MSI Full HD Rapid-IPS 1ms 2560 x 1080 Ultra Wide 200Hz Refresh Rate HDR Ready G-Sync Compatible 30” Gaming Monitor (Optix

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Screen Size 30 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1080
Brand MSI
Special Feature High Dynamic Range
Refresh Rate 200 Hz

  • 30″ Rapid-IPS panel LED backlight (2560 x 1080 full HD)
  • WFHD: 21:9 aspect ratio provides extra POV to enhance your peripheral vision.
  • Rapid Boost (200Hz + 1ms) : Allows you to experience smooth gaming with a blazing fast refresh rate and response time.


Optix MAG301RF.

From the manufacturer

OPTIX MAG301RF gaming monitor 144hz curved gaming monitor wide viewing angles

Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 21:9 better than 16:9

200Hz High fps gaming refresh rates for seamless gameplay competitive esports monitor

Gsync gaming monitor no screen tearing

IPS Panel Display low input lag and great viewing colors

Mystic Light RGB Gaming Colors

Additional information

Weight 22.2 kg
Dimensions 15.72 × 27.93 × 9.21 cm
Max Screen Resolution

2560 x 1080



Item model number

Optix MAG301RF

Item Weight

22.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

15.72 x 27.93 x 9.21 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

15.72 x 27.93 x 9.21 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 2 2021





10 reviews for MSI Full HD Rapid-IPS 1ms 2560 x 1080 Ultra Wide 200Hz Refresh Rate HDR Ready G-Sync Compatible 30” Gaming Monitor (Optix

  1. Chad

    The Best/Perfect 29/30″ Ultrawide Monitor for Gaming PeriodI generally don’t leave reviews, but I just have to tell everyone how great this monitor is.The monitor arrived in perfect condition. Zero dead pixels and no backlight bleed at all. The Monitor was color calibrated out of the box perfect. The screen lighting uniformity is also perfect. I’ve been waiting for an IPS GSYNC 200hz Ultrawide in 29/30″ (2560×1080) for years now. This is the first monitor to fit the bill and it is absolutely perfect. There really is no other word for it. The Monitor telescopes up and down on the stand which is a very nice touch. I honestly can’t believe it’s at this low of a price point. I would have easily paid twice the price for this monitor.I’ve tested GSYNC and HDR using Destiny 2 running on a Razer Blade w/ RTX 2080 and both work perfect. GSYNC is buttery smooth and HDR colors pop so much it almost looks 3D.It also has a cross hair built in that you can bring up on the screen if you like sort of thing that games can not detect.If you are thinking about buying this monitor, definitely do not hesitate. You will be very satisfied.For my taste this is the perfect size gaming monitor and it’s the only 29/30″ (2560×1080) Ultrawide monitor to have an IPS panel with GSYNC and 200Hz. It does not disappoint, it’s simply…..perfect.One thing I wanted to add was this monitor is flat. The discriptions says curved but this monitor is actually flat and not curved at all. I prefer the monitor to be flat and because I had read up on this monitor before buying I knew it was flat when purchasing it but I did want everyone to know the discription on that part is wrong, it is indeed a completely flat screen monitor.

  2. Mike in FL

    Two Month Review: Working great, Good ValueThis monitor fills a very specific niche but it does it well. I love ultrawides but 34 is too large to be used everyday comfortably for me. Also, 2560×1080 is an easier resolution to drive than 3440×1440. I have a RTX 3060ti and it is perfect for this monitor.The colors out of the box are kind of washed out with very little pop. I had to mess with various settings to get the vibrant effect I like. My unit came with zero dead pixels and very little back light bleeding (even with high brightness).The HDR compatibility is almost a waste of time. The monitor itself doesn’t get that bright and turning it on doesn’t really do anything for most games. The only game I see a difference on is Doom Eternal and it absolutely makes the colors bright and vibrant. It really looks fantastic. I suppose its how the actual game was designed and not the monitor itself in most cases.Fun Fact: if you create a custom resolution in the Nvdia control panel you can enable 10 bit color up to 191hz @ 2560×1080. I don’t see a difference but maybe somebody will.The 200hz feels super smooth and is very responsive. Blur busters UFO test shows nice details. Minimal motion blur. I hate VA panels due to the smearing effect. This is really the only monitor in town that is an ultrawide 30inches, IPS and 200HZ.Black frame insertion is present and actually works but due to the low brightness of the monitor it darkens the pictures a little too much for my eyes. Some games look good . Some don’t. Its nice to have the option though.Minimal “gamer” aesthetics. With the exception of the RGB strip on the back this looks like a normal monitor with a normal stand that doesn’t stick out too much. You can turn the RGB strip off in the settings.In the end I’m super happy with the monitor and would recommend it to anybody looking for these specific features. I paid under 300 w/tax for this and I feel its a steal for that. There is lots of value here.

