HUION 2020 Kamvas 13 Pen Display, 2-in-1 Graphic Drawing Tablet, with Screen Full-Laminated, Battery-Free Tilt Function, 8192

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Color Purple
Item Weight 0.9 Kilograms
Model Name Kamvas 13 Purple with Stand
Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI

  • !Warm Reminder: Huion Kamvas 13 must be worked with the computer! 【Fully Laminated Technology, Anti-glare Glass】13.3 inch IPS drawing monitor tablet, with latest full-laminated technology and equip with anti-glare glass panel, no air gap will bring you lifelike drawing experience as drawing on paper.
  • 【Wide Viewing Angle, High color gamut volume】1920×1080 HD pen display with 178°wide viewing angle and 120% s RGB color gamut volume help you accurately paint every details for your artwork. No parallax issues.
  • 【Versatile and Higher Accuracy】This tablet is ultra-thin only 11.8 mmnot, not only work as pen display, but also can be used as pen tablet, can be connected with Android device via full-featured Type-C cable(not included). Battery-free stylus support ±60° tilt function on tablet screen. Fastest reaction with 266PPS report rate, 10mm sensing height and 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity allow your work to be more vibrant with diverse lines and layers.
  • 【High Efficient and Easy Work】This animation tablet with 8 programmed express keys designed, keep your favorite express keys in your finger. You are free to set up your preference express keys to zoom in/out the image, Scroll up and down or call up the OSD menu and so on. High efficiency allows you to draw/work/study easily.
  • 【Multi-compatible, High Matching】This Huion graphics tablet supports Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12or later. Designed for playing OSU! Game, digital drawing, painting, sketch, sign documents digitally, compatible with Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. Nice choice for for distance education and web conference, online meeting or teaching.



From the brand

Product Description


Important Reminders:

1.Huion Kamvas 13 drawing monitor tablet is Not a standalone product!! It have to connect a laptop or a desktop which runs windows or mac system to work.

2. Tips for Windows User to install Huion driver:

  • Please uninstall other brands driver on your computer first.
  • Close all drawing program and protection software before installation.
  • Unplug the cable on Huion computer graphics tablet.
  • Download driver from Huion website and install it as an Administrator.
  • Reboot the computer and wait until it finishes rebooting.
  • Plug the tablet back in.

3. Pen Display Tablet Connection:

  • Please make sure completely plug USB cable & HDMI cable into pen display. Make sure there is no gap left when cables plugged into pen display.
  • If you connect it to desktop, please plug the HDMI cable into pen display graphic card directly.
  • If there is no HDMI port on your computer, you need an extra HDMI adapter~ For example: AGV to HDMI adapter, DVI to HDMI adapter, Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, etc. (depends on what ports are there on your computer).
  • Better NOT use a USB to HDMI adapter, which is not good enough for video display.

4. Suggestions For Mac Users:

  • If computer system is Mac os 10.14 mojave, please uninstall and reinstall the driver and then tick the Huion driver in the new system by manually going to Security and Privacy.
  • Since Mac Mojave 10.14 upgraded in security section and need put software you newly downloaded into whitelist first to normally use it.

5. How to Connect via 3-in-1 Cable: :

  • When the voltage is enough, you can use HDMI+USB-A plug in your computer;
  • When the voltage is low, you can use HDMI+USB-A+USB-A(Red) plug in your computer;
  • If your power connection is too far, you can use a USB-A(Red) to USB-A extension cable. The 3-in-1 cable supports 5V 2A charger, any universal mobile charger can be used for power supply.

6. Huion provide lifetime technical support on all Huion drawing pen tablets/monitors.

  • If you have any questions on using the Huion Kamvas 13 drawing pen display, please check the user manual on product page, Quick Guide on package, or search Huion online to find us for more assistance, we are always here to help you!

