Jabra Pro 930 UC Mono Wireless Headset for Softphone (USB Only)

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Brand Jabra
Model Name Pro 930 UC Mono
Color Black
Form Factor one_ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

  • Crystal Clear Sound; Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in Jabra audio devices will remove background noise and echo as well as protect the user against sudden high peaks in volume
  • Wireless Freedom up to 300ft
  • UC Plug And Play; Jabra devices feature intuitive call control and seamless connection to all leading UC applications and softphones
  • Remote Asset Management; Configure and implement the company’s audio devices 100 percent remotely from one central point; You get the latest features and functionalities on one go with Jabra Xpress, a web based solution
  • Safe Tone


The Jabra PRO 930 is a professional grade USB wireless headset designed for all leading Unified Communications systems, delivering maximum performance at an entry-level price. Now, everyone can experience wireless productivity and freedom – without worrying about the budget.

From the manufacturer


Jabra Pro 930 UC Mono Wireless Headset for Softphone (USB Only)

Bring your conversation to the coffee machine, colleague, or private room. The Jabra PRO 900 DECT variants give you the wireless freedom to walk and talk at up to 120 metres / 395 ft of range (or up to 100 meters / 330 ft for Bluetooth variants).

Jabra Pro 900 is easy to set up and get started with. Each headset comes with a pre-connected charging base so you can make calls straight away. With up to 12 hours of battery time, you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Lifelike conversations require great, ambient-noise-reducing speakers, and a noise-cancelling microphone that also avoids air shocks. With Jabra Pro 900 you can get both – and choose between a range of mono and duo variants.

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Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 0.7 cm
Product Dimensions

5 x 2 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight

0.96 ounces





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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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Special Features

noise-cancellation volume-control-features microphone-feature

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Included Components

Base UnitHeadbandPower SupplyQuick-start GuideUSB CableWarranty Leaflet



Date First Available

November 14 2011



10 reviews for Jabra Pro 930 UC Mono Wireless Headset for Softphone (USB Only)

  1. Jim F

    Jabra Pro 930 UCMy requirements:- Hands-free headset to attend calls (which frequently last 2 – 3 hours)- Wireless to reduce clutter- Wireless range leaving me free to work at a colleagues desk, if required- Lightweight- Portability since i work out of multiple locations- Battery lifeMy experience:- I found this headset to be of excellent build quality, even though it looks fragile it is built out of good quality materials which look like they will last. (Even the packaging it came in is very high quality, i use it to carry the headset around)- The headset is wireless (of course) but it does this without having any external antennaes, it is very compact and looks like a wired headset without the wire (that’s good hardware packaging of the device)- I am impressed by the range on this headset, not just that but the quality of sound offered at the limit of its range is quire impressive. My client’s office has an Agile working area which is fairly large and using the headset there i was not able to explore the limits of its range. The warning tones are very distinct and helps to identify another call or when it lets me know i am on mute.People on the other end of the line told me that they could hear me clearly.- I found the headset to be light and the band to be “snug”, over extended periods this might feel tight, but i have used it on 3+ hour calls and haven’t felt that- Portability is not its strong suite, i had read reviews which pointed to this being primarily a desk headset however i bought it anyway, i tried lugging it around but in the long term it is not such a good idea especially if you work out of multiple locations daily, it is currently sitting on my desk in my office 🙂 The reason for this is that the headset consists of 4 separate parts – The Base – The headset – Power cord (proprietary, that’s a negative) – Mini USB cord (to connect to the computer)- Battery life: Excellent, haven’t run out of battery on a call yet, not even close!Additional information about the headset that i like:- Works with all softphones i use, Skype, Google Voice, 3CX softphone, once connected it automatically becomes the primary headset for all of these services- Comes with a great little software suite that helps monitor battery level, ringtones etc on the headset- Mute indication on the base station (this is very helpful to me)Drawbacks- Not really portable

  2. Jessica W

    Love the distance, not the comfort.Had to order the ear hook from the manufacturer since it did not come with it. The ear & mouth piece it too heavy for the ear hook. The mouth piece slides down & ends up at your neck. You have to keep adjusting it up. The headband hurts after so many hrs of wearing it. The rubber piece over the ear speaker is so big it won’t fit in my ear… & thats the smallest one. I took it off & am using an extra set from some old ear buds but they are too small for this. Making it work for now. I do like the sound quality & the fact that I can walk around my entire house without losing signal. If the ear hook was a little tighter, it would be more comfortable. In all, I really like it… just wish it was more fitted to my ear.

