movie Projector with Bluetooth 5.1

WiMiUS W6 outdoor projector has built-in latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip. Compared with the previous generation of Bluetooth, it has a longer transmission distance and higher speed. It can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, Airpods and soundbars anytime, video projectors unlocked from built-in high-quality speakers to portable mobile theaters, and many more entertainment options.


Smoother 5G + 2.4G dual-band extremely low-latency projection

The WiMiUS W6 WiFi projector adopts the latest 5G + 2.4G dual-band WiFi technology, providing a smooth experience three times faster than the out-of-the-box 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, allowing you to quickly connect to your phone or computer in seconds.

Smoother 5G WiFi projector, no lag when projecting or playing games, bringing you into the movie sky or gaming world with ease and pleasure. With Wi-Fi, you can easily mirror iOS/Android/Windows 10 etc without having to struggle with annoying cables, adapters and dongles, which will satisfy low latency Wi-Fi and stable big screen video and extremely low latency need.


1080P Projector

WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Innovative 4P&4D Keystone Correction

Most 1080P projectors only have vertical keystone or 4D keystone (horizontal and vertical). WiMiUS W6 home theater projector not only has 4D keystone correction, but also adopts advanced 4P keystone correction. Practical, convenient and user-friendly! With it, the beamer can be placed as desired, with maximum speed correction.

50% Zoom Function

Additional Smart Zoom from 100% to 50% to reduce image size. Don’t worry about the image being bigger than the screen, it’s easy to achieve the proper screen size without changing the projection distance, just adjust it with the remote control. It doesn’t affect the “menu interface”, it can only change the projection size after playing a video or image.

Immersive Viewing Experience on the Big Screen

The W6 Cinema Projector offers you projection sizes from 50″ to 300″ and projection distances from 1.5M to 5.5M for incredibly vibrant and brighter images, giving you an amazing home on the big screen entertainment experience. For clear and sharp images, the optimal projection distance is about 3.2M. With all home projectors, the edges of the screen are not as sharp as the center.

projector with bluetooth and wifi

Warm Tips for WiMiUS W6 Projector:

  • It is recommended to use the home theater projector in a dark environment, not in daylight.
  • With all LCD projectors of this type, the projection surface edges are not as sharp as the center. This is a feature of all LCD projectors.
  • With an LED projector, the noise is normal because the projector has a built-in fan. Fan noise around 45dB is normal for an LED projector. This operating noise is barely noticeable when watching movie footage set to music. The fan speed remains basically the same.
  • If you want to use a USB stick as a storage medium, be careful about the file system format. The joystick must be formatted with FAT32 or NTFS, otherwise the files on it will not be recognized. The projector only supports up to Full HD 1080P (1920×1080) and 30FPS animation.
  • Full HD projectors do not have HDMI ARC capability. Therefore, the HMDI input signal is not transmitted back to eg a 5.1 amplifier via the ARC function.
  • The projector does not support playback of material with Dolby 5.1/7.1 sound. So if the film has no sound, they switch to a stereo output at the source, like a Fire TV Stick.

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Additional information

Weight 6.16 kg
Dimensions 7.87 × 5.91 × 3.94 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

6.16 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.87 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


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Special Features

5G2.4G WIFI Function Native 1080P & 4K Supported 400 ANSI Brightness 4D4P Electronic Keystone Function Latest 5.1 Bluetooth Function

Speaker Type






Date First Available

July 26 2021



10 reviews for Native 1080P 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 4K Support, 400 ANSI WIMIUS Outdoor Movie Projector with 300″ Display , 4P/4D Keystone,

