Lenovo L27e-30 27-inch FHD LED Backlit LCD FreeSync Monitor, Ultra-Slim, 3-Side NearEdgeless Frame, HDMI and VGA, Tilt, VESA

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Screen Size 27 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brand Lenovo
Special Feature Blue Light Filter, Anti-Glare Coating, Wall Mountable, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free
Refresh Rate 75 Hz

  • 27″ IPS FHD (1920×1080) panel with 16:9 aspect ratio and 178° wide viewing angle
  • With the fast 75Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, and built-in AMD FreeSync, this monitor leaves image tearing and stuttering in the dust
  • HDMI 1.4 and VGA video ports allow for a simple connection; 3.5mm audio out port and optional soundbar support included
  • Lenovo’s exclusive Artery Software allows users to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, and other controls on this computer monitor to match different usage scenarios and quickly switch between them through its convenient and elegant soft OSD interface
  • 100x100mm VESA mountable; slender stand offers -5° / 22° tilt angle and integrated mobile phone holder


The Lenovo L27e-30 27″ computer monitor is stylishly functional, packaging powerful performance in a new, elegant form factor that focuses the principles of minimalist design into a pleasing centerpiece for the home. While its 27-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel display creates distortion-free pictures for anyone streaming a coursework video or working from home, no matter what angle they sit from the screen, the monitor’s clean, simple lines, 3-side NearEdgeless frame, and sculpted wedge stand create a picture of elegance and sophistication to suit any modern home. The 7.1 mm ultra-slim screen head is thinner than many phones and makes home workspaces feel truly spacious. Add in the tiltable wedge stand’s integrated phone holder and concealed cable management, and the L27e-30’s user experience is profoundly clean and clutter-free.

It’s the little touches that make a big difference when it comes to the comfort and convenience of a full HD monitor. For instance, the monitor’s TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort certified technology filters harmful wavelengths of blue light to protect users’ eyes from fatigue. Once work is done, the L27e-30 monitor doubles as a great window into a world of entertainment. Ghosting, streaking, and torn images are problems banished to your gaming history thanks to AMD FreeSync™ and a rapid 75 Hz refresh rate. One more thoughtful touch that other manufacturers struggle to match for everyday consumer monitors: Lenovo’s exclusive and dedicated Artery Software gives users complete, seamless control of the screen’s performance, allowing fine-tuning through the elegant interface that has none of the fumblings of traditional on-screen displays.

Note: 275 Hz is only for HDMI input. Artery Software can only be used with Windows 10.

Additional information

Weight 7.05 kg
Dimensions 6.89 × 24.11 × 18.73 cm
Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Max Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 Pixels




L27e-3027inch Monitor

Item model number


Item Weight

7.05 pounds

Product Dimensions

6.89 x 24.11 x 18.73 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

6.89 x 24.11 x 18.73 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

April 28 2021





10 reviews for Lenovo L27e-30 27-inch FHD LED Backlit LCD FreeSync Monitor, Ultra-Slim, 3-Side NearEdgeless Frame, HDMI and VGA, Tilt, VESA

  1. Johnny_Amazon®

    Good Image Quality, but VGA Over Display Port?Let’s get to the nitty gritty and keep it succinct and direct: Pros (+) / Cons (-)(+) Good image quality. Not excellent, but not bad. Bright enough, but a bit washed out. Contrast and saturation could be better, but that’s maybe because I’m used to OLED screens. Overall 7/10, especially for its price.(+) Speaking of price, it’s a good price for a brand name (Lenovo). Certainly not the cheapest, but at least you have the reputation of Lenovo with its quality assurance. Cheaper than my 24″ monitor from Samsung.(-) VGA port over DisplayPort? What are we, stuck in the 90’s? Seriously, I don’t know of any modern monitor sporting a VGA port anymore, and certainly no modern graphic cards have either. Also of note, the one HDMI port is 1.4, not even 2.0, so I’m pretty sure this monitor was meant for business and school settings, than for home/personal use.(+) Well, at least the refresh rate is 75Hz, so if you use it for gaming at least you’ll have an option for more responsiveness (but not much over 60Hz).(+) Very slim bezels. Well, at least they have modernized the looks, and it looks pretty sturdy with the robust stand. There’s even a slot at the base to hold a pen/pencil.In the end, it checks off most boxes for a 1080p monitor its size. nothing fancy or memorable, but it does its job. The most stand-out feature for me when I use it is the slim bezels, and since the price is very decent, I have no issues rating it at four stars. If you’re worried about getting an off-brand/generic monitor, but don’t want to break the bank buying a Samsung or Dell monitor, Lenovo is a good reputable brand with good quality control you can trust.