  3. Stella Thomas

    Excelent!I use a wireless mic to dictate through Dragon Nuance for Mac. My old Logitech USB was doing a good job, except the fake leather started chipping and I started getting comments, stares and funny looks about the dark spots on my face, head and ears. Soon my desk and shirt became a mess, and little black spots littered the floor around me. I set it aside and started using several noise cancelling headphones I have from Apple, Bose, and Audio Technica. Dictation accuracy dropped and I started having problems with the cursor on a text jumping back and forth to the middle of a paragraph. It does make a difference to have a microphone at a fixed distance of 2 inches from the corner of your mouth. I went online to check reviews and went also to Nuance itself to read about which mics whad been tested and certified. Jabra Pro 930 was on the top of the list. I checked a few more but went for this one in the end. The object is well designed and does not look cheap. The overhead headset is not covered in faux leather but has an elegant plastic-metal minimal structure. Installation was intuitive and easy, after I realized that I could not connect it through a USB hub (I have a new Macbook Pro with USB3 so a converter is needed no matter how, just not a hub). Quality and accuracy of dictation is superb. Far better than by old Logitech Bluetooth. Range is phenomenal. I can take a walk around the floor and keep the dictation going. I just have to come back to format and edit or when I have to see the screen. Comfort is also remarkable. After a while, as with all headsets, my ear gets tired and squeezed. The Jabra allows you to turn the mic and use it on the other ear then. I have only had it for a week, but I am very happy with it.The mic comes with two interchangeable accessories for headset or on the ear. If you really insist, you can travel with it although it is meant to stay on a desk.

  4. Stu TO

    Great, economical headsetAs an IT project manager, the vast majority of my job consists of holding international conference calls to plan, track, and implement various projects. A typical call will have from five to eight participants using a company teleconference service. I have a laptop that I use both in the company and home offices. My company office phone is a physical Cisco IP phone on the desk, which has an attached wireless headset. But when I haul the laptop home and telecommute, I had been using a wired headset and the Cisco soft phone (IP Communicator). I was looking for a wireless headset much like what I used at the office, so I invested in the Jabra PRO 930.The base of this device attaches to the laptop via a USB port. Windows 7 automatically configures for it without having to load any additional software, so it really pretty much runs as is out of the box. In fact, there is no software provided, either with the shipped product, or on-line at Jabra.The voice quality is high both on the sending and receiving end. International teleconferencing is frequently challenging with the various technical obstacles (e.g., voice delays and echos), and cultural problems (language and customs). I find that the Jabra does a great job at not making matters worse. Domestic calls are as clear as can be.Range is very acceptable. My home office is in the middle of the house, and I can walk around anywhere in the house and maintain a clear signal.Battery life seems to be very good as well. I dock the headset between meetings, and haven’t had any problems maintaining battery life for the day.Overall, I’m very happy with this device.

  5. Ty Clifford

    Easy charge, Great quality. Would recommend.This has been an exceptional device. I spend nearly most of my day on the phone – and you know, because of all that ear jam – I demand something comfortable and reliable.After asking around and checking out equipment for myself, I discovered the 930 was probably my best fit, given my scenario. I didn’t need or want any Bluetooth and the fact I had an option between the DECT+USB models made it even better.Not bothered by the duo, an earpiece is fine. The headband fits perfectly and is not too bothersome. I think you’re always going to fuss with it, but once you have it settled, you’re good.Charging is great so far. At one point I forgot to charge it before work and used my other USB headset while the Jabra charged. Surprisingly, the Jabra was finished in around an hour. It could have been an hour – keep in mind I’m mostly focused on my screen, not the base station’s LED indicators. To add-on, between my breaks the unit gets a little bit of charging in. So, throughout a regular 8-10 hour day, I don’t have any issues of it running out of juice.The single earpiece ring (not the band) however is very uncomfortable and I don’t use it.The range on it is very good. I’ve walked to different floors and even out of the house 50-60 FT (tried 100 and it still worked, do I really need that right now? no) using this and it continues to deliver clear voice. I know from other headsets offering 40-60 or even 100 FT of signal range are not always up to par with even walking between floors.