  1. Benjamin A. Hamilton

    Good bang for the buckI’ve owned a few projectors for over 12 years or so, and have always wanted one with an LED bulb, but the cheap ones had horrible color reproduction until relatively recently. This one looks good, so far, if I change my mind with more use I’ll update the review.I wanted to be able to just plug a thumb drive with my preferred movies or shows in it and play directly from the projector to Bluetooth speakers to keep it super streamlined so I can take it to friends housed and do outdoor stuff easily. Also, the standard bulb units seem more fragile? At least in the bulb department. I’ve been testing this one out and while I’m happy with the picture the processor in it very slow. The interface is sluggish, and clunky, and half of the video files I tried playing said, something like, “no sound, incompatible”. When I did get one with sound working I connected my bluetooth speakers and the sound was clearly out of sync. So, my original idea of super streamlined was hampered by super cheap components, so I dug out my firestick and plugged it into the HDMI port as well as the USB port for power. I connected up the bluetooth, and it worked beautifully.I wouldn’t rely on the OS of this projector, or the sound from the speakers or bluetooth, but if you’re plugging in a mini pc, laptop, or streaming stick it is a good buy for less than $200. I paid over $400 for my last 720p acer projector. It is still a perfectly functional projector, but who doesn’t like impulse buying new tech in the middle of the night when sleep is fleeting? Not worrying about replacing bulbs is nice. I did buy one bulb for my acer which was somewhere around $140 at the time.

  2. Katharine Van buhler

    A big bright picture in a small and affordable package!We’ve been looking for a projector to set up in a room without a TV for when we’re entertaining. We plan on watching sports and movies. All I can say is WOW. I didn’t expect much for the extremely low price point, but I was impressed from the moment we opened the box.First, the projector comes in a really well thought out and high quality backpack style carrying case. It has just enough room for the projector and the included cables and remote. I posted some pictures of it. It’s nice and padded which is great because we won’t leave it out all the time.Next, set up was a breeze! We hooked it up to an Apple TV and we’re streaming football games in no time! The setup is simple. Easy manual focus and nice keystone settings make sure that you have a nice 16:9 image regardless of the height that you mount the projector. The interface and menus on screen look like what you’d see on a smart TV. It has WiFi but we haven’t worked with that yet.Ok, this is what you’re probably most interested in: How bright is it? It is VERY bright. I posted two photos. One with the room light on and one with the room light off but two doors open with ambient light (far from a dark room). Both exceeded my expectations by ALOT. Furthermore it is an insanely clear picture. I tried to take a close up so you can see the detail. I also have to comment on the sound. We planned on connecting it to speakers. I’m not sure we will. The sound is quite good from the projector and can get plenty loud. Obviously if you want deep sound or lots of bass, just connect to speakers or a sound bar. The unit has multiple input and output options.All in all I have to say that I highly recommend this. It kicks out a bright, clear picture. The sound is very good, the remote and interface is easy to use, manual focus allows you to easily dial in a nice clear image. The backpack carrying case is awesome too. As long as you have realistic expectations for the pricepoint I’m fairly confident you’ll be just as happy as we are with it.

  3. musiclover2000

    Great for the priceI have three projectors now. One is a great projector with a super bright light that gets really really hot and needs a lot of care to turn off properly. The second I bought as a cheapy to use during covid in for kids. But when I tried to use that one for “films” I found the focus was blurred at the edges, which really bugged me as an adult. This is perfect. It has the LED light which stays cool. While not quite as vibrant as the projector I have that cost 4 times as much it is plenty bright. I am currently projecting on to a plain off white wall with a matt finish that leans more towards the grey tone than the yellow. I find it is just fine. I don’t use the WiFi so I can’t comment on that. And I use high quality headphones through my roku when I watch movies. The on board speaker is not great, but good enough for kids. I haven’t really paid much attention to the audio out.

  4. DKJ

    Great picture, kind of hard to navigate settings, Bluetooth is a lifesaver.First off, the Bluetooth feature will save me from running a cord across my floor. I am not using the wifi feature because I have Android and don’t want to download another app. I use my Roku and can cast from that or the USB for chrome (assuning). iOS seems to have a smoother connectivity but unsure.Navigating the menu/s is/are a bit clunky and you can do the same thing via different paths. There is a manual vertical keystone adjustment next to the manual focus knob. I feel that is a waste since there is digital adjustment.The four corner keystone is fantastic!I also like how the unit is .mostly all white-out blends in more to my wall.A set of RCA cables was included, but the projector doesn’t have input for that…what? Just 2 HDMI, USB, headphone and A/V.The carrying case was pretty solid with padded back pack straps.I had a previous Wimius projector and there was a fuzzy line that would occasionally go up the screen like old VCR tracking, but so far this one doesn’t have it!!The picture with prime video is AMAZING because it’s in HD. I don’t pay for that on Netflix, so it’s obviously not as good but that’s not the projectors fault. When I bought this, there was a $100 coupon that was awesome!

