MSI Optix G273QF 16:9 Aspect Ratio Anti-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 (QHD) 165Hz Refresh Rate Tilt Adjustment Nvidia

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Screen Size 27 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1440
Brand MSI
Special Feature Anti Glare Screen, Tilt Adjustment
Refresh Rate 165 Hz

  • Rapid IPS – Provides 1ms GTG fast response time, optimizes screen colors and brightness
  • Viewing Angle is 178° (H) / 178° (V); Brightness(typ) is 300nits; Aspect Ratio is 16:9
  • WQHD High Resolution – Games will look even better, displaying more details
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate – Respond faster with smoother frames
  • 1ms GTG Response Time – Eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible – Prevent screen tearing or stuttering, producing ultra-smooth lag-free gameplay
SKU: B08S999YC8


Visualize your victory with MSI Optix G273QF esports gaming monitor. Equipped with a 2560×1440, 165hz Refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time panel, Optix G273QF will give you the competitive edge you need to take down your opponents. Enjoy extremely smooth, tear-free gameplay with built-in NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible technology when paired with a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. Rapid IPS display provides gamers with an ultra-fast 1ms GTG response time, which will significantly reduce monitor blur occurrence. The crystal clear image will certainly give you a competitive edge for precise decisions in fast-moving games. The liquid crystal molecules of Rapid IPS display rotate as fast as the tornado. With the speed going up to 4x faster than normal liquid crystal molecules, the response time can be shortened to 1ms GTG (gray to gray) to eliminate monitor blur and provide crystal clear images.

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See Every Moment At its Clearest

Rapid IPS display provides gamers with an ultra-fast 1ms GTG response time, which will significantly reduce monitor blur occurrence. The crystal clear image will certainly give you a competitive edge for precise decisions in fast-moving games.

Refresh Rate
1ms GTG Response Time

165Hz Refresh Rate

Equipped with a 165Hz refresh rate to give you the ultimate advantage in any game.

With a 1ms response time, you can react as fast as possible in games to dominate the competition.


Additional information

Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 24.21 × 8.9 × 17.5 cm
Max Screen Resolution

2560 x 1440





Item model number

Optix G273QF

Item Weight

9.9 pounds

Product Dimensions

24.21 x 8.9 x 17.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

24.21 x 8.9 x 17.5 inches




100240 Volts



Country of Origin


Date First Available

January 6 2021





10 reviews for MSI Optix G273QF 16:9 Aspect Ratio Anti-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 (QHD) 165Hz Refresh Rate Tilt Adjustment Nvidia

  1. Misteron

    Performance and Price that is hard to beat.G-Sync Monitors are usually a lot more expensive than Freesync Monitors and when you get into the 27 Inch 2K Range, the Price really starts to go up. The MSI Optix 273QF Monitor has impressed me and the only minor thing I could find is that the Stand has a large Footprint. Assembly was easy and no defects were found. It comes with a Display Port Cable. There is no HDMI Cable included.

  2. JPC

    Recent Purchase Feb 2022After less than a week I did have 1 pixel fail and display only as white. Was able with Amazon to instantly return it for another monitor no hassles they gave me 30 days to return the old monitor. I received the new monitor sooner than shipping date said I would get it. Returned the old monitor (free of charge) with the QR code Amazon gave me to drop it off at a UPS store. Week 1 new monitor is working out great. 5 stars cause yes I did have a pixel out but the immediate no hassle return and shipment of a new one did it for me. I’m enjoying the improved gaming experience visual and fps without other hardware upgrades. If your on a 60htz monitor you will see an improvement gaming with this monitor.

