Hisense 120L9G-CINE120A 4K UHD Laser TV, Triple-Laser UST Ultra Short Throw Projector with 120″ ALR Screen, 3000 Lumens, Android

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Model Name HIS120L9GC120A
Hardware Interface Bluetooth, Ethernet, 802.11 ac/b/g/n
Mounting Type Tabletop Mount
Brand Hisense
Wattage 320 watts

  • 3 Pure Color Lasers: TriChroma really is R, G, B-eautiful. The L9G uses pure red, green, and blue lasers to achieve new levels of color performance, reaching 107% of the BT.2020 color space – that’s more color than you’ve ever seen on a TV.
  • Big Screen Experience: Get that child-like grin of excitement as you re-experience all your favorites at a scale that makes everything feel brand new. The massive 120-inch Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen produces incredible picture clarity.
  • A Bright Picture in Any Room: 3000 Lumens. That’s right, the L9G shines with brilliance so all your 4K HDR content hits those shimmering highlights, vibrant colors, and voluminous blacks that make everything pop off the screen.
  • Powerful Sound: With built-in 40W Dolby Atmos sound, L9G is a big soundstage upgrade over those tinny speakers in your last TV. Get clear speech, titillating highs, and booming lows without having to invest in any extra gear.
  • Buttery Smooth Motion: MEMC technology gives the L9G microsecond-level processor response and a motion rate 10 times faster than OLED so you never miss a moment of the action. Fast-moving images are buttery smooth and crystal clear.



Inspired by a world of incredible color at a scale that makes everything feel brand new. The 3000 Lumen ultra short throw projection TV features the TriChroma laser engine to reach 107% of the BT.2020 color space. That’s color you’ve never seen on a TV. Premium features like Dolby Atmos High-Speed HDMI, HDR10/HLG, Filmmaker Mode, and a perfectly paired ALR screen make the L9G the ultimate home entertainment upgrade. Features include: red + green + blue lasers, 107% BT.2020 color, 120-inch projection size, 3000 lumens brightness, 4K resolution, 120-inch Ambient Light Rejecting screen, 40W sound with Dolby Atmos, high-speed HDMI with eARC, and Android TV.

From the manufacturer

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 93 × 21 × 6 cm
Product Dimensions

93 x 21 x 6 inches

Item Weight

55 pounds





Item model number



2 AAA batteries required. included

Date First Available

October 20 2021

Country of Origin




10 reviews for Hisense 120L9G-CINE120A 4K UHD Laser TV, Triple-Laser UST Ultra Short Throw Projector with 120″ ALR Screen, 3000 Lumens, Android

  1. Elle

    Hard to setup but amazing especially for a large theatre sized room.The Hisense PX1 is an amazing UST laser projector, however, like all projectors, they do not perform well in well lit environments. The blacks are nice but nothing like an Oled so if you are looking for that do not buy this. HDR on this is not implemented well, colors look washed out and blacks look grey, however, highlights pop very well just be sure to purchase a cine grey screen. This projector needs to sit at least 12 3/4 inches away from the wall for 100” and has to be at least 15” from the bottom of the image to the surface of your stand. Getting the projector perfectly aligned to the screen using the feet nobs is the most frustrating things about this projector. The long throw epson 4010 or 5050ub is perfect, can be placed virtually anywhere and you can use the remote to perfectly position the image. Yes they are two different technologies of projector but are still projectors that serve different purposes. If you are okay with fiddling with this UST projector until you brain melts then you are better than me, I’m gonna get the perfectly aligned and beautifully pictured LG OLED, you can just set it up and go, no need for all the extra crap with this UST. Anyway, trial and error here, wanted to try something new and it just did not work for me but it may work for you I’m gonna stick with the OLED for now and then get a long throw epson projector or equivalent in the future for my dedicated cinema room. Hope this review helped.

