INNOCN 29″ Ultrawide Monitor USB Type C 21:9 IPS Display WFHD 2560 x 1080P 350Nits 99% sRGB DP HDMI Computer Monitor, 75Hz,

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Screen Size 29 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1080 Pixels
Special Feature Height Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, Ultrawide Screen, USB C Monitor, Wall Mountable, Tilt Adjustment See more
Refresh Rate 75 Hz

  • 【29 Inch Ultrawide Computer Monitor & WFHD】INNOCN 29″ WFHD 2560*1080p ultrawide screen computer monitor provides you top picture/video quality viewing experience, it delivers advanced IPS panel with LCD Backlit Technology, 178° wide viewing angle and 3-side ultra narrow bezel design,1000:1 contrast ratio,16.7m colors, 75hz refresh rate, ∆E<2
  • 【USB C, DP and HDMI Ports】 This USB C computer monitor have richful interfaces: 1 x DP 1.4, 1 x USB C 65W Power Delivery, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x 3.5MM Audio Jack. We cancelled the traditional DVI/VGA ports and adopt much powerful USB Type C and DP interface, you can directly connect your USB C devices such as laptop, Mac, Phones, Tablets and more, It’s much more convenient
  • 【3-Side Virtually Borderless】Ultra narrow bezels, much wider viewing area, ideal productive tool for editing, creator
  • 【Height & Pivot Adjustable Stand】Height Adjustable, Pivot is adjustable: left/right: 45°, up/down±5″,Forward: 5°, Backward: 20°, Pivot: ±90°, Ergonomic design for daily usage
  • 【Endless Creativity and Boost Productivity with INNOCN Monitor】INNOCN monitor focus on color, provide excellent viewing experience when you’re working from home, office duty, design, photo/video editing and gaming. All the accessories are included in the package, and you’ll have our 7*24 hours online quick technology resolution customer service


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Product Description

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor

29” Ultrawide 21:9 Full HD (2560 x 1080) IPS Display

Split Screen, Boost the Productivity

Ideal companion for Online Conference, Video Editing, Multi-Window Tasks and more you’d like to produce

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

monitor 1080p 75hz ultrawide computer usb c monitor hdmi 2.0

Support vertical and horizontal screen placement. As a result, one page of text can be projected on the entire display for smooth reading.

In addition, since it has a gravity sensor, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical display automatically by simply tilting the monitor.

The PIP function displays two screens side by side on one screen. For example, by displaying a home-use game machine and a computer at the same time with the PIP function, it is possible to play the game while displaying the strategy information of the website on the sub screen. Furthermore, when displaying the sub screen with the PIP function, you can use it according to any usage scene by setting the position and size.

This monitor PBP function displays another screen on a part of the screen. You can create materials while referring to data, enter data while checking numbers, copy and paste between both sides, etc., without having to click the window to call the software each time, and realize smooth work.

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

ultrawide monitor usb c full hd 29 inch

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

It is equipped with a TYPE-C 65W terminal, it is very easy to use because the monitor can supply power to the PC when connecting to the PC. You can also connect to your smartphone.

This monitor has an HDMI 2.1 input terminal , and a display 1.4 input terminal with high resolution, so it can be connected to various devices. It can also be conveniently used when you want to connect to multiple devices such as game consoles and AV equipment. You can watch movies, enjoy music and games smoothly.

Built-in speaker, it is possible to produce sound with this one unit. You can enjoy the video and music without preparing anything else.

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

With a response speed of 5ms and a fast transition speed on the monitor screen, this monitor can also be used for watching movies and playing games.

Supports a refresh rate of 75Hz, even if you connect and use a home-use game machine such as PS4 or Nintendo Switch, you can display a smooth screen without afterimage while maintaining high image quality.