7. List of compatible Android devices:

Samsung, Galaxy Note 8/9/10/10+/20

Samsung, Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/S10/S10+/S10e

Galaxy S20/S20+/S21/ 5G/S21+/S20/S21Ultra 5G

Galaxy Z Fold/Galaxy Z Fold 2/A90 5G/S4/S5e/S6/S7/S7+

Huawei, P20/P20 Pro/ P20 RS/P30/P30 Pro/P40/P40 Pro

Huawei, Mate 10/10Pro/20/20Pro/20x/30/30Pro/30RS/30E Pro

XP-PEN Artist, Huion Kamvas, Cintiq, Intuos, graphics tablet, art tablet, screen, display

Easy and Quick Connection

The Kamvas 13 drawing tablet monitor boats 2 USB-C ports for 2 different connection mode, which support both 3-in1 USB-C connection (HDMI Signal) and full-featured Type-C connection(DP Signal). You can easily connect Kamvas 13 art tablet with screen with any device that supports USB-C interface via a HUION full-featured Type-C cable(Huion sold separately), whcih can be used for transmitting data, power and video signal.

Connect by 3-in-1 Cable

  • Simple plug the 3-in-1 Cable to the USB-C port on Kamvas 13 computer drawing pad, the pen display will support device Windows 7 or later,macOS 10.12 or later. Your computer/Mac needs to have HDMI and USB ports available for the connection, if not, you need an adapter to convert for the connection.
  • No need for power adapter any more. The 3-in- cable supports 5V 2A charger, Any universal mobile charger can be used for power supply.

Connect by HUION full-featured Type-C cable (Sold Separately)

  • The type-c port of your PC or mobile need to support USB3.1 GEN1 and DP 1.
  • The full-featured Type-C cable is not included in the package content. It need to be ordered separately. If you need it, please ask us for further information.
  • Plug the full-featured Type-C cable to the USB-C port on Kamvas 13 digital art tablet, as well you need to plug the 3-in-1 Cable as power supply, now you can connect Kamvas 13 drawing tablet with screen to any device that supports USB-C interface , which can be used for transmitting data, power and video signal.

Start Your Creation with Mobile Devices

  • Full-featured Type-C cable is needed if you want to connect Kamvas 13 with Android devices.
  • Android devices should support desktop operating system for PC mode or DEX mode.
  • Extra power supply is needed under connectivity with Android device. (List of compatible Android devices see above)

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XP-PEN Artist, Huion Kamvas, Cintiq, Intuos, graphics tablet with screen, art tablet, screen

Wacom,kamvas pro,drawing tablet with screen,graphics monitor, Intuos, Cintiq, animation,pen display

Full-laminated Anti-glare Glass Panel

  • The full-laminated technology screen is not just good for color presentation but also strengthens the whole screen. The cursor on the screen keeps close and moves simultaneously to the nib, without causing any parallax.
  • The frosted surface of AG glass effectively reduce the glare damage to human eyes, brings users the same feeling as drawing on paper.

Outstanding Color Pisplay

  • The 120% sRGB wide color gamut presents 16.7 million colors vividly. Thanks to the wide color gamut, Kamvas 13 graphics monitor has an outstanding color display effect and can greatly reduce the color difference.
  • 1920×1080 HD drawing monitor to lively display every details, anti-glare glass panel to keep your screen clear even bright light, 178°wide viewing angle ensure the image quality.

Multi-angle adjustable stand

The multi-angle adjustable stand is sturdy and reliable. You are free to adjust the angle within the range of 20°~ 80° easily to make your drawing much more comfortable.

drawing tablet with screen,graphics monitor, Intuos, Cintiq,animation, display,art,drawing monitor

Create on Whatever Software You Like

Kamvas 13 graphics drawing monitor is compatible with both Mac OS 10.12 or later and Windows 7 or later.

It is also compatible with mainstream software like Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio, Paint Tool Sai and more.

digital sketch pad, drawing tablet with screen, graphics monitor, drawing monitor,huion,kamvas pro

8 Programmed Express Keys

Eight user-defined express keys are set on the left side of the screen. Setting the express keys in the light of your preference, you can easily access your favorite settings. Make good use of these settings, you will improve your work efficiency dramatically.

tablet for drawing,animation, anime, illustration, Huion, Kamvas GT191, XP-Pen, Gaomon

Battery-free Pen Support Tilt Function

  • Battery-free stylus can be used continuously and no need to be powered, 8 replacement pen nibs included. Fastest reaction with 266PPS report rate and 10mm sensing height, providing you higher accuracy– cursor goes right at the tip of the nib.
  • ±60° tilt support enables handwriting input strokes to be accurately rendered as various shapes on software that supports brush tilt.

