Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone (Bundle)

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Brand Midland
Color Black
Voltage 12 Volts
Water Resistance Level Waterproof

  • 2-WAY RADIO – This 2-Way Radio features 15 high power GMRS channels with 8 repeater channels.
  • 50-MILE RANGE – Full 15W Radio with an external magnetic mount antenna for extended range.
  • 142 CTCSS/DCS PRIVACY CODES – The privacy codes give you up to 3,124 channel options to block other conversations.
  • NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT – NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 10 available weather (WX) band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of severe weather updates. NOAA Weather Alert will sound an alarm indicating that there is a risk of severe weather in your area.
  • COMPACT – Features a Fully Integrated Control Microphone ideal for vehicles with limited dashboard space, allowing the radio base unit to be stashed away.
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX – MXT275 MicroMobile 2-Way Radio, MXTA23 Roll Bar Mirror Mount, MXTA24 6-Meter Low Profile Antenna Cable, MXTA25 3dB Gain Ghost Antenna, MXTA31 Microphone Extension Cable, Owner’s Manual, and Quick Start Guide


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Product Description

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

  • Full 15-Watt Radio + External Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • 15 High and Low Power GMRS Channels
  • 142 Privacy Codes to block other conversations
  • 8 GMRS repeater channels for immense transmission
  • Channel Scan to monitor radio activity
  • USB Output for charging mobile devices

MXT275VP4 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

The MXT275VP4 bundles a high powered antenna system in addition to the already long range MXT275. The 3dB gain antenna doubles the radio’s power output, while the cable, antenna and roll bar mount allow the operator to secure the antenna to ATVs, UTVs and other off-road vehicles. The added microphone extension cable allows for freedom of placement during installation.

In the Box:

  • MicroMobile GMRS 2-Way Radio
  • Flip-Frame Detachable Mount
  • Magnetic Mount Antenna with 6 Meter Cable
  • 12V Power Cord with DC Adapter
  • MXTA23 Bracket Mount
  • MXTA24 6-Meter Antenna Cable
  • MXTA25 3dB Antenna
  • MXTA31 Mic Extension Cable

Product Details

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

Fully Integrated Control Microphone

The MXT275 incorporates all radio controls directly into the microphone for easy operation.

Flip-Frame Detachable Mount

Install on or under dash; also allows slide-out removal of radio while bracket remains mounted.

12 Volt Accessory Plug

Simply plug the radio into your vehicles 12-Volt accessory port for power or hardwire for permanent installation.

Speaker Mic Jack

Accessory input allows for use of Midland FRS and GMRS radio headsets(not included).

Product Features

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

reliable communication adventure range durable powerful weather alert extended

Cross Compatible

Compatible with all Midland FRS and GMRS Walkie Talkies.

NOAA Weather Alert

10 NOAA Weather Channels with Weather Scan

Extended Range

Stay in contact during your off-road adventure

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 9.65 × 3.11 cm
Item Weight

4.2 ounces

Package Dimensions

12.4 x 9.65 x 3.11 inches

Country of Origin






Date First Available

January 13 2021



10 reviews for Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone (Bundle)

  1. M. Noga

    The perfect setupThe radio, and all included components in the bundle work great. The Ghost antenna is pretty darn incredible for something so small. The radio, with the controls and a speaker all on the handset is the perfect setup. I was able to mount the main unit out of sight in the back of my Jeep and run a cat5 Ethernet cable to the front for the handset hookup. All in all the exact setup I wanted. I’m amazed there aren’t more radios with the controls on the handset like this.

