ION Audio Pickup – 100-watt Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 75-Hour Rechargeable Battery, AM/FM Radio and

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Brand ION Audio
Speaker Type Outdoor, Woofer
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary
Compatible Devices Phones

  • Tough Styling Meets Modern Convenience – All-terrain tire-inspired rubber-tread body perfectly evokes the feel of a stylish pickup; IPX4 water-resistant – okay to leave in the rain.
  • Dynamic, Powerful Sound – Powerful robust woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter deliver deep, driving and vibrant sound, plus 100 watts of dynamic power pumps up the volume
  • Connectivity Covered – Seamlessly connect and send your music via easy-pair to Pickup from any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Don’t Stop The Music – On-board AM/FM Radio all controlled with a radiant, legible display. No Bluetooth. No Problem – A 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input is also included for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Long Life Battery – Rechargeable battery with charge indicator provides up to 75 hours of pristine cordless sound
SKU: B09FH252W9


Toss it in your truck bed and bring huge sound with you anywhere! When high-powered outdoor fun is the order of the day, then the rugged Pickup is the answer. Here is a powerful speaker with Bluetooth technology, a powerful 100-watt 8-inch 2-way sound system and a sensitive AM/FM radio. In true pickup fashion, the Pickup is clad in an “all-terrain tire” rubber-tread body that perfectly evokes the feel of the classic pickup. Dual cup holders on top deliver real convenience while furthering that “automotive” feel. With a 75-hour rechargeable battery, 12V jack to power unit from your car, Aux-in jack for other devices and microphone included, the Pickup easily “carries the load” and delivers the goods. Toss it in your truck bed and head out for fun!

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Are there any recommendations for battery maintenance?

ION Pickup utilises a Lead Acid Battery – For best practice, ensure Pickup is fully charged before stored away for any long periods.

How can I achieve the best sound?

Make sure the output from your audio source is below 90% – If you’re using a smartphone, use the equaliser from your favorite music app to enhance certain frequencies.

Can I playback media via the USB connection?

No – The USB port is designed specifically for charging devices such as your smartphone.

I’m on the move, can I charge Pickup from my vehicle?

Absolutely! Insert the included 12 VDC power cable to power Pickup from a vehicle’s 12 V power outlet.

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Weight 29.1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 18 × 18.5 cm
Product Dimensions

11 x 18 x 18.5 inches

Item Weight

29.1 pounds





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Date First Available

February 9 2022


Ion Audio LLC

8 reviews for ION Audio Pickup – 100-watt Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 75-Hour Rechargeable Battery, AM/FM Radio and

  1. B

    Works as advertised – Sonic performance up with JBL speaker standardSo far impressed – sound reproduction is very good. Battery life (per charge) – 75 hours must be at low volume. I’m not complaining – 1 charge lasts way more than an evening! Bluetooth works with bluetooth CD player and the Pickup can switch the tracks also. The CD player I bought is a bit fussy to connect. Using an android phone (audio files) pairs instantly (or nearly so). Also pairs with IBM PC no hassle.I sort of wish it had an option to feed a separate woofer as the Pickup only has an 8 inch large speaker.(I’m a bass junkie) Nice that it includes a 12 volt car type charger cord. Also nice it has two USB charger ports. It is probably 25 lbs or so – not exactly light. It has wheels – look about 3-4 inches diameter. Wondering what kind of idea that was as rolling across a wooden deck or a yard or a beach – not going to work to well. it is advertised as “water resistant” – but I wouldn’t leave it out in a rainstorm to see.Instructions are fairly sparse – but the Bluetooth pairing is accompanied with a voice assist from the box!Fit/finish is first class. Overall – very happy with the purchase.Battery is Lithium Ion and not “user replaceable” but – wonder how long it will last – guessing a Loooong time.

