Meraki Go by Cisco | 8 Port PoE Network Switch | Cloud Managed | Power over Ethernet | [GS110-8P-HW-US]

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Switch Type 1
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.7 x 3.1 x 14.8 inches
Lower Temperature Rating 1 Degrees Celsius
Upper Temperature Rating 1 Degrees Celsius

  • EASY TO SET-UP AND MANAGE: Connect devices securely, 24/7 port visibility, and simple cloud management with the Meraki Go mobile app; easily add multiple admins to help manage your networking equipment
  • POWER OVER ETHERNET: 8x 1GB PoE | 2x 1GB Uplinks
  • PEACE OF MIND: Alerts for connectivity problems and remote troubleshooting tools when needed
  • FEATURES FOR BUSINESSES: Apply bulk settings to switch ports, enable/disable PoE on each port, VLANs, QoS
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE WITH NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED: Automatic updates, mobile app management and tech support included; mount and screw kit, GS110-8P, QSG, PSU in the box
  • COST EFFECTIVE & SCALABLE: Easily add ports as your businesses technology needs grow and manage from one place; desktop or wall mountable


Multi-functional switching providing power (PoE) and connectivity to plugged in devices, alongside built in troubleshooting tools and remote port security. Plug in as many devices as your business needs with the Merkaki Go smart switch. Meraki Go’s cloud-managed POE switches are specially designed with small business owners in mind. Create a complete app-managed network solution to increase business productivity and customer engagement, with minimal time, resources, and expertise.

From the manufacturer

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Your better business toolkit

What are you waiting for?

  • Everything you need in the box, including support
  • Provide reliable WiFi for guests and employees
  • Attract and interact with customers through customized landing pages to drive brand awareness
  • Centrally connect your internet devices
  • Ensure security against attacks and hackers
  • Make data-driven decisions for your business

All from a mobile app – anytime, anywhere

Your business at your fingertips

  • Simple, guided setup in less than 5 minutes
  • Easily customize settings for your business
  • Graphics to clearly understand what is happening on your network
  • No need to be on-site to make changes or view real time info
  • Quick visibility of all your internet connected devices

It’s your solution for WiFi, connectivity, security, & more

IT has never been easier

  • Eliminate connectivity & slow service issues
  • Stay protected with security backed by Cisco
  • Simple to connect your business’ technology, whether it’s sound, POS, VoIP, cameras or printers
  • Insights on guest loyalty, foot traffic, customer interactions, peak traffic times, and more
  • Shared-admin access for simple management from the app

Simply connect your business’ technology

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Easy to Use Features
  • Visibility into connected devices from anywhere
  • VLANs
  • Apply bulk settings
  • Remotely enable or disable ports
  • Shared-Admin Management

The Meraki Go Network Switches

With Meraki Go network switches, you can have port availability to securely connect the other technologies you rely on and as your business grows to include more technology, Meraki Go easily scales with your business. Plus, managing a Meraki Go switch is simple and ultra convenient with the Meraki Go mobile app.

  • PoE and non-PoE models available
  • 8-port, 24-port, and 48-port models
  • 100% Cloud managed

meraki go 10 port 8 switch gs110 cloud managed switching

meraki go switch 24 port 26 cloud manage managed mobile app

meraki go mobile app cloud managed manage gs110 48 port 50 cisco

Meraki Go 8 Port PoE Network Switch [GS110-8P-HW Cloud Managed]

Meraki Go 24 Port PoE Network Switch [GS110-24P-HW Cloud Managed]

Meraki Go 48 Port PoE Network Switch [GS11048P-HW Cloud Managed]

Additional information

Weight 3.94 kg
Dimensions 8.7 × 3.1 × 14.8 cm




Item model number


Item Weight

3.94 pounds

Product Dimensions

8.7 x 3.1 x 14.8 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

8.7 x 3.1 x 14.8 inches



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 15 2019





10 reviews for Meraki Go by Cisco | 8 Port PoE Network Switch | Cloud Managed | Power over Ethernet | [GS110-8P-HW-US]

  1. DM

    Very easy to install, many nice features, these switches are going to catch onLike the features and the value

