Lian Li Galahad AIO 360 RGB UNI Fan SL120 Edition Black – Dual 120mm Addressable RGB Fans AIO CPU Liquid Cooler – GA-360SLB &

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Brand Lian Li
Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 3.6 watts
Cooling Method Air
Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Aluminum
Maximum Rotational Speed 1900 RPM
Air Flow Capacity 58.54 Cubic Feet Per Minute

  • Product 1: SL120 UNI FAN included
  • Product 1: Intel: LGA 115X, LGA 1366, LGA 775, LGA 1200, LGA 2011, LGA 2066 AMD: AM4
  • Product 1: Machine detailed Aluminum Housing
  • Product 1: Easy to sync with motherboard
  • Product 2: Package Quantity : 1
  • Product 2: Controller Supports Up To 16 Uni Fan
  • Product 2: Unprecedented Flexibility / A Quicker And Easier Installation Process
  • Product 2: Daisy-Chain Design : Slide-In / Pin-To-Pin Interlocking Mechanism

SKU: B0B9M622X5


Lian Li GALAHAD AIO 360 RGB UNI FAN SL120 EDITION BLACK – Dual 120mm Addressable RGB Fans AIO CPU Liquid Cooler – GA-360SLB
Lian Li GALAHAD AIO 360 RGB UNI FAN SL120 EDITION BLACK – Dual 120mm Addressable RGB Fans AIO CPU Liquid Cooler – GA-360SLB

Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 3 Pack Black – with Controller (ARGB 120mm LED PWM Daisy-Chain)
Fan Dimension: 122.8 X 122.4 X 25 ( mm ) Rated Voltage: DC 12V(FAN) & 5V(LED) Fan Speed: 800~1900RPM Max. Air Pressure: 2.54mmH2O Max. Air Flow: 58.54CFM Acoustical Noise (Min-Max.): 17dB ~ 31dB Locked Current: >= 0.5mA Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing(FDB) Operation Voltage: DC 12V & 5V Start-up Voltage: DC 6.0V Input Current: 0.18A(FAN) / 0.6A (LED) Input Power: 3.6W

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Lian Li




12 Volts



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August 15 2022


Lian Li

10 reviews for Lian Li Galahad AIO 360 RGB UNI Fan SL120 Edition Black – Dual 120mm Addressable RGB Fans AIO CPU Liquid Cooler – GA-360SLB &

  1. Jonathan

    Why the black pump cables?For a product that is all about how white it is, the two black power cables running to the pump are a real disappointment. They don’t get shown in the product images listed, and for my motherboard, it’s impossible to route them in a hidden way. For a premium product, this is such an easily fixed problem. Really an oversight on LianLi’s part.Also don’t forget you’ll need the argb cable kit to control the pump RGB.

  2. Haidar

    SL Edition “The best”This is the newer edition “SL” edition. Just like normal SL fans, you can daisy-chain the radiator fans like a charm. Connect the pump to the pump header in your the motherboard. For the ARGB, combine it with the other SL uni fans ARGB and connect them to the included hub (there is a splitter if needed). All PWM go for the hub too. From the hub, connect to the USB port in the MB. This way, you can use Lian Li L-connect software to control the PWM & ARGB.I highly recommend this water cooler.

  3. Ti

    Very clean looking AIO and good performance so farThis is a very clean and stylish AIO. RGB without over doing it. The wiring is not difficult. But do take your time to route everything outside the case before you install to ease your cable routing. The performance is good so far, but I’ll update this in a few months. I use this system to perform CPU intensive tasks where all 12 cores (3900x) can sometimes ramp up to 100% for 15-30min at a time. The previous large air cooler was working just fine. But the fan noise was getting annoying especially since this an open case and I think it looks cool. See pic without glass for a better view and idle temps

  4. Roselynn Keeler

    Tricky to Install for AMDThis AIO was tricky to install for AMD, but other than that it was pretty straightforward. The extra RGB heads made it a bit tricky for me to wire all of my RGB correctly. I would definitely get the AL fans next I get the Galahad AIO though. Nonetheless, it keeps my PC running cool and doesn’t make much noise.

  5. Amazon Customer

    great to have all the lights the samegreat to have all the lights the same.There are 13 fans – 10 are 120 fans and the others are 140 fans in front

  6. Not A Real Name

    Very Nice Looking!Fits great in my O11 Dynamic. Plenty of RGB goodness. Word of warning on the SL120 case fans though. They are very easy to overtighten the screws for mounting the case. It shreds the fan hole material, because for some reason, Lian Li made the holes ovals instead of perfect circles like on other fans.

  7. Sean

    Nice AIO, pump is a little loudThis is a slick looking AIO that was easy to mount and has decent fans/radiator. The pump is a little loud and can rival the noise level from the fans themselves. Otherwise working very well so far with an Intel 127000K keeping it in the 50-60s under stress and 30s at idle.

  8. Jhaj

    Great buy! Such a hidden gem.For those who have never bought an AIO before, it comes prefilled, is dead silent and keeps my CPU colder than is imagined! Under a full load my CPU sits at 32°C. Will buy again in the future! It comes with every mount you need even for older motherboards and socket types as well. Can’t sing its praises any higher! The only thing I’d say I don’t like is that it came with a few bent fins but that’s it.

  9. Sola

    Not great..I get 60 °C while idling (Used to get 30-40 with my previous Corsair AIO).When gaming, I now get upwards of 70 – 80 °C whereas it used to be at 60.I’ve reinstalled it twice, re-pasted twice.. so it’s not an installation issue, I’m convinced now that it just sucks.The Fan controller is completely oversized, I literally can’t it put anywhere out of sight because it doesn’t fit in the cable tidy area at the back of my case. The cables simply aren’t log enough to run anywhere else.In the end I stuck with using my motherboard headers, but I’m still not getting the performance I wanted out of an AIO cooler.Going to return it.. Just buy a more established brand that does AIOs.

  10. Kirki

    Keeps the CPU cool. Huge difference to my standard CPU cooler.It’s very quiet and keeps the CPU very cool. I’m getting 30c idle temp on a 5600x. That’s running the fans very slowly so could be even cooler. The Lian li fans are stunning, quality item throughout.Easy to install for anyone handy, just take your time and follow the instructions.

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