  3. Michael Murder

    Defective firmware, Deep sleep issuesI’ve seen this problem in a few different monitors recently. When the computer goes into sleep mode, the monitor stays lit and then when it comes out, it rearranges the windows that were on it. The rearranging is only noticeable with a multi-monitor setup. Basically the computer treats the monitor as disconnected and proceeds to move any windows that were open on it to another monitor.I’ve seen some posts with similar problems that say it’s fixed by using hdmi instead of DP or using a 3rd party program to put the windows back to where they were after-the-fact. There was also a post that said disabling the input autoscan fixed the issue. Don’t be fooled, it’s fixed if you put the computer to sleep manually but when it goes to sleep on its own, it’ll still happen. Seems like it could be fixed with a firmware update but I’ve seen posts saying that MSI will only update it through an RMA request and that could cost you over $100 just to send it to them.Beyond that, it suffers all the same problems that IPS panels do where there’s a constant glare regardless of room lightijng. After fiddling with the settings to mitigate the problem, the picture quality is pretty good. Definitely one of the better IPS panels I’ve seen.Edit:Also the packaging is absolutely horrible. The monitor screen barely has any actual protection because one side has just a sliver of foam. And if you pull out the block of foam with the accessories side up, it’s really easy to not have a hold on that bottom sliver of foam and just straight up drop the monitor. WTF were they thinking?

  4. Don P.

    VASTLY superior to my old 1080p monitorI obviously expected a higher resolution, but I didn’t expect the quality would be SO much better than my workhorse 1080p that I’ve had for 6 years. My old monitor looked incredible — until I hooked this one up. 2k isn’t nearly the highest resolution available these days, but it’s such an upgrade from 1080p that I am 100% happy with my purchase.If I have the chance to buy another one for a dual monitor setup, I would buy it in a heartbeat! I love this monitor, and the joystick for going through the menus is WAY better and more intuitive than the separate buttons found on other monitors.

  5. Barbara B. Lukens

    Wrong pictures for the item descriptionI love everything about the monitor. Picture quality is excellent and clear. My only issue is that the pictures for the item are incorrect. Pictures show and say curved and this item is not a curved monitor. Other than that I love it and works great.

  6. Samantha Cherukuri

    Dead pixels, Amazon replaced, dead pixels again, but I love the monitorThis was my first 1440p display so I don’t have a point of reference besides my gaming 1080p monitor.This monitor is great, but it came with dead pixels. Amazon was amazing and replaced it but the new one has dead pixels too.They each had 3-4 dead pixels. The second one has them in areas that are less obvious, but the first one were dead in the middle.Other than the dead pixels, I think this monitor is great value and quality. I can game at 144 or 165 hz, with or without adaptive sync…No other issues that I know of.

  7. jatanveer

    definitely recommend this monitorI read some reviews before purchasing and wasnt expecting much. A lot of people were talking about the stand being too weird, dead pixels, and other stuff. Personally, the stand isn’t remotely an issue for me. It really seems like everyone is exaggerating because I have no dead pixels or anything. I can finally run a good framerate with 2k quality and it was worth every penny.

  8. Ernest Smith

    Bought this to use with my Xbox Series XI bought this monitor to use with my Xbox Series X. Was skeptical at first because of varying information online about monitors not being able to display 1440p at 120 hz. From the first use everything has worked great, check your xbox display settings to get things working properly. 10/10 did what was expected.

  9. EJ

    Stay awayNot a true 2560x 1440p. You only can get 165hz at 1920×1440. Amazon didnt post my other review i went in details lets see if they allow this lol. update: be carful if you buy it and return even if its defective youll be charged a restocking fee stay away

  10. A Boomer

    I like itI like it, not sure what else to say. Colours are good enough for anyone (I ain’t a professional at colours). Scrolling is awsome as it is super smooth and watching videos is great. Yeah yeah it is a gaming monitor. I game as well. Good enough for that kind of crap. Good deal as well. I have no issues with it either. Only problem is that I have a GTX1060 6gb and I can run into issues with minor slow downs as my computer works harder to run this display. I would highly recommend this display, just need something better than a GTX1060. It will work, just that you need to turn down the settings in games.

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