Merrithew V2 Max Plus Reformer Bundle


Item Weight 385 Pounds
Brand Merrithew
Material Rubber
Item Dimensions LxWxH 99.5 x 74 x 26.5 inches

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  • Built to withstand continuous, high-intensity studio use with durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam to provide maximum comfort and accurate proprioceptive feedback
  • High-traction reformer feet provide superior grip with all floor surfaces during high-energy jump board or cardio-tramp workouts. Made of durable silicon rubber and PVC
  • Patented Retractable Rope System with recoiling rope reels for easy adjustments. Longer ropes add increased range of motion and fluidity to exercises – allowing for more programming options
  • Carriage glides over sleek C-Channel aluminum rails, using a patented rolling mechanism for a smooth, friction-free ride
  • Enhanced springs are built to withstand vigorous use with jump boards, cardio-tramp rebounders and other reformer accessories and secure quickly and safely



The “Cadillac” of our Reformer line, the V2 max plus Reformer facilitates limitless exercise possibilities. This one-of-a-kind unit multi-tasks as a raised mat platform, a standard Reformer, a virtual Cadillac and a breakthrough multi-planar, biomechanics training tool. Equipped with our innovative retractable rope system and travelling pulleys on the vertical frame, the V2 max plus offers variable angles of resistance, providing an increased range of motion, making it the premier tool for Pilates-based sport-specific, rehab and cross-training movement. Includes the mat converter, Reformer box with foot strap, padded platform extender, and maple roll-up pole.

From the manufacturer

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At Merrithew, we believe that people of all ages and life stages can lead healthier lives through safe and responsible exercise. Our mind-body education, equipment and accessories give you the tools you need to be a healthier you. Our exercise programs include Stott Pilates, Zen∙ga, Core , Total Barre and Halo Training. Whether you’re just starting out, exercise regularly or are a fitness professional, we can help you reach your fitness goals. We’re changing lives and we hope to change yours.

Merrithew V2 Max Plus Reformer Bundle

By Merrithew

Found around the world in Pilates studios, fitness centers, hotels, private homes and more, these professional grade Pilates Reformers are built to last.

Synonymous with the highest quality and finest manufacturing materials in the industry, our reformers are crafted with pride and precision. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, our versatile and durable equipment is designed for absolute safety and effectiveness.

  • State-of-the-art spring package
  • Soft reformer loops (straps)
  • 6 carriage-stopping positions to accommodate different heights
  • 3 headrest positions
  • 4 footbar positions

Reformer Accessories

reformer box pilates reformer

platform pilates reformer

roll up pole pilates reformer

Reformer Box with Footstrap

A Reformer Box will add additional height and a greater range of motion while seated or lying on the Reformer. Reformer Boxes are a great accessory for those with tight hip flexors or as a modification for kneeling exercises for those with knee issues.

Padded Platform Extender

This accessory provides a raised padded surface for sitting or standing exercises on the Reformer. Great to use as a sitting platform for those with hip flexion issues to maintain proper seated posture.

Maple Roll-Up Pole

Our solid Maple Roll-Up Pole is used to increase focus on scapular stabilization, while performing exercises on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel or Mat.

Merrithew Reformer Features

pilates reformer

pilates reformer

pilates reformer

pilates reformer

Whisper-Smooth Glide Technology

Merrithew Reformers offer efficient, whisper-smooth glide technology with a patented rolling system for the best carriage ride available.

Enhanced Springs with Neoprene Covers

The state-of-the-art enhanced spring system has been built to withstand vigorous use, minimize noise, allow for smoother spring extension and provide a handy grip for changing springs.

UVA Foam Padding

The high density, high resilient, and high quality UVA foam padding on the carriage offers superior tactile feedback during a workout.

Comfort Footbar

Foam covering on the bar provides superior comfort and less compression on feet and hands. The Footbar has 4 different settings, plus one extra that moves the footbar below the platform, and out of the way.

reformer stott yoga pilates equipment exercise fitness workout merrithew

Additional information

Weight 174.63 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 29 cm
Package Weight

174.63 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

99.5 x 74 x 26.5 inches

Item Weight

385 Pounds

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Included Components

V2 Max ReformerMat ConverterReformer Box with footstrapPadded Platform ExtenderMaple Roll-Up PoleDVDs2Owners Manual





Date First Available

December 13 2011


Merrithew International Inc.

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  1. Mystique

    This is an awesome piece of equipment!This is an awesome piece of equipment! If you are a Pilates enthusiast, beginner, or recovering from injuries (with the approval of your PT and/or doctor), then I recommend investing in this. It also advisable to take a few local reformer classes. I’m recovering from multiple injuries and reformer Pilates has been a wonderful recovery program.. As you can see, my equipment is pink (I love pink!), because I custom ordered my equipment directly from Merrithew as part of a larger package, but if you are not picky about the color, then order the base color from Amazon as you will receive it a lot sooner, the costs would be cheaper as their is a bit of a cost increase to get custom colors, not to mention some banks charge a hefty international fee. Anyhow, you will not be disappointed with this equipment as well as Merrithew has awesome customer service and an awesome warranty on their large equipment.

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