VESA mountable : 100*100 mm

monitor 1080p ultra wide usb c computer display external monitor working from home monitor

INNOCN 29-Inch 21:9 WFHD Monitor – 29C1F-D

Size 29″
Resolution 2560*1080p
Panel Type IPS
Backlit Technology LCD
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Color Gamut 99% sRGB
Brightness 350nits
Refresh Rate 75Hz
Touch-Function No
Stand Height / Tilt / Swivel Adjustable
HDMI 2.1
Speaker 4Ω3W

Additional information

Weight 18.21 kg
Dimensions 36.8 × 16.5 × 5.8 cm
Package Dimensions

36.8 x 16.5 x 5.8 inches

Item Weight

18.21 pounds





Date First Available

July 7 2022


Guangxi Century Innovation Display Electronics Co.Ltd

10 reviews for INNOCN 29″ Ultrawide Monitor USB Type C 21:9 IPS Display WFHD 2560 x 1080P 350Nits 99% sRGB DP HDMI Computer Monitor, 75Hz,

  1. Elie Platt

    Versatile monitor.The spec sheet of this monitor is a rather curious creature and at first glance you may be inclined to ask; “Who is this monitor for?” 75hz is fast, but no THAT fast. 350 Nits is nice but not really HDR. 29″ is on the small size for 21:9 but on the large side for 1080p and 5mhz seems absurdly slow in the age of 1ms monitors.Well I have a lot to say about that, and almost all of it is good.350 nits is quite bright, but not too bright for office work. The IPS panel is vibrant, and while it has glow in dark scenes like any IPS the relative contrast makes up for it. The aspect ratio means this display excels at office tasks like, well, excel… while maintaining a reasonable DPI for text. Yes, you can scale your way around that on many apps but natively 1080p works best, especially if you’re not looking to constantly tinker and tune settings or work with proprietary or legacy software that does not like to scale.Its best to think of the 75hz as a “nice to have” rather than a dedicated reason to buy the monitor since the extra 15fps isn’t really going to make that much of a difference for gaming, however lets talk about the 5ms.I don’t have a calibrator to verify the claims however I believe the 5ms rating to apply to the out-of-the-box non-overdrive mode. Which is actually excellent. Many displays only achieve 1ms or lower by having aggressive overdrive tuning that causes inverse ghosting and other artifacts and are rarely used by anyone. Those ‘faster’ monitors still end up in the 5ms range when adjusted to maximize motion clarity (see hardware unboxed for more information). This monitor does have an overdrive mode. Setting the option to “fast” significantly improves the motion clarity without any visible overshoot to the the point that it hands down beats my TN and VA 60hz panel and even matches my 240hz monitor. More FPS isn’t always better GTG time and this panel performs well in that area regardless of the ‘slow’ 5ms response time in real world scenarios.The PBP feature is a nice touch, allowing you to use multiple PC’s or a PC + a console, or simply hooking up both inputs to the same PC for extra snapping options, however in my testing it seemed limited to 60hz in this mode.The most interesting feature is the ability to go vertical. I decided to test some games out and found only a few would support this aspect ration but perhaps here is where PBP would be an interesting use. Fez took to this 9:21 aspect the best, as a mostly vertical platformer I am ecstatic to replay the game as possibly no one else has before. (see attached screenshot)Another great use for this monitor in PBP mode is laning two consoles together, like the original Xbox or SRB2K to get some 8 player split screen going.There are drawbacks though, not many. The speakers are poor, below average but no LCD has ‘good’ speakers so I doubt this is a deal breaker for anyone and the lack of a built in KVM or at least a USB hub feels like a missed opportunity.All in all it is a great feature packed monitor that performs better than expected.

  2. Pedro Vieira

    Perfect for work functionsI work from home and spend at least 8-10hrs a day in front of my monitors. Recently I upgraded my vertical to the INNOCN 29″ and couldn’t be happier to the point that I’m going to order a 2nd 29″ and vertical mount it on the right side of my monitor.The monitor is 2560×1080 and the colors are vibrant and rich, the blacks are almost true tone blacks and there’s very little to no bleed. Although I don’t recommend this for gaming, I do highly recommend for everything else. I work in IT and run multiple things throughout the day and couldn’t be happier with this monitor, would highly highly recommend to anyone especially because of it’s price point and the quality you get from it.

  3. Lynn M. Young

    Great Product -Great PriceI had never heard of Innocn monitors, but needed a portable monitor and came across their product. I was so impressed with the quality of the product and picture that When I needed a new monitor for work I looked specifically for their monitors and was pleased by my decision. The connection to my surface laptop was seamless and the quality was fantastic. An added bonus was the usb-c connection also charged my laptop. It you are looking for a superb picture and a great price, you need to look no further. You have gained a life long customer.

