Microsoft Surface Dock 2 – for Notebook/Desktop PC/Smartphone/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse – 199 W – 6 x USB Ports – Network (RJ-45) –

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Brand Microsoft
Hardware Interface USB Type C
Compatible Devices Microsoft Surface 3, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Go 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Surface Go See more
Total USB Ports 6
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.6 x 5.6 x 4.4 inches
Number of Ports 10
Item Weight 3.34 Pounds
Wattage 199 watts

  • Compatibility: Surface Book 3 (13.5″ and 15″); Surface Pro 7; Surface Pro X; Surface Laptop 3 (13.5 and 15); Surface Go 2.
  • Supports dual 4K monitors at 30Hz: Surface Pro 6; Surface Pro (5th Gen); Surface Laptop 2; Surface Laptop (1st Gen); Surface Go; Surface Book 2 (13.5 and 15).
  • Not compatible with: Surface Pro 4; Surface Pro 3; Surface Book (1st Gen).
  • Dimensions: 5.12″ x 2.75″ x 1.18″ (130 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm). Weight: 1.13 lb (515 g).
  • Connections: 199W power supply; Supports dual 4K at 60Hz; Surface Connect cable (80 cm); 2 front-facing USB-C (10 Gbps) (15W); 2 rear-facing USB-C (10 Gbps) video display enabled (7.5W); 2 rear-facing USB-A 3.2 (10 Gbps) (7.5W) 3.5mm in/out audio jack; 1 gigabit Ethernet; Security lock support (Kensington compatible).


Streamline the way you work and connect. Surface Dock 2 for Business instantly transforms your Surface into a desktop PC with all the next-gen ports you need, including USB-C. Simply plug in the Surface Connect cable to charge your device and access external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and more. Compatibility: Surface Book 3 (13.5″ and 15″); Surface Pro 7; Surface Pro X; Surface Laptop 3 (13.5†and 15â€); Surface Go 2.

Additional information

Weight 3.34 kg
Dimensions 11.6 × 5.6 × 4.4 cm
Product Dimensions

11.6 x 5.6 x 4.4 inches

Item Weight

3.34 pounds





Item model number

Surface Dock 2

Date First Available

July 13 2020



10 reviews for Microsoft Surface Dock 2 – for Notebook/Desktop PC/Smartphone/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse – 199 W – 6 x USB Ports – Network (RJ-45) –

  1. TheWiseTurtle

    A must-have for Surface ecosystem workstationsRight off the bat, be aware that this is not the 60hz 4k model – this is 30hz. That’s fine by me; I use this for work, not gaming.If you have bought in to the Surface ecosystem as I have, I cannot recommend this enough for your personal workstation. The advantage that the Microsoft price gives you is freeing up the USB port on your Surface, since the dock connects using the Surface port.The main criticism I have is that there is a seemingly small number of USB ports: two USB A ports on the back and two USB C ports on the front. In my experience so far there are not yet many USB C-ended cables for accessories, but you could certainly charge your phone.

  2. Jordan Gunn

    It’s perfect for its constrained purposeIt does everything it promises to do – as it better, given the price. I think it’s worth warning people thinking of buying this though is that it sort of builds up vendor lock-in. If the time comes that you start considering a new device that isn’t Surface, that isn’t compatible with the super constrained line-up of devices Microsoft has fine-tuned it for, then you’ll think about the money you spent on this device. In that context, I might recommend a more general solution compatible with a broader range of devices.But yeah, A+ device.

  3. Steven Harder

    Never stops charging, no HDMI/Display PortYou might assume you would be able to use this without plugging it into the wall when your battery is already fully charged. Nope. It never stops charging, which will inevitably destroy your battery. There is a “kiosk mode” that can be setup in the boot menu, but that just keeps the battery at 50% instead of 100%. There is no way to let the battery cycle naturally. Given what it takes to replace the battery on the Surface Laptop Studio, this seems like a major design flaw.Second, you might assume this would have a HDMI/Display Port. It doesn’t. You will need another accessory if your monitor doesn’t provide a USB C connection.I liked the idea of hooking up all of my externals with that one fancy surface connector, but the charging problem rules that out. I’m going to combine an extra charger with the USB C Travel Hub instead.

  4. Victor Fisher

    Definitely Has GlitchesAlthough it functions well enough as a usb hub, it’s has two major faults. The primary one is the audio jack fails to function, the Surface registers it as inoperative. Second is when the tablet is powered down, if left plugged it he dock makes a noticeable “clocking” at intervals of 10-15 seconds. It becomes so annoying, I’ve had to unplug the hub altogether just to have some peace. Definitely disappointed.

  5. Daniel

    WFH? We’ll worth the priceI work from home and constantly switch between applications and monitors to the point where having three monitors would greatly enhance my WFH intake experience. I’ve hesitated buying the Surface Dock at $199 and then it went to $225. Some places have it for about $250. I found this refurbished one for $170 and haven’t looked back. Having this 3rd monitor greatly helps and I’m happy I bought the dock. I do think it would be worth the full price to have the full setup. My only complaint is that I wish they had put a USB-A on the front for thumb drives.

  6. 100grit

    So much better than V 1.0I had so much h trouble with the first dock. Even sent it in and got a replacement. Still no luck. It kept dropping monitors after 30 seconds. Never ended up using it.Now with my Surface Book 3, this Dock 2 is everything the original promised.Now if only Microsoft wouldn’t have to make me pay 250 for a new dock when the first one should have worked >:(

  7. David J Grab

    DisappointingIt’s big, it’s heavy, it has a 199 watt power brick (separate from the dock) …. yet none of the USB-C ports will negotiate above 5v. I tried three modern devices (LenovoT14 laptop, OnePlus 9 cell, Samsung cell) and two different cables yet this “dock” will not provide any fast USB-C charging. My $20 generic USB-C brick and my Anker Powerport work perfectly with all these devices and the cables I tested. I thought docks were supposed to be all about connectivity.

  8. Figgymaxx

    Excellent!!This was a resend. The first was was defective, because of the Amazon hazzle free guarantee I was able to send the bad one back and get a new one mailed to me. The item seems to be performing as intended. Very pleased.

  9. Kevin Hua

    Decent featurewise, but inconsistentThe collection of ports contained are generally pretty good. As far as I can tell, the base USB and Ethernet ports have no issues. The only concern was the display USB-C / Thunderbolt ports – it took several iterations to find a suitable adapter for it that wasn’t grossly overpriced, and even then, hiccups now and again with the connection. If you are interested in this dock, be prepared to either use 1-2 thunderbolt monitors or buy the official surface adapter for it. This was used with a Surface Laptop Studio, for reference. The power adapter also works flawlessly. When it does work, it’s fairly seamless. Shame its a bit on the costlier side for the features it offers though.

  10. arnold

    The bestI bought a Dell dock which is the worst. It won’t charge my dell computer. I bought surface dock 2 for my surface pro 8. I transfer info by use b often. This is ruin my port. This dock has a loose magnetic connection. I will never be ruined. Now I put this dock under my table with a long usb extension cord. I just has to connect the loose magnetic port. I can charge, often use usb to transfer info without plug in the tight usb c in the computer itself.

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