  6. Ryan Conklin

    Hands down the best wireless headset I’ve ever owned!My job involves taking phone calls for 8+ hours a day, and I got tired of being tied to my desk with wired headset. After trying multiple different wireless headsets that did not perform well at all, I decided to try a Jabra headset since all of my wired headsets were made by them as well and I had never had any issues with them and they always seemed to be high quality. I can definitely say the same for this headset. Even with being on long calls for many hours at a time, I have yet to have the battery drop below 40%. Just charging it for an hour during my lunch is enough to bring the battery up to around 90%, which is fantastic. With previous headsets, the audio started to get staticy when I would walk around, but I’ve experienced no decrease in audio quality at all while moving around and using this. At first, I was hesitant because this headset is a little more pricey than other wireless headsets I’ve tried, but I can confidently say that I am 100% satisfied and extremely happy that I went with this one. The Jabra software is awesome as well because it allows you to answer phone calls through a softphone application using the buttons on the headset itself. For anyone whose job involves taking calls for most of the day, I would definitely recommend spending the extra money and purchasing this headset! You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Keith Connes

    Perfect for My NeedsMy previous purchase was the Jabra PRO MS version that quit after two days due to a power supply malfunction. I returned the unit and purchased the UC version, which is less expensive and still suits my need for wireless dictation using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. (The MS interfaces with additional systems.) I am very pleased with it. The single-receiver system comes with both a headband and an over-the-ear attachment, so the user has a choice. I much prefer the headband as I find it more comfortable. I was originally using the wired headset that comes packaged with NaturallySpeaking Premium but being tethered to the computer was, of course, much more restrictive. With the Pro 930 I can wander around while dictating and even dictate while relaxing on my chaise outside; the unit has ample range. It is also lightweight and completely compatible with NaturallySpeaking. My only quarrel is with the inadequate user manual that does not even tell the user how to turn the mic on! (Double-click the multifunction button.) One cautionary note for other users of NaturallySpeaking: Remember to tell the mic to “Go to Sleep” or press the mute button when necessary. I have returned to my computer to find a lengthy paragraph of comments to my wife and even commands to my dog inserted into my dictation!

  8. JayZ

    Love it!!!!This headset is phenomenal. I had a lower range priced plug-in headset and people that I would talk to you would say that it was difficult to hear me or my call would break up. Now that I’m on this wireless Jabra, everyone I’ve talked to said that there is significant clarity and appropriate volume of our conversations. This is a must have if you work from home or use a soft phone application on a computer. I would recommend this without any hesitation. If I could give one little criticism it is that I could not configure the program to allow me to take the headset off the charger without it automatically picking up the call. It looks like you can toggle it on and off in the software program but myself and a coworker that has the same model cannot get it to do that. So, when you remove the headset off the charger it will pick up the call. If I am working a 10 hour workday, it is unlikely that you can make it through the whole day without needing to charge the battery on this at least for an hour or so.

  9. Walter Gomez

    Works greatThe UCX Soft phone is not working to answer calls with it, but Teams works so it is something with the TPX new software release.That said the device is very comfortable, sound really good and you can walk a long distance with it, I have gone home with it on, that is how comfortable it gets, that you forget you have it on.

  10. Ross Carlson

    AVOIDSeveral issues with this headset, and I had the exact same issues with 2 units (as I thought the first was defective so I tried another). For some extremely odd reason both would only work in a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port – not a standard 3.0 nor 2.0 port. Confirmed on 4 different computers (2 with USB 3.2 Gen 2 and 2 without) and it would only work on the 3.2 Gen 2 ports (which are very rare). I asked Jabra about this and got a standard “reset the headset” reply (which I’d done) as they didn’t bother to read my simple question about what types of USB ports are supported. Obviously there is zero reason a headset would need such a high speed port.Beyond that both would also randomly drop the mic – as in go mute (but only unplugging/replugging power would correct this). I’d hear the other party fine but just boom, the mic would stop transmitting (again not from pressing the mute button). Once was rather embarrassing as it was during a rather important call (and then happened 3 times in quick succession after that)Sadly the rest is great – the mic sound pretty fantastic for such a small/light device, nice and rich it a bit thin (but easily correctable with 3rd party software) and the earpiece is also good. Range was outstanding, I got over 400 feet through the walls of my condo and out where I walk my dogs. But all that is moot if it randomly mutes itself and the only remedy is to unplug the base station.So at this price and given it’s mission critical nature I have to say AVOID as there are other options that shouldn’t have these issues.

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