  2. Casey

    AMAZINGUpdate: 9/15/21: Finally got in contact with someone who knew something and the issue was resolved in less than 5 minutes. Lesson learned, do not use 2FA, unless you have a need.Update 9/7/21: The 2FA quit working for me to log in and make changes. Been trying to get assistance from customer support for a week. Someone contacted me last week to provide some info, however never got any further.We use Meraki Enterprise grade stuff at work, so when my old home system died I went for this system at my house as I knew the name and as an IT professional understood how it worked. I paired this with an unmanaged switch as this doesn’t provide DHCP (IP addresses) for the devices. Also paired this with a Meraki Go indoor and outdoor wireless access points. Initial setup was a breeze to the point of being too simple. There isn’t a lot of customization available. I understand this was done for small businesses without an IT department on call to look after their network. My only real complaint is that this device is not capable of powering more than one access point through POE. The security gateway that is supposed to be used with the system is what would provide more power, however it only has a throughput of 250mbps, which is only 1/4 of what I get coming from my modem, which is why I didn’t go with it. Overall I’m happy with this system and have had zero issues with it.

  3. Theodore K

    Easy setupI’ve had this running some Meraki ago PoE wireless access points for a couple months now, and it was pretty easy to set up. Basically create an account on their website, use the app to scan the QR code on the device, and then plug it in. It reaches out to the Meraki cloud, sees that you have already provisioned it in the app, and then installs all the updates it needs. It does not require any kind of additional licensing. In addition to the Meraki Go APs, I have some non-Meraki gear plugged into it as well. No complaints so far

  4. Sasan

    Easy to setup and manage with your phoneThat’s my first setup of cisco Meraki Go for one of my customer, definitely using this product for feature projects,The highlight about this product is:1. Easy to setup with your mobile.2. You have control of what is happening to your network and port usage.3. Easy firmware update process.And so much more…

  5. Kashyap

    Finally no more hangout video call drop off issuesWith pandemic and work from home it is important to have reliable and consistent network in place. For some reason my existing setup didn’t work and I was constantly getting lag in my video calls. I would talk for tens of seconds and other folks will miss the entire conversation.Anyway after installing this switch, I have stopped having those issues.

  6. Buddy9404

    Simple SetupProduct as stated. Scanning the label on the back of the switch with your Meraki app will take care of setting it up. It is 21.5 inches deep so make sure it will fit in your rack. My rack is 12 inches deep so it will have to sit on a rack shelf.

  7. SKYTOUCH Solutions, INC

    Will destroy youSTAY FAR AWAY from this product. I misread the specs and ordered two of these. I said “what da hell, it’s Cisco Meraki” .. I was excited at first. Placed the order and after a couple hours went back to do some digging and reading the reviews.If it wasn’t for one review to stay away it was 100% App based I wouldn’t have believed it.So I started reading and learning and yes, entirely it’s 100% App based for setup and management. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL AS AN IT Admin you would even allow this.So when it came I was tempted to issue a return ASAP, but decided to try it and maybe I’ll keep it. Ripped one open carefully, and nope … took 1 hour to try and setup by scanning a QR code and every time … ERROR, ERROR, NOT FOUND, TRY CONTACTING SUPPORT … so (through the App) tried support, “unexpected issue , please contact support)So, BUYEeR BEWARE , save yourself the aggravation. These should be pulled off the market IMMEDIATELY, they violate management all together.

  8. Jeff R.


  9. Ted E.

    Way over priced for the very limited featuresI use Meraki Enterprise products and like them though they are very expensive. I thought I’d try a Meraki Go product. This thing is a joke. They software limit this product so you can’t really do anything with it $500 for a network switch that is very very limited. First of all, you can’t access the switch via ip address on a browser or login to meraki go from a browser… period! The only option is to use an iphone/android app to even see what the switch is doing. This is ridiculous – I have have to stare at a tiny iphone screen to see network settings with no other option? I searched and searched in that iphone app to find a menu to configure a vlan and couldn’t find one configurable setting at all and lost patience and interest and returned this overpriced piece of junk. Netgear Pro line switches with Insight cloud-capable is a much better value than this awful product.

  10. Michael Allison

    Great find, great priceThis was overkill for my needs but it allowed me to segregate my wireless non-computer traffic from computer traffic.Wanted PoE and VLAN. East to configurr and remote monitor

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