  2. GC

    Not bad so far a few cons though.Picture quality is great in my family room with lots of light on a white wall (my screen hasn’t come in yet). I will say the room is under a covered patio and even tho there is plenty of light, its not direct sunlight so may be different for you. Speakers are as expected, not terrible but not great and a separate sound system would be best. My main issue is that the HDMI ports are too close together, so if you don’t use the android TV like me, because of missing apps from their store and go with say a firestick like I did, its too bulky to allow the second HDMI port to be used. I used a HDMI extender with a normal size head to correct that, but shouldn’t have had too. Only other con with it so far is the throw ratio. If you don’t have high ceilings then the projector has to be pretty low to the floor and far away from the wall to get the larger screen sizes. I went to ikea and brought a basic frame for a TV stand, some additional shelves to match and a sliding under mount so I could push the stand to the wall and just slide the shelf out for the distance I needed for the throw ratio. Overall I like it so far.

  3. Michael Parker

    It’s good but a few things that bug meI bought this because of outstanding reviews and while it’s good, I was a bit disappointed after they got my hopes up. I first just had it on a wall and quickly realised that the black levels aren’t very good in dark scenes and I find that distracting. Then I decided it must need an ALR screen that everyone talks about. So I got a 120 inch vividstorm floor raising screen and it did help but not a huge amount, the screen mostly helps when you have ambient light.With this .6 gain screen it’s not that bright when using a colour accurate mode like filmmaker mode. I also don’t use HDR because it gets too dim/ washed out.Many scenes do look really great in SDR and it has sharp detail for 4k content.The other thing that bugs me is the noise. Most reviews say that it is very quiet but to me it makes a noticeable fan noise especially in quiet scenes. I live in a very quiet place so this may be why I notice it more.So while I like it, I would really like it to be better at blacks, noise, and brightness.

  4. Mike

    I love this projector!I found this projector checks all of the boxes for what I wanted. It looks great and very quiet.It’s important to know you need a fixed frame screen for this projector. I was using a basic pull down and it was super wavy.Pros:- picture quality- looks and functionality- UI is pretty decentCons:- setup and alignment is time consuming- black levels could be a little better, but they’re still really good- sits far 12 away from the wall for 100in screen

  5. Ratherbefishing

    Great project but lacks licensesI will say that I love the image and quality of the projector. I don’t like the lack of licensing on the device. Some basic android apps can’t be installed because of it. It’s a 3k projector running android this shouldn’t be a problem. The remote also has a hard time connecting via Bluetooth to the projector. None of the voice commands work because of this.

  6. Mike

    Image issuesItem worked well for a week. Started giving me image issues. Creating a hazy over the entire picture. Hisense customer service is horrendous. Had to return item after 2 weeks. Too bad, I really heard great things about the PX1-PRO. That’s why I got it in the first place.

  7. Salvador California

    I took a Gamble.I wanted something big for my TV room. I went with a LaserTV and really had to learn more about the product. I wasn’t going to paint my walls dark so I realized I needed a better screen. If your room is as bright as mine, you will need a CLR screen. Calibration was easy the software was good. Just set it so that a little bit of the image spills on wall and then auto calibrate following instructions. I am very happy with the purchase and would do it again.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Little to zero rainbow effectI am really sensitive to the rainbow effect and that was the reason I picked this. As advertised, the rainbow effect is hard to notice. Totally agree with other reviewers on the picture quality.

  9. ChenQu

    Px1-pro is an awesome buy.Everything is great about it.

  10. Arthur D Payne

    Best projector I’ve ever seen/owned!!!I’ve owned various projectors for 20 years. The last 3 have been 4K USTs which are great to emulate a very large flat panel TV. The PX1-PRO has me blown away at the difference in color spectrum the tri-laser provides. I was very happy with my Dell 5K lumen PJ, but wanted to pick up my “holy grail” of PJs with 3 lasers. My only concern was the brightness, but this looks just as bright. The sharpness, black level, and colors are the best I’ve ever seen from a projector.Very pleased with the customer service, and quick delivery as well!Art

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