  2. Eric

    Comfortably sized monitorThis is a suitable monitor if you need a monitor that is slightly larger than the standard 24” size, but don’t necessarily need a higher resolution. While 1080p is often found on cell phones nowadays, it still looks great when displaying movies and tv shows on larger monitors. The lack of higher resolution only becomes a problem if you run complex programs and need lots of screen real estate.The display itself is pretty good: a standard 1080p resolution at a slightly higher framerate of 75hz, smoothed out by freesync. There’s no HDR and the anti glare treatment further reduces vividness, but color is nevertheless pretty good. A problem with this monitor is it suffers from annoying dot syndrome. A bright white dot sits next to the power button on the lower right corner letting you know that the power is on. It is uncomfortable to have it in my field of vision, but it is easy to cover up.Power consumption is very low, only 14W at max brightness. The matte screen really helps eliminate reflections, making this comfortable to use in a brightly lit room despite the low power rating. Despite the very low power use, it still uses the same kind of oversized power cord for desktop PCs. The cord will probably last forever, but it takes up unnecessary space.The monitor does not have a built in speaker, but a great thing about these monitors is they don’t cheap out on the headphone jack. Sound quality is as good as plugging directly into the computer.I did not notice any backlight bleed or dead pixels.When turned off, the monitor seems like it has very thin bezels but in actuality there are around 9mm of bezel on each side, with the inner part made to look like part of the screen. The presence of a bezel doesn’t get in the way and makes no practical difference, I personally am not bothered by it but it is noticeable.The menu is easy to navigate and the controls are clearly labelled. The stand is well built and allows rotating up and down. The base is heavy and also includes a handy slot for stationary or cards, making this suitable for use in offices.

  3. Classic Reviewer

    A fine 27incher – value wise you could do betterWanted to get a larger matching 27-inch monitor with my new one that uses less power. The Lenovo L27e has been a great choice in my multi-monitor setup, it has offered a great value with the ability to set the refresh rate to 75hz.The Colour isn’t perfect but is acceptable at this price point. I haven’t had any issues with auto-detection and the power usage has been a great benefit compared to my old Dell u2410.Viewing angles are fine but not perfect with 60hz options on the market at the same price point that would beat this in colour and viewing angles. This monitor has no fancy features, you plug it in and go, if that’s what you need in a monitor then this will be fine for you, otherwise, you can find value elsewhere.I personally think that at this price point you can do better, but this may fit a unique setup, that can call for the L27e.

  4. T is for Tech

    It’s a good enough monitor for normal office and productivity work…Typically I like to have a little bit more resolution for my monitor setups, but this one is pretty good for your normal day to day web surfing, Netflix watching and office productivity tools.My wife is going to use this as her main computer monitor.It’s a good size and I like the fact that the bezels are pretty slim.The only downfall to this is that the screen isn’t height adjustable. It can only tilt a little bit but can’t move up and down. Luckily this isn’t an issue with our desk setup, but I think it might be a problem for those that don’t have enough clearance above the monitor (depending on your desk).Color saturation and clarity is good. It’s not super great from a color accuracy standpoint out of the box, but I did you my colorimeter to adjust it. I use a Spyder Express to adjust any computer / monitor combo usually in order to make sure that the color output is good.All in all it’s a pretty good monitor!

  5. Brandon

    Nice simple monitorThis Lenovo 27″ FHD monitor is pretty simple. It has HDMI and VGA inputs and ships with a power cable and an HDMI cable. At 27″, it’s a little big for 1080p in my opinion. I think 24″ is about as big as you can go with 1080p without everything on screen starting to get too big to be useful. I set this up in a product photo studio and have it slid all the way to the back of the desk and it is working pretty well. The colors seem pretty accurate – much more accurate than a really cheap monitor this replaces. That’s important for us as these photos need to be as accurate as possible. Overall, it’s a nice monitor for the price.