  3. Rii

    No power AdapterPros: -Monitor looks greatCons:- No Power AdapterOverall Review: The last thing I needed was the monitor so you can imagine my excitement when I got off work and headed home to unwrap this beauty and fire up my new desktop as well.Opened the box up and assembled the base and everything, got the cables and headed to my desk and I noticed it.NO POWER ADAPTERContacted amazon who said I need to contact the manufacturer.Contacted MSI and they didn’t understand what I was asking for, after a brief phone call, they sent me a power adapter. Haven’t received it yet.MSI is a great company overall, but they really dropped the ball not including the power adapter with the monitor in the box…

  4. Subham

    Best ultrawide for the priceI scoured the internet in search of an ultrawide monitor that was not too big or too expensive. After weeks of searching, I found the MSI MAG301RF. I ordered it and couldn’t be happier. The monitor is large, but not too big. The resolution is great and the colors are vibrant. It even got RGB on the back. 200hz as advertised. It was a big improvement from 60hz. Windows sets the refresh rate to 60 so you do have to change in the setting once you install it but it’s pretty easy to do. I would definitely recommend this monitor to anyone in the market for an ultrawide monitor that doesn’t want to break the bank. All the other ones were 34in or bigger. I ordered a 34 in but it was way too big. This one was perfect. One thing I really wanted to see was curved but it’s not a deal-breaker. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you for reading!

  5. Sydney Tomlinson

    IncredibleI already have a really nice 4K TV, so I don’t mind keeping my gaming setup at 1080p to save money. 1080p still looks perfectly fine to me honestly. But everyone said I need to try an ultra wide so I went with this and I love it! It’s not as big and crazy as some other ultrawides, but still looks amazing. It’s basically the same as a 24inch monitor with about an additional 2-3 inches on each side. The big thing I notice in games is that my HUD isn’t as in the way. But in productivity like school work, it’s the BEST. I can easily have two windows open and see them properly.

  6. Jezreel Malpica Delgado

    Muy buen tamaño y laterales amplios para juegos de aventuraRecomiendo este monitor 21:9 para juegos de tipo aventura como red dead redemption, nada effect, gears of war, ya que son juegos con velocidad normal, no recomiendo tanto para fps competitivo porque tu viste se concentra tanto en el centro que a los laterales tienes tu mapa, contador de balas que se te olvidas prácticamente o al menos que estes atento pero tienes que mover más tus ojos que en un monitor 16:9, puse la foto para que vean los 2 tipos de monitores uno de 24.5 pulgadas 16:9 y el de 30 pulgadas ultrawide 21.9

  7. Froi

    EQUIPO DE MUY BUENA CALIDAD Excelente monitor en relación calidad precio , aparte de ser un monitor muy atractivo a la vista cumple con sus funciones, los 200 mhz, el 1ms de respuesta y el g sync trabajan excelente.Me gusta mucho que el monitor se pueda mover hacia cualquier lado y desde cualquier ángulo se ve excelente, creo que el unico punto debil del producto es que tiene la base del soporte muy grande (27 cm2) y si tienes dos monitores es bastante espacio el que se ocupa, pero planeo montarlo en un brazo doble y por tal motivo no me preocupa tanto.Es la primera vez que compro la marca MSI y vale la pena cada centavo , estoy muy satisfecho con la compra y si están buscando algún monitor ultrawide con estas características no duden en comprarlo , al panel ips se ve genialOtro de los puntos fuertes es que dentro de la caja viene un cable hdmi , un cable displayport ,un cable usb y el cargador del monitor, todos de muy buena calidad.

  8. Rodrigo Garcia De gyves

    Un Gran monito con un pequeño inconveniente de fabricaquiero Recalcar que el monitor es excelente en muchos aspectos, resolución(aunque sea solo hd) tamaño, calidad de imagen y respuesta peroooo asi como a mi y a tantos mas que he escuchado, no me vino el cable de alimentación… y tuve que usar de otro monitor que afortunadamente no habia vendido y tambien que le quedo, en lo que compraba otro. fuera de eso es 100% recomendable.

  9. Youn Oh

    Very goodI’ve been using 24 inch monitor for a while.Playing Lost Ark tempted me to switch to 21:9 monitor, I had some candidates in mind.My friend suggested me this monitor for its great Hz for the price, and I just received and installed it, and everything looks good so far. Very pleased with the packaging, firmware, ease of installation etc.

  10. Javier

    Excelente monitor, pero tuve mala suerte.Es un monitor impecable, pero me llegó defectuoso con esa línea morada. No vino con protecciones a su alrededor en la caja de Amazon, probablemente eso también influyó. Pienso volverlo a comprar porque es el mejor dentro del rango de precio, pero espero que el siguiente llegue en buenas condiciones.

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