wacom, cintiq, drawing tablet with screen, pen display, graphics monitor, huion, kamvas, xp-pen,

Package Including

Kamvas 13 Screen Graphics Tablet & Adjustable Stand

Digital Pen PW517 & Glove

3-in-1 Cable & USB Extension Cable

Pen Nibs x 10 (inside the pen holder) & Nib Clip (inside the pen holder)

Cleaning Cloth & Quick Start Guide

drawing tablet with screen,graphics monitor, Intuos, Cintiq,animation, display,art,drawing monitor

digital sketch pad, drawing tablet with screen, graphics monitor, drawing monitor,huion,kamvas pro

tablet for drawing,animation, anime, illustration, Huion, Kamvas GT191, XP-Pen, Gaomon

wacom, cintiq, drawing tablet with screen, pen display, graphics monitor, huion, kamvas, xp-pen,

drawing tablet


For the professional artist, new designer and amateur hobbyist, Huion drawing tablets Compatible with Windows 7 or above /Mac OS 10.12 or above/ Android 6.0 or above, as well support most of the drawing software such as PS, SAI, CorelPainter, Illustrator, SketchBook Pro, Manga Studio, Krita and more. The advanced pen technology offer better and precise control of drawing lines in digital drawing and photo-editing.

E-leaning /Teaching

For the teacher and students, it’s really perfect replacement for traditional mouse and paper! Teachers may want to broadcast your courses in real-time to your streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Bloc, Twitch, Udemy, Khan Academy, Codecademy, and more. And Students can take fast note-taking, tutoring, writing and calculating when learning courses online.

Online Meeting/Remote Work

If you want to work from new location like home or outside, you can use Huion digital drawing pad to capture ideas, create mind-maps, draw diagrams & share them with colleagues and friends when web-conferencing, as it compatible with Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote PDF and more. Visually present your handwritten notes and signatures precisely.

Video Edit/More Fun

What’s more, you can play OSU! Game, or even edit/personalize your photos & videos to help you stand out on your social media channels. Huion drawing tablets is ideal choice for gameplay, drawing, painting, sketching, E-signatures etc. Waiting for you to discover more fun!

Additional information

Weight 1.98 kg
Dimensions 1.46 × 0.87 × 0.04 cm
Product Dimensions

1.46 x 0.87 x 0.04 inches

Item Weight

1.98 pounds





Item model number

HUION Kamvas 13 prpura-Stand

Date First Available

January 14 2020



8 reviews for HUION 2020 Kamvas 13 Pen Display, 2-in-1 Graphic Drawing Tablet, with Screen Full-Laminated, Battery-Free Tilt Function, 8192

  1. EthanR

    Only downsides are minor nitpicks. Very good tablet.I’ve been using a Wacom One(2020) for the past month, and I am much happier with this tablet in the first day, than I am with my Wacom after a month.The screen is amazing. The fully laminated display makes it much easier to draw and get used to. I used to draw on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and then an HP Touchscreen laptop. It feel a lot more natural and like im more “connected” to the brush and strokes, than the Wacom. The screen is also consistent in feel, unlike the Wacom. It has some resistance like paper, however it’s not too high and is consistent for every square inch. Meanwhile the Wacom felt like it would transition from ice to sandpaper in some areas.Easy to set up the drivers and tablet itself. Only complaints are nitpicks. The build quality could be a little better, as the back plastic has some give to it due to the lack of a center support, and can be flexed inwards just a little bit to make an audible and tactile creek. It’s still a solid design, but when I’m holding it at an odd angle in my arm and applying pressure, it catches me off guard just a little bit.The screen also has an odd..something. When I first used it, my pen left white streaks everywhere and I had to clean my nib off several times, as it built up a white powder as well. Even running the knuckle of my finger across the screen would cause a thick white streak to appear. It easily wiped off, but still odd. It seems to be happening less and less though, and I assume it’s just some film or something from the factory or something that I just need to clean off with a computer wipe.Also important to make sure that you have a USB-C cable that will fit! The hole is recessed into the tablet, so if your cable has a thick shroud around its plug, it wont fit.