  2. The#1Man

    BOX OF GARBAGEBattery failed the very first day I received the speaker when I plugged it in the battery read half full so I charged it completely before attempting to even pair a Bluetooth signal to it after it was fully charged approximately 30 minutes later it only played for 10 minutes Before it went completely dead so I tried charging it overnight and paired it again and it only played for 15 minutes before it completely died and shut off again. So disappointed I have friends who have had older models that worked great but new batteries are cheaper quality be better get the extra warranty which is basically paying for the replacement battery. I return this one I purchased for $250. The day after I purchased it ION has lost my trust. The enclosed information said to contact them (ion) if there is an issue so I did it was a fully automated maze that led me to entering the serial number for a replacement battery so I did and after I hit enter it went back to the initial screen to enter the serial number again. So I never got a response from ION’s website or Amazon so I returned it. The only option was UPS Which cost me $2.oo because I had to have UPS print the shipping label.

  3. Keith Cerosky

    Tech Support Access is horribleI liked the overall design. The Microphone input and volume control did not work…. I tested the supplied microphone with another device and it worked, so the speaker’s microphone jack/controls did not function.I tried Tech Support, but on the ION website, there was no email address only an Online Contact Form….but wait, the ION Pickup model was not in the drop down list that is mandatory to complete the online form….so I could not easily contact Support. By the time I finally got an Amazon response with an email….and sent an email…..and got a reply, asking for even more information before they would assist me…I gave up and Returned the defective Speaker to Amazon. It’s really a shame because the BT part of the speaker worked well and I was happy with that.

  4. Maggie Batson

    Battery life is unreal!We set this up on our deck overlooking our pool and multiple acre backyard. I can hear the music ridiculously well while all the way in the back field!! We fully charged it when we first got it and we’ve used it for several hours nearly every night for the past 2 weeks and the battery indicator is just now showing 2 out of 4 bars. The battery life on this thing has blown my mind. We aren’t using it on minimum volume either…we are jamming in the pool! I couldn’t think of anything else I’ve bought in recent memory that I’d be more apt to tell someone else to buy. This thing is killer!*BONUS* the microphone that comes with it created an impromptu karaoke night for me, my wife, and my 3yr old girl and 5yr old boy. It was a huge hit for that before we ever took it outside to the pool! Highly recommend!

  5. helgi p nelson jr

    Great SpeakerWe use this speaker at baseball practice. We set it by the bench and you can hear it clearly in the outfield. Speaker holds up well to rain and dirt from the field. We use it for about 2 hours a day. The battery charge lasts for at least 25 days (50 hours). Great addition to practice!

  6. road_rascal

    Doesn’t work out of the box- no soundDisappointed that this speaker didn’t work- was excited to use it for our Oktoberfest party this weekend. I tried everything- no sound from bluetooth (my phone had no problem pairing), no sound from the radio (AM or FM) and nothing from the microphone. I even replaced the fuse (unit will still power on without the fuse) but that didn’t fix the problem. I have an older Ion block rocker speaker that’s at least 6 years old with still works great. This speaker will be returned.

  7. lyndsy kidwell

    Disappointed. Older model was way betterFirst, nowhere near as loud as our 2yr old Explorer Outback 2 that has been through hell as far as left out in the sun, fallen off a roof, rained on for miles in the bed of the truck…Second, false cup holders will never replace actual deep pocket cupholdersThird, my bf and I connect our phones flawlessly to Bluetooth on the old model where with the new model we have to have one of us disconnect Bluetooth entirely for the other to take control. (Update: we did figure out it’s a single click option instead of double click/hold on the Bluetooth button to search for new pairing)Fourth, the cheap baggie on the old model actually lasted forever and was a great storage for the cord and two phones.. the new model has nothing for storage.. we tie the cord to the handle smhLastly, battery life is still being tested but our hopes are not high.Put simply, this model cannot compete with its predecessor, and it was over $50 more

  8. Cindy

    BatteryBattery life is bad, I’ve only had it since March and the battery does not even work and we paid extra for a 72 hour battery. I did put a call into Amazon and she is trying to connect with ion but I have not gotten any results replacement yet. Update, Just got a hold of ion and they were very nice and are going to replace the battery!

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