  6. LawyerMom

    Best for home/office use, not so much for gamingSo this monitor is replacing an ASUS 24″ VG248 gaming monitor in our home.My immediate impressions include loving the increased screen’s square footage and marveling at how LIGHTWEIGHT the monitor is (it’s half as light as the 24″ display that it is replacing). It also comes with an HDMI cable and can be VESA mounted. However, the mount provided allows you to only tilt the angle of the Lenovo display, you cannot move the height vertically up and down, nor can you swivel it to portrait mode. The bevel edge is incredibly thin too around the sides and top of the display.My son also uses the family computer for gaming and for this purpose you will immediately notice that the graphics and speed slightly disappoint despite the 1080p full high definition. While the Lenovo matte display has preset graphic configurations to allow you to optimize brightness and contrast for gaming, it doesn’t hold a candle to our Asus gaming monitor for color depth, vibrance, or crispness in graphic display. The Lenovo also has a 75 hertz refresh rate and 4ms response rate (the default is 60 hz, which you need to change in your computer settings) which is fine for watching YT videos and for some games. However, for some rpg, pvp, or 1st/3rd person shooter games, you’ll experience ghosting or lag even at 75 hertz and will want something much faster. The Lenovo does have Overdrive setting, designed to minimize ghosting effects. But many gaming monitors are readily available with 144 hertz refresh rates or higher and 1ms response rates for similar pricing (especially if you’re willing to sacrifice screen size or go with less recognizable brands).All in all, it’s a solid monitor for most home and office uses.

  7. dallase

    Pretty basic monitorThis is 75hz and 4ms, which automatically rules it out for FPS gaming.Its 1080p in a 27” format, which rules it out for any graphic design type work.If you have bad eyes, you’ll probably appreciate 1080p on 27”.I wouldnt use this for anything other than web, email, and office work. Or maybe a 2nd monitor.

  8. W. Chang

    Lenovo L27e-30 27-inch FHD LED Backlit LCD FreeSync MonitorThis is a great all-purpose monitor. The bezels are pretty minimal and the monitor is extremely lightweight. I’ll be using this in a dual-monitor setup with another small bezel 27″ matte monitor, so this is a perfect fit.The color reproduction is very good, which I expected from it being an IPS display. While probably not good enough for professional image editing work, for $230 I’m very impressed.While it’s not a full-on gaming monitor, the price point and feature set don’t imply that it should be. With the 75hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync, this does a decent job of meeting most casual gaming needs. I noticed no screen tearing or issues with doing some light MOBA gaming.My only real complaint is the lack of connection options. HDMI is fine, but VGA is pretty much worthless these days. Not having a DVI option seems a bit strange. While converters are an option, I would expect them to err on the side of modern tech and require customers to use adapters to go “backwards.” However, HDMI being the primary option means you can convert to virtually any connector type without issue.All in all, I’m extremely happy with this monitor. It’s a great value for an all-purpose monitor that doesn’t struggle in any one area.

  9. Harold G. Meeks Jr.

    Good Day-in Day-out DisplayThis is a nice 27” display that features thin bezels, a modern look, a good image and a VESA mount. It is a 1080p display – text is clean and crisp. Its antiglare coating is very effective. Colors look good, blacks are true, brightness is not an issue. This is not a gaming display, but works well as a day-in-day-out display for word processing, surfing the net or watching online videos.The stand for the monitor was very easy to assemble. Thumbscrews are already attached to the stand’s pieces, so no tools are needed to put it together. The monitor can be tilted but the stand is not height adjustable. The buttons are located on the front of the monitor, with a small status LED. The side profile of the display is thin at the top, and bigger in the lower portion of the display. Connections are parallel to the back of the display, so connected cables do not protrude. Speaking of cables, a HDMI cable is included in the box, a nice extra.This is a modern looking display that does a good job of displaying graphics and video. It cuts a nice profile and the controls are easy to use. Its resolution combined with screen size and anti-glare surface makes for a display that is easy on the eyes.

  10. fuss1

    Solid LCD monitorThis is an excellent backlit LCD monitor. The size is perfect and allows me to work with programs like Excel at a decent size and allows so much more to be displayed. Lenovo is a good brand name, and this 27″ Ultra-slim LCD is no exception. The refresh rate works for my needs and the backlight on this makes for a pleasant viewing experience. If anything changes my opinion after extended use, I’ll come back to update my review. So far, I’m impressed enough to recommend this monitor.

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