  4. AndySki

    Superbly engineered, quality ultrawide computer monitorTo be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard of Innocn monitors before. That made me just a tad nervous when I ordered this one. I’m not a gamer, but a wide monitor also comes in handy for any use where you need a lot of windows open at the same time (such as for business and financial use, graphic arts, engineering, etc.), and it helps to be able to see more than one window at a time, rather than application-switching back and forth constantly. Anyway, when the monitor was delivered at my house I saw that my nervousness was completely unfounded: the Innocn is a very high-quality monitor.It comes packaged in a very thick cardboard box with thick protective styrofoam as you would expect, so there was absolutely no damage in shipment. In the box were the monitor, an HDMI cable, a USB-C cable, and the power cable. Although the ad mentioned that there was also a power adapter included, I rejoiced that there was no power transformer brick here – the power supply is inside the monitor, so only a standard business machine-type cable is needed! The two components of the stand, and an instruction manual were of course included as well. Rounding out the package was a copy of the actual color calibration report for the monitor I received, which was interesting. It was actually tied to my unit’s serial number, not just a generic report that’s the same for everyone.I mentioned in the headline that this monitor is superbly engineered. One of the things I meant by that was the way the monitor and stand were put together. Because of the thoughtful design, the assembly of the two stand pieces and the assembly of the stand to the monitor was completely tool-less. The base of the monitor attached to the stand shaft via a single wing-nut that was captive to the base so it will never get lost, and tightened easily by hand, then the wing ‘wing’ part is folded down after tightening so it doesn’t protrude. The shaft has the plate that attaches to the monitor pre-installed, and doesn’t require any screws to attach. The plate has four tabs – the top two slip into slots in the monitor, then a sliding spring-loaded button is pushed down to allow the two bottom tabs on the plate to fit flush in the monitor. Release the button and the stand is securely locked in place. The only reason you would have to use any tool for assembly would be if you used a separate VESA mount, and then you would use the four screws included. They are screwed into the monitor’s back plate if you need them. The stands attachment plate has slots cut into the four corners to make room for the screws, so they won’t get lost and will be available should you ever decide to use a VESA mount. See what I mean about great design and engineering? Everything fits together flawlessly, simply, and securely!That engineering extends to the height adjustment of the monitor on the stand. The stand has a spring-loaded holder that slides in a slot in the shaft. The spring tension is perfectly paired to the weight of the monitor, so once put together the height is effortlessly adjustable by simply lifting or lowering the monitor. It’s so well-balanced that it stays at the height you choose without having to tighten any knobs to hold it there. Smart! Of course, the stand also is adjustable for tilt, and you can even rotate the monitor to a portrait-mode configuration. That would be very useful for people who often need to display a long spreadsheet or other document, as a LOT of information will fit on that wide screen when turned on its side like this!Of course, all that brilliant design would be like lipstick on a pig if the monitor itself had a sub-par image quality. Fortunately, that is not the case, as the nearly-borderless (just very thin borders at the top and two sides) picture is super-clear, with excellent color rendition and no dead nor stuck pixels that I could see. I included a picture of the screen image to try to illustrate this point. Of course, the picture doesn’t do the actual monitor’s image justice, but hopefully it will give some idea of the quality.The monitor has two video inputs: an HDMI and a DP, as well as a 3.5mm audio input jack if you plan on using the built-in speakers. The PC that we got this monitor for has a good-sounding external speaker already, so we’ll just continue to use that, but it’s nice to know that the monitor has the built it stereo sound system if needed. There is also a USB-C port included. At first I didn’t understand what that would be needed for, but it turns out this is for power delivery. So if you have a USB hub that supports a PD input, you can use the monitor’s USB port for supplying power to or charging multiple devices. The port supplies up to 65 watts of power.I would unhesitatingly recommend this EXCELLENT monitor to anyone. Once you get used to the wide view it will be hard to go back to anything less!