  5. tre cox

    Great projector but still has issuesFirst off this projector is great it is nice and bright with great picture quality but there are a few issues.1st The projector does not have a dust proof design so dust can get inside rather quickly they do provide everything you need to clean it (screwdriver and brushes) so to me its not a huge deal but can be a deal breaker for others.2nd The projection distance claimed on the seller page and manual isn’t quite right, they state that from 3 meters (roughly 9.8 feet) you get a 100 inch screen but I have my projector sitting at just over 10 feet from lens to screen and get roughly 95 inches. Not a huge decrease but should be noted for people like me who don’t have much wiggle room or a big enough budget for an ultra short throw projector.3rd The speaker is decent not great but you don’t HAVE to buy a separate speaker to hook up to it (but i highly recommend it).Overall it is a great projector worth buying as long as you are aware of the drawbacks it has

  6. bianca

    Another great projector from Wimius!This is our second Wimius projector. Our first, still working great just wanted another – first was the Native 1080P. This upgraded model is smaller, lighter, cleaner picture and gives us more options with the WiFi and best part it comes with a carrying case backpack for safe storage and transport to friends houses. The unit is simple to use right out the box. We use it our garage door and fence in the back yard to watch football games, watch movies and play Nintendo Switch. The sounds is good but very easy to add a speaker. Our only feed back is that the lens needs to be fully extended to put the cover on and focusing on the lens is not as easy as the previous unit – nothing critical but design could be better. We love both our Wimius projectors and so thankful to have had the fist during Covid lock down as we were able to have movie night in the driveway with friends. We are excited for the new unit and love the advancements. We would recommend Wimius projectors and especially this new model.

  7. Krysteena

    Love it!! Great picture and sound, value for priceThe media could not be loaded.

     I had an earlier model of the WiMiUS projector and I love the improvements on the newer W6 model. I’m really impressed with the video and sound quality of this projector, especially at this price point. The unit was easy to set up, plug and play right out of the box. The menu is user friendly, and changing settings is a breeze. The unit connected to wi-fi and Bluetooth speakers easily, although we found that for indoors, the speakers on the projector were loud enough for our needs.The picture is bright enough to watch indoors with lights on (the overhead light is on in my video). You can connect using A/V, HDMI, or cast from your device. Note that some phones may not connect to cast directly. My Pixel requires Chromecast to cast my device.I love the carry case too! It’s a padded backpack that offers some protection and leaves my hands free to carry the snacks 😁

  8. Joro

    Great picture even with some lights on.Small projector with bright colors. But sound is of poor quality. Had to connect external speakers to be able to enjoy movies. Remote is also malfunctioning taking me to settings when increasing volume. Otherwise it is a great small projector for the price. JO

  9. J. Pages

    Great dealFor less than 250ProsReally bright, sometimes I leave a small light or during daylight just closing the shutters, and it looks great.Easy to set upBuy a Roku stick since some apps won’t work due to copyright, but with Roku you can stream everythingMirroring from phone flawlessCan’t hear fan when sound is on, so to me it is quiteImage quality at 120″ screen is awesome, like cinemaIt come with a bag to carry and all the cablesConsSound not great, but functionalBuy it! this is the one at this price range, won’t regret it

  10. tMan

    Good video quality for presentations but horrible audioThe video quality is awesome. The picture quality is brighter and clearer compare to the older S2 model. The phone screen mirroring option is also very convenient to cast your gaming or presentation onto the projector. This model also provides an assessible slot in the bottom of the screen to clean the dust off the mirrors inside. The only thing I am not happy about is the audio quality and supported audio types. The onboard speakers are not very loud and crackles when turned up. It also does not support the audio of DVD /Blueray players and only supports audio on the FireTV and other streaming video devices when you change it to Dolby 2.0. The older S2 model did not have this issue. I feel they regress in this area and will be a deal breaker for many users.

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