  2. Black Wyvern

    Defective cables, drivers, and the single worst customer care experience I’ve had.What a trip this one. Bought this on black friday on impulse. Reviews overall looked good, minus some issues with faulty cables and whatnot. Good outweighed the bad, right?Well. No. I apparently received one of those faulty cables. The display would work fine, but the USB and touch interface would endless disconnect and retry, never fully connecting. Reading what I could, it seemed to be a cable or driver issue.First thing was first, I tried the USB on every port I had, even plugging in the auxiliary power connector into a wall charger to make sure it wasn’t a power delivery issue. No go.I tried downloading updated drivers and firmware. The driver software was updated Nov 02 this year. OK.The firmware installer completely crashed and gave fatal errors on install, and I later discovered doesn’t even support or detect my model. (Need the Pro version).So I contacted support. They wanted all sorts of obtuse information to put in warranty information and start a support ticket. Whatever, jump through the hoop. And then I waited. And waited.Four days later I finally get a scripted response in badly formatted english giving me 20 steps on how to test the HDMI.It’s a USB problem, not HDMI… So I shot back. I also informed them many other people are having this same issue in the reviews.Reply: please provide us a video of the issue, including how it is connected to your cell phone.What? I already stated that I’m using their included cable. I look up a youtube video (There are many and more) detailing the rapid disconnect issue and send that off.Reply: please provide us a video of the tablet connected to your cell phone..What? I’ve specifically stated that I was using their 3-in-1 cable and described how it was connected. Explicitly stated that I will not be sending them a video of my tablet connected to a phone because my tablet is NOT connected to a phone. And that this lack of active thinking with their support is looking bad on them as a company.Well, my ticket is closed, and I’m back at square one. With a faulty tablet I can’t use.I contact Amazon, who, being Amazon, had my back and sent me a replacement cable (with credit compensation) which I am now using.Lo and behold? Now the screen flickers as well, and the USB still doesn’t initialize. I’m returning this piece of crap and never looking back at Huion as a company.

  3. Big C Chow

    Persistant disconnect/reconnect issues. Confirmed by many othersTo preface, I rarely write Amazon reviews. When I do, it is both to give other shoppers like myself urgent (usually negative, sadly) feedback, and to also get the attention from the manufacturer so that they can make a good-faith effort to fix the issue for other users like myself.Like many others, I had to make ends meet during the pandemic by taking on remote work, and purchased this tablet for tutoring students. I utilize Zoom, Google Jamboard, and so I mainly needed web support. I am not an artist so I only needed one hotkey (ctrl+Z for undo). I needed a large (At least Full HD) screen and a lag-free pen. Pressure sensitivity does matter a bit.Setup was pretty straightforward. The 3-in-1 dongle requires supplemental power, so I use a cell phone power brick to power the tablet. Had to disable Windows Ink to work with several of the web apps. The screen is clear and you dont see any gap between the glass and the LCD, which is a very welcome from my last pen-input solution (Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium 2013, as well as a Surface Pro 4)About a month later (January 2021), the issues started. There is this persistant, random disconnecting and reconnecting of the USB (data) portion of the tablet to my desktop. You’ll hear the windows sound over and over again. Whenever that happens, all pen input ceases, even though the video signal comes through. This is absolutely ridiculous, especially if you are in the middle of a large presentation. Sometimes you get lucky and can get through a few minutes with no disconnect, but don’t hold your breath.That issue alone was bad enough, but now I cant type on my main machine’s keyboard anymore because of a stuck hotkey on the Kamvas. I will update the review on this symptom if I get new info, but it just started one day prior to this writing.A cursory search on Google (search “Kamvas disconnect”) turns up several front-page links to forums with users reporting the issue and not having a resolution. I am, sadly, one of those people now. I have messaged tech support, but based on other people’s experiences, I am not holding my breath to a solution. Some of the tech support solutions suggested a new dongle, or changing USB ports, or re-installing software. All suggestions seem pretty perfunctory.I have gone back to my Wacom for the time being. Despite it not having a screen, it has never had disconnect issues, lag, or stuck hotkeys (since it has no hotkeys) in the eight years that I have used.