  2. The King of Pain

    Let’s get real. Nobody is using GMRS yet so why buy it? Well, because it’s a great radio.Well, like I said in the headline. Nobody is using GMRS yet so any GMRS radio purchase is really a targeted purchase so you can communicate with your family and friends whom you have coaxed into buying their own units. So, here are the general benefits of using a GMRS radio. Clear frequencies. Not full of a bunch of third graders catching joy from cussing over anyone talking and certainly not full of a bunch of truckers running 500 watt amplifiers and blowing out your gear every time you pass a truck. Most if not all of the equipment available for GMRS is new so there are really no “out of scope” electronic frankensteins causing unlimited static. Meaning, when you talk, its clear, when you hear, it’s clear. Correct antenna installation not withstanding. Speaking of the antenna. You will be confused with the little mag mount that comes with the unit It works well but the size confuses most CB enthusiasts who are used to seeing 107″ whips on Jeeps. While confusing, the size is directly related to wavelength which is a topic that doesn’t really belong in this review. Suffice it to say, the short length is completely compatible with safe and efficient operation on the GMRS frequencies. Yes, GMRS is line of site and the taller antennas will provider better coverage (note, Midland does make a long 6db gain alternative antenna that works exceptionally well) but the small antenna that comes with the device has its own cable and can easily be placed on the hood or rood. In the case of a Wrangler, you can get fancy and use a mount or stick it directly to the hood and be up and operating in minutes. The small size allows you to store the antenna in the center console when not being used. What makes this a great buy for a Wrangler owner, or anyone that wants a clean radio install or is simply limited by cabin space is that the radio itself can be mounted under the seat, behind the dash wherever you want as all the controls are contained in the mic. In my case, I have this mounted in 2 Jeep Wranglers on the plastic face plate directly in front of the shift controls. Easy enough to take of the face plate, get rid of the mesh and permanently mount the unit right there. I’ve added one after market item, a retractable microphone mount to complete the install. In my installs I’ve attached the retracting mount to the center roof handle but you could really mount it anywhere, or not use one at all. My microphone hangs about dash level when I’m on the trails and either the driver or the passenger can easily take control of it and communicate. Additionally, I’ve purchased the 6db gain antennas so our installs are permanent. The negatives of this radio are not really specific to the radio. They are specific to the technology. First, in order to use GMRS one needs to be licensed by the FCC. Don’t mistake this for amateur radio’s. They are not. The lciense requires no testing, simply registering with the FCC and paying the fee. In return you get a GMRS call sign that can be used for the entire family and will be valid for 10 years. What’s not to like about that? Well, its because like all federal government website registrations you really need to be patient when trying to find the right place to register and pay for the license. They make it way to difficult to find. The other negative to the radio is you will need to open up the repeater channels manually which is not intuitive. Thus, I highly recommend you break out your reading glasses and read the manual. Actually, the manual is micro sized so do yourself a favor and download a PDF copy from Midland. Overall is this awesome GMRS radio that really doesn’t have a downside. Just keep in mind, GMRS is not widely implemented and used yet so if you buy one, you will really need to supply a second one or buy some handhelds and give them to your friends and family. That said, crystal clear communication and with the right antenna setup you can get great outdoor distance when compared to a standard CB. Its a great radio to recommend to all of your Jeep club members before your next overland trek.

  3. Ronald J Walton

    Buy this radio!I wanted a radio in my Kawasaki Teryx. After much shopping and chin scratching, I settled on this one. I could not be happier! It is easy to install, takes up little space (the Teryx has little to spare), and it works better than expected. I mounted the little 3db gain antenna on the roof, using an old 10″ table saw blade as a base(antennas like to have a metal base to reflect off of). I tried a broadcast to check if the dang thing was working at all, finally got someone on channel 20. It was a ski lodge over 30 miles away. Time will tell if it lasts forever, but I expect it to be worth every cent I paid for it.

  4. Guttpuck

    Product arrived quickly / works as it shouldThe Midland MXT275 2-way radio is my first foray into the GMRS world. Purchasing the “bundle” kit took all the guess work out of sourcing antennas, cables, antenna mounts, etc., for the head unit. I liked that it was pretty much plug and play. The installation was straight forward and with the integrated control microphone, everything else was installed completely hidden from view. The only thing anyone would see is the rather inconspicuous ghost antenna mounted atop the roof rack of my truck. It works great too.

  5. Benji

    Love itWe use it in our jeep group to talk to each other. I recommend it to everyone!

  6. Paul

    Long range in line of siteEasy to mount and significantly longer range than a hand held. If there is a mountain in the way your SOL, but that’s how RF works. Even through trees we got miles of range. Note you will be able to talk to hand held a further than they can talk to you.

  7. Darryn

    Great radio for trail communications in my JeepBought this for trail communications when off-road in my Jeep. Very easy install and sound quality is great.

  8. Tina Perdue

    They work greatEverything was great with item . I bought it for riding our side x side in the woods . The radio works well.

  9. Renewables

    Made in the USAThis unit failed within two hours of installation and no longer turns on, I am using my backup unit of another brand instead. I contacted Midland USA a couple of days ago and they are sending me a new radio. It was a good unit with great audio, but I only got to test it out for a couple of hours. I wish it had 25 or 40 watts, but my original intention was to move it between our work trucks as needed. I am an electronic technician so I understand failures and am glad I purchased a product made in the USA.

  10. ARM

    Well built and clean installation!This model is great for a clean installation- I put the main body out of sight behind my dash and the mike is on the front of the dashboard. The little antenna sits practically unnoticed on the edge of my hood near the windshield (routed the antenna cable near the driver’s door hinge and weather stripping- it does not get crimped there when closing the door). The radio has good range too, a couple miles so far on a forest trail.

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