  5. GimmeCoffee

    Go wide! Big colorful beautiful screen!Check your specs before you order! That’s the lesson I learned when I ordered this giant monitor to use with my work laptop at home. My older graphics card didn’t support a widescreen monitor. Make sure yours will, then go ahead and press “buy it now” because this thing is fantastic!I ordered a new computer that’s up to spec, then plugged in this 29″ widescreen. My eyes are happy! I run the remote desktop on about 2/3 of the screen and the “local” computer on the other 1/3. This has been a huge improvement for me since my remote desktop won’t support a second monitor. Colors are vivid and graphics are clear. I work in admin, so I am looking at documents and spreadsheets all day and not using much video. Our remote system can sometimes cause a blurry picture, but it looks good on this monitor.I am using a monitor arm for more adjustable placement. However, the included built-in stand is well designed and looks great. I was surprised to learn I could plug a hub into my monitor and power or charge other devices.One minor gripe is that the placement of the inputs makes it hard to hide the power and HDMI cords behind the monitor. They loop down a bit so they are visible from the front. A right angle HDMI cord would solve this but I don’t currently care enough to pursue that. If you are fastidious about the appearance of your desktop, this might bother you. I love the cleaner look of a single monitor with almost as much display space as dual monitors.This company was unfamiliar to me, but has delivered a fantastic product. I don’t know what all the numbers and specs really mean, and I am not performing benchmark tests over here, but it meets my needs very well and I am a satisfied customer!

  6. RN

    So impressed by this monitorThis is from a company I never heard of before, and usually these “random scrambled nonsense letters” companies package the same thing as all the others, but this one is premium in every way.The screen looks gorgeous, and there’s great attention to detail. The stand is easy to assemble, doesn’t require any tools, and leaves the screws needed to attach to a third-party monitor mount in place. And it feels sturdy. There’s no need to upgrade to a better stand with this one, but the mount is there if you want to.I have several laptops, ChromeOS and Windows, and all of them were able to connect at full resolution via USB C, though I’m sure that’s ultimately dependent on your laptop. All of them that offer charge via USB C also did that without issue. The only one that I have that won’t charge by USB C isn’t designed to offer that feature because it’s a gaming laptop that requires too much power anyway.Also, I was able to test out my Nintendo Switch. It could work in a “stretched” format that completely filled the screen but looked weird, or a “pillar boxed” format that puts black bars on either side but keeps the aspect ratio true to the Switch. The Switch was able to charge at the same time.The speakers are pretty much like those on every middle-of-the-road monitor I’ve ever used: they’re fine but unexceptional. They’re not audiophile grade, but they’re functional.

  7. smeltn

    Love the Ultrawide and color tonesThis monitor is pretty wide thats for sure. 29″ is a pretty strange monitor size but let me tell you this thing is nice. I have a standard Dell 23″ monitor running 1920×1080 as my secondary and this 29″ running 2560×1080 as my main and it’s a great combo. You can fit 2 different windows side by side and really help productivity. Monitor has a ton of options in the settings menu by pressing the buttons on the bottom of the display, including many gaming options like crosshairs, game color modes, etc. Love that it has included speakers and has volume adjustments on the bottom as well for quick adjustment of volume up/down. Love that it has a USB C plug as well to give you plenty of ways to connect to this monitor. Overall fantastic monitor for daily use and I would highly recommend.

  8. Chef Shellz

    Great monitorVery nice monitor. I use it in a regular desk setting and it works well as it almost is a double monitor so you can do many tasks at once.

  9. Nei Nei

    So clear and so wide!The media could not be loaded.

     This monitor is just so amazing. I initially thought… this would make my work life easy when I take some work home. And it did just that. I am able to have separate screens all in one monitor! The sound on the monitor was not great but monitors are mainly not primarily functional for sounds so I give it a pass. The set up was easy, it allows you to select a language and it just sits so pretty. I love how clear the image looks, definitely great quality! The packaging was a bit rough when it arrived and I was concerned it wouldn’t work but it came with good support. I also ordered a port in case the monitor came without any HDMI connections but it came with two different connections and I’m obsessed! My desk never looked nicer.

  10. G. Hearn

    Made in China. Nice large monitor instead of two smaller ones.I have been using two 15 inch dual monitors. This single monitor gives me about the same amount of space, but without having the annoying crease between the monitors in the middle. So you have the entire viewing area all the way across which is really nice. It is nice and crisp. Keep in mind that this monitor does not have speakers included, like some other options. But I like being able to use my own speakers, which are of higher quality than many built-in speakers.This monitor is made in China and being sold by Chinese company on Amazon.

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