  4. BuyGuy

    This is great! Careful of other reviews – read belowThis tablet is great. Works better than I expected. I read a review below of someone cutting up a few usb-c cables and spending hours to get it to work with the screen flashing. That happened because he/she was not using a proper usb-c video/data cable that is capable of powering the unit and transmitting video. Don’t waste time trying to fit usb cables in it. The unit comes with a 3 in 1 cable that the user should have been using. Also, those issues are addressed in the manual that came with the unit. So I am not sure why the user is complaining about that. Don’t let reviews like that fool you.The unit itself is light, and works well if you use it indoors. If your computer/laptop has decent power going through usb, then you don’t even need to plug it to a wall socket, although that option is available. Honestly, having been a professional designer for over 15 years, and having used an intuos pro by wacom, this tablet is miles ahead of what I was using.I get my work done faster, I feel more confident, I am more accurate, and I feel so much more efficient in my work. As a professional who uses this daily, all I can say is, there is a huge improvement in my workflow.

  5. Rafael

    Muito bom (comparado com mesas digitaliadoras)A princípio fiquei um pouco decepcionado, esperava um pouco mais na qualidade de imagem. Mas comecei a usar e estou gostando muito.A caneta é bem sensível e não treme, o traço sai firme mesmo sem estabilização por software. Achei q a película da tela risca fácil, já está coberta de micro-riscos visíveis contra a luz (porém não interferem, não dá para sentir pela ponta da caneta). Seria bom se o importador tb disponibilizasse protetores de tela sobressalentes.A caneta desliza muito bem sobre a tela, a textura é agradável e o feedback, mesmo não sendo igual ao papel, é muito bom. Detalhe q esquenta um pouco no canto direito superior, deve ser onde a alimentação de energia funciona, as vezes atrapalha se o dia já estiver quente.A cada 4 ou 5 dias preciso calibrar a tela/caneta para manter a precisão. Achei um pouco difícil calibrar as cores para ficar parecido com o meu monitor principal.Acredito q seja mais difícil calibrar para saída CMYK e cores fiéis. Como uso RGB, não tive muito problema, não trabalho com cores exatas para saída em CMYK.Sempre utilizei mesas digitalizadoras, não tenho como comparar com outras telas digitalizadoras. Mas passar da mesa para a tela representou um ganho gigantesco em qualidade, velocidade e conforto.Uso para desenho principalmente para desenho, as vezes retocar/fusões de imagens e estou aprendendo a esculpir em 3D com ela.Recomendo pelo preço consideravelmente mais baixo do que uma Wacom similar.A propósito, verifique a descrição, a q comprei não vem com base, nesse caso recomendo a Parblo PR100, é sólida e me atendeu muito bem.

  6. Matheus Estrela

    Ótimo produtoÓtimo produto.Muito melhor do que estava esperando.Atendeu a todas as minhas expectativas e muito mais.Gostaria também de agradecer a loja pelo ótimo serviço e paciência.Esclareceram todas as minhas duvidas, o pedido ainda foi entregue muito antes do esperado.

  7. Rocky

    Love the tablet but things need to be fixedCURRENTLY rating it 3, don’t get me wrong I love it and it’s made a lot so much easier BUT for some reason the top right corner is running hot while the rest of my tablet is cool and I’ve only had it since the beginning of Jan 2021 so over a month. I just sent in a ticket to Huion support and will be waiting for a reply, which could take awhile due to Chinese new yearI do like the thickness, it isn’t too thick or too thin. While it was a bit difficult to figure out at first, that’s cause I didn’t use my brain and instead of reading the instructions properly I skimmed them, so had to re read them properly.the screen quality is okay, it could have had a better brightness ratio as on the brightest is still quite low, the menu is a little hard to navigate or figure out how to use.

  8. Kenai Lykos

    Hace muy bien el trabajo por el precio.No sé porque con algunos programas el puntero tiene un desfase de almenos 5 cm que no se pudo solucionar, como con SAi 2.0, pero funciona muy bien con la versión anterior. La calidad es muy buena aunque a la pantalla le falta brillo y tiene un marco negro alrededor innecesariamente ancho, bien podría ser parte del canvas u omitirse por completo. En general recomendable